Core Skincare Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Core Skincare is a skin cream that is designed to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging. Their advertising recommends it to anyone that is dealing with moisturization, pigmentation, and sagging issues, and compares their cream to an injection-free Botox alternative. Core Skincare claims that it increases collagen levels and refreshes users’ dermal matrix in order to holistically improve skin functionality.

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Core Skincare Ingredients and Side Effects

Core Skincare does not publish their full ingredients list, but rather they only focus on three of their main additives:

Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 Vitamin C Glycerine

 Acetyl Hexapeptide 8: A muscle paralytic also known as argireline that has been compared to an injectionless form of Botox. Argireline is a neurotransmitter blocker that cuts off the brain’s signals to the muscles, causing them to relax, which has a smoothing effect on the skin.

Argireline is often compared to Botox, which has a similar muscle-deadening effect, however argireline is usually applied topically instead of injected directly into the site of the problem. Botox is injected because the dermis is a tough, absorbent layer whose job is to protect the tissues underneath it and if it is not pierced then the Botox will never actually reach the muscles.

These injection procedures, however, are dangerous and highly invasive. Pain, swelling, tenderness, nerve death, and infection are all possibilities, which has lead to the synthesis of non-injectable alternatives like argireline, as well as gatuline, Syn-Ake, and other brand name chemicals. As dangerous as the injectables are, however, the topical chemicals are not necessarily any safer.

Topical paralytics like argireline present a different set of complications from their injectable peers. First, argireline is a somewhat large molecular structure that has difficulty penetrating the dense dermal layer. It is questionable how much argireline ever actually makes it to the muscle groups that it needs to reach in order to have an effect.

What happens to the rest of the chemicals is that they are just absorbed by the skin, where their paralytic chemicals live instead of the muscles. Here they can have a tremendously negative impact on the health of the skin, causing it to lose cellular cohesion and to start sagging, becoming dull in coloration, and rough to the touch.

While those effects are directly counter-indicative to what argierline is used for, they are not the worst possible outcome from using these chemicals. Argireline is a neurotransmitter blocker that directly affects the brain and nervous system, which are delicate, highly complicated structures that should not be treated lightly.

There are concerns that argireline can start permanently affecting the neurons that it contacts, which can lead to an inability to control facial expression, as well as a condition called “argireline brain” or “fuzzy brain.” Some argireline users have reported difficulty focusing, recalling information, and thinking on their feet.

Argireline is so new that there are no studies about its long-term safety and effectiveness, however anything that affects mental functioning is cause for concern. Our panel of experts is not recommending any products that contain argireline until there is more information about its safety.

Vitamin C: One of the safest and most effective skin care ingredients currently available. Vitamin C is a vital amine that is necessary for human survival yet we are unable to manufacture it on our own, necessitating our acquiring it through outside means.

Vitamin C is crucial for a number of biological processes, including immune function, bone growth, iron regulation, and new collagen formation. Collagen is the cellular building block of the skin, and being able to create new collagen is what keeps skin healthy, damage free, and youthful-looking.

Vitamin C is also rich in antioxidants, which help to fight the damage caused by UV rays and other environmental hazards, and it is generally thought to be safe for most users. Assuming that it is taken in reasonable quantities there are very few people who have shown any kind of negative reaction to vitamin C.

Glycerine: A humectant derived from plant oils that is used to trap moisture in the skin. Glycerine is one of the most common skin care ingredients in the world because of this and because its gelatinous structure is useful as a base for skin creams to build on.

Glycerine is safe for all topical applications and is well tolerated by most users. There are no serious side effects that are connected to glycerine use in either the short- or the long-term.

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Core Skincare Quality of Ingredients

While there are some good aspects to Core Skincare’s blend, our panel of health and beauty experts did find two major flaws with their skin care blend.

Positively, our team liked that they used vitamin C in their blend. Vitamin C is safe, effective, and one of the highest-recommended additives on their list. Glycerine is not as important from a health-based perspective as vitamin C, however it is still a useful and harmless part of a quality skin care blend.

Negatively, however, the only other ingredient that they list is the paralytic argireline. Not only is argireline on our panel’s “do not recommend” list, but also there is no telling what other additives are in their blend.

