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Foria Cannabis Lube is a female lubricating aid made to increase sensual pleasure for women as well as their partner.  They claim how blood flow can be improved, and that it can provide a therapeutic effect leading to relaxation.

Overall arousal and an increased sensation can be provided, which can support orgasms intensity. It can also reduce both tension and pain, and make it easier to relax. They make it from a compound found in marijuana which is said to be a natural aphrodisiac.

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No full supplements facts list is cited but they do say the following are used:

Medical Cannabis Oil Liquid Coconut Oil (MCT)

Medical Cannabis Oil: Taken from the cannabis plant, this is known to have many compounds, the most importantly being CBD for pain relief, and THC which can stimulate a psycho active effect.

When mixed in a balance ratio this is used for the treatment of many symptoms including anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, head trauma, and other kinds of issues.

There is 2.5 mg of THC in a serving spray size of Foria, which means it is unlikely to have much of any effect on causing an alteration in overall mental function. Still, even with a reduced and or unlikely psychoactive effect one must still have a medical marijuana card to get a hold of this ingredient.

The company uses this as a key active ingredient which is meant to stimulate tingling, relaxation, blood flow, warmth, and overall enhanced climax. This is unlikely to increase sexual desire however, and there is a lack of studies performed to showcase what marijuana oil can do for female sexuality.

Most information related to its potential effects is for its ability to reduce chronic pain, which can allow one to focus more on sex when needed. As far as it leading to any other sexual enhancement effects, the data is limited.

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Liquid Coconut Oil (MCT):  A fatty acid extracted from coconut oils which is used mostly by athletes and bodybuilders. This is intended to help support weight loss and athletic function, but there is mixed studies on these findings. This ingredient is likely only added as a way to help deliver the formula, as marijuana needs fats in order for it to be properly bonded and to support its digestion.

It’s unknown how much MCT oil is used, but this has the potential to cause unwanted symptoms including:

  • Nausea, stomach cramps, and oily discharge.

Some users may be more sensitive to MCT oil, and for some it can potentially lead to diarrhea and other digestive kinds of issues.

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There are mixed findings on the effects marijuana extract can have on sexual pleasure. This is is meant to help smooth muscle tissue, and to help reduce pain while supporting pain by effecting signals in the brain. They also have CBD which can help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk for muscle cramping.

While these effects are possible, some customers may not be comfortable in using a marijuana product. One must also sign up for a medical marijuana recommendation to get a hold of this.

Overall there are some 3rd party studies which show the effects marijuana can have for sexuality, but there are other ingredients which can directly affect blood flow, libido, overall sex drive, and sexual pleasure.

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Prices can vary depending on the amount chosen, and whether or not a bundle pack is selected. Their smallest 10 ml bottle sells for $38.00 when purchased via their official website. Each bottle has a total of 15 mg of THC, and this as 15 servings worth. They advise to be 15 minutes for the strongest absorption of the formula.

It’s important to note however that they do not offer sales for people who do not have a medical marijuana license. They also only offer online sales for California based consumers who can produce their marijuana license.

One must be 21 to purchase, and there needs to be a sign up to the company’s collective, meaning they accept one as a medical marijuana patient.

Though this does contain marijuana, the company says it will not have any psycho-active effects, so one will not feel as they are euphoric or “high” in any way.

This is still very pricy and it is mean to be used before climax, which can be difficult to control as they advise it to be sued at a specific time frame.

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The company has a website where many FAQ’s are answered, but their contact information is limited to the following:

Email: Contact form is offered as well as email [email protected]

To get a return one must apply for it within 14 days and the unused amounts must be send back. They do have a restocking fee and one must pay shipping and handling, but they fail to list what the total cost to have it is sent back.

They do not mention many details about how they operate however.

Information About them is limited on any other websites, making it impossible to know what can be expected.

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Here are some reviews found online:

“Didn’t help me have any stronger of an orgasms. Helped provide a fast acting warming sensation.

“Made there be a great sensation when I used it”

“Helped improve my pleasure and it provided a relaxing effect”

“Good for improving skin health and I liked using it”

Most of the reviews of this can be found on the company’s website, where they allow for consumers to leave behind feedback. It would have been best if the company provided a better returns policy however, as there is a lacking description of how it truly works. All that is mentioned is that there are fees and its unknown what these are.

The users also have to have a medical marijuana recommendation, which can be a process that requires extra time and money. Information about the effects marijuana can have on sexuality are limited as well, so it’s unknown if the claimed positive reviews are actually not just a placebo effect.

The company says that there is lacking conclusive evidence on what THC can do to eggs and fertility, so it’s yet to be know if this will have an effect. This is why their FAQ section often ends with a recommendation to talk to one’s certified doctor to ensure the right advice is given. Studies on this are entirely lacking.

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To get ahold of this brand one has to pay money and go see a doctor to be recommended for medical marijuana. This alone may be too involved for some, and those who want to avoid marijuana may be opposed to begin using it. A far as it having an effect on sexuality, while there are some promising studies, it’ not yet known if THC and CBD would truly be effective at supporting orgasms. Other tried and true ingredients such as natural aphrodisiacs might be a better preference to most users. This is also expensive and the company has an unknown restocking fee which may be potentially high.

Our review experts have analyzed many brands and they have decided that Libitrinex was by far a better supplement. This brand has a blend of natural aphrodisiacs which have long been used to help stimulate libido and overall sexual pleasure. Users have left great reviews stating how they were able to see great changes in their sexuality.

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