Skin Opulent Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Skin Opulent is a non-prescription skin care product that is advertised as a moisturizer and anti-aging cream. They say that their blend of ingredients is capable of stimulating the collagen generating functions of the skin, which restores and repairs damage while conditioning its texture and tone. It is high in antioxidants and is said to have color correcting and skin-plumping effects.

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Their blend is safe and allergen-free for the vast majority of users, but it is also highly potent and effective.

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Skin Opulent Ingredients and Side Effects

Skin Opulent does not list all of the ingredients in their blend. Instead, they mostly describe generic effects such as “moisturization” and “color correction” without specifying how or why those benefits come about. They do mention four additives by name, and those are:

Vitamin C Peptides
Collagen Booster Avocado

 Vitamin C: One of the most important chemicals to the body for overall wellness and functionality. Vitamin C is necessary for a number of different biological functions including carbohydrate processing, iron retention, and immune functionality, but it’s also a key part of the skin formulation process.

Collagen molecules are the basic building block of the skin, and they’re composed of a number of different protein chains, amino acids, and minerals, all of which require vitamin C to act as the catalyzing chemical for their bonding. Without vitamin C it would be impossible to formulate new skin, bones, and joint tissue and the old materials would become damaged and die.

Vitamin C is also a popular ingredient in many successful skin health blends because it is well tolerated by the vast majority of humans. Assuming that it is taken in reasonable quantities there are not thought to be any side effects in either the short- or the long-term.

Peptides: It is difficult to say what this means from a skin care perspective. There are dozens of different types of peptide chains that are used in skin care, and Skin Opulent does not offer any more defining information.

Some peptides, like Matrixyl, can have beneficial effects on collagen production without causing any extra damage to the skin. These are still fairly young chemicals, but it is thought that they are safe for most users.

Other types of peptide chains, however, are a form of “injectionless Botox” that smooth the skin by paralyzing the muscles of the face. These peptides, such as argireline, Syn-Ake, or gatuline, are not only questionably effective, but they can cause serious side effects in the long term like inability to express yourself facially or neurological impairment.

Collagen Booster: As mentioned above, collagen generation is one of the most important parts of skin health, however there is no telling what this ingredient actually is.

Skin Opulent mentions nothing about the Collagen Booster other than its name, so there is no information that can be gleaned about either its effectiveness or its safety.

Avocado: A popular and nutritious food product that is also thought to have some benefits for the skin. Avocado oils contain potassium and vitamin D, both of which are important nutrients in the skin formation process. Avocado byproducts have been used to treat a number of conditions historically such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sclerosis
  • Toothache

Avocado is generally safe, however mild allergic reactions are possible when taking it, especially in those that have preexisting latex sensitivities. Topical avocado usage has not been connected to any long-term health consequences.

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Skin Opulent Quality of Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Skin Opulent are quite good. Vitamin C is one of our panel of experts’ most recommended additives, and avocado is thought to be helpful, although it is not as tested clinically as our experts usually prefer.

Other ingredients are to ambiguous to make any kind of judgment about – peptides and collagen boosters could be good, could be bad, or could be generally ineffective, and it is impossible to say without knowing what they are.

It is also impossible to say overall how effective this blend is because there are no guarantees that there are no harmful filler-type products contained in it. Unless a complete ingredients list is published then it is possible that this blend could contain any number of ingredients that are not good for users in the long run but that unscrupulous manufacturers use anyway.

Simple alcohols can dry the skin out worse than it was before a product was applied. Paraffins and mineral oils can be contaminated with toxins, some of them carcinogenic. Artificial dyes and fragrances have also been linked to cancer, but they may also just be harsh ad damaging to the skin. All of these additives are used far to frequently within the industry, and unless someone is willing to prove they are not part of their blend then users cannot ever rule the possibility out.

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The Price and Quality of Skin Opulent

There are no stores or independent retailers that carry Skin Opulent. It is only available directly through their own websites, however even then it is not for sale on an individual basis; it can only be acquired by signing up for a “Free Trial Offer.”

This title has been misleading for many users, most of whom did not see the small Terms link at the bottom that explained what the “Free Trial Offer” really meant to their users. In that link it explains that the “Free Trial Offer” is actually a monthly renewal program that costs users $89.95 for a 1 oz jar of cream.

Not only is this price far outside of the range that is typically considered normal, but they do not send any notification or require any kind of authorization for future charges. There are additional charges mentioned in the Terms link regarding shipping and handling, restocking fees, and cancelation fees, all ensuring that there is very little chance that the “Free Trial Offer” is actually free.