Our team never encourages the use of products that are unwilling to disclose their entire ingredients blend. The skin care business is too cutthroat to just be able to trust that a company that is deliberately hiding their ingredients isn’t using anything unfavorable.

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The Price and Quality of Core Skincare

Core Skincare does not have a per-unit price. This unorthodox choice is part of a strategic marketing initiative that Core Skincare uses where instead of selling their products they try to pressure users into signing up for their “Free Trial Offer.”

What customers will find is that rather than actually being free, the “Free Trial Offer” enrolls them in a monthly renewal program that automatically charges them $89.69 without any form of notification or authorization. There are also other hidden fees, such as for cancelation and restocking, that ensure no customer gets away without paying them some amount of money.

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Business of Core Skincare

Core Skincare is one of a network of skin care companies that operate using this particular model. They list multiple different parent companies and change their names frequently, having gone at different times by the names Kiara Skin, Skin Technologies, and Satin Youth, amongst others. Currently Core Skincare is listing their parent company as CoalCosmetic, and their contact info as:

Phone Number: (800) 958-5410

Address: 5404 Whitsett Ave. #128

Valley Village, CA, 91607

Email: [email protected]

CoalCosmetic and Core Skincare are two of the least reputable health and beauty brands in the country. There are hundreds of formal complaints out against them, and many former customers are currently threatening legal action.

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Customer Opinions of Core Skincare

While the most frequent complaint against Core Skincare is by people that feel as though they were manipulated with deceitful marketing practices, there were almost as many complaints about the quality o f the product itself. Amongst the many complaints lodged against them, these were some of the common themes:

“I thought when I first smelled this stuff that it was rancid. I put it on anyway, and then I knew that it was rancid for sure.”

“I have never encountered a worse skin care product. My face is still recovering after what you did to it.”

“Save yourself and your skin! This is honestly the worst skin cream I’ve ever seen, smelled, or touched.”

There were complaints on a number of different issues, ranging from the smell and texture of the cream to its various unpleasant effects that it has had on many different individuals.

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How Does Core Skincare Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Core Skincare
  • 30/100
Conclusion – Does Core Skincare Work?

Our team’s goal is to help our readers find a skin care products that are safe and effective for their needs, and to help them stay away from products that could take advantage of them or damage their skin. It is more gratifying to be able to recommend a quality product that can help someone, however it is just as important to keep readers away from products that could harm them.

Sadly, Core Skincare is one of the products that we must warn users to stay away from. The chemicals that they do tell us about are hazardous and ineffective, so one can only speculate about the nature of the ingredients that they are deliberately hiding.

The business model of Core Skincare is manipulative and disrespectful of its users, however it also shows that the manufacturers themselves have no faith in their product. If they did, they’d disclose what was in it and sell it at a fair, well-displayed price.

Our panel of experts recommends Kremotex to all of our readers still searching for a quality skin care product. It is an effective daily moisturizer that also stimulates collagen production and cellular activity.

Its blend includes apple stem cells, shea butter, and concentrated forms of vitamin A, C, and E. They publish all of their nutrition and product information online. Click here to see Kremotex’s full ingredients panel.

50 Responses to Core Skincare Review

Anonymous says:

Core Skincare Business Practice Is a SCAM. They do not tell you upfront that you are signing up for automatic withdrawal every month and the cost is ridiculous!!
After I got stuck having to pay $86 for the tiny sample and even though I called within their 14 day cancellation period (I called on the 15th day) they refused to refund me the amount.
I don’t care if this product cures their business practice is VERY SHADY !! Stay Away!!

Anonymous says:

Me too, I ordered 2 different products. I received it Feb. 4th and cancelled Feb 14th. They told me 14 days are from the day you order it. It took 4 phone calls and 3 emails before they would respond. They refuse to refund the 170$ they took from my account.

Anonymous says:

me as well this product is a total scam…I am out 170 dollars and nothing to show for it..

Anonymous says:

Very shady business practices. This is a SCAM. I have contested the charges with my credit card company.


absolute scam…does not work. the video on FB is sooo not real. do not fall for this product. I have now used it for 2 weeks. no changes…the company does not stand behind its product.

