NEW Creme de la Femme Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Creme de la Femme is a moisturizing crème for women who suffer from vaginal dryness. It comes in a small tube, along with an applicator for internal application.

Creme de la Femme claims to effectively moisturize the vagina for hours, and is intended for those who have vaginal dryness and irritation from menopause, birth control, excessive exercise, or ovarian problems. Using a combination of mineral oil or other ingredients, it promises not only to provide relief from dryness but also to prevent bladder infections. It can also be used as a lubricant during sexual intercourse.

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Creme de la Femme has a comparatively small list of ingredients, all of which are synthetically-derived:

Mineral oil Petrolatum Ceresin Paraffin

Mineral oil: A lubricant derived from crude oil, or petroleum, it is generally considered safe for topical use. Potential side effects include:

  • Itching, burning or stinging
  • Hives, rashes, and histamine reactions
  • Swelling of the face, mouth, and tongue.

Petrolatum: Another common byproduct of petroleum, petrolatum is also known as petroleum jelly. It is used as a lubricant and for its water-repellent properties when applied topically. It potentially contains carcinogens, however, which means that use of this product could lead to an increased risk for certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Ceresin: A mineral wax made from the substance ozokerite, it is generally used as a thickener and is often used in makeup, lipstick, and mascara.

Paraffin: Also called paraffin wax, it is yet another derivative of petroleum, and is also known for its lubricating and water-repellent properties. Like other petroleum products, possible side effects could include skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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Creme de la Femme consists entirely of synthetic lubricants, and aside from one ingredient, all of them are derived from petroleum. Such derivatives have been in common use since the 19th century, and are still often found in all manner of beauty and health products.

However, there are drawbacks to these ingredients. While not considered immediately harmful, the connection of certain petroleum products to an increased risk in cancer is cause for some concern. There has even been talk among certain people in the commercial beauty industry of ceasing use of petroleum products altogether, in favor of more natural alternatives.

The potential side effects are cause for hesitation, as well, as certain people may not react well at all to these synthetic ingredients.

Moreover, what is interesting to note is that this product does nothing to treat the underlying cause of feminine dryness – only to provide a momentary solution to an ongoing problem which goes unresolved.

One interesting note is that the product’s website admits that this product’s results are not guaranteed, and that will not work for many people. It is unusual that a company would admit this, as it doesn’t seem to be a very good selling point.

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Creme de la Femme is available for purchase at the company’s main retail website, Amazing Solutions. for $14.95 per tube, and through other online retailers like Amazon ($19.95) and Walgreens ($14.95). Each tube contains 1 oz, and there is no suggested dosage.

On the official website there are discounts for ordering multiple tubes at a time, from a 26%-off deal for a pack of 3 to a 46% discount for ordering 24.

While these are very nice deals, for a product that essentially is just a simple mineral lubricant it’s still not clear if it is worth the price. Even if one were to take advantage of the generous discount deals by ordering three or more at a time, basic Vaseline – or even just straight mineral oil – are not much different from Creme de la Femme, and are even cheaper.

It does not seem like the quality of the ingredients justifies the price, as it appears that Creme de la Femme is basically a simple lubricant sold at a markup. If there was some special effect or quality which the product had, beyond merely providing lubrication, it could be justified. As of now, however, that justification remains to be seen.

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BUSINESS OF Creme de la Femme

Creme de la Femme is made by Premiere Enterprises, a company based in California and founded in 1994. Their contact information:

Phone Number: (800) 576-7616

Address: 2808 Oakhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Email: [email protected]

Premiere Enterprises has a no-questions-asked return policy for any products ordered in the previous six weeks. Their website is well-made and easy to navigate, including options to sign up for emails that can yield discounts and other sorts of special offers.

This company appears to take customer service very seriously, and as such offers different options for getting in touch with them and promises short wait times for returning missed calls and emails.

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Premiere Enterprises claims that all of their health products were developed and formulated by either a doctor, a lab scientist, or a respected naturopathic health practitioner. That said, there are no specialists mentioned on the Creme de la Femme product page.

If Creme de la Femme or any other product on the side was indeed formulated by an expert, it would be nice to see a name, a biography, or even just a quote – something to provide some sort of evidence of the company’s claim.

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Creme de la Femme reviews can be found in several places: on its website, on Amazon, and on the Walgreens product page.

Starting with Creme de la Femme’s main page, one thing that becomes evident is that while all of the reviews are positive, none of them are sourced. All the testimonials are italic quotes without any names, locations, or time stamps. Some are credited to doctors who supposedly prescribed them for their patients, and others are supposed to come from the customers themselves.

On the third-party platform Amazon, there are many reviews, but they are mixed:

“For occasional use, this product worked, but my wife still has chronic dryness issues and this product didn’t solve it.”

“We’ve used this lubricant for a long time and it has consistently done the job.”

“This product isn’t sticky or greasy like other similar options, but it didn’t work very well for me in what it was supposed to do.”

“For just being a lubricant, this stuff is pretty expensive.”

There are comparatively few ratings on, and they are likewise mixed:

“Tried using it but I started to itch and burn, so I had to discontinue use. Not what I had hoped for.”

“This had an immediate effect and I couldn’t be happier. Only problem is I couldn’t find it in the store, but I just bought it online.”

“Too dry, didn’t help much.”

True to the admissions on the product page, many customers simply didn’t find this product to work for them.

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CONCLUSION – DOES Creme de la Femme WORK?

Creme de la Femme has a specific function, as a lubricant, and for some women it clearly does what it’s supposed to. But many customers came away with either no effect at all, or had discomfort from the petroleum products found in the contents. At this price point one would expect a product that delivers at least most of the time to most customers, but the company that makes it admits that it is not guaranteed to work for everyone – a big disappointment.

Furthermore, the product is just a temporary quick fix. It doesn’t do anything to address hormone issues or uterine health problems, which are part of the reasons why women have dryness in the first place. Better than this would be to use a product which addresses those issues and promises to fix them, not just provide a short-term solution that will not last.

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