NEW Female Rx Oil Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Female Rx Oil is a lubricant for women that is not only supposed to help lubricate the vagina, but also to stimulate more arousal and increase sensitivity. It’s intended to be directly applied to the genitalia for the best effect.

This product is supposed to be an easy way for women to feel more aroused when initiating the physical side of sex, as it contains ingredients that increase the flow of blood to intimate areas, particularly the clitoris, which the product promises will trigger a higher state of ecstasy. Women using the product are also promised to have more intense orgasms. The business which makes this product promises that it is safe and natural, and that it is formulated to dry “naturally” without the need to wash it off, like some other topical gels and creams used for sex.

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Female Rx Oil‘s ingredients are similar to those found in other women’s topical sexual pleasure enhancers. The main ingredients we found are as follows:

Sorbitol Glycerin Triethanolamine Vanillin Tetrasodium EDTA
Panthenol Allantoin Aloe Barbadensis Methylparaben Diazolidinyl Urea

Triethanolamine: This product is a compound used to help products interact with water and oil, and can be used as a way to balance the pH levels of products. It is a common ingredient used in lotions, gels, moisturizers, and other cosmetic products. Unfortunately it can be irritating to some peoples’ skin, causing allergic reactions.

Panthenol: This ingredient is a form of vitamin B5 which is used as a way to moisturize or lubricate as a topical application. It can be made from either synthetic or animal products, so vegans and people who do not use products made from animals may need to clarify with the company where exactly their panthenol comes from.

Aloe Barbadensis: The fancy term for aloe vera, a cactus-like plant from whose leaf a gel is often made. It’s been used as a medicinal treatment for lots of different symptoms, including arthritis, inflammation, dry skin, and sunburns. It does not, however, seem to have much of an effect on sexuality.

Diazolidinyl Urea: A preservative that is often used in skincare products and other cosmetics as an antimicrobial, to prevent the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, it does this by creating formaldehyde, a compound that can cause negative health effects and severe allergies in some people.

Propylene Glycol: An organic liquid compound used in many different kinds of products, including in soda, coffee drinks, and whipped cream. It has also been used as a component in vape products. When used topically, it’s considered a low-risk product with it, but there are certain people who could have negative allergic reactions when using it.

Methylparaben: A preservative used commonly in food and skin products to extend shelf life by acting as an antifungal agent and preservative. There’s some controversy over whether it’s considered “safe” or not, and it can possibly increase the skin’s sensitivity to UVB radiation from the sun.

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Female Rx Oil consists almost entirely of synthetic ingredients, a disappointment in a market that so often stresses the benefits of using “natural” ingredients. Some people are okay with this, however, but some people are sensitive to artificial ingredients like the ones used in this product, and so they may have to take care, especially considering that this liquid is supposed to be applied to a very sensitive area.

There don’t actually appear to be any ingredients in this product that are supposed to be able to increase arousal, despite the claims made by the company that makes it. Instead of containing ingredients that can actually dilate blood vessels or affect the biological processes that are connected to sexual arousal – say, maca, or horny goat weed – all the products in this liquid are either for creating a slippery sensation or are known to either moisturize or irritate the skin. Because it doesn’t contain any ingredients directly associated with an increased desire for sex, we don’t see how anyone with a low sex drive could benefit from this product unless they were just looking for a lubricant – although it doesn’t even seem useful for that, as the product is self-drying.

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Female Rx Oil is not very cheap for what it is. We’ve seen it listed for $29.95 for one bottle. The prices go to $55.95 for two, or $85.95 for four bottles. While it is nice that customers have the option of saving more per bottle by buying more, the price is still extremely high for what it is.

Since there are no listings of the exact number of uses per bottle (as it depends on the individual needs of the person using it) we can’t say for sure how long each bottle lasts. As a result, we can’t really make any judgments about the amount of use customers will get out of each bottle for the money they’re spending.

Based on our initial reactions, with the almost complete lack of ingredients that have direct effects on the sex drive or arousal overall, the price is not justified.

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Female Rx Oil is made by EyeFive, a supplement company connected with a group based out of Nevada. Their contact information, as far as we can see, is here:

Phone Number: (800) 970-3293

Address: 848 N Rainbow Rd #4420, Las Vegas, NV

Email: No email address provided, only a customer contact form.

EyeFive may or may not be the same as ShipOffers, which may or may not be the same as Maverick Man, but since there’s so much confusion, we know nothing about the refund policy this product is a part of. As far as we can tell, customers will have to rely on the refund policies of the vendors they buy this product from.

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ShipOffers, if it is the company that makes this product, seems to mainly function as a shipping warehouse company that sells blank generic items that companies can pay to “re-brand” and sell as their own, with ShipOffers taking care of the majority of shipping, returns, and customer service. That is, as far as we have understood things. There is no EyeFive website, no outline of their product’s quality, no business history, and as far as we can tell, no real record of customer relations, meaning that we can’t tell if people have had positive experiences dealing with EyeFive.

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We noticed something unusual when looking into the customer reviews for this product. The only substantial source of reviews was the product’s Amazon page, where it claims there are over 80 reviews with a total of almost 4/5 stars. This sounds fairly impressive, but only one review is actually listed:

“Worked for the first week, and it gave me lots of energy. I liked the fruit punch.”

This is unusual, because it actually seems like the review was for a different product altogether, as this product is 1) not meant to increase energy, and 2) not flavored. When we tried to look at the supposed 80+ reviews, Amazon told us that they didn’t exist, despite the product information telling us that they should be there.

This is a weird situation, and we would therefore advise caution, as we cannot be sure that the claims of there being 84 reviews is even true, since there is no way (as of now) to actually read them and verify that they exist.

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Female Rx Oil claims to stimulate women’s desire for sex after rubbing it on their clitoris, but the product has a lot of problems. For one, it doesn’t actually contain any products (as far as we’ve been told) that have a direct affect on increasing the libido or the desire for sex in women. Secondly, the company associated with making it doesn’t have a clear way of getting in touch with it, and may or may not be the same as another company that sells generic supplements to other companies for re-branding. Lastly, there are apparently no trustworthy reviews of the product, as the main source (Amazon) seems to show an erroneous review and glitch out when you try and see the other reviews.

Looking at all this information, and taking into account the high price, we advise against trying this product.

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