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BurnerTEK is a weight loss pill with natural clinically reviewed ingredients used specifically for fat loss. They claim the 12 active ingredient offer multiple weight loss benefits for both men and women.

These benefits include helping stop the storage of fat, getting rid of stubborn fat, increasing metabolism significantly, reducing appetite, and all by a formula used by bodybuilders and athletes looking to cut weight. After examining many weight loss supplements the one that showed the best potential was Sletrokor.

Both the high dosage strength formula and rave reviews highlight how it can support weight loss.

Review our official Sletrokor review to see what it can do and why it was top rated.

Niacinamide Pyridoxine HCI Methylcobalamin Chromium Picolinate Green Tea Extract
Glucomannan Caffeine Anhydrous Green Coffee Bean Extract Garcinia Cambogia L-Carnitine Tartrate
Cayenne Fruit Powder L-Theanine Turmeric Powder Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Organic Nu-Flow

Glucomannan: Extract from the konjac plant that can provide dietary fiber. It Is often supplemented to help prevent constipation and indigestion, and it is also used for weight loss. This is intended to promote satiety so users end up consuming fewer calories.

Most of the claims of weight loss have not been proven in sufficient clinical studies. Glucomannan may also be a contributing factor to many side effects such as:

  • Bloating, difficulty digesting, and nausea.
  • Stomach cramps, diarrhea, and larger than normal stools.
  • Choking, difficulty swallowing, and blockages in the throat.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A specially formulated dehydrate version of caffeine which is added to supplements for its ease of digestion. This stimulates the central nervous system and can promote alertness, energy levels, and overall mental function.

Over time however there is a natural tolerance which can build up after repeat use which can dull the effects, getting rid of the potential benefits it once offered. Caffeine can also lead to side effects and its best not to take near bedtime as it can disrupt sleep. Potential symptoms which may occur include:

  • Headache, jitters, and rapid heart rate.
  • Loss of motor functions, instability, and overall anxiety.

We’ve looked into many kinds of weight loss supplements and by doing so have pinpointed the top 10 best; read our reviews by clicking here.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Unroasted and treated coffee beans which have a naturally high amount of chlorogenic acid, which are renowned of their health benefits.

This is intended to help the body better process blood sugar and also to improve metabolism. It became popular as a weight loss ingredient after it was recommended by Dr. Oz. Because it doe contain caffeine it can have similar side effects including:

  • Ringing in the ears, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.
  • Anxiety, agitation, and upset stomach.

BurnerTEK does display the full amount of caffeine anhydrous, but it’s unknown how much additional caffeine is provided in their green coffee bean extract.

Turmeric Powder: A herb related to the ginger which is used as a general spice and flavoring to curries. The compound known as curcumin is used to help reduce inflammation and to improve immune function through its rich antioxidants. It’s not clear why this is added to a weight loss supplement such as BurnerTEK.

Potential unwanted side effects can include:

  • Upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea.

Cayenne Fruit Powder: A spicy chili pepper that has natural capsicum which can improve metabolism and help burn calories. This has also been used to improve digestion and to releive cramps, gas, and stomach pain.

When ingested in supplement form it is likely safe according to Web MD, but they do warn that it can still result in symptoms including:

  • Runny nose, stomach irritation, and upset stomach.

The brands listed in this top 10 list showed the best potential for weight loss according to our dedicated research team.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.


Because they use 2 stimulants it’s highly important that users watch out for any potential side effects. Even though the formula is all-natural, there still are potential symptoms which can occur.

Much of this is already found in countless other weight loss supplements and there’s nothing unique about it. Because of this the company offers no indication as to why it should be preferred over any other similar run of the mill brand.

The 200 mg of caffeine is equivalent to a strong cup of coffee and because of this; it should not be taken too close to when a user will sleep. Sleep disturbances can be a result of taking this late in the day.

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When purchased direct a one-time purchase sells for $59.99. The ingredients are much of what you’d expect from a stimulant weight loss supplement.

There is added amino acids, Garcinia Cambogia, and green tea extract which can be helpful for weight loss. They also add b vitamins and the mineral chromium which can affect energy levels and metabolism.

Ingredients like Glucomannan, caffeine, and green coffee bean are questionable since they can potentially lead to unwanted side effects. Glucomannan for example can cause digestive issues and the stimulants may disrupt sleep and lead to cardiovascular related issues.

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Their official company name is TEK Naturals Inc. and to reach them the following is offered:

Phone Number: (844) 835-2255

Address: 1985 Riviera Drive 103-127

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Email: [email protected]

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered as Long as the unused amounts are returned to their company. A auto-ship program is offered at a discount but it also locks consumers into a 30, 60, or 90 day repeat automatic billing cycle.

A 24 hour notice is required in order to cancel or skip shipment, otherwise it will be processed.

The company clams that in order for effects to occur it should be supplemented for 3 to 6 months alongside a:

“serious workout program”

No evidence is provided to show how they came up with this specific time period for results to occur.  The company offers no information about their practices on any 3rd party websites, making it difficult to know for certain if they are reputable and not like other auto-ship companies who look to lock consumers on difficult to escape from plans.

The official website also has an odd system where every couple of minutes a notice to not leave crowds the screen, which must be exited in order to keep reading their website.

The top 10 list we’ve crafted compiles the most effective supplements of the year for weight loss results.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using weight loss pills for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.


Little is known about this brand due to the lack of consumer reviews, but here are some select opinions found online:

“Not for me it didn’t work”

“Not really seeing any weight loss results and this is really expensive”

“My energy levels shot up and I’m able to burn fat at a quicker pace”

“I advise using it helped me lose weight and it helps my workouts”

Without many other experiences available it’s impossible to know for certain if weight loss is possible. There was a mix of unfavorable and positive reviews. Those who didn’t enjoy it said it failed to produce any weight loss benefits, and those who liked it added how it gave them energy and helped burn fat.

In our top 10 list we’ve made it easy to know what supplements offer the best weight loss results.

How Does BurnerTEK Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • BurnerTEK
  • 35 /100

The formula is very familiar and commonly added to many other weight loss supplements. For this price point it’s much more expensive than a similar products. There’s the issue of the added caffeine which can potentially cause side effects, and which has to be cycled in order for it to still be functional. There weren’t many available reviews on the company and of the website, but it’s always questionable when a company offers an auto-shipment plan. Additionally there are several bold claims about how long it takes for it to be effective and how it’s scientifically backed, yet they offer no proof to prove any of this.

Our review experts found Sletrokor to be the best weight loss supplement currently available. The natural plant based extracts and stimulant free formula is optimal for the improvement of metabolism, fat burning, mood, energy, and all of which can support weight loss.

Customers who have left testimonials on the company’s website add how it made it easier to lose weight, and that it was free of any unwanted side effects. The all-natural ingredients are produced in a FDA approved facility which helps to further ensure that the quality is consistent. We’ve provided a complete review to Sletrokor which helps explain what it’s all about, and how it can help promote weight loss.

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