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Climaxa is a female arousal gel meant to improve sexual sensation while also improving the feeling of orgasms. This is also said to help improve overall sexuality including during foreplay.

They sell it in a 0.5 oz. container, and only small amounts are needed with more if one needs it. It is meant to be massaged on the top portion of the clitoris with just a tear drop amount. The ingredients used include a blend of additives which stabilize the product and also are intended to support sexuality.

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The full ingredients include:

Purified Water Propylene Glycol L-Arginine Menthol Cellulose
Thickener Methylparaben Propylparaben

Propylene Glycol: Skin conditioning ingredient as well as a solvent that is an organic alcohol which does not have any color and which is often added to processed foods and goods.

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L-Arginine: Natural amino acid that is added to libido supplements as a way to help enhance overall blood flow. By doing so this can make it easier to remain stimulated, and it can help the body during times of physical strain.

Menthol:  This can be extracted either natural or via artificial means, this chemical provides a cooling and tingling effect when applied to skin. This is also added to help relive muscle pain and aches.

Cellulose: Structural component to plants which is used also in manufacturing paper and textiles. This is also found as a filler additive within supplements, and it can also be used to help bind together other ingredients.

Thickener: It’s not known where this is derived from, but a thickening ingredient is used to make any surrounding liquid much less thin, and thereby making it easier to apply on the skin. This can be sourced either via artificial additives or natural ones. It is often used due to the fact that it can change the consistency of a product, while not affecting its taste or other properties.

Methylparaben: Preservative which can protect an item from fungus and bacteria overgrowth. It is known to be easily absorbed via the skin, and there is mixed studies on whether or not this can be safe.

One study by the Journal of Toxicology found that this could lead to:

“harmful effects on… skin when exposed to sunlight”

Live has also said that this could lead to:

“may increase the risk of breast cancer… or accelerate the growth of these tumors”

They also say that this could potentially cause eye and skin damage.

Propylparaben: Made either artificial or sourced from insects and or plants, this additive is found in water based cosmetics as a preservative. The has determined it has a high potential risk for side effects, which is why they gave it a 7 out of 10 rating.

The European Commission of Endocrine Disruption has also found that it has the risk for being a:

“Human endocrine disruptor”

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There are concerns about what this is able to do as there is no mention at all on the official website as to what the ingredients are.  Only one 3rd party website has mentioned the additives, but it’s not yet confirmed to be true.

If the ingredients claimed are actually used, then they use a very generic formula that can be found in several other similar female based gels. This has only 3 active ingredients which can deliver changes, a moisturizer, menthol for a tingling and warming sensation, and the amino acid L-Arginine for blood flow.

They use 2 preservatives which are potentially hazardous, and which many 3rd party studies show to have multiple potential side effects.  The rest of this formula is 2 kinds of thickeners and stabilizers, and added water.

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The official website sells a 0.5 oz. jar for $21.95. They do not offer returns on any opened jars.

This formula as labeled by 3rd party sites is very basic and often found in the standard female libido gel. This does have some potentially unsafe preservatives which have no benefit other than preservation of the formula.  It can potentially cause dangerous effects and especially when used typically.

The few ingredients which can provide an effect can easily be replaced by more wholesome methods. This does not affect libido in any way, instead it is mostly superficial other than the moisturizing effect and ability to assist in blood flow. However this does not ramp up sex drive and it’s unclear exactly how this can make orgasms any better.

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They are known as the Product MAX Group, Inc. and to contact them the following is cited:

Phone Number: (813) 949-5061

Returns are offed within 30 days of order shipment as long as one returns it unused and unopened. Even if sent back new they still charge 25% for restocking, and one must also pay for shipping and handling to and from. There is also need to get an RMA number and contact them beforehand to ensure the process can be accepted.

For unknown reasons the company has two different names depending on what section of the website is examined., For example at the bottom of the home page they claim to be Body Action Products, but in their terms and conditions they say they go by the name of Product Max Group Inc.

Neither company had much information available via 3rd party websites, so it’s unknown if they are seen as satisfactory by customers.

It’s also odd that on their official website they fail to mention any of the ingredients inside of Climaxa, instead they offer the following:

“All the ingredients used… are FDA approved…. Regulated to the highest stands… most cases… food grade materials”

While this sounds impressive, it would have been best if they provided evidence for these claims by actually mentioning what they use.

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Here are some found online reviews for Climaxa:

“Helped provide a tingling feel and it does help to improve the sensation in my clit”

“The wife said that it didn’t’ do much for her”

“Didn’t like how it felt it just didn’t work for me”

“Has a toothpaste like feel, it provided a tingling feel but that’s basically it”

There were some users and partners who said it made sex more enjoyable, but often people said it had more of a tingling or warming feel above anything else. This is likely caused by the added menthol, which is cheap to source.

It failed to give most women an improvement in their orgasm sensation. The most common complaint people had was that it didn’t improve the quality of their sex. For many it simply provided a slight sensation attributed to tingling. Because of this the negative reviews often focused on how underwhelming it was, and that it did not perform as it was described.

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The most glaring thing about this brand is that it uses many common additives which you can already find in a generic similar supplement. Due to it being so basic, many of the reviews for this were that it only had a mild effect which failed to stimulate arousal. The formula also relies on many kinds of cheap additives and some potentially hazardous preservatives which 3rd party reviews have looked down upon. This also does not come with money back return policy for opened containers, so you can’t try it and see if it suits your needs. There also has to be more information about what is truly added, as the official website lacks any real information about the formula.

Our most well-reviewed supplement for female libido enhancement was found to be Libitrinex. This has an array of only natural and well-regarded ingredients that can offer multiple benefits including more stimulation, improve blood flow, reduced fatigue, and the ability to perform spontaneously, whenever the mood strikes.

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