Luxe Beaute Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Luxe Beaute Eye Cream is an eye cream that works to stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, more elastic skin. The product claims it can take on dark circles, fine lines, loose skin, and more.

Luxe Beaute Eye Cream purportedly is made from a blend of skin defense elements like antioxidants and a collagen booster. Unfortunately, we never get to learn more about the actual ingredients used.

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Luxe Beaute Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Luxe Beaute Eye Cream reportedly contains a blend of ingredients that aim to stimulate collagen production and new cell growth. The website spends a great deal of space explaining that collagen is essential in helping users maintain firm, youthful skin—but they never mention which ingredients facilitate this effect.

The site also mentions that the product is made with skin defense nutrients and antioxidants. Where these elements are sourced from, we don’t know. The makers of this product felt that this wasn’t something consumers needed to understand before making a buying decision.

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Luxe Beaute Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Luxe Beaute Eye Cream could genuinely be made from almost anything. The makers of this product claim that it was designed to boost collagen—which suggests that it may contain a peptide blend. Antioxidants and nutrients get a passing mention as well but in no specific terms. Meaning, the product likely doesn’t provide much of anything at all.

Based on the complete absence of scientific information, ingredients, customer reviews, and business details-we’re inclined to believe that this product was made simply to get people to order the free trial once—and keep paying for the long-term—suggesting that users may not be impressed with Luxe Beaute Eye Cream at all.

This lack of transparency could prove dangerous—consumers don’t know if the cream is loaded with elements that could trigger an allergic reaction or that may cause chemical burns to more sensitive skin types. Based on what we know, it’s better to look for a product with documented ingredients, made by a company that takes basic things like safety and efficacy seriously.

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The Price and Quality of Luxe Beaute Eye Cream

Luxe Beaute Eye Cream is available through a few different websites that feature this product exclusively. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward pricing structure for consumers to review before they buy—instead, shoppers must sign up to receive a free sample.

Customers that sign up for the free trial period are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription. To avoid participation in this program, customers must return the sample within 14 days of placing their order.

The terms of the agreement are not made clear until after the customer enters their credit card information—most people miss the fine print terms and are later faced with monthly charges of about $90 for a small container of eye cream.

Unfortunately, this round-about free trial offer is the only way to buy this product. Some former customers may list unused product on sites like eBay or Bonanza, but there’s no guarantee that items sold by individuals are not expired. There’s also the issue that there are no accounts from happy customers who can vouch for the quality.

All that said—we don’t believe this product is a good value. The makers of this cream fail to include any concrete information about the ingredients used to make this product—which differs greatly from more legitimate $90 eye serums that are made by reputable skincare formulators.

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Business of Luxe Beaute Eye Cream

The makers of Luxe Beaute Eye Cream don’t reveal the true name of their business, but the Better Business Bureau has created a page—revealing contact information. Here’s how you can get in touch with someone:

Address: 12553 New Brittany Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33907-3625

Phone: 877-750-1886

There’s not much information available about the company that makes Luxe Beaute Eye Cream. We know that this is just another entry in the many web pages of free trial scams.

What we find, was that the BBB has issued a warning about this company. They’ve noticed a pattern of past consumers complaining about the same issue—they didn’t realize they were on the hook for monthly payments after opting into a free trial. Naturally, the organization has given Luxe Beaute an F rating.

The BBB page links to an official website—presumably the company’s online base—but, unfortunately, there’s no content posted whatsoever.

The website promises that users will experience a reduction in fine lines and dark circles, and that this product promotes collagen production with use. There are no mentions of what is actually included in this product—yet, the company charges $90 per container.

There are countless red flags in play on the website alone. Based on the information we’ve gathered; we think it would be wise to avoid doing business with this company or any others operating in a similar fashion.

Customer Opinions of Luxe Beaute Eye Cream

Luxe Beaute Eye Cream has almost no reviews posted online. It’s clear from the information we found on the BBB website, along with the lack of a web presence outside of a few ads and landing pages, that this product isn’t the real deal. Rather, it’s a jar full of filler ingredients with no official ingredient list.

Below are a few of the comments we found in regards to this product. Though, it’s worth keeping in mind that most of the reviews relate to the poor customer service experience and deception, rather than the quality of the formula.

“Tried this after viewing a popup video. Looking back, I can see why this was a bad decision. The product doesn’t seem to yield any positive effects and consumers are on the hook for monthly payment.”

“This product gave me hives. I called customer service for help and was told that I couldn’t return the product. The reps on the line are uncooperative—they won’t cancel the auto-renew—it’s a total nightmare.”

“I did not know this was part of an auto-ship program. Received the sample, wasn’t impressed and now, I’m stuck in customer service hell. Avoid these snake oil scams, it’s a total nightmare.”

“This cream made me breakout. Not sure what’s in it, but the fact that the company refuses to post an ingredient list makes me wonder what they are trying to hide.”

We saw virtually no positive mentions of Luxe Beaute Eye Cream. No positive comments about the quality of the eye cream or the customer support team that people dealt with after realizing they had subscribed to an automatic shipping program.

Some customers — the few who actually remarked on the quality of the cream — found that it caused them to break out in hives or caused a burning sensation on the skin.

Because we don’t actually know what this product contains, it makes it hard to determine whether or not the reaction was caused by an allergy to a specific type of plant or if there are harsh, irritating ingredients featured in this product.

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Conclusion – Does Luxe Beaute Eye Cream Work?

After reviewing Luxe Beaute Eye Cream and the people who make this product, we have found that this product is not a good choice for anyone looking for a skincare solution that actually works.

This company engages in deceptive behavior—hooking people into a free trial arrangement through a series of YouTube and Facebook ads that promise a range of overblown benefits without giving much information regarding the formula or the science powering the product.

There’s no compelling reason that someone should try Luxe Beaute Eye Cream or any of the other products that operate under this morally corrupt business model. Sure, these free trial arrangements might technically be legal—but a good portion of their targeted consumer base is confused by the terms and conditions offered in the fine print.

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