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Pjur MySpray is a vaginal spray that is meant to improve sexual sensation within 60 seconds of application. This is intended to give an enjoyable prickling sensation with just a small amount that needs to be used.

They advise to spray about 2 to 4 times and to test it on the forearm to see first if one’s skin is compatible with the formula. By stimulating the vagina it’s said to help stir up one’s sexual imagination. It’s marketed as including a unique formula which is easy to apply.

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Their full ingredients include:

Propylene Glycol Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Aqua Methyl Nicotinate

Propylene Glycol: Alcohol based extract found within cosmetics as a way to help with both the ease of application, and the retention of moisture. This is often added as a main lubricant ingredient within female libido topical aids. It appears as both a colorless and viscous liquid.

When applied to other ingredients such as water, it can help have a lasting effect which supports the ability for water to keep skin hydrated. As a sexual enhancement aid, it works to keep the vagina hydrated so sex toys and intercourse can be enjoyed without one feeling sexually stimulated.

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Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Extract from the aloe vera plant, a medicinal plant that is used as a natural remedy against irritation and burns on the skin.  It has moisturizing effects and can even be used to fight against inflammation.

The EWG.com which helps to qualify cosmetic ingredients safety has deemed it likely safe ,and they give it a 1-2 rating out of 10, with 10 being the worst potential for unwanted side effects. This means that it can be used on the skin without irritation or other unwanted side effects.

Methyl Nicotinate: A combination of nicotinic acid and methyl alcohol. This is often added to cosmetics as a way to improve suppleness, and enhance the appearance of damaged skin. This helps provide the mineral niacin, which can help with DNA repair and overall energy metabolism.

This is used to soothe irritation and reduce the risk for inflammation.

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With only 4 active ingredients to look at, and one of them being water, it’s difficult to see much of a sexual enhancement benefit. Aloe vera can help soothe skin irritation and support skin function, but this will not affect sexual enhancement. The only somewhat relatable benefit is its potential for moisturizing skin.

The same moisturizing effect can be gained in propylene glycol, which is why it is a generic substance often found within brands like this. It does have a potent effect at retaining water so as to improve overall lubrication of the vagina. This is why it is often added to female sexual enhancement topical aids.

This leaves methyl nicotinate, which has been used for the reduction of inflammation and redness. This has no benefit at all at improving sexual function in women. Overall the formula is meant more to give a moisturizing effect to help retain water. While this can make it easier to engage in sex without stimulation, it does not actually assist in any enriching way other than what many other brands already offer.

For those who want to increase their libido, reduce fatigue, improve blood flow or otherwise make sex more satisfying, it’s difficult to see much of a benefit from the combination of ingredients.

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The official website offers direct sales at 18.95 euros per 20 ml bottle. At the time of this writing this is equal to about $22.59 dollars. The company mentions in their FAQ section that the reason why this is more costly than other similar brands is due to the claim that it lasts longer than the leading brand.  Though this seems like a good explanation, what is added to this is cheap to source, and most of it can be found within other similar brands.

These additives are far too basic to consider it any more than a standard moisturizing formula. This can affect the ease of engaging in sex, but it does not make one anymore stimulated. Because of this the formula is very lacking. The only benefit is that the ingredients are all-natural and free of any preservatives.

Still as the ingredients are easy to source elsewhere, it does not justify the cost. The majority of additives also are not known to have any deep improvement in sexual stimulation. They have more of an external effect in helping the vagina remain wet.

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The company is known as Pjur group Luxembourg S.A. and their contact information is as such:

Phone Number: (352) 74 8989 44

Address: 87, Esplanade De La Moselle

6637 Wasserbillig Luxembourg

Email: [email protected]

Little is known about the company, but they are based out of Germany. Their FAQ section does offer plenty of information about their products and how to best apply them. They also make suggestions as to how to best engage in sexual activity when using this specific brand.

In their country selection toolbar at the top of their official website they only offer Australia, Europe, and Germany as options. It’s not known if they distribute elsewhere. They also fail to give any information about whether or not a money back return policy is offered. Since they do not offer this basic information, it is unlikely that returns are offered.

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Very few reviews can be found online, here’s what some users had to say:

“very lacking…. It had a slight warming sensation which felt good, but it was very short lasting”

“disappointed in this overall… I don’t feel the need to try more at this stage. Has a bad smell to it and for the price I would not recommend it”

We could only source 2 reviews and they were both negative. While this may not be a fair assessment, it also goes to show that only a few amounts of people have used it.

It’s unclear why, but the 2 reviews which are found mentioned that it had an unpleasant smell, and that it didn’t really have much of an effect. These customers said while it was mildly pleasant, it failed to stimulate them to want to have sex.

The reason for this lack of effects is likely because there are only water binding moisturizers included, and there is no additives which can help stimulate libido.

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Because of the lack of ingredients which can actually support libido or sexual satisfaction, it remains to be seen what kind of use this product has. Judging from the kinds of additives it has, it can moisturize skin and retain moisture, but other than these effects, it will not actually work to have benefits including improved blood flow, reduction of fatigue, or any other common effect female libido supplements are meant to have. The only 2 reviews found online are negative as women said that it failed to give much of a sensation other than a warming and tingling feel. It was also said to have an unpleasant smell to it.

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