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Lubedia is a women’s health supplement claimed to have beneficial effects on the female sex drive. It comes in the form of capsules and, with proper use, it is supposed to revitalize women’s libidinal function.

For women with low sex drives, Lubedia claims that its blend of natural herbs will help to  promote easier sexual stimulation. Certain other properties are claimed to balance out hormones and blood flow for better overall endocrinal health. The company also maintains that Lubedia is a good option for women who are going through menopause, as some ingredients are said to promote good bone health and reduce the possibility of osteoporosis.

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Lubedia has a mix of nine different herbal derivatives which are the active ingredients in the supplement:

Horny Goat Weed Maca Extract Mucuna Pruriens Polypodium Vulgare Tongkat Ali
Saw Palmietto Muira Puama L-Arginine Panax Ginseng

Horny Goat Weed: Also known as epimedium, this plant is generally used in traditional Asian medicine for improving blood flow to male erectile tissue (hence its name). It is also said to treat the symptoms of high blood pressure, joint pain, and osteoporosis.

Maca: A Peruvian plant prescribed as a homeopathic cure for imbalances in women’s menstrual cycle and overall hormone production. It is also claimed to be able to combat anemia and boost energy.

Mucuna Pruriens: Also called “velvet bean” and “cowhage,” it is a bean-like plant that grows primarily in tropical areas, it has traditionally been marketed as an anti-anxiety medicine, to reduce fever and pain. It is also said to increase blood flow when taken orally or applied topically.

Polypodium Vulgare: A fern that is used to make a medicine that is claimed can treat infection, coughs, suppress the appetite, and treat impotence.

Tongkat Ali: This plant is also known as “Malaysian ginseng,” though it has no direct relation with commonly-known ginseng. It is used in traditional medicine – mainly Indonesia and Vietnam – for treating a variety of symptoms such as low blood circulation, erectile problems, and low stamina.

Saw Palmietto: A plant whose fruit is used to create a medicine claimed to treat enlarged prostate. It is also marketed as a diuretic to prevent water retention, and as a sexual drive enhancer.

Muira Puama: This is a plant with its origins in Brazil, and it is marketed as a remedy to treat problems with menstrual flow, low libido in men and women, and stomach pain.

Arginine: A nutrient prescribed for heart health problems, it is commonly found in meat, grains, and dairy. It is said to increase blood flow, help kidneys dispose of waste, and is associated with improved hormone function.

Panax Ginseng: An herb found mostly in northeast Asia, it is prescribed in traditional medicine to improve memory, stamina, athletic performance, and to promote sexual arousal for women.

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Lubedia is made up of natural herbs with long histories and associations with naturopathic remedies. Maca is found in many naturally-derived women’s reproductive health medicines and treatments, and the same goes for horny goat weed and muira puama. The company claims that it is made in a GMP-certified facility in the U.S.A..

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Lubedia is currently available through their website and on Amazon. The current price on their own website is $13.82 per bottle, but it is not clear whether this is merely a momentary promotion, as other similar products on their site are reduced or on-sale as well.

On Amazon, the price is listed at $17.27, reduced from $18.18 – but only if you subscribe to what is presumably a recurring monthly charge and regular delivery.

The ingredients themselves are fairly standard and considered fine for consumption in capsule form, but there is a lack of information about where exactly they are sourcing their ingredients from. Their website makes it clear that they contract their product formulas out to various factories spread out over the United States, but it is not clear whether they personally inspect or have oversight over the manufacturing of these supplements, or whether they know the quality of the ingredients themselves.

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Lubedia is sold by DrFormulas, previously known as BioProsper. They can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone Number: (888) 406 – 6499

Address: 5622 Buckingham Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Email: There are no email addresses provided on the website. Instead, visitors are shown a standard contact form which can be filled out.

DrFormulas has a permissive return policy, allowing products to be returned within 60 days, minus shipping and handling fees. A return form is available on their website for quick initialization.

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DrFormulas recently underwent an entire brand overhaul, which is evident in the fact that their business name changed (from BioProsper), and the names of many of their products have changed. Lubedia, for example, is now being marketed as “DrFormulas Libido Booster for Women.” It is not clear what prompted this name change, and it is strange that they would rename their product and themselves while the product is still in circulation, as it might cause some confusion among previous and future customers.

Their website is acceptable, but there are several examples of strange grammar, badly-flowing text, odd wording, and overall editing mistakes that do not make the company look very professional, at least as far as their web presence is concerned.

The website gave BioProsper labs a “C” grade in their analysis of company reviews, further commenting that as many as 20% of customer reviews were determined to most likely be fake.

Furthermore, despite their impressive claims to make a name for itself in the pharmaceutical industry, there are not very many mentions of their company anywhere – either in industry publications, popular media, or even review sites.

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Lubedia reviews can be found in two main places: their website, and on Amazon. On their website, feedback is limited to four total reviews, all of them 4 or 5 stars.

Amazon, however, tells a different story. There, feedback from customers is far more mixed, with over a third of all customers giving the product 2 stars or less.

“I gave this supplement as a gift to my mother, but instead of helping her sex drive, it just gave her increased blood pressure – nothing else.”

“It worked the first time, and at the age of 41 I can see the difference it’s making for me and my husband.”

“After a couple days, I don’t see any difference in my sex drive.”

“The formula for the first bottle I received worked for me. Then, for some reason, the formula was changed, and now it doesn’t work for me.”

“It worked well early on, but the longer I use it, the less effect it has.”

Overall it appears that there are mixed impressions when it comes to this product, with some customers seeing a difference, others seeing a little, and others none at all. There is a marked difference between the quality of the reviews on the website and the ones on Amazon, indicating that the company is not interested in presenting a balanced perspective on how customers have responded to the product.

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On the one hand, Lubedia contains suitable ingredients, but on the other hand, for some reason, customers are not satisfied with the results. This, combined with the report on the high percentage of possible fake reviews, as well as the disparity between the positive reviews on the official web page and a third-party site, makes it unclear whether the product can be trusted. Overall, it appears that the product doesn’t deliver 100% on what it promises for the majority of their customers.

This is a problem in an industry with so much competition from dozens and dozens of brands, both domestic and international. In the end, the product must deliver, and it isn’t clear whether Lubedia delivers at all.

One alternative which can recommend, which does have a great customer response and a high-quality manufacturing process, is a women’s supplement called Libitrinex. It uses time-tested ingredients prepared in facilities that exceed the industry’s quality standards to create a pill that is safe, natural, and works to increase low sex drive, increase sexual pleasure, and keep hormones in balance.

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