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Business of Skin Opulent

Skin Opulent does not list a parent company, although there is some reason to think that they are associated with Coal Cosmetics and Abella Mayfair, amongst other brands. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (877) 738-3861

Address: PO Box #8010

Toronto, ON M2R 1Z0

Email: [email protected]

There is no evidence of any legal action against Skin Opulent at this time.

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Customer Opinions of Skin Opulent

There are quite a few negative reviews of Skin Opulent online from former customers. Many of them are upset about the “Free Trial Offer,” however there are other responses similar to these from users that were complaining specifically about the quality of the cream itself:

“I don’t know what was worse – the smell of this stuff, or the way that it burned going on. Either way, I broke out the next day.”

“I seriously can’t believe that they get away with selling this stuff and calling it face cream. After what they did to me, I’m shocked they’re even still in business.”

“If your problem is a lack of acne and painful facial dehydration, then look no further because Skin Opulent is the product for you.

Many users shared the sentiment that Skin Opulent was never even intended to be a functional skin cream, that it was just a trick to get people to sign up for the “Free Trial Offer.”

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How Does Skin Opulent Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Skin Opulent
  • 35/100
Conclusion – Does Skin Opulent Work?

The most important thing that a skin cream can do is make the skin healthier. This will in turn lead to more beautiful skin, thanks to your body’s self-regenerating powers.

What they should not do is provoke negative reactions in their users, especially ones that run counter to what the creams are indicated for. Sadly, that seems to be the case with Skin Opulent.

It was difficult to tell how effective their product may be initially because of their lack of published ingredients lists. Our reviewers were convinced, however, by the response of the former customers of Skin Opulent, many of whom are still mad at the company to this day

Our panel of skin and health experts believes that the most effective product on the market is Kremotex. Their blend has shown an ability to encourage collagen generation without any harsh side effects. To learn more about how Kremotex can benefit your specific skin type, click here.

22 Responses to Skin Opulent Review

Anonymous says:

worse facial I ever used, It burned My face

Cindy says:

I GOT BURNED . Thought I was paying $4.99 for a 2 week trial/sample. I ended up having two charges $85 and $95 taken out of my account! Eye cream burned my eyes too

Natalie Fournier says:

Yes. They did the same thing to me today. I’m going to my bank and complete paperwork to try and stop it. Worse mistake I made. It’s a Huge Scam!!

Sheila says:

They did same thing to me. I’m filing fraud charges with my credit card. Also, Attorney General’s office. They need to be shut down.

Khouch says:

Me too, I didn’t purchase it again but they ship to my address n charged me 84.99 $ this month, I will call my bank tomorrow. Shittt

Andrea Weatherford says:

I too, was taken by this company. I also was alergic to the product. I just learned that they drafted 3 payments from my bank account within one month. Almost $300 total. Calling the company and requesting a refund was futile. I will be spreading the word about this scam!

Helen says:

So I believe I was scared.. Same as Cindy above. Tried to contact phone number on my checking statement..a very rude woman says it is all my fault because. Didn’t follow the instructions. Coundn’t even tell me who she worked for. Sending the information to my attorney general.

Helen says:

Not scared but scamed

Ronda Barton says:

Same scam with me….do NOT press cancel! Talk to a rep…because of their fine print and pressing button for cancel, “could not get 50% offer” on blah blah blah……WHAT A B.S. “COMPANY”. Just don’t buy it, not worth a penny much lees, $190!!!!!

Anna says:

DO Not buy any of them. I apply for the free trial and tried to cancelled that by email. I got no feedback from them and 16 days later they charge me $90 and send me the new one. I try to call them on the phone. They are really rude and unprofessional. They are not even let me send the product back and get the refund. Also they said is ” It’s is unable refund, thank you. ” That is all and now I have to pay $90 for the thing I can not even use.

Natalie says:

I also found this to be a huge scam and rather rude people when I called to complain about the unwanted ‘monthly renewal’ that they had already charged me for, as well as another product that I did not order. Apparently if you don’t specifically say ‘NO’ to something, that means they can charge you for all kinds of things. I also tried the sample, and it really doesn’t do anything good at all.

Kathleen Osborne says:

Yes it is a scam. Burn on both sides of
Cheeks. I just threw mine in the garbage!
Just because I canceled they want to charge
Me $38.00. I thought it was a free trial.
Calling my bank to any more charges.

