NEW Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack Review 2024 [Warning]: Does it Really Work?

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Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack is a combination of three different supplements that are intended to improve the consumer’s sleep habits. Each of the three supplements that are used addresses a different aspect of sleep health and eventually allows the body to achieve quality sleep on its own.

The product comes in a package/book guide with the three daily pills all separated into blister packs ahead of time. The user is intended to take all three pills at different times throughout the day. Each pack is designed to last 28 days.

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Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for the product provides substantial information regarding the supplements and ingredients that are used. In addition to a full list of ingredients, specific dosage information is provided, along with explanations of the intended function of each of the ingredients and how they are supposed to benefit the user’s sleep habits. This sort of transparency is important so that potential consumers know what they are putting into their bodies and they potential effect it may have on them.

Here are the active ingredients that are included in each pack:

Calcium Vitamin B6 Magnesium Melatonin L-Theanine

Magnesium: A mineral that is primarily important for developing and maintaining normal none structure within the body. Generally, magnesium is absorbed through diet, but often consumers do not get enough which can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Additionally, it can be used to treat ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme disease, kidney stones, PMS, migraine headaches, and more. It does not necessarily have a direct link to sleep health, but is needed for many normal body processes.

Melatonin: A hormone that occurs naturally within the body and can also be made in a laboratory. Its main function is to help regulate the body’s internal clock and establish sleep and wake cycles, particularly for those who have alternative or changing sleep schedules. It can also be used to help those who suffer from insomnia as a result of ADHD, rapid eye movement, intellectual disabilities, and high blood pressure.

L-Theanine: An amino acid that is often found in green tea. It is primarily used to treat those suffering from anxiety and high blood pressure, as well as preventing against Alzheimer’s disease, and helping to make cancer drugs more effective.

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Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack Quality of Ingredients

The ingredients that are included within the Relax and Sleep Packs are all a part of a healthy, balanced diet that will help the body to develop and maintain normal functions. That said, only one of the ingredients that is included in the supplements, melatonin, is directly related to sleep health. It seems that the product is taking the approach of providing the body with the nutrients and herbs that it needs to function regularly on a high level, with hope that over the long-term consumer’s bodies will develop healthier sleep habits by utilizing the additional nutrition.

While this is a noble and healthy method of approaching sleep health, it does not necessarily provide the immediate relief that many consumers who are struggling with chronic sleeplessness and insomnia are looking for, and could mean that users will not see results for possibly weeks. Essentially, the pack seems more preventative than reactive, and doesn’t include several potentially valuable ingredients for sleep health that can address things such as stress, anxiety, or physical issues such as muscle tension.

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The Price and Quality of Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack

The product is only sold through the manufacturer’s website, and no other third-party vendors. It is offered for $29.95 for a 28-day supply of supplements, with no shipping costs. In addition to the supplements themselves, consumers will receive a guide book for when to take the supplements and access to expert advice if they have any questions or concerns. There is also a 14-day free trial of the pack that is offered, which allows users to see how they like the product, but also requires them to sign up for an auto-delivery service which will start as soon as the 14 days are over.

The price overall is a bit on the expensive side considering what is provided. While consumers are getting three different supplements for that price, most other sleep aids can combine the same ingredients, plus more, into just one supplement, which is often more convenient for the user, and can be found for cheaper. Additionally, as mentioned, there is really only one ingredient included that is directly related to sleep health, while the other supplements are for more general health and can be consumed through diet.

Business of Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack

Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack is manufactured and sold by a supplement company by the name of ViteGuide.

Here is the contact information we could find for the company online:

Address: 2955 E. Hillcrest Drive, Suite 129, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Phone Number: 800-207-5216

Email: [email protected]

The company does maintain a page with the Better Business Bureau, but they are not accredited. It does not appear that they are or have been involved in any lawsuits or litigation.

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Customer Opinions of Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack

Unfortunately, because the product is only sold through the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to find any objective consumer reviews regarding the pack. Furthermore, the website for the product does not offer any testimonials concerning the effectiveness of the product which is concerning.

Consumer reviews are particularly important for a product such as this, because it is not designed to deliver results immediately necessarily. This means that consumers could find themselves ordering it multiple times, waiting for results, and not getting anything, while with other sleep products, it is known fairly quickly whether or not the product is effective. Objective consumer reviews would be able to tell the user if the product is worth investing in and having patience with.

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Conclusion – Does Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack Work?

Overall, Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack seems like it may be worthwhile for those who are looking to ensure their overall health, in addition to improving their sleep health, and have the patience to wait for results. Unfortunately, for many consumers who struggle with sleeplessness or insomnia, they do not have the luxury of waiting weeks or months to see improvements in their sleep habits, and need some sort of relief right away. While the ingredients in the Relax and Sleep Pack are healthy, they are not necessarily going to deliver noticeable results quickly.

Additionally, the lack of consumer reviews and relatively high price of the product make it a difficult product to recommend investing in. The separation of the ingredients into three different supplements also seems like it is designed to make the user think they are getting more than they are. Generally, a quality sleep aid will provide the same amount of ingredient dosage in one convenient capsule or pill, and it will be easier to take and keep track off. Natrol Relax and Sleep Pack is healthy, but priced too high and overly complicated for a sleep aid.

Fenotrex is the best sleep aid that is currently available on the market, due in large part to the strong and consistent consumer reviews and reactions it has received, as well as the safe but potent ingredients that it uses. When used as directed, the product can help get users to fall asleep faster, sleep sounder, and have more energy when they’re awake.

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