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Suregasm is an herbal supplement for women meant to give women more sexual energy and a ramped-up sex drive. It claims that it is equally useful for men as well.

Suregasm is mainly a blend of natural herbs that is intended to help women have more of a sex drive, desiring intimacy with more passion than before. It also claims to help women achieve better orgasms. By directing blood flow to the genitalia, it’s supposed to make the body more sensitive to sensual touch, meaning that women taking it are promised a more powerful, exciting sex life. Because it is all-natural and herbal, it is available without a prescription, a fact which the product highlights as a benefit.

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Suregasm contains mainly natural herbal extracts as a part of its formula. Here are some of the main ingredients:

Catuaba Avena Sativa Muira Puama Yohimbe Tribulis
Schizandra Siberian Ginseng Maca Bilberry Saw Palmetto

Tribulus Terrestris: A medicinal herb prescribed for its ability to treat imbalances in female and male hormone production, to help athletes and body builders with performance, and to treat circulatory system issues. Some clinical studies show some beneficial effect on athletic performance and in reducing angina.

Avena Sativa: Also known as “oat straw,” this seed and its extract are sold for their effects on hormone production, and it’s also said to be able to fight inflammation and heart problems.

Saw Palmetto: Also called serenoa repens, this plant’s fruit is used to make a medicinal remedy that can increase sex drive. It is also marketed as a diuretic to prevent water retention, and is claimed to treat enlarged prostates in men.

Maca: A plant from the highlands of Peru, traditionally prescribed as a medicinal cure for imbalances in menstrual cycle, painful periods, and as a way to regulate female hormone production. It is also claimed to be able to naturally increase energy, as well as to stop anemia.

Catuaba: A bark that’s used for making into a medicine, which is supposed to improve sexual arousal, to treat erectile dysfunction in men, and a bunch of other problems such as fatigue, trouble sleeping, and poor memory.

Yohimbe Extract: This extract comes from the bark of a tree that grows in Africa, and is prescribed for erectile dysfunction and as a way to arouse the sex drive. It does have potential side effects, however, and these can include:

  • Irregular heartbeat, kidney failure, heart attacks.

Schizandra: A plant used often in traditional Chinese medicine for improving energy, stamina, and endurance. It’s supposed to have the ability to enhance the immune system and regulate blood sugar. According to WebMD, however, some side effects could include:

  • Rash, itching, allergic reactions
  • Stomach pain, decrease in appetite, heartburn

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Suregasm may contain some ingredients that can help with the sex drive, such as tribulis terrestris and catuaba, but several of its other ingredients leave much to be desired.

This is because some, like yohimbe and schizandra, come with fairly serious side effects. Consumers who are especially sensitive may find the levels of these herbs to be too much, and considering the types of side effects that people could see – including rashes, stomach aches, and allergies – women who take this product might find themselves being the very opposite of being “in the mood.” It would have been better to include alternative ingredients that have similar effects, but don’t come with any (or at least less-serious) side effects.

Also, the product doesn’t state the exact variety of maca that is uses, which means that it may or may not have much to offer men – despite them claiming that men could use it and see the same types of benefits. Not all varieties of maca work well for each gender, and so this product would do well to clarify which one they’ve used for this formula.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Suregasm used to be available from a number of different vendors, but it seems like nowadays it’s only available from LegalBud. The price breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 bottle: $29.99
  • 2 bottles: $47.99
  • 3 bottles: $69.99

Overall, the savings are reasonable when you buy more and more, despite the fact that you’re putting down a high up-front cost. As each bottle contains 60 capsules, they should last at least a month or so with regular use as directed.

Given the questionable quality of the ingredients in this product, and the fact that you need to buy several bottles up front before seeing any real deals (which could be risky, especially if you’re a new customer), it doesn’t look like this product is a very good deal. If the supplement contained more high-quality ingredients and fewer extracts that could make customers sick, we might say this was a deal, but given that this is not the case, we can’t assign it a higher rating.

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We aren’t exactly sure who makes Suregasm. The company isn’t clearly listed on the label. One other reviewer identified it as being from a company called “Certified Natural Laboratories,” but we found several companies with that name, some of which have changed their names in the meantime.

Phone Number: None.

Address: None.

Email: None to speak of.

As we could not figure out exactly who makes this product, there are no real return policies or money-back guarantees associated with it. Customers will be relegated to dealing with the return policy of whichever vendor they buy the product from.

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The nutritional supplement industry is a huge one, and with some much competition from many different companies, a business has to do a lot of work to stand out and make customers want to buy from them. With no real branding and no presence, Suregasm’s makers have done themselves no favors, and we are left to think that either they gave up on their own product (making no effort to associate themselves with it) or that they weren’t professional enough in the first place to make sure everyone knows they made it.

Customers should view any product that does not come with explicit branding and contact information of whoever makes it as a giant red flag, as it means the company could be trying to sell it without any repercussions if it doesn’t work, by giving customers no real way to get in touch with them and seek legal restitution if things go wrong.

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We only found two reviews of Suregasm, on the product’s Amazon page (where it has been listed as “Currently unavailable”):

“Worked as was described on the product.”

“I won’t buy this again because it didn’t work for me.”

An even split in ratings – one 5/5, one 1/5 – doesn’t tell us much, but what it does imply is that not enough people even tried it in the first place to merit more than two reviews.

Products that work and are advertised decently often have dozens, even hundreds, of reviews, and whether good or bad, they give consumers something to chew on while making a decision of whether or not to spend their money on a product. Suregasm does not have nearly enough reviews to give us an idea of if it’s worth the money.

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Suregasm suffers from some very fundamental problems. Some of its ingredients come with nauseating or uncomfortable side effects, which is troubling. It’s not the worst part, though. The worst part is that we don’t even know who makes it, as there are a number of different companies all with similar names, none of which lay claim to it on their product pages. This is potentially dangerous, as there are no ways to get restitution if the product doesn’t work as advertised. Lastly, there are almost no customer reviews of it, and out of the two that we found, one is negative. All told, this product makes a very weak case, and we don’t advise anyone to waste their time or money trying it out, as there are far better alternatives out there.

We suggest an alternative supplement that addresses the issues facing women with sexual imbalances, and that product is Libitrinex. Manufactured in a facility that exceeds industry standards for quality, and made of an all-natural blend of ingredients, this pill can work with the female body to rekindle the sex drive, normalizing hormones for better sexual performance and overall wellness, and increasing sexual pleasure.

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