NEW Guna-Venus Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Guna-Venus is a female libido supplement that is intended to help regulate healthy hormone production. By doing so this can help stimulate sexual desire, prevent low libido, reduce discomfort during intercourse, and support healthy arousal.

They add how this is a temporary relief and they say it is a homeopathic solution. This temporary relief is intended to target many of the common symptoms which occur when there are imbalances in women.

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The ingredients include:

Agnus Castus Aletris Farinosa Alpha-Lipoicum Acidum Cuprum Europaeum Damiana
DHEA Folic Acid Gossypium Herbaceum Hydroquinone Hypophysis Suis
Hypothalamus Interleukin Lycopodium Clavatum Oophorinum Sepia
Serotonin Spleen Tissue Succinicum Acidum Cobalamin Zincum Metallicum

Agnus Castus: This shrub is also known as the Chaste Tree Berry, it is used to treat infertility, PMS symptoms, and it’s intended to help control hormone regulation.

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Aletris Farinosa: A plant native to North American which his used to reduce the risk for menstrual related issues as well as miscarriage. Web MD notes that it’s not yet known: “how aletris might work”

They also say that this may cause:

  • Dizziness, confusion, and colic.

Cuprum Europaeum: This is the homeopathic way of saying copper, a mineral that is intended to help reduce the risk for cramps and nausea.

Gossypium Herbaceum: More commonly known as cotton, this fiber is typically used as a fabric. Information to prove what kind of effect it will have in supplement form is unknown, but an image of Guna-Venus shows it’s intended to reduce pain.

Hydroquinone: Used to bleach skin, this is used to help effect how skin uses melanin.

Hypophysis Suis: It’s unknown what this is exactly, since information about this is only offered on homeopathic websites which fail to mention what it is extracted from. This is used to help treat hormonal imbalances, but no evidence is given to support this claim.

Hypothalamus: A part of the brain which links together the nervous and endocrine system, It’s unclear where the company extracts this from, though it is likely taken from cattle.

Interleukin:  This helps regulate the immune system and it is what is known as a cytokine, which help assist cell signaling. It’s unknown where this is taken from.

Oophorinum: Taken from the ovaries, this is used to help treat skin conditions as well as to support digestive health.

Serotonin: A derivative of tryptophan that is a neurotransmitter which effectively sends information across nerve cells. It’s not known where this is taken from and how it is processed into an ingredient.

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The most notable thing about this supplement is that it uses many homeopathic ingredients, some of which have no studies or even basic information about what it is exactly. Because of this serious issue there is no way to know for certain what can be expected. This leaves a lot to be desired since you can’t quite properly know if it’s added in good dosage strength and what if any effects are possible.

They recommend taking 1 dose daily for a total of 2 months. It’s also advised to seek medical support if symptoms last more than 5 days.  No evidence is cited as to how they came up with this figure or what it may be signs of if there is no change.

One major issue was the fact they use ingredients like spleen tissue, hypothalamus, and hormones which are not identified as to where they come from. Typically some of these types of additives will be extracts of cattle, but without knowing if they make sure to take it from a clean source, you can’t determine for certain what is possible. This lack of information makes it impossible to trust that this would be safe to take.

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The cheapest price found online for a total of five 6 tube boxes is $129. They advise taking one full tube a day, so this means a daily serving is $4.30.  Since it’s recommended to continue taking it for a 2 months, consumers can expect to pay $258. This is incredibly pricy for a supplement like this, and even more so when you consider what’s added to it.

There is no way to know if  this is still being made fresh since it’s only marketed by 3rd party websites. No quality control is given and there is no way to know for certain if it’s near expiration or worst, already expired.

Homeopathic medicine is considered a fraudulent pseudo-science according to trusted scientific groups and people. Quackwatch has said that this is:

“At Best, the “Remedies” are Placebos”

This is why when researching Guna-Venus, many of the ingredients added had no actual clinical studied performed. Without more information there is no way to know if it would be at all reliable or safe.

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Guna, Inc. owns this and their contact details are:

Phone Number: (484) 223-3500

Address: 3724 Crescent Court West

Whitehall, PA 18052

Email: [email protected]

They do not feature Guna-Venus on their official website, and it’s unclear whether or not they continue to make this fresh. No money back return is offered either, so it’s impossible to know what to expect with this.

The company particularly focus on making “lose dose medicine”, meaning that it effects the whole body without the fear of likely side effects.  It’s unknown if Guna-Venus falls under the same guidelines however. Information about the company is limited and it’s uncertain why they no longer market Guna-Venus themselves.

Some sites say it is now discontinued, but it appears on a few wholesale 3rd party sites. These websites which continue to sell it appear to sell a lot of dated products which are not commonly known. It’s likely that the only place to get it is from websites which buy in bulk and are looking to finish off the rest of their product which will no longer be made. This may mean that it is near expiration, which if true, raises the fear of getting a contaminated product.

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Only one review was available online:

“really liked it hope it comes back”

Because there is no longer an official website, this likely means reviews for this will not increase. Most of the retailers are 3rd party, and the one reviewer who commented said they hoped it would come back to Amazon.

With only one single review to go on it’s impossible to know if this would be safe to take or at all useful. There’s no way to know beforehand what expectations to have.

It’s also odd that although this appears to be old, there is no support from it by any online audience. In the time it was still being made fresh there still wasn’t any mention at all as to the overall quality.

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The 3rd party websites which market this make it appear to be a well-rounded formula which can assist in benefiting overall health. While it does have some ingredients which are common to female libido supplements, overall there are many additives which have yet to be studied. Worse yet, they use what’s known as homeopathic medicine to back support its use, a branch of “science” which has not been proven. This uses a lot of great sounding claims which are not proven and which may be hazardous if taken as scientific truth. The price is also alarmingly high and there is no money back guarantee or even assurance that it’s still made fresh.

We have made it our duty to find out what supplements are best and for female sexual enhancement; Libitrinex was overall the best brand. Its natural high dosage strength ingredients are all 3rd party reviewed and shown to help assist supporting healthy sexual function. It’s made specifically to help improve mood, vigor, libido, wellness, and overall female sexuality.

Many customers also had good things to say about it, and in fact there are great testimonials available on the official website. They also make sure to make every batch within a facility ensured by the FDA for stable quality.  Check out our detailed review into Libitrinex where we breakdown what made it the top ranked supplement.

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