NEW Cockstar Ultimate Sexual Enhancer for Women Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Cockstar for Women is a herbal women’s sexual enhancement pill, designed to increase the libido in women. It does not appear to be intended for regular use, but to be used an hour or two before being intimate.

Each dose contains a list of herbal derivatives that are claimed to be able to make women more sexually active. It also encourages women to take it if they want to improve sensitivity for a better sexual experience, and if they desire to last longer during sex. In addition to its short-term reproductive system benefits, it also claims to be able to boost the mood and relieve anxiety.

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Cockstar for Women functions as a multivitamin, but contains an assortment of herbal extracts intended to maintain womens’ sexual health. The list is here:

Eurycoma Longifolia Epimedium Grandifolia Lepidium Peruvianum Ginkgo Biloba Tribulis Terrestris
Macuna Pruriens Cnidium Monnier Butea Superba Sophora Flavesencs

Eurycoma Longifolia: A tree found all over Southeast Asia, its bark and root are used in traditional local medicine as an aphrodisiac, and to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Some limited research suggests that the tree’s properties could have an effect on testosterone.

Epimedium Grandifolia: A misspelling of epimedium grandiflorum, this plant is also called horny goat weed and is a commonly-prescribed treatment in traditional Chinese medicine to increase sexual desire in men and women.

Lepidium Peruvianum: Also known as maca, this plant comes originates in the Peruvian highlands and is widely thought to have beneficial effects on women’s reproductive systems, including regulation of hormones, treating painful periods, and increasing energy.

Ginkgo Biloba: Derived from the bark of the ginkgo trees found in eastern Asia, this extract has been used to address different symptoms, most notably sexual dysfunction and circulatory problems.

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Tribulus Terrestris: A medicinal herb prescribed in traditional medicine for its supposed ability to treat hormone imbalance, to help athletes with physical performance and recovery, and to help improve the circulatory system. Some limited studies show some beneficial effect on athletic performance and in reducing angina.

Macuna Pruriens (Mucuna Pruriens): Also called “velvet bean,” this bean-like plant grows primarily in the tropics, and has been traditionally prescribed to reduce anxiety, as well as to reduce fever and pain. It is also used to improve blood flow and can be taken orally or applied topically.

Cnidium Monnier: Another misspelling (it’s cnidium monnieri), it is a Chinese plant that is used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase sexual desire and to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Topically, it has been used as an anti-itch balm. However, according to WebMD, there is not enough information about it to tell whether it is safe for general use.

Butea Superba: A plant typically found in parts of India, Vietnam, Thailand, and China, its roots are used to make a medicine that is said to treat low libido in men and women. It has not been studied enough to know definitively what possible side effects are, however.

Sophora Flavesencs: A misspelling of sophora flavescens, this is another Chinese plant used in folk medicine to treat inflammation and high cholersterol. Possible side effects from ingesting the plant or its extract could include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness
  • Spasms, speech problems, and respiratory failure

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Cockstar for Women contains several different herbal ingredients that are said to have sex drive enhancing qualities. Some of them are quite common in female sex drive supplements, but other ingredients give cause for alarm and people should be aware of them.

Sophora flavescens may have its following among certain naturopaths, but for people who may be susceptible to its side effects should take extreme care when approaching any product which contains it. The fact that there are potential effects on the nervous system, causing involuntary spasms, is bad enough. But the fact that it has been associated with respiratory failure means that this product is possibly dangerous, and could cause serious adverse health effects, unconsciousness, or even death.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Cockstar for Women appears to only be sold via the company’s store on Ebay. Each bottle goes for $25, and comes with free shipping. There are no offers for discounts, not even for buying multiple bottles at a time.

Each bottle only contains 14 pills, and since the suggested dosage is 2 pills, this means that each bottle will only be good for up to 7 sexual experiences. For women who want to have better sex more than 7 in the average month, they will have to buy more bottles. The result is a product that can be quite expensive once you begin to add things up.

This product is quite pricey for the amount of pills you get, and which can be quickly used up, it is not easy to recommend as being a good deal for most people. But on top of that, with the fact that several of the ingredients are either untested in any sort of clinical trial – or can be outright dangerous for some people to use – this product does not have much going for it in terms of quality or value.

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BUSINESS OF Cockstar for Women

Cockstar for Women is made by Cockstar, a nutraceutical company. There is very little information on its main website:

Phone Number: None.

Address: None.

Email: [email protected]

The company (via its Ebay store) offers a 30 day return policy. The buyer is supposed to pay return shipping, however.

This business has a number of problems. First, as outlined above, there is almost no contact information for the company beyond a customer service email address. There is no phone number listed, nor is there even a company address. For customers who want an easy and direct way to contact these people, they will have to resort to sending out an email and hoping that it is returned promptly.

In addition, there is no listed corporate headquarters. The closest we could find to a location is listed on the product’s main Ebay page, which lists the item location as Panorama City, CA. The problem is that this could very well just be a warehouse where the item is stored, and not where the company operates from.

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The next problem is the level of professionalism. To have the primary vendor for your products be Ebay does not give customers confidence. Businesses are well advised to have their own online shop set up so that they can control the policies involved, and mor eimportantly to show customers that they have put the time and resources in to making their company robust and professional.

Their website – a WordPress page – contains multiple grammatical errors and awkward phrasing, an amateurish look, and appears to be written by the CEO himself, who only refers to himself as “Donny P.”

Overall, the company does not seem to be very impressive. There are lots of other businesses out there who put in the time, money, and effort to creating a professional image, and are far easier to trust than these people

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Cockstar for Women has no reviews, either on its website or on any of the product’s Ebay store pages. This is sad to see, because people who want to try the product will likely want to know whether it works or not, and what sort of experiences other people have had with it.

The world of female sexual supplements is wide and varied, and while some products work for some people, others do not. As with all consumer products, those which have not only a guarantee from the company selling it, but also from everyday people who have used it, will be more likely to stand out from the rest of them.

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CONCLUSION – DOES Cockstar for Women WORK?

Cockstar for Women contains ingredients which may cause serious and dangerous side effects in some women, is sold by a company that has no listed business address on its own website, and is made by people who misspell the very ingredients in their own product. On top of that, there are no indications that there are any customers who have tried it before, and if they have, they did not leave any reviews to let the rest of the world know if it works or not.

If Cockstar for Women contained better ingredients that did not have such drastic potential side effects, and if they made more of an effort to make themselves look more professional by spelling things right and not resorting to selling their products through Ebay alone, this review might have gone better. But as things stand, we cannot recommend this product to anyone who wants a supplement that they can trust.

For improving overall reproductive health in women, the supplement that we can recommend is Libitrinex. With its 100% natural ingredients specially formulated to improve a weak sex drive and increase energy and its high-quality manufacturing process (which is inspected by third-parties for quality assurance), it’s sped right by all its competitors and into our top list of recommendations

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