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O Factor is a female nutritional supplement which contains a mixture of herbs and vitamins that claims to increase sexual desire and performance in women. It is intended for women 18 and older.

O Factor claims to be able to increase sexual energy and improve the functioning of the body for more robust sensual experiences. In addition, it claims to be able to heighten sensitivity, so that women climaxing while on the product can enjoy a more intense orgasm. It claims to start having an effect as early as ten to fifteen minutes after taking, and is supposed to last 3 to 4 hours on average.

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O Factor has several active ingredients in the form of herbal derivatives:

Ashwagandha Green Tea Extract Maca Extract Rhodiola Guarana Extract

Ashwagandha: A plant with its origins in India, whose root has medicinal properties. Its supposed benefits are its ability to sooth arthritis, reduce or eliminate insomnia, and treat menstrual issues for women. In larger doses, and when taken for longer periods of time, it can cause potential side effects such as:

  • Bowel disturbance, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Causing miscarriages in pregnant women
  • Decrease in overall blood sugar

Green Tea Extract: With its origins in Asia, has not only been used as a popular drink, but also for its supposed medicinal properties. In addition to being said to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s, fatigue, and diabetes, it is said to have antioxidant properties and has been used as a mild local anesthetic.

Maca Extract: A plant grown in the highlands of Peru that has been enjoyed for centuries as both a drink and as a remedy for an assortment of women’s reproductive symptoms, including painful menses and low sex drive. It is also said to be able to treat anemia, which is a lack of blood cells that can lead to extreme fatigue.

Rhodiola: A plant found mainly in northern Europe whose root is used to make medicine. It is said to be able to increase energy and stamina, to improve sexual function, and even to treat depression. However, according to WebMD, there is not enough research to determine whether or not it is safe for long-term use.

Guarana Extract: Made from a plant that grows in the Amazon, it is commonly used in weight loss products, and is considered a good source of caffeine for increased energy. It is also claimed to increase sexual desire, and is used as a diuretic.

In addition to the above, the product includes vitamins B3 and B12.

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O Factor contains mainly herbal ingredients that have naturopathic claims made about their efficacy and use in medical applications. None of them are considered dangerous, per se, but there are some things about the ingredient list which merit caution.

Ashwagandha, used in traditional Indian folk medicine to treat menstrual problems in women, comes with some worrying side effects that should cause many people to reconsider using a product containing it, and these can include severe gastrointestinal issues and vomiting. Moreover, women who have a lower sex drive as a result of pregnancy would no be advised to take a product containing this ingredient, due to its potential as an inducement to miscarriage. As the main intent of the product is to make women more sexual, it does not make sense why they would include a product that has these shocking potential side effects when there are plenty of other herbs they could include which do not have those side effects.

Rhodiola is another unusual ingredient to include. While it is supposed to increase energy and sexual performance, these claims have not been demonstrated in any scientific trials. We may have it on the word of Dioscorides, an ancient Greek physician from the 1st Century – but women will probably want a more recent and trustworthy source of advice on whether this ingredient works, or is even safe.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


O Factor was sold on Amazon, but it is currently unavailable there. The main product website lists the product at a price of $7.95 for two pills. There is an option to have the product “auto-ship,” where it will be sent to the customer the 10th day of every month, which allows you to save 56%.

The problem with this is that, even at half-price, you are still only getting two pills (which must be taken at the same time) for the supposed sexual benefits. For women who want to have an improved sexual experience more than twice a month, they will find themselves having to spend roughly $3.46 each time, which can definitely add up.

Given the amount of competition, O Factor does not appear to offer a unique deal for consumers. Even if the product does work, the customer could find themselves waiting a long time in between shipments of the product, which – although technically cheap – will last for one experience, after which the customer must wait for the next shipment. Purchasing many at a time could alleviate the problem of this wait, but for a regular sex life many individual pill packs would have to be bought, increasing the price dramatically.

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O Factor is a part of the Infinimax brand, which is owned by AfterDark Labs, LLC. The contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 646-0993

Address: PO Box 10224, Jackson, WY 83002.

Email: There is no direct email address provided on the website. There is however a contact sheet customers can use to send comments and questions.

The company’s return policy is unclear, as the website seems to have a grammatical error. It claims that customer not satisfied with the product, “with buy whatever you have back at full price.” This is most definitely a typo, and it is possible it means that they will buy back whatever the customer has not used at full price – in essence, they will prorate the refund depending on how much of the product is returned.

This means that, even for customers for whom this doesn’t work, they will not get their money back in full.

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The company website is difficult to access. Searching for “Infinimax O Factor” on a web browser, the company does not show up at all on the first page, which is unusual. We learned on another page where the product is sold that the company that owns Infinimax is AfterDark Labs LLC, and only after searching for that company did we find the official Infinimax page, and after that we found the product page.

Overall, the process by which we had to find the main website was annoying and tedious, making it difficult for first-time customers to even find the product in the first place.

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O Factor’s product page contains no reviews. There is one review on Amazon, however, despite it being out of stock there:

“This product sucks and is definitely not worth my money.”

This is not a good sign. Customer testimonials are crucial in creating interest, cementing trust, and leading first-time customer to try out products without having any experience with them.

To have so few reviews in an age of social media, constant communication, and almost instant feedback, is a sign of one of a few things: 1) that the product has not been used by many people, 2) that it has been used but no one knew they could review it, or 3) that people have been using the pills but were not impressed enough to comment on it, and didn’t want to go to the effort.

It is difficult to expect someone to jump into the deep end with no sign from anyone else that the product has worked for them, and therefore the lack of information from other people who have tried this product is worrying.

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This product does not have much going for it. For one, several of the ingredients in the herbal mix either have unfortunate side effects or have not had any clinical trials to see if they’re effects or not. Another thing is that the company website is not easily found, and has grammatical errors which throw some of the content into question. Finally, there is only one review of the product that we could find from any customers who had tried the product, and it was scathing.

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