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Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour is an eye cream that works to minimize puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet with use. The product also aims to refresh the skin and brighten the area surrounding the eye.

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour is made with lavender, cypress, and rosemary oils, as well as citric acid, which helps boost collagen production and new cell growth. This product is suitable for most types of skin and may be used to fight signs of aging surrounding the lips, as well.

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Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour Ingredients and Side Effects

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour is made from 94% natural ingredients, primarily essential oils and plant extracts. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find inside this product, according to the official webpage.

Citric Acid Lavender Oil Cypress Oil
Rosemary Oil Vitamin E Beech Bud Extract

Citric Acid: Citric Acid: Citric acid is a form of vitamin C—an ingredient that’s both antioxidant and vitamin. It works to stimulate new cell growth—resulting in a diminished appearance of fine lines—plus it protects the skin from free radical damage.

Beech Bud Extract: Beech bud is rich in natural peptides, which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, firm and tighten skin, and improve tone and texture with use.

Lavender Oil: Lavender is a multi-functional ingredient for the skin. It works to treat various conditions like psoriasis, acne, and other inflammatory issues and it may work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles with use. Additionally, lavender is thought to speed wound healing and lessen the appearance of scar tissue.

Rosemary Oil: Rosemary is full of nutrients that help protect the skin against free radical damage. This herb has antiseptic properties and helps keep skin moisturized with use.

Cypress Oil: Cypress oil functions as a diuretic—working to clear out excess fluid from under the eye. This ingredient also works to stimulate blood flow. As a result, cypress oil may help with under-eye puffiness and certain types of dark circles.

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Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour Quality of Ingredients

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour features some nice, active ingredients, at least in the context of antioxidants and how the product feels on the skin.

The key ingredients look good and likely won’t irritate most types of skin. But, we’re not entirely sold on the potency of this blend. For example—this product does not include things like peptides and retinol—which would make this more effective in fighting the visible signs of aging.

This product appears to be made with some soothing extracts. There’s a lot of good in there—at least regarding product safety.

The product is designed to function primarily as an anti-fatigue cream, rather than a full-fledged anti-aging tool, so we’re not expecting considerable shifts in collagen production or a complete erasure of crow’s feet.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

Price and Quality of Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour may be purchased directly from the Yon-Ka website for $56 for a tube containing 15 mL of product. The Derm Store sells this product for the same price but offers a 15% discount for users who opt into the subscribe and save program.

The price seems in line with the quality of the product. Meaning—Yon-Ka is a dermatologist-grade product with a decent reputation and a global network of skincare consultants. The product is made with natural ingredients and seems to be made with particular attention to detail that you don’t get from the discount brands.

But—in looking at the ingredient profile, as well as the product description, you’ll see that this cream is designed to de-puff and reduce dark circles—through the use of essential oils and herbal extracts. Yon-Ka’s solution is not an especially potent formula. The cream fails to address all the issues that affect the under-eye area as we get older.

With that in mind, $56 seems a little pricey. There are other products out there that minimize the appearance of tired eyes, and take on wrinkles and age spots with greater force.

Get more details on trying Kremovage by clicking the link provided.

Business of Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour is made by the French skincare company, Yon-Ka. Here’s a little more about this global business, and how you can get in touch with someone:

Phone: 800-391-5333

Yon-Ka is a company that specializes in making skin care products with an emphasis on essential oils, plant and marine extracts and other natural ingredients.

The business has been around since 1954 and has long been committed to harnessing the power of plants to deliver significant skin benefits.

Though the company is headquartered in France, they have a US e-commerce site that shoppers may purchase from. First-time shoppers get a discount when they sign up for the Yon-Ka newsletter. Additionally, users get free shipping on orders over $50 and a free sample gift on orders over $75.

Customer Opinions of Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour does have positive reviews, for the most part. But, there aren’t all that many sites that feature reviews of this product, nor have many people commented on this item on the Derm Store website, where you can find the bulk of the reviews.

Regardless, here’s a look at the feedback we found from real people who had tried Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour:

“I still have bags, but the Yon-Ka product seems to deal with them more effectively than the other eye creams I’ve tried. This product really soothes the skin, too. I’d recommend this to a friend, for sure.”

“Love this product for its clean, minty scent, and ability to make me look like I actually got the recommended eight hours of sleep. Doesn’t do much for wrinkles, but bags are more of an issue for me.”

“This cream is great for puffy under-eyes. It also gives the skin a great texture and makes it feel more hydrated. I always carry this in my purse in case I need a quick pick-me up after a long day.”

“This product smells great and works as advertised. I haven’t seen much improvement in my hereditary dark circles, but the puffiness has gone down quite a bit—these days, I feel like I look like a new person.”

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour was well-reviewed by previous consumers. It seems that this product does truly accomplish what it claims to—treating puffiness and tired-looking eyes, as advertised.

A couple of things we should point out—most people who purchased this item did so to combat puffiness. We don’t know how well this does when up against dark circles and fine lines.

There also weren’t that many reviewers in total—those we found on the Derm Store platform were few and far between—spread out over the course of several years.

But, we didn’t see any reports that this product caused irritation or didn’t perform as desired. Yon-Ka doesn’t advertise this product as an anti-aging tool, so it’s important to keep this in mind when considering this product.

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Conclusion – Does Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour Work?

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour has a lot going for it. While there aren’t too many consumer reviews available, it seems this product has a decent reputation. Those people who did share their experience with this item reported promising results.

The formula is soothing—as per many customers’ accounts of their experiences—and is made from a clean blend of raw materials. This company has been in business for over 60 years, and their commitment to scientific research and consumer safety is commendable.

Yon-Ka Phyto Eye Contour is a high-quality eye care product, but it might not be the best choice for everyone. We would primarily recommend this product to people with puffy eyes, but only if that’s their primary concern. For users who have puffy eyes in addition to deeper wrinkles or age spots—we’d suggest looking for a product that’s better equipped to handle those concerns, too.

Kremovage, as per our team of experts, the best eye solution on the market. This eye cream aims to repair skin damage by harnessing the power of ingredients like retinol, squalane, and hyaluronic acid, as well as Matrixyl 3000, green tea extract, and jojoba oil.

Kremovage is safe for users of any age or skin type and provides a gentle, cruelty-free approach to aging. Click here to view the full ingredient list, as well as why our experts prefer Kremovage over the competition.

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