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E Fem is a female libido supplement intended to help rebalance the body’s chemical reactions. They add a natural formula intended to prove multiple benefits including improving skin, hair, energy, stamina, and overall youthful beauty.

It is a patent pending formula made with aphrodisiacs, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. There are 2 propriety blends added to this, and they make it free of many common allergens. They mainly market this as a ways to provide a “Boost of Youth”.

With many brands examined our experts determined that overall Libitrinex offered the most in the way of female libido support. Their formula uses many patent ingredients that can maximize overall sexual function. Look at reviews from consumers and see for yourself why Libitrinex was our experts pick as the best supplement for female libido.


Their supplements facts reveal the following:

Niacinamide Magnesium Citrate Complex Zinc Citrate Calcium (whole brown amino acid chelate, citrate complex) Maca
Alangium Salviifolium Extract Jujube Fruit Extract Citrus Bioflavonoids Dong Quai Cacao fruit Extract(Metabromine)
Ginger Root Damiana L-Arginine L-Histidine Flax
Vegetable Cellulose Microcrystalline Cellulose Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Oxide Magnesium Stearate

Maca: A vegetable aphrodisiac which is native to Peru. Different species of this exist in multiple colors and they all are meant to help improve mood, reduce fatigue, and also enhance sexual desire.

It’s said to be easy to digest and within it is a mixture of amino acids, fatty acids, and trace vitamins and minerals.

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Alangium Salviifolium Fruit Extract: Plant that is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to treat rheumatism. This can help promote vomiting and it has even been used as an antidote for snake bites.

Jujube Fruit Extract: Edible fruit that contains rich vitamin C and which has been used in ancient Chinese and Korean medicine. This is used to help prevent infertility improve inflammation, and help the body deal with stress.

While it may be safe as a fruit, when used medically there is:

“not enough information… to know if…safe to take”

This is according to Web MD.

Citrus Bioflavonoids: This compound is in citrus fruits and it has been used as a way to promote circulation and antioxidant benefits. This is especially supplemented with to help support the immune system to stave off illness.

Dong Quai: Used as a so called “female ginseng” this plant is intended to teat PMS related symptoms and also to support sexual function.

Studies of its long-term safety are lacking according to Web MD. They also add that the chemicals in this are:

“considered to be cancer-causing”

Cacao Fruit Extract (Metabromine): Patented extract taken from the fruit of the cacao tree. This is known to help stimulate metabolism, improve energy, and support healthy blood flow to maximize endurance. It can also make blood flow easier so one can maintain arousal.

L-Histidine:  Amino acid consider conditionally useful as it is often supplemented in sufficient amounts. It is found within many foods such as potatoes, beans, and cauliflower. It’s known to help prevent anemia by supporting red blood cell transportation.

Flax: Rich in fatty acids this seed is used as a vegetarian  friendly option to help provide omega fatty acids. This is known to be helpful for energy levels and as a way to support healthy sexual function.

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Some ingredients in this like Alangium Salviifolium are lacking sufficient studies to know what kinds of effects they may have, whether good or bad.

Theobromine is another questionable addicted since in high amounts it can lead to sleep disturbances, heart issues, and many other potential symptoms.

They do use a lot of ingredients which have been well-regarded however such as Maca, L-Arginine, ginger, and minerals. Overall however the formula is lacking and some of these ingredients are insufficiently researched. This makes it difficult to know for certain as to what may result with regular supplementation. One of the ingredients also has natal caffeine, though they do not mention the exact dosage strength, making it impossible to know what may result.  This may also make it impossible to supplement late in the day without the worry of potential sleep disturbances.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Each bottle has 30 servings which is provided in a 2 a day 60 count formula. It’s currently sold on Amazon.com for $21.64. There are many ingredients in this added in small amounts which raises questions about the overall potential effectiveness.

One concern also exists in the use of a stimulant which is added in unknown amounts.

There are also ingredients in this which are lacking sufficient studies to truly know for certain what kinds of effects are possible. The company does use only natural ingredients which is good, but still, some additives in this can be harmful if they are not carefully doses. There are 2 proprietary blends which mixed certain additives together without notice as to the full amount.

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Natural Organic Laboratories, Inc. produces this and they have their contact information listed as:

Phone Number: (800) 645-9500

Address: 9500 New Horizons Blvd

Amityville, NY 11701

The FTC sent a formal complaint to the company for making health claims for certain supplements which were believed to make unproven health claims. They were advised to change many of their marketing claims as they could not prove the claims that were made.

The FDA also found that their supplements contained a high amount of lead, so high in fact it was rated as the number 1 for lead content out of the other brands examined in their review.

The  Better Business Bureau has also mentioned that there were advertising claim made with needed to be substantiated, as they provided no proof of the total 6 claims made about their quality. They made clams for example that they’re the most trusted manufacturer of certain supplements, though no proof was provided to prove this.

We’ve made the search for the best female libido supplements easy by compiling the top 10 in one list found here.


Here are select online reviews:

“No side effects for me but I did notice some improvements in my overall sex drive”

“Not really sure what’s wrong with it but I stated getting bad mood swings and irritable”

“Waste of money for me all I got was a tummy ache that wouldn’t go away”

“My hair looked better, my skin was softer and I regained my groove”

There were more positive than negative experiences shared online, and many said that it enhanced the appearance of their skin and nails. There were some unfavorable reviews however as side effects were an issue for some. This made it impossible for these users to continue supplementing, as it was very uncomfortable.

It’s unknown why but mood swings were an issue for a handful of customers, it could be due to the stimulant effects of theobromine.

Overall however users have noticed an improvement though it often had nothing to do with sex drive.

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This supplement is said to delivers multiple benefits, but many of these claims are made without any evidence. Those concerned about stimulant use would also be weary of using this since tit does have caffeine but in unknown amounts. Certain other ingredients also have the possibility for some unwanted side effects including mood changes and cardiovascular issues. Some customers have said that this made them irritable, and  they could not continue taking it due to mood swings which were uncomfortable. The company has also been outed by the FDA, FTC and the Better Business Bureau for making false health claims which they could not prove. This consistent issue raises questions about the great sounding claims made for E Fem.

Out of all the brands which are made to support female libido, the most impressive one of the year was Libitrinex. Overall it was better due to the positive use experiences, the potent use of studied aphrodisiacs, the high dosage strength, and the company’s reputability.

They make it in a facility which has been approved by the FDA, and which is reviewed by unbiased 3rd parties. The entire formula is natural and free of any preservatives, colors, or any unwanted additives which can reduce the quality. Read more into the benefits Libitrinex can offer and examine user testimonials here.

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