A says:

I had the same experience as all above. My skin was burned and red. Called on day 14 to cancel, and they had already charged me and claimed I miscalculated the 14 days. I asked what I needed to do to return the product and get my money refunded since it burned my skin and I couldn’t use it. They said there are no warranties or guarantees on trial period products. I immediately called my credit card company after speaking with customer service to report the charges as fraudulent (they had already billed me $89 for one product and $85 for the second).

Rose Slone says:

I was also just scammed with this product. It has made my skin break out in a rash. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the “autoship” terms until the charges for $89.95 appeared on my credit card bill, twice, since I also got the eye cream. When I called they said it was my fault because I should have known to read the terms. The terms are hidden so far down the product page that I doubt anyone scrolls all the way down. I did search the page for a “Terms” section and couldn’t’ find it. They agreed to give me a 30% discount, but even so, at this outrageous price, it’s the worst ripoff I’ve ever encountered.

I just reported them on the BBB. If you got ripped off, please do the same. Do not get sucked into buying this product!

Nancy Basile says:

I got ripped off also with the 14 day free trial. Thought at this stage of my life I was done with scams, but this proves to be one of the worst. $90 bucks for a cream that does nothing and smells rancid. I also talked with two very rude reps, Kiarra and Lanetra……to quote……”you agreed to the terms, Miss Nancy”. Trust me I did not see all the things they said I agreed to!!!!! They also told me as of today my next order was canceled. Don’t know if I can even trust those statements. They must be making a fortune scamming people for $90 a month. Thank goodness I keep track of everything on my account or they would be ripping me off again for a cheap plastic container that holds a half full supply of putrid smelling cream. I am so mad!!!!!! Guess I am not the only one.

TG says:

Wow! I thought my charge did not go through, long story, then the cream showed up. Thought for the $4.95 it was worth a try. Never got any paperwork, etc about the 14 day trial. What a scam. Received the second shipment and immediately called to cancel and get a confirmation to return. The rep told me by law they cannot accept any return products even if they have not been opened. What a rip-off. I was livid, especially when she told me that I was liable for the second shipment. I will be taking this further.

Sara5 says:

That happened to me to did a free trail cancelled and was charged 89.95 for a little jar that smells and the eye cream burned.

Nat says:

Bunch of bs scammers. They spam your inbox using a different email address, and some claim to be a Macy’s, trying to fish for those who are a bit naive when it comes to the internet. Just the fact that they lie about who they are, going after the gullible people who unfortunately just don’t know any better is enough for me to know they are not a legit company. No such thing as a free trial from them. They’ve charged my mother with over $200 over unrequested, unsafe, and ineffective creams, that burn your face (none of the SPECIFICALLY mentioned ingredients should cause such a reaction on MOST people, so the ones not specified are so for a reason) and say by law they can’t return it (no such thing, I’ve done so at major department stores as long as its sealed) By law you can’t scam people you motherfuckers, that’s called fraud. Now, THAT’S against the law. I suggest y’all call them and be rude like they are just for the fun of it. Make their lives miserable, they are thieves and deserve no less.

Nanci Vieira says:

The worse face cream I ever used it did burned my face and get all red. I had a heart surgery and I did not paid much attention to my mail and unfortunately my bank account for some time. They sent me 4 of those creams and charge my account almost $400. Just absurd I didn’t agree to any automail I only agree to pay for the trial now I’m going to call them and I want my money back since I ever open the boxes. Will see what’s going to happen. If I don’t get my money back I would like to have as many people as possible to fight for our money back and to put this company down for fraud and maybe if is possible to have a compensation.

Anonymous says:

it is a scam do not buy! I was in the same position as all of you. I go for a free trial supposely on a Macy store closing in a different state paying 5.95 for the trial and was billed on 3 different transactions around $90 each. When you call they are rude and say you didn’t follow the instructions on cancelling after receiving the trial. I am currently on dispute with my credit card on three different charges with a one month period. Product is no good it is a scam never again do I go for a free trail of any sort! Scammers!

Melanie says:

I have yet to find an over the counter skin cream that works. There is something in the products I’ve tried that are too potent and my eyes get really sensitive and THEY burn. I tried skin opulent on the trial basis. I had no issues with either my skin or eyes having sensitivity issues. It also worked and dissipated my crows feet which was great. If you read the fine print it is clear as day that you will be charged for the product amount after the trial period so I’m not sure why everyone is complaining and disputing the charges. I had NO issues cancelling with them and was able to keep the product for continued use. I did cancel due to price though and am going to try the Kremotex.

Anonymous says:

can you give me their phone number? Cant find one for them..

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