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Full Throttle Ondemand is a female and male libido supplement that promises results lasting for up to a 72 hour period. This is made possible with a natural formula intended to be safe and effective.

All that’s required is just one of these little blue pills since it’s packed with amino acids, minerals, and herbs. Effects can come within about an hour of intake, and they do say how it works depends more on your own unique physical condition. Only 9 different ingredients are used with a total of 300 grams per serving. Out of all female libido enhancers currently sold, Libitrinex impressed our review experts the most. The reason being is that users have noticed great improvements, and its formula is made with potent ingredients. We’ve linked the Libitrinex website so testimonials and more can be researched.



Rhodiola Rosea Ginseng Muira Puama Saw Palmetto
Damiana Guarana Seed Cayenne Grape Seed
Soybean Extract

Rhodiola Rosea: An herb that is used to help the body deal with stress while also reducing fatigue. Multiple benefits are possible including the improvement of learning, regulated heartrate, and cell protection according to Web MD and other health groups.

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Damiana: A shrub which has active chemicals that can support the nervous system and brain alike. This can help prevent headaches, depression, and sexual related issues.

Guarana Seed: Caffeine rich seed taken native to the Amazon. It can be effective at reducing fatigue, stimulating mood, and supporting mental function. High amounts of it may lead to side effects including:

  • Nausea, stomach issues, and headache.
  • Difficulty relaxing, rapid heart rate and anxiety.

Taking caffeine late in the day near sleep time may also cause sleep cycle disruptions, which can further lead to side effects.

There is no information provided on how much caffeine is added, and whether or not they ensure that the caffeine dosage strength is consistent. Without more information there is no way to know for certain if it would be safe to take late in the day.

Grape Seed: Antioxidant rich bitter seed extract that is use for improved cholesterol, blood flow, and immune function. Some side effects which may occur include:

  • Headache, nausea, and upset stomach.
  • Sore throat, cough, and rash.

Soybean Extract: A protein rich legume that also has trace vitamins and minerals. Though considered healthy by some, it is often GMO and there are fears it may be harmful to the body. There is no information provided on whether or not this is organic and not GMO.

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The majority of ingredient are fairly dependable and the good thing about it all is that it’s all-natural. It does have the stimulant guarana seed and it’s not known what the total caffeine content is, which may be an issue if you take it too late in the day. This may also mean that the caffeine content is potentially high, and it might be best to avoid other stimulants alongside this blend.

The formula does rely on some studied ingredients which can help reduce a loss of libido, all by supporting both the body and mind. Many of these ingredients are multi-faceted, meaning they can benefit overall wellness and mood.

One major issue which was revealed by the FDA was that it contained a prescription ingredient known as propoxyphenyl sildenafil. It’s highly important to avoid taking supplements like this as it’s unknown how much of this ingredient is added. Without being prescribed it, there is no way to know if you will be safely using it.

There are serious potential side effects including:

  • Extremely lowered blood pressure, heart attack, and death.

This ingredient should never be used blindly without it being prescribed by your own healthcare practitioner. The serious risks involved can be devastating, and there is no assurance that it would be safe to take. This also raises questions on whether or not the entire formula can be trusted, since it may mean that other ingredients are under or over dosed.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Only 3rd party websites sell this and each package has 4 servings for $21.95. Each pill is meant to last a total of 72 hours, so you get 12 days’ worth of use. This is about standard for a pill of this kind, but as mentioned previous, the FDA has outed them for adding in a prescription ingredient which is not illegal and potentially fatal.

No official website is offered either and the company has not released a statement on whether or not they actually made the necessary changes to ensure this would not happen again. It’s not possible to know if there are dedicated studies performed to ensure that there is no risk on taking unwanted ingredients.

Until there is information about whether or not changes were made, there is no way to know for certain if the quality is to be trusted. These kinds of supplements are sold without any sort of guarantee that what you are taking is made in a clean and safe facility. Because of the major risk involved it’s very important to avoid using it, as the FDA recommends.

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There are different 3rd parties which sell this supplement, but none of them offer any contact details about the manufacturers. So there’s no way to get your money back or to ask the creators how to best take it.

The major issue listed by the FDA was that this it has a prescription ingredient which is not listed on the ingredients list. The FDA had this to say:

“Consumers should stop using this… immediately and throw it away”

They recommend seeking medical attention if you have any side effects, as it may be the initial warning signs of a major issue. In particular any mixing with prescription ingredients which have nitrates can be a serious issue. There is no way to contact the company and ask them exactly what happened, and if this was done on purpose, or if the facility in which the ingredients are made had some sort of unwanted contamination.

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At this time there are no available online reviews. There are multiple websites which offer it, but no one has given their opinion on whether or not it is safe, effective, or reliable.

It’s very important to be able to look at consumer reviews before using a supplement, as you are better able to know what can be expected. You are putting a lot of faith in a supplement which does not deserve it, since Full Throttle Ondemand was tested and found to contain a prescription ingredient.

It’s unknown if any users have experienced side effects, but it can be really dangerous and may even lead to death in some.

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This supplement has limited information about how it works, and though you can see the full ingredients list, they left out one key ingredient found by the FDA. Batches of this were tested and found to contain a prescription only additive which is potentially hazardous to supplement with. The company that makes this does not make their public information available, so you can’t know for certain if they too the necessary steps to ensure this won’t happen again. This is a very serious issue which should be corrected so potential customers don’t have to worry about devastating side effects.  There is no reassurance that his won’t be the case, and while the formula can be helpful, it’s also found in many other more reputable supplements.

After analyzing many kinds of female libido supplements, Libitrinex was by far the best supplement found. It has a blend of natural ingredients that can help prevent both physical and mental blocks which can prevent proper sexual function. Customers were pleased with its effects and there are great testimonials offered on the official website which show how effective it can be for overall improved sexual function.

The company that makes it sells it at a fair price and they also offer an easy to understand explanation as to how it works when used as directed. Libitrinex was our pick as the best female libido supplement of the year for good reason; learn more about it by clicking here.

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