Liz says:

CORE SKINCARE? No thank you. Not only do I still have wrinkles, I was charged $90 bucks for a “free” sample two weeks after I agreed to try it out. Now I feel stupid for allowing myself to be scammed, AND I have wrinkles.

Mary says:

When I call to cancel my order I was assure that it was cancel. Got an email saying your shipment is on it way. I call but to tell them I had cancel my order, they said there was no records showing that I had canceled my order. Ask did I get a cancellation number, I said no he did not give me one. So, since they said they didn’t see a record of me calling l pay for a product that I had cancel, so be very careful when you call to cancel your order.

Amy Szymanski says:


Anonymous says:

They do that to me too same here.
I hate core skin care.

G says:

DON’T CLICK THE BUTTON! Total SCAM! Your free sample will cost an additional $90!

Vyeary says:

This is a scam as they got me too. They took 87.00 twice within 24 hours that I did not authorize. I’m calling today to demand my money back and after reading the other reviews I got a feeling they will refuse so I will continue to fight for my money back. What a scam !!!! I suggest anyone ordering from them to cancel your credit card immediately or it will happen to you too.

Lisa says:

I was COMPLETELY scammed! Was charged an additional $89.87 & $85.97!!! Went to my bank & they will not dispute the charges bc I gave Core Skin Care my debit information. Expensive lesson for this single mom!!!

Linda McGill says:

Same for me!!! Senior citizen!

Chelleb says:

Same here. I had to get my credit card company involved because they refused to refund my money. Less than 2 weeks after purchasing a free sample, they charged my CC $89.97.

Penny Bell says:

Dont give up. They are on Dr Oz today scam

Anonymous says:

I just had the same thing happen. Complete scam. I demanded my money back and when she said she would discount I hung up after threatening to call BBB. She called me back offering more of a discount. I told her no i want all of my money back and that I will go to the bank and have it reported. She then gave me 100% refund. TOTAL SCAM

Terri Rocovich says:

These people are total crooks and I have filed a complaint with the FTC against them. The don’t tell you about the auto membership when they entice you with a trial and then they charge outrageous amounts on your card and after several trials I had to block them with my cc company. On top of it their customer service person essentially told me I was stupid for not reading the fine print. I will never by from the internet again because of these scam artists and SHAME on Christy Brinkley and Dr. Oz for endorsing this crap. They should go to jail.

Anonymous says:

SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. These companies should be charged for their fraudulent practices!!!!!!!!! WARNING – This is a SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tonya E says:

Don’t buy this product. I don’t know how I started to receive this product and i didn’t go completely through the buying process, but when they got my credit card info that’s all they needed. I’m have a difficult time canceling this.

Nancy says:

It is worst thought I was getting the free sample. Now 2 Oz of terrible skin cream has cost me 400.00! They say they don’t give refunds even though I sent it back. Scam

Grizel says:

This is a scam!! They charged my card $84 and two more transactions of almost $90 each. I had to close my bank card and get a new one, cause I do not trust this shady business

K. Bidlack says:

Total scam. As stated by others, you pay $5 for a trial size & then they don’t let you know they auto send a small jar monthly for $94. The cream isn’t any better then any over the counter cream you could by at Walmart. Then the won’t let you return the cream you don’t want for a full refund!!

Janet MacD says:

I placed an order for the trial just today because the offer was linked to a story about Joanna Gaines from Fixer-Upper and made it sound like this is her company. After I ordered it I read this website and found that they have scammed a lot of people so I called my credit card company to see about getting the charges cancelled and the representative called the customer service at core and I spoke with him and he was very nice about cancelling my account. I had also inadvertently ordered the eye product because of the way the website is set up I clicked on the wrong thing and it instantly ordered me the eye product …. so just wanted to put my two cents worth in on the comments. Thank you

Anonymous says:

They are nice but they did charge you!

They did it to me!

Anonymous says:

Scam!!! Don’t buy!
They don’t charge you for trial but for full purchase price!

Rip off!!!

anonymous says:

After I clicked on the face cream “free” sample, I was taken to the eye care age. I didn’t want both so I backed out thinking the transaction was over. I received both in the mail, but figured it was only $11 so live and learn. Within a couple of days, not even waiting 14 days,I found two charges on my account of a good $90 each. Luckily, the bank thought it was suspicious and didn’t debit my account. The bank decided to block my account and I had to wait a week to get a new debit card.

