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Female Libido Tonic is a women’s sexual enhancement liquid formula intended to completely restore healthy sexual function. This comes in a vial and can be used daily for enhanced libido.

This combines a propriety blend of different natural ingredient which is intended to help increase vitality in women. They also certify its organic status and ensure that the purity is always consistent. 2 different vial sizes are offered and this includes some common and not often used ingredients.

The top pick for natural female libido support was clearly Libitrinex, and this was due to the great customer feedback and helpful formula. They use a 3rd party approved blend of ingredients which can effect overall sexual function. To find out what kind of an effect Libitrinex can have for sexual health, follow this link.


Both the active and inactive ingredients include:

Maca Root Shatavari Root Damiana Leaf & Flower Asian Ginseng Root Ginger Rhizome
Cinnamon Bark Certified Organic Cane Alcohol Distilled Water Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin

Maca Root: An aphrodisiac herb that is often used for its reliable and safe effects. This works to increase energy, support a balanced mood, and increase overall vigor. Long-used in Peru as a potent herb which can help boost libido in both men and women. This also has rich amino acids and fatty acids.

We’ve linked a great breakdown which helps provide a descriptive review of the best women’s sexual enhancement aids.

Shatavari Root: A fertility aid known as wild asparagus, this is used for both men and women. It has been commonly found as a suggested ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine.  For women it’s mean to help increase fertility, ovulation, and reduce certain PMS symptoms.

Examine.com has said that this is:

“Outclassed by other herbs”

They say that when it comes to enhancing libido, there are far better supplements available which offer more support.  Web MD has also stated that determine the safety is unknown since there:

“is not enough information available”

This makes it difficult to determine what kind of an effect it would have.

Damiana Leaf & Flower: A common shrub aphrodisiac that is used for overall relief from a lack of sexual vigor. This is used in libido supplements though its effects are potentially dangerous. There is a potential for side effects which mimic both strychnine and rabies effects. It may also potentially lead to convulsions according to Web MD.

Asian Ginseng Root: Panax ginseng is an ancient herbal remedy that is used for overall vitality. This can be used to help regulate blood sugar, increase energy, boost circulation, and support healthy immune function. It even has been used to treat menopause symptoms and to help prevent a loss of libido.

Ginger Rhizome: Ginger stem used in many ancient medical practices as a way to help support digestive health and overall immune function. It has trace vitamins and minerals and can be used to improve swallowing.  In standard amounts found in food this is likely to be safe, but it may lead to symptoms in larger amounts including:

  • Heartburn, rash, and ulcers.

Cinnamon Bark: A spice that is taken from the bark of a tree. This can be used to help regulate blood sugar and to prevent digestive related side effects such as indigestion and gas.  Web MD does say that it may be unsafe in higher amounts not found in food.

They go on to say that this is:


Since liquid formulas may be stronger than a dried extract, it’s hard to determine if it is included in a safe amount inside of Female Libido Tonic.

Certified Organic Cane Alcohol:  An inactive ingredient taken from sugarcane. It provides a slightly sweet taste, and is likely added in small amounts since there is no mention of the sugar content on the label of Female Libido Tonic. Because of this it’s unlikely to affect blood sugar like basic table sugar would have.

We looked at some of the top rated supplements for female libido and by doing so determined what the top 10 brands are.


This formula is fairly standard and there are countless other brands which use the basic aphrodisiac ingredients included. They don’t add enough in this to make it any better than more well-rounded supplements.

There needs to be more added to recommend this over common supplements.

It is a sign of quality when a supplement chooses to not added any GMO ingredients or when they use organic additives. They also verify the purity and they ensure that it’s taken from sustainable sources. There is a total of 670 mg of 6 ingredients and overall many of these additives have no direct impact on libido.

Additives like cinnamon bark, shatavari, and ginger rhizome are not proven to effect sexual health.

We have provided an exclusive breakdown of the highest rated female sexual enhancement pills currently sold.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Prices vary on the serving size:

  • 4 oz. $46.
  • 1 oz. $14.

They do say that it’s organically grown and that the purity is verified. They advise taking it between means and using a total full size dropped into water or juice. Since it is taken 2 to 4 times daily, at its maximum a 1 ounce bottle lasts 10.5 days. The larger 4 ounce bottle lasts 42 days and would equal a $1 a day when used at its maximum.

Though the ingredients are natural, only 3 aphrodisiacs are included, all of which are commonly found in various other supplements. The only unique thing about this brand is that it is organic and taken in a dropper.

The other ingredients are intended more to help boost overall wellness but they are unlikely to help benefit sexual function in any meaningful way.

Here is a full review of the highest rated women’s sexual enhancement aids of the year.


Herb Pharm owns this supplement and their listed contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 348-4372

Address: P.O. Box 116

Williams, Oregon 97544.

Email: [email protected]

Returns are offered but only for credit or a replacement. They say that notice should be given within 7 days of receiving the product, it’s unknown if they do not accept returns after this period as they make their terms and conditions unclear. Only a small explanation is given about how they function as a company, making it impossible to know beforehand how they operate.

They do have a listing on the Better Business Bureau website, but for unknown reasons the link is down and it will not show what kind of rating they have, if any.

After reviewing many women’s libido supplements, the top 10 brands were found here.


Most reviews were poor, here are some opinions found online:

“After a few days I started feeling really bad. Had bad headaches and felt out of it, tried it again after a break and sure enough it had the same issue”

“Not at all effective, what a waste of money I would not recommend anyone use it”

“Kind of effective but it just didn’t last at all. The effects were short lived and it just wasn’t enough for my needs”

“Really bad stomach cramps as soon as I took it just avoid it at all costs. Made me physically ill for some time after”

Side effects were a reoccurring issue for many customers. It’s not clear what ingredients could have caused nausea, stomach cramps, and headaches. Damiana is the only ingredient in this which is known to cause symptoms, but typically this is more in the form of poisoning like side effects.

Overall this was very poorly reviewed by customers who often said it caused side effects and that it failed to deliver any benefits.

The list here offers a great explanation of what were the top ranking female libido brands of the year.


After looking into this supplement it became clear that although it’s unique in its presentation, the active ingredients are not impressive. There are far too many common ingredients that you would find in the most basic aphrodisiac blend. The consumer reviews were often negative and many said they failed to see any real benefits.

The top rated women’s sexual enhancement aid is known as Libitrinex. The reason why it was favorited was due to its rich blend of ingredients, positive consumer reviews, ease of use, and all-natural formula. Consumers commented on how it gave them more energy and that it enhanced their sex lives.

This is made without the use of any stimulants or artificial additives which are unnecessary and potentially dangerous. They also produce it in a GMP certified facility which ensures that the quality is consistently in check. See what made Libitrinex our top pick for women’s libido by examining our complete review cited here.

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