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What is it?

VDerma is an anti-aging cream used to moisturize skin with what’s said to be potent ingredients. It’s intended to get rid of dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines without the risk of irritation.

There are ingredients said to work deep within the skin to affect the pores and get rid of the signs of aging. The restoration of collagen as well as healthy moisture is the main claimed benefits.

Our review experts have looked at many kinds of anti-aging formulas and they found Kremotex was the best overall. Its natural formula can help treat aged skin and users have also commented on how it produced noticeable effects. Follow the link here to learn more about Kremotex.

VDerma Ingredients and Side Effects

 There is no mention to the ingredients anywhere. There is only a mention of there being peptides, but this can range in the specific amount available. The website adds:

“Obviously, you can tell what the main ingredient in Vderma is”

They explain peptide a bit without mentioning any of the other additives. Nowhere is there any mention as to what you can expect in this formula, making it impossible to check if there are any kinds of side effects possible.

Peptide: Combinations of two or more amino acids which can help provide many health benefits. These small proteins are found in the body but it naturally breaks down over time.

Skin is mainly a keratin protein, which can be boosted with peptides. Paula’s Choice has added:

“peptides cannot plump skin, stop sagging skin, work just like cosmetic procedures. Or eliminate dark circles or puffy eyes”

While peptides are healthy and should be part of an anti-aging formula, on its own it won’t satisfy the demand for healthy skin.

Still, more information needs to be presented to showcase what’s added exactly. You have no important information about what is truly added. The manufacturers instead say how it’s obvious what’s added. This kind of claim is not helpful at all, there’s no way to guess what else can be found in this blend of ingredients. It’s clear that something else besides peptides is added, as it would not work just by having peptides on its own.

Skin care ingredients can range greatly as there are many kinds of combinations of ingredients, as well as additives which may not be safe to use or at all helpful for skincare.  Provided in this link is a comprehensive list of the top 10 ranked anti-aging formulas.

VDerma Quality of Ingredients

The only information provided is that there’s peptides added. No specific details or ingredients list can be found anywhere. This makes it impossible to trust that what’s added is safe, effective, and added in the right amounts.

Purchasing an anti-aging product without the full ingredients list is not recommended. Other than the marketing claims made by this company, there’s no reason to believe that it would actually be safe and effective to use.

Determining the usefulness of a product by looking at only claims is not advised. Anyone can develop many enticing claims without there being any actual benefit to a product.

Follow the link here to see a list of the best anti-aging creams as seen by our review experts.

The Price and Quality of VDerma

Instead of listing an actual price, the company offers a trial of VDerma. This practice is often offered by companies who look to lock people into month to month contract. The trial is free but there is a shipping and handling fee of $4.95.

You have to input your credit card information in order to receive this product. You also are subject to third party advertisements in email, text, as well as via regular mail.

Hidden in their terms and condition they add how once you sign up and hand your contact information you’re subject to advertising offers from third parties. It’s unknown how many groups would have your contact information. This kind of spamming is not often practiced by legitimate companies. There’s no reason to open oneself up to other companies advertising which may be excessive or annoying.

As mentioned previously the so called free trial is often a scam technique offered by companies who look to automatically bill users. There’s also no ingredients list making this so called free trial a potential liability, as you’re unable to determine if all the additives are safe. Provided in this link is our experts list of the top 10 ranked anti-aging creams.

Business of VDerma

The contact information provided is:

Phone Number: (844) 902-1553

Address: 782 South River Rd #338

George, Utah 84790

Email: [email protected]

In researching the company there wasn’t much information provided. They don’t offer a full company name, but oddly enough use a dermelite email.

Dermelite is another skin care cream that also offers a free trial. No information is available anywhere to help show whether or not these companies are legitimate, or if they offer sales without any month to month contracts.

Judging from the available information, there’s no justification offered on why one should trust this company.

Click the link here to see our review experts list of the top 10 best anti-aging formulas

Customer Opinions of VDerma

No reviews from users are offered anywhere. You’re unable to determine if others have experienced noticeable effects, or if there were any issues with side effects.

It’s not a good sign when not even one single review is found anywhere. You’re not given an ingredients list, and you don’t know if this company is legitimate.

There needs to be some sort of online presence to help show whether or not this would be safe. No before and after photos or testimonials are offered by the creators either. Only claims of it being able to regenerate tissue with the mention of one sole additive. Our review experts have compiled a list featuring the best anti-aging formulas out now.

How Does VDerma Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • VDerma
  • 44/100
Conclusion – Does VDerma Work?

You’re unable to determine whether or not this brand would work due to the lack of any quality information. Only claims are made without any online customer support, ingredients list, company name, or any kind of important information. These are all essential facts one should know beforehand to ensure what you’re buying is actually useable and effective. Another issue is with the free trial as this tactic is often offered by companies who look to lock people into month to month contracts. There’s no reason to trust what this company claims is actually true. Many unanswered questions are left with this brand.

Our review experts have found that the most effective anti-aging formula is Kremotex. It has a potent combination of apple stem cells, shea butter, macadamia oils, and much more. These ingredients have shown the ability to moisturize skin and repair broken down collagen.  They are all natural and shown to produce noticeable effects. All these additives have shown the possibility for potent effects via studies and actual customer experiences.

Users have also commented and left before and after photos to reveal how they regenerated their skin. Many benefited from the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and other signs of aging. Discover more about Kremotex by following the link provided here.

