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Steel Libido for Women is a female sexual enhancement supplement made to improve overall health while aiding sexual health. Its ability to help improve wellness so one feels better and is able to perform in the bedroom is a claimed benefit.

Women of all age ranges are intended to gain results from this, and they say its ingredients have been used historically to support sexual well-being. This can be used daily or before one is to engage in intercourse. They add that one’s quality of life is backed by sexual health, so that’s why one’s quality of life can be improved.

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Steel Libido for Women has within it the following:

Fish Oil Dimethylglycine (DMG) Hydrochloride Maca Powder (root) Epimedium Extract Tribulus Extract (40% saponin) (plant)
L-Tyrosine CDP-Choline L-Histidine (L-Histidine Hydrochloride) Soy Isoflavones (5% isoflavones) Asian Ginseng Extract (80% gisenosides) (root)
NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Bioperine (95% piperine fruit) Ginger Extract (5% gingerols) (rhizome) Annato Ashwagandha Powder (root)

Fish Oil: Rich in fatty acids, this extract has EPA and DHA which can support brain health and make it easier to reduce inflammation.  Fatty acids can also increase libido and improve fertility.

Dimethylglycine (DMG) Hydrochloride: A form of the amino acid glycine which is used for the reduction of stress and improvement of athletic function.  While it has been tested for short term use Web MD adds:

“safety of long-term use is unknown”

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Maca Powder (root): This vegetable has been used in Peru as an effective aphrodisiac that can also reduce fatigue and improve physical output. This is generally well-tolerated and it can help promote aphrodisiac benefits to both men and women.

L-Histidine (L-Histidine Hydrochloride):  Essential amino acid that is used most often for its antioxidant support and ability to improve nerve function.

CDP-Choline: Used as a nootropic for cognitive health, this is used to help prevent memory decline.

Asian Ginseng Extract (80% gisenosides) (root): This herbal ingredient is native to Asia where it is touted as a general wellness aid. It has bene used for improved physical stamina, reduction of menopause symptoms, and improvement of mental function.

Ginseng is a long used herbal ingredient that can reduce stress and make it easier for the body to react to sexual stimuli.

NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide): Found naturally within cells, this is used to help reverse the aging process by supporting mitochondria. While it can help with the metabolism of energy, there are limited studies on this additive to prove it’s claimed supplemented abilities.

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One major concern exists in the California Prop 65 warning listed on the label. This means that according to the state of California, there is a chemical or chemicals added which can:

“cause birth defects or other reproductive harm”

This is of a major concern and it’s not mentioned which of these ingredients has additives within it which may be dangerous. This can include heavy metals such as lead or mercury. It’s also not revealed what the full amount is, which means you cannot determine for yourself if it’s in low enough amounts as to not cause concern.

The company also advises to only take it for 90 days and to take a 2 week break in between. It’s not revealed as to why this is so, but they do say that this can affect blood pressure and those with heart conditions. It’s good that the company is at the very least transparent in the possible side effects, but it would have been helpful for our research team to know exactly what it is that can cause these unwanted symptoms.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.

THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Steel Libido for Women

A full 75 capsule bottle from the official website sells for $34.99. At the advised 4 capsule limit a day, each bottle lasts a total of 18.75 days of use, meaning one would get nearly 19 days of use from this.  This averages to a daily price of $1.86. Of course because there is no mention of a money back return policy on their website, it’s not known if one is covered by a guarantee or if all sales are final.

There are some ingredients in this which can be helpful for female libido, but there is major concern over the California Proposition 65 warning which means there is a potential for reproductive harm or birth defects. Until more is revealed about this concern, it’s not known what the amounts potentially dangerous ingredients are included.

Some of the ingredients like NADH are also not well-researched, so it’s unknown if they would truly be safe and effective to supplement with.

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BUSINESS OF Steel Libido for Women

They go by the name of Irwin Naturals and their official contact details are:

Phone Number: (800) 848-8448

Address: 5310 Beethoven Street

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Email: [email protected]

As of this review the company has no information other than contact details on the Better Business Bureau. This is good however as it means there have not been any serious complaints from customers about their business dealings.

They do not mention whether or not they offer a money back return policy, though this likely means that they do not.

The company settled a $2.65 million dollar lawsuit due to unfair business practices due to them having misleading and false advertising claims. They did not mention that their product had elevated levels of potential contaminants, and the suit alleged that the company did not offer proper reimbursement for retuned product. It also alleged that they charged customers for supplements which were never ordered.

The FDA also called them out for making health claims about one of their supplements which were not proven to be effective. It alleged that many of the marketing claims made were without proof, and that they should provide evidence or pull them from their website and marketing tools.

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CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Steel Libido for Women

Featured underneath are some telling reviews from online users:

“really not a fan that it can cause birth defects”

“didn’t notice any improvement but it did make me feel more dry”

“No change no matter if I took the full amount. Took a full bottle and I’m still awaiting the benefits”

“It helped my wife deal with her vaginal dryness. This was definitely and improvement from before”

There are mixed opinions about this brand and it seems most people used it for vaginal dryness instead of libido enhancement. As far as whether or not it can boost sexual health it is not yet known due to the limited reviews. Most customers failed to give any sort of validation on whether or not it would have an effect.

Overall it’s difficult to really know much about this since the majority if user reviews focused on things which are not often looked for in female libido enhancing supplements.

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Though Steel Libido for Women has some natural ingredients which can improve libido, there is some issues about quality, business practices, and a lack of notable customer reviews. Most people had very little to say about whether or not it would benefit libido. The company had to pay off a major lawsuit due to their false and misleading advertising, and for failing to mention that they had elevated levels of potential contaminants. There is also no information on whether or not they offer a money back return policy on their official website.

The best reviewed brand for female libido was found to be the all-natural supplement known as Libitrinex. This has a blend of natural extracts which have been shown in 3rd party reviews to help support overall libido. It also contains extracts which can aid overall wellness and blood flow for improved vitality and reduced fatigue.

Not only does it have a great blend of ingredients, but users commented on how they were able to notice great changes in their libido. Testimonials from users are offered on the official website which highlights how effective it can be. To examine Libitrinex further on the official website, simply click on this link.

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