Rejuvenem Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Rejuvenem is an anti-aging brand that is used to treat all the signs of aging. It has additives meant to boost collagen while promoting more hydrated skin.

They also make other products but their main one is an anti-aging moisturizer. In it are peptides and proteins that are meant to be used as a daily skin care regimen. This is meant to provide long lasting benefits that improve the overall health of skin over time.

In reviewing many anti-wrinkle formulas, our review experts concluded that Kremotex was the best overall.  It’s made up of a potent all natural formula that users say can rejuvenate collagen.

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Rejuvenem Ingredients and Side Effects

There is no mention anywhere as to what kinds of additives are included. While they do say there is a:

“unique blend of active peptides and proteins”

This can range from numerous kinds of additives. It’s impossible for one to determine for if what is added is actually safe and good to use.  There’s no evidence based way to know for a fact if what you’re using will actually product the claimed results.

You have to be able to examine the ingredients to find out:

  • If they’re safe. Certain topical additives can lead to itching, discomfort, rash, redness, irritation, and other kinds of serious side effects. Some can even lead to long term skin damage or can be absorbed which may lead to organ damage.
  • Whether or not they will apply with ease. Without certain moisturizers and conditioners no matter what is used, it’s unlikely it will be well absorbed if these additives are not found. They’re highly important and necessary so the skin can lock in its nutrients.
  • How long lasting it is. There are superficial additives which only provide shot lasting effects. This is why it’s vital to purchase a brand that will actually produce lasting effects.

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Rejuvenem Quality of Ingredients

No ingredients are mentioned anywhere which prevents one from determining if it’s a quality mixture. While it’s also good to hear about what one can potentially expect, without the actual ingredients you’re unable to determine if what is said is true.

Many bold claims are made about the use of this formula, but these are all commonly made about other anti-wrinkle brands. There needs to be some sort of evidence to help users know the overall quality.

Some additives can produce unwanted effects, and others don’t last or produce good results. There needs to be an assurance that what one is buying is actually worth the price. Provided in this link is a comprehensive list featuring the top 10 highest ranked anti-aging creams.

The Price and Quality of Rejuvenem 

A trial offer is offered instead of direct sales. If one does not cancel this 14 day trial in time, they begin to charge $89.95 a month. This is particularly expensive when you consider the fact that there is no mention at all as to what’s added.

This brand is priced extremely high considering the fact they fail to add an ingredients list. You’re not able to compare this together to see if one is paying a fair price.

It’s also impossible to determine if what one is buying is actually useable. It could be filled full of cheap extracts that either don’t work or aren’t safe to use. If you have any allergy concerns or need to avoid certain additives, there’s no way for one to verify beforehand if what they are using is actually worth it.

Our review experts have compiled a list featuring the top 10 best ranked anti-wrinkle formulas currently out.

Business of Rejuvenem

The official name of the company is Rejuvenem Skin Care and their listed contact information is:

Address: 204, 37th Ave N, Suite 431

St Pete, Florida 33704

Phone Number: (844) 210-5833

Email: [email protected]

The official website also adds how refunds are only at the discretion of the company, so they can avoid giving customers their money back in certain cases. It’s unclear if they are fair in their returns process however.

They also hide in their terms and conditions a clause that states their trial offer is for 14 days, but 4 of these days are lost in shipping. So you get a total of 10 days to evaluate whether or not you want this. You must cancel by calling the customer support team within this 10 day period. If one does not cancel in this, they add:

“you will be billed the full purchase price of $89.95 (including shipping and handling)”

This is important to consider, as customers will then be:

“enrolled in the monthly replenishment program”

So you then have to pay a monthly charge of $89.95 for this product, which becomes a binding contract. You are legally bound to have to pay this until the end of the month.

They also make it impossible for one to just buy the product without being potentially enrolled in their month to month policy. This is concerning as scam companies will often employ this practice. They do not make it clear that there is a month to month charge; they instead hide this in small font in the terms and conditions. Click the link cited to see which anti-wrinkle creams were featured in the top 10 best of list.

Customer Opinions of Rejuvenem

There are no user reviews available anywhere. Only one person commented on the company itself, but they did not say whether Rejuvenem was a good product. This user had this to say:

“my credit card is being charged… There were no stipulations about trying the products, returning them or re-ordering”

This user complained that they were charged without being told how much, or that their trial was not free. They suddenly found that their credit card was charged without due notice first.

While this is not a good sign of a company with suitable practices, it does not speak of the quality of their brands. In this link is our expert crafted list of the top 10 best anti-wrinkle products.

How Does Rejuvenem Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Rejuvenem
  • 35/100
Conclusion – Does Rejuvenem Work?

It’s impossible for one to determine using evidence whether or not this brand would be safe, effective, and priced fairly. The only information to go on is the price marketing claims made. It’s known that they offer a trial which extends to an expensive month to month contract. However, without the ingredients list, it’s impossible to determine if it’s priced fairly or made with quality ingredients. The only information is one sole complaint was filed against the company for their practices.

