Virmax Ds for Women Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Virmax Ds for Women is a supplement meant to increase sexual pleasure and overall sensual sensations. The improvement of libido, sexual energy, satisfaction, and orgasm sensation are targeted.

They even say their formula can be used by men, though it’s marketed more towards women. Studies and trials are said to have been performed in the development of this supplement. Results are intended to come within 1 to 2 days of use, though they do add this can vary.

Out of all the reviewed female libido supplements of the year, Libitrinex was favorited overall. It contains a blend of natural ingredients which have been fully reviewed by 3rd parties for their libido enhancement benefits. Provided here is a full analysis that showcases what Libitrinex can offer.


Their full ingredients mentioned by 2 different 3rd party websites differ, and the official company website does not include their ingredients for this supplement. Here are the ingredients which 3rd party sites have agreed is included:

Jujube Dates L-Arginine L-Glutamic Acid L-Lysine L-Alanine
Isoflavones Ginkgo Hawthorn Berry Goldenseal Berry Chaste Berry
Angelica Pubescens Root Cnidium Monniera Seed Calcium Carbonate Microcrystalline Cellulose Croscarmellose Sodium
Dicalcium Phosphate Natural & Pharmaceutical Glaze Talc (USP)

Jujube Dates: This fruit has trace vitamins and minerals and is particularly high in riboflavin and carbohydrates.  It has also ben used within traditional Asian medicine as a way to reduce inflammation, promote sedation, prevent infertility, provide antioxidant support, relive stress, and much more.

Web MD notes that because of a lack of clinical studies, it’s not known if it would be:

“safe to take for medical conditions”

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L-Glutamic Acid: Amino acid used by the nerve cells to better process information. This is often not required to supplement with since it is widely available in many foods, and it is considered a nonessential amino acid.

Isoflavones: Often extracted from soy, this has been used for many purposes but there is a lack of sufficient evidence to prove what it can truly do. It is meant to reduce the risk for hot flashes and other menopause related symptoms.

Hawthorn Berry: A fruit that has been used for the improvement of blood flow, widening of blood vessels, and reduction of triglycerides to name a few intended benefits.

The potential side effects which can occur include:

  • Nosebleed, insomnia, and headache.
  • Fatigue, palpitations, and upset stomach.

Goldenseal Berry: Herb intended to support the immune system, reduce swelling, prevent vaginal pain, and related issues with menstruation. Web MD has said that the active chemical within this meant to provide a benefit:

“might not reach the concentrations needed… (for) significant effects in humans”

Chaste Berry: Tree shrubs extract which has been used for the improvement of menstrual related issues, including menopause symptoms.  Though not often seen, there is a possibility for side effects:

  • Nausea, rash, and acne.
  • Weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and headaches.

Angelica Pubescens Root: Known in China as Du Huo, this plant is used to support sex drive and aid urine production. It’s more commonly used as a male aphrodisiac as it is intended to increase the sensations around the penis.

Information is lacking about what kinds of effects it can have in medical amounts according to Web Md.

Cnidium Monniera Seed: A plant which has all its parts used for the reduction of infertility, prevention of osteoporosis, and improvement of sex drive.

Talc (USP):  Found in cosmetics, this ingredient is manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade, and it is used as an inactive additive to help make the other ingredients flow better and to give it a better consistency. Since it is pharmaceutical grade it is not extracted from potentially hazardous asbestos, it’s intended to be a safe to consume ingredient unlike standard talc which can be dangerous to ingest or breathe in.

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The many amino acids used can help with the improvement of overall blood flow, thereby making it easier to remain stimulated. It can also help reduce fatigue and support physical output.

Many of the traditionally used Chinese herbs are lacking in sufficient clinical studies, so it’s unknown if they would be both safe and effective.  The official company website fails to give any real evidence to prove if they have done studies on the formula. They do say there are studies in the formulation, it’s not known if this means that any actual users have supplemented with it to help determine effects.

It is also said that results can take upwards of 72 hours for them to apply, and that it can last upwards of 10 hours. This timeframe may be too difficult to figure out for people who want to engage in spontaneous sexual activity.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


No sales are offered on the official website for this specific version, but there are 3rd party sites which sell a bottle for $18.75. They are currently out of stock however, and it’s unknown why the manufacturers make a very similar libido enhancing supplement but with just one ingredient substituted. Instead of adding Jujube they add Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed now.

There are 3 key differences in that Jujube is far less studied, there are different inactive ingredients used such as food coloring,  but the dosage strength for every other ingredient is the same.

Overall because many of the Chinese herbs used are lacking sufficient studies while showing the possibility for side effects, it remains unclear whether or not this formula can be trusted.

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They go by the name of Natural Product Solutions LLC and their contact details are noted as:

Phone Number: (410) 998-9011

Address: 9 W Aylesbury Rd #C

Timonium, MD 21093

Email: [email protected]

A 30 day money back return is offered on the official website but only if one purchase direct from them. The issue is that they do not offer Virmax Ds for Women there; instead they have an out of stock formula with the same basic ingredients though with mild adjustments.

You also can’t determine if the original version of this is still being made fresh, or if the 3rd party website which sell it are selling dated and potentially expired or weak batches. This can not only affect the potency, but it may increase the risk for unwanted side effects if one is not careful.

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Though there hasn’t been much said about this supplement, here are some compiled reviews:

“No difference for me”

“Very little in improvement, really nothing worth mentioning at all”

“First week had no effects and after a while it finally kicked in”

“Don’t know why they add talk this is a carcinogen and it should not be used by anyone, so disappointed”

There was mostly disappointment from customers who failed to notice any real changes in their overall sexual function. Many said they were underwhelmed, and only one positive review was found online.

It’s yet to be seen if the new formula has had any real changes from the one substituted ingredient. With so few reviews to examine, though mostly negative, it’s difficult to try and get an impression for what is truly possible.

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Judging from the poor reviews, lacking information for many of the ingredients, and the use of common amino acids being the only known beneficial additives, it’s far too underwhelming to assume it would work as it claims it would be. You also won’t be able to get your money back since the official website fails to provide this supplement anymore. It’s unknown if they have updated their formula and no longer make this specific version, but 3rd party websites continue to sell a potentially discontinued product. Because you can’t determine whether or not this is still fresh and not expired, it raises many questions about its worth.

Our pick for the best female libido enhancing supplement is Libitrinex. It combines high dosage strength of known aphrodisiacs which can assist in the improvement of sexual function, blood flow, mood, energy, and overall libido. Customers have also provided positive reviews to help showcase how effective it was in supporting their sexuality.

Inside of it are only natural ingredients which 3rd party studies show can deliver lasting effects. No cheap artificial additives or harmful stimulates of any kind are included. To read about what Libitrinex can offer towards the improvement of female libido, click here.

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