14 Responses to VDerma Review

margaret stegink says:

vderma is a scam like the review says. they take your money and i guess that they take out the same amount every month out of your account. You can’t get your money back. If you try to call customer service in Texas they ask for your account number and when you give it they wait awhile and come back on the phone and say account is canceled and don’t call back. everybody you talk to is out of the country.

Anonymous says:

I have not yet tried the product but cancelled my order as soon as I put it through and read the terms and conditions. They told me I couldn’t cancel because the order already went through even though it was minutes after the initial purchase. I told them I didn’t want anymore product sent to me and they could only give me a discount for the original order that was suppose to be a trial offer. When I received the Oder, I again called to cancel and they assured me they canceled the account. A month later I received confirmation of another shipment. I called again and told them I had already cancelled the order. The best they could do was charge me a percent of the order since it had been shipped. I was unable to get anywhere with the person I spoke with and asked to speak with a supervisor, however no one was available.
This is the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with and would certainly not order anything from them.

Anonymous says:

I had a similar problem like the previous comment , I ordered product suddenly there were to items inwas charged shipping called immediately to cancel they assured order was cancelled then several days later I received products I called again to cancel they said I was only charged for shopping and my cancel number was order number with a C in front of it. About a week or so I had 2 charges I my account file $92.99 I called they said they have no record of me calling and cancelling the person wouldn’t give me there name and said I had 14 days to cancel and I can’t csncel because it was day 15, offered my 35% refund. I called my bank and disputed charge and my bank refunded me the money and tried to resolve it with vendor, my bank had same problem and did not pay vendor. The people you speak with are from another country and you will get no where with them DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY ITS A 100% SCAM!!!!

Cindy says:

I ordered the Vderma, and after all my credit card info was entered, a page comes up saying customers also order DermElite eye cream. There’s no place on the page to decline the eye cream, so when you hit continue, two order numbers come up stating I had ordered both, and the second order was a $5.95 S&H charge. Ok, so I’ll eat the $5.95 and see what is delivered. I ordered on 1/29/17, received both creams in a few days. On 2/9/17, I called the number on the website, which I had wrote down before I ordered so I could cancel within the 14 days. This number was a joke, they barely spoke English, asked me all my info and when they couldn’t find my order, they wanted my credit card info. I refused and asked for a manager, of course none were available. Then I looked at my credit card transaction, and there was a different phone number with same area code. I called, the woman (still foreign) found my order immediately. She would not cancel my order, asking about my skin regimen, saying I didn’t give it a chance. I demanded she cancel my order, and she kept talking over me trying to get me to extend my trial for another 7 days, then another 14 days, then offered half price for my next order. I realize she is probably trained to make a sale, but I stuck to my guns and kept refusing her sales pitch. Finally, she agreed to cancel my order (for both creams) and I too was given my cancellation verification number as my order number with a C in front of it. From the previous comment, I’ll have to wait and see if they really actually cancelled my order. Do not order from this ad.

Anabelle says:

I have the same experience with this company. Scammers! I could have used the $400 to get those brown spots on my face professionally with instant result. This is a very expensive lesson for me but I have time to spread the news to others

Anonymous says:

This is really a SCAM! They say FREE Trial & asked you to pay for the shipping. The words FREE Trial are very deceiving. i was under the impression that the Trial Kit they’re sending me & paid for the shipping are for free. It’s very obvious now that it’s not true.
When I came back from vacation on Monday night, I saw 2 charges in my credit card. First, I called the credit card company the next day & asked if I can dispute the charges. I was told to wait til Friday. Can’t wait so, I tried to get the tel. # of this company. I asked the rep to cancel the order & to close my account & I was given a cancellation confirmation #. I checked my credit card stmt again today & found that one of the charges went through. I called again & this is what the rep told me – there’s a 14-day trial (which I was not aware of) which starts from the day you placed the order. If they don’t hear from you within 14 days, they will assume that you received the Trial Kit & that you have been using it. So, they will charge your credit card $92.49 & $92.99 for the gel & the cream which they say is a 30-day supply. I placed my order on Jan. 29th & received the Trial Kit on Feb. 6th. That’s already 9 days there. The rep talked to his supervisor & I was told that they will give me a 35% discount. I’ll wait & see for that discount in my credit card. I know it’s still a lot of money but I don’t want to waste my time & energy to fight this. It’s a lesson learned. Never again to fall for this kind of SCAM.

Dorrit Rhodes says:


Judy says:

I had the same experience. I ordered the sample but was sent full order thinking it was the sample. When I called them about two $90+ bills they said I didn’t respond within the 14 day trial. They promised 50% refund but only sent $49 money order.

Susan Avery says:

I found another phone number on the Derm Elite. 844-965-6956 I was able to cancel the order AFTER they charged my credit card $95.X2. It’s an expensive scam and mistake. I was given a cancellation number and it was effective the the day I called.

l parsns says:


Mortea says:

I also fell for this scam. I even returned to sender, unopened. Now I can’t get my money back and I don’t even have the product.

Susan says:



Christine says:

They don’t tell you that you will be charged $92.99 and $93.50 and you cannot return and also they give you a hard time about cancelling. Who had $200 for eye creme? Scam.

Joanne says:

Fell for the scam. Tried to cancel months ago. Still getting it and charged to my C/card.
Called the numbers on my order slip. They can’t find my account. called other numbers, same thing. Can’t find my account. But their web site still used that same number that now tells me they don’t sell face cream, only watches and jewelry. I finally contacted my card company and contested the charge. Lets see what happens now.
Stay away from this company

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