In reviewing many anti-wrinkle formulas, our review experts found Kremotex delivered the best results. It has a potent all natural formula with proven ingredients. Users have also commented on how it delivered noticeable results.

It has an all-natural formula of apple stem cells, shea butter and more which have been shown to benefit skin. Benefits include getting rid of wrinkles, treating fine lines, evening skin tone, and reducing all the signs of aging. Learn more about Kremotex by clicking here.

12 Responses to Rejuvenem Review

Anonymous says:

Do NOT buy this product!! Its sucks and they charged me $75.00 and would not refund and I have not had ample time to try…..SCAM

Chei Phillips says:

This company is scam. They get you to try the product and states you will only need to pay for shipping and handling for the trial size. You don’t really have a 14 days to try it because they count the shipping time and if you don’t call within the 14 days, they will charge your card automatically for products that doesn’t work and this is without any mention of an auto shipment when they don’t hear back from you. Who would sign themselves for an auto shipment if you don’t even know if the product works. Customer service sucks because they will not even listen to what you have to say. One rep just hang up the phone on me. Nothing but SCAM!!!

Tina says:


Don R says:

My credit card was just billed $89.95 when I thought I was simply obtaining a sample. The charge is shown as “pending”, and must actually be charged before the credit card company will/can do anything. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Ray says:

I just called twice to cancel and strangely enough, they could not find my account either time. Also while they were supposed to charge me $4.95 shipping and handling, on the same day they charged me $5.87 shipping and handling for the eye cream. Needless to say, I called my credit card company and had the $5.87 charge refused and any future charges from this company stopped!

Anonymous says:

HORRIBLE experience with this company. I ordered the trial package, it never came and before I knew it my credit card was charged for $89.95 and $79.95, because I didn’t cancel within the trial time frame that my order never came in. I was rudely hung up on by the customer service representative. They finally sent the wrong products to me after their trial period was over, and no one would credit me or take them back as a return. So I’m out $170 for nothing. Jackasses!!!

Anonymous says:

I ordered the trail and when I tried to cancel the auto renew they told me I had to return the product which I paid for after a long conversation she did cancel my account . The customer service for this product is horrible and even if I liked the product will never order from them again.

Anonymous says:

This is a total SCAM! I GOT charged 3 times for the trial and no refund… Oh we will send you more! More of a crappy product that doesn’t work!!!!!

Wendi Barczynski says:

I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE getting their free sample. I ordered a free sample of two of their products. I received an email saying that my order had been received and that I would be charged $10.82. I used the products for a few days, but soon the skin under my eyes began to peel and I quit using the product. I was glad that I had just gotten the samples and not bought the product outright. Then I got a $89.95 charge to my account that I didn’t know what it was for. I contacted my bank. They looked back at my account and said another charge to the same place had occurred for $4.95. The company name on the charge to my bank account did NOT match the Rejuvenem Skin Care that I ordered from so I didn’t know where these charges were from (and the fact that the amounts didn’t match). I asked my bank to stop payment to these. They refunded my money while an investigation occurred. Now they have put the charges BACK on my account because they said these were legit. I thought I was getting a FREE sample, but then they charge me full price for this FREE sample since I didn’t know I was supposed to cancel my order. So , now I paid $100.77 for products that are still almost full and I cannot use because of what it did to my skin. Also, when I called the customer service number at Rejuvenem for help with this, the lady was RUDE and eventually hung up on me when I asked to talk to her supervisor. If this product was a good product, they wouldn’t need trickery to be able to charge you for it. You would be begging them to sell you their product. So disappointed!!!

Evie says:

Yes! They simply said they couldnt find me and hung up. So be careful. I called again and then was able to cancel.

Stephanie Dudley says:

Bad business!!!!! Haven’t tried product yet nor received it. I called to cancel an order but the rep said that they can’t cancel order because it was already have been shipped out, when I just put the order last night. The rep said they can’t do anything but to just cancel the account for further billing. So I said NO I WANT TO CANCEL THE ORDER AND CLOSE THE ACCOUNT! Horrible customer service and business…

Kitty says:

I, too, suffered similar experiences with this company. I tried on four occasions to have them cancel sending the product. As with others, I was informed that they could not find me in their records and therefore would NOT be able to stop future shipments. Yesterday, (after receiving their product for over 13 months…yes, I said 13 months) I decided to end this madness. I finally contacted my credit card. As soon as I began describing to the Customer Service, she sighed and advised that she was very familiar with the situation. She suggested a three way conversation..the cc rep, the horrible company that sends the cream and me. After the usual, “we can’t find any record of you……”, we asked to speak with a supervisor. When told no supervisor was available, we offered to wait until one would be available to speak with us. In the end, there was no supervisor and the conversation ended when they hung up on us. The c.c. rep put together a Dispute Claim for me. Said I should know the result in 4 to 6 weeks…(during which I suspect they will send me another shipment). I do so wish that I had been aware of this site BEFORE making the mistake of taking advantage of their free offer which required paying $4.95 shipping. Yes, yes’ I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer to put up with this crap for SO MANY months. Shame on me.

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