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Lady Prelox is a libido enhancement supplement for women used for improved sexual desire, pleasure and comfort. The ingredients are said to be added in specially dosed amounts and it is also clinically tested.

Over 200 post-menopausal women were tested in 3 different clinical studies to help them regain sexual function. The patented formula came to be after years of research performed by the manufacturers. The plant based formula is said to be safe and effective to use.

Our pick as the top rated supplement for female libido enhancement is Libitrinex. The reasons were due to the amount of positive backing from consumers, its use of natural ingredients, and the high dosage strength. Read about what Libitrinex can offer for female libido support by clicking here.

L-Citrulline L-Arginine Rosvita Pycnogenol

L-Citrulline: Amino acid naturally converted into L-Arginine when consumed. It is considered non-essential because the body often has enough of it. This can help increase nitric oxide production which leads to an improvement of the heart and blood vessels.

For sexual enhancement it can make blood flow easier, making it easier to stay aroused where blood collects around the genitals, increasing sensation. It is typically added to libido enhancing supplements in order to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, though it can also benefit women.

The year’s best female libido enhancing supplements are fully outlined and represented in our top 10 list.

L-Arginine: Amino acid found in many kinds of protein rich foods which can help boost blood flow. It is used by athletes as a way to enhance cardiovascular function and to protect the heart from conditions like congestive heart failure.

This is fairly common to libido enhancing supplements due to its reliable use and easy to digest nature. Considered likely safe to supplement with in the amounts regularly found in natural foods.

Rosvita:  Patented rose hip extracts which has antioxidants used to improve immune function. Little information is known about the patented version, but it is known it comes from wild rose. In processing and drying this ingredient it can reduce the overall quality and it may destroy much of the helpful antioxidants.

Web MD also states that side effects are possible including:

  • Allergies, fatigue, and insomnia.
  • Headache, vomiting, and constipation.
  • Diarrhea, heartburn, and bleeding issues.

Pycnogenol: Patented extract from a maritime pine that contains antioxidants. Over 400 studies and 40 years of research have gone into this extract. Its primary use as a libido enhancing ingredient is to help increase nitric oxide production so as to stimulate proper blood flow in the genitals.

Most of the studies were paid for and there is a potential for bias. It does have antioxidants which can prevent inflammation over time.

Some potential side effects have been shown in clinical studies such as:

  • Gut issues, mouth ulcers, and dizziness.

Web MD suggests not taking it if the user is breast feeding, pregnant, or has a history of auto-immune disease. This is in regards to the natural extract and not patented version, though it’s unknown if there is a major difference.

For women looking to enhance their libido, we’ve crafted a list of the top 10 supplements which can improve overall sexual function.


L-Arginine and L-Citrulline is essentially the same basic ingredient, and they both can help stimulate blood flow. The added rose hip can provide antioxidants but it must be especially processed to ensure that it is not going to cause side effects, or that it won’t be degraded and made worthless.

There’s the patented ingredient Pycnogenol which has many studies funded by the company that owns the patent. This also can cause numerous potential side effects.

The company also says that in order for the full effects to hit it may take up to an 8 full weeks of daily supplementation. 4 weeks may be sufficient but it’s not guaranteed. This length may be too substantial for consumers who are looking to improve their sexual function with spontaneity.

A lot of research went into the developing the top 10 list of female libido supplements; check them out by clicking here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


The official website does not offer direct sales but they do point to another website which they verify as being reputable to buy from. A 60 tablet container sells for £37.95, which converts to $50.36 at the time of the conversion rate when this review was written.

This website allows for a 14 day return window from the date of receipt, as long as it is replaced and shipping and handling to and from is paid for.

2 of the four amino acids added to this can be healthy, but they’re very common. The added Pycnogenol and Rosvita are questionable since the research on both is only offered by potentially biased sources. Still, it relies on antioxidants which can be helpful, but must be specially catered to since antioxidants can breakdown and become useless if not properly manufactured. They must be handled in a way that preserves their shelf life essentially, which is not guaranteed.

There’s also the concern that both of these ingredients are used more to prevent erectile dysfunction, not to help decrease the risk for female related sexual issues.

Improved blood flow can make it easier to stay stimulated, but it does not mean women will be able to actually get stimulated. So its effects on libido enhancement are unknown and yet to be fully examined. More information is needed to make a dedicated decision on whether or not it can be relied upon.

We have dedicated ourselves to finding the best supplements in female libido enhancement; click here to know more.


The company name is Horphag Research and their North American contact details are:

Phone Number: (877) 369-9934

Address: 5, Marine View Plaza, Suite 403

Hoboken, NJ 07030

Email: [email protected]

As mentioned previous they do not offer any money back return policy or sales on their official website. They do offer clinical studies to help explain how Lady Prelox works, as well as a descriptive detail of what it’s meant to do.

They basically describe it as a 2 step system, first to create nitic oxide in the body for better blood flow, and second to increase oxygen production that can be delivered to the genitals and brain.

The company has had clinical studies performed on their formula, one of which was from an Italian university. This did include a weight management program of which is not known.

Our list of the best female libido enhancing supplements offers a great explanation as to what brands were the best, and why.


Very few consumers had anything to say about this but here are some online reviews:

“Did what it said it would do”

“Great for my needs”

“It works”

“Made sure to use it regularly for a few months and nothing. Hoping it would work but it failed to help me”

Though only a few reviews could be found online, the majority were positive. The only negative reviews available complained about the same thing, a lack of any noticeable benefits.

Though without there being far more reviews to examine, it’s difficult to know for certain what kind of expectation to have. More details are needed for an understanding into what is possible.

After much research and detailed reviews our team has found the best female libido supplements of the year.


The well-researched by 3rd party ingredients in this are fairly standard and can help increase blood flow. The other 2 patented additives may help provide antioxidants but their effects on libido are not well known. The company really markets this as a way to help boost overall blood flow to the genitals, which can make it easier to stay aroused, but not become aroused. Until more information is available it’s unknown if this would be safe and effective. This is a pricy product likely because of the patented ingredients but there needs to be more than just blood flow improvement, it does not affect energy level, mood, or overall libido as far as the studies show.

Our number one pick for female libido enhancement was the brand known as Libitrinex. All the ingredients added are useful for enhancing sexual function either by improving mood, energy levels, and overall sexual drive. Consumers also agreed that it made it easier to perform, and that they were able to get in the mood with ease.

The company that makes it also has a great history of producing quality products, and they are backed by a GMP certification to ensure routine 3rd party facility inspections. There are a lot of great things about this supplement and its natural formula, which is why we have rated it so highly. To learn about the specifics of Libitrinex and to see what’s inside of it, read our detailed review here.

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