Nerium Eye-V Patches Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Nerium Eye-V Patches is a once-a-week hydrating treatment for the under-eye area. This product works like a sheet mask—users apply one patch under each eye for 20 minutes before removing.

Nerium Eye-V Patches features key ingredients like aloe vera, echinacea, ginseng and more—which soothe the skin and provide a boost of moisture with use. As opposed to a daily eye cream, this product provides a “pick me up” that eliminates tired eyes in a pinch.

Kremovage is our top choice in eye creams, due to the range of benefits it can provide. This firming eye solution brings several approaches to aging to the formula—from potent peptide blends to soothing plant oils. Check out the website to see how Kremovage works to reduce the signs of aging with use.

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Nerium Eye-V Patches Ingredients and Side Effects

Nerium Eye-V Patches does not have a documented list of the ingredients used to make this product. Unfortunately, this makes it a bit of a challenge to figure out whether or not this product is effective in providing the benefits advertised on the website.

According to the official Nerium Eye-V Patches product pages, this product contains a single active ingredient, peptides. Here’s a little more about what peptides can do for the skin:

Aloe Vera Glycerin Lavender Extract I-FILR
Echinacea Extract SIG-1191 Hydromoist

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is rich in amino acids, as well as antioxidants. It works to speed up the healing process of burns, sun damage, acne and inflammation with use, and may even have a (temporary) tightening effect on the skin.

Glycerin: Glycerin is used in a number of products to help the skin retain moisture, as well as to control the viscosity of the product, as a whole. Users won’t get many tangible benefits from glycerin, but it won’t cause any harm.

Lavender Extract: Lavender is used for its antiaging benefits, as well as its unique ability to act both as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Lavender is also known for soothing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Echinacea Extract: Echinacea has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, and may actually help protect against collagen loss.

SIG-1191: A patented ingredient used in this formula, SIG-1191 works to hydrate the skin, as well as provide protective antioxidants to the area of application.

Hydromoist: A patented hydrating ingredient that helps the skin retain water. It’s made from a substance known as polyglutamic acid.

I-FILR: Another exclusive ingredient blend used in this formula, I-FILR is made from a combination of Brazilian ginseng and a varietal of white lily. This combination is thought to treat puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines.

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Nerium Eye-V Patches Quality of Ingredients

Nerium Eye-V Patches contains a number of soothing ingredients—herbal extracts, plus powerful hydrators make this solution especially appealing. The product was designed to be used once a week, but may be used more often if eyes are looking tired, puffy, or the skin looks dry.

It’s worth pointing out that we don’t believe this product is a substitute for a traditional eye cream. It doesn’t contain any ingredients known to stimulate new cell growth or firm the under-eye area that’s grown looser with age. This product functions like a spa treatment of sorts—like, we’ve described above as a sheet mask for the eyes.

There’s also no mention of the ingredients on the actual website. We found the active ingredients listed in a consumer review—so, we don’t have access to the full formula. It’s unclear whether or not this product contains harmful additives or goes heavy on the filler ingredients and light on the key elements advertised on the website.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Nerium Eye-V Patches

Nerium Eye-V Patches contains five sets of patches for $55, regular price. The product may be purchased from the Nerium website, and is currently on sale for $40 a box. Users who opt into their subscribe and save program may receive further discounts.

While five sets for $55, or even $40 sounds like an expensive product—the fact that the product is meant to be used but once a week eases the burden a bit. But, we’re not sure this product is worth the price.

For one, it seems like it’s designed for people with dry skin or tired eyes—there’s no real anti-aging potential—it’s just a quick refresher for those who want to give themselves a more “awake” appearance ahead of a date, an event, or a meeting. Users who want more in the way of anti-aging benefits will also need to find a cream that aims to repair damaged skin or takes on dark circles.

Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many reviews posted online. The product is fairly new—it came out in early 2020—and the uptake on Amazon, at least, appears to be rather slow.

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Business of Nerium Eye-V Patches

Nerium Eye-V Patches is made by a direct sales company known as Nerium. Here is their contact information, as well as some background information about the business responsible for these eye strips:

Address: 4006 Belt Line Rd

Ste. 100
Addison, Texas 75001

Phone: (855) 463-7486

Nerium is a Texas-based skincare company with a line of anti-aging products. They’re also a multi-level marketing company with a global network of brand partners.

The official website features a lot of literature dedicated to explaining how the Nerium business model stands to improve the quality of life for those who buy into their system.

While it seems that buying Nerium’s products won’t result in anything shady a la the whole free trial scam racket, these multi-level businesses are known for taking advantage of people seeking opportunities to succeed. Most brand partners are likely to lose money.

As an end consumer, it doesn’t look like you can order any Nerium products straight from the source without being referred by a brand partner. We tried to go through the checkout process and were informed that a brand partner would provide a seamless experience. If you do not have a brand partner, Nerium requires you to set up a personal website, which enables you to buy Nerium’s products and start selling to your friends, family, and social media followers.

We noticed that Nerium Eye-V Patches, as well as the other items on the site seem a lot more expensive than similar products offered through more traditional channels.

Customer Opinions of Nerium Eye-V Patches

Nerium Eye-V Patches does not have many reviews. Because Nerium tries to limit where products are sold, there are few opportunities for consumers to share their thoughts online. We found a few entries posted on Amazon, but they were vague or not at all related to this product.

Here are a couple of the comments that we came across during our research:

“Didn’t notice any major changes. These little gel packs feel pretty nice, but I wasn’t blown away.”

“These patches do feel really refreshing, but I only noticed a small difference in appearance. Not worth the price, if you ask me.” 

Unfortunately, there’s just not enough information about this product for us to get a good sense of whether or not it’s an effective tool for freshening up the face, as advertised.

Between the M2M marketing arrangement, the high prices, and the lack of objective information available about this item, we’re not so sure how we feel about recommending this eye solution.

While this product undeniably contains some high-quality elements, it’s a bit expensive and potentially wasteful—two more strikes against a product that doesn’t seem to have much uptake anyway.

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Conclusion – Does Nerium Eye-V Patches Work?

After looking over the full range of information available about Nerium and their products, we’re on the fence about Nerium Eye-V Patches. On the one hand, the product is made from a solid set of ingredients known for their soothing and hydrating properties.

On the other, shoppers only get five uses out of one box—which costs over $50. Our take on this product is that it’s like a sheet mask, but for your eyes—not an everyday item, yet, we can’t really get behind spending this much on what is essentially a less cost-effective night moisturizer.

Kremovage, according to our team of experts, is the most efficient solution for under-eye age defense. This unique formula is made from green tea, squalane, peptides and more—reinvigorating the skin, stimulating collagen production, and soothing away irritation and inflammation. For more information about why our review team spoke so highly of Kremovage — you can read their take on the cream here.

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