Anonymous says:

I fell for this crap after getting an ad which portrayed this skincare line as Melanie Trump’s company for skincare. I thought i should give it a try , not realising that along with skincare , an eye cream got ordered. Still don’t remember how that happened. After looking at the charges for trial 4.95 and 5.97 something , 0.99 was automatically charged for insurance ?? WT ??

Clarinda wright says:

Samething happened to me..what a ripoff.

Pal says:

I fell for this crap after getting an ad which portrayed this skincare line as Melanie Trump’s company for skincare. I thought i should give it a try , not realising that along with skincare , an eye cream got ordered. Still don’t remember how that happened. After looking at the charges for trial 4.95 and 5.97 something , 0.99 was automatically charged for insurance ?? WT ?? I cancelled my subscription as I thought they will charge me monthly so I thought I was ahead of time to cancel it as my first trial order was on Apr 12th and I called on Apr 28th , the person on phone said its cancelled and I wont be billed. Now I see charges of 87 and 89$ for eye and skin creams. Called up and got to know since i cancelled after 14 days of trial , I am charged full price of those trial products . It was in the fine print it seems. Cant get a refund on that . So i am stuck with $160 face and eye cream which don’t seem to be working that well as yet . Quite a lesson learnt!!

kelli says:

Total SCAM!!!! Good luck trying to get your money back!!! I will be filing a claim with the better business bureau and I think a lawsuit to stop these business practices.

Deanna Sargent says:

This Core Skincare is a scam and I would like to know how to file a complaint against them for their marketing practices. They suck you in with what is supposed to be a free trial and in the fine print you agree that you have to cancel in 14 days. Sometimes you don’t even have the product in 14 days and that time period has passed and then you get automatically charged nearly 90.00 dollars for that free sample. I am so angry with this right now. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB for sure.

Anonymous says:

Damn same thing has happened to me. Was looking a getting a couple of gifts for my girlfriend for Mother’s Day. I did not consciously sign up for any free trial, and I did not want this Vitamin C cream and they sent it anyways, and freakin charged me $34.97 for it. Then they charged me $84.97 for this crappy product and now they refuse to refund my money. I am Soo fricken pissed about this. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. They are a scam. I am reporting and fighting this all the way…

anonymous says:

I can’t believe I thought they were only going to charge me for shipping and handling. They even
charged two separate shipping and handling charges when they sent both items in one box.
What a scam!!!!!!! I didn’t even order the eye cream, but they sent it and charged me for both.
They don’t know the definition of “trial”. They said that the 14 days trial period started when you
ordered it. How could I try it when I didn’t even have it yet. I have already called the BBB. What
a lesson I learned!!!!

Kathy says:

I found out the very hard and expensive way that Core Skin is a total ripoff. I found charges on my account for over $170 and immediately called the number provided regarding these charges. I was informed that the “sample” I requested came with a codesil that if not checked properly would be a monthly event. I did not read the fine print and have learned a very hard lesson. So, I am out all of this money for something THAT DOES NOT DO AS STATED. These folks are rip-off artists. Beware!!!!

Waka says:

Dont, dont, Dont lose your money!They charged me the 2nd payment 85 usd with nothing. The page url link not show you about z terms & condition but will charge you after you order the trial.

Anonymous says:

I got my “FREE” sample without even completing the application , they got all info. Up until my credit card , that’s when I closed the page , I knew better then that . So I thought . About 3-4 days later I got the samples with no paper work inside , I knew something was wrong , I googled the product and ended up calling my bank to find out , they already got two shipping fees and 34.00 for some vitamin c which I never got or even seen . I cancelled my cad to stop a 90.00 payment my bank told me would come out in two weeks, the I called the company to basically be told ” I must have given my credit card info.” I DID NOT . And this is what scares me . Ended up hanging up on the representative counted myself lucky. And I will NEver as much as click onto any page o don’t know again. Scam is putting it lightly.

Lisa Parker says:

This is a SCAM!!! Customer service is a JOKE! Refused refund!!!!They hit your card before the so called 14 day trial is up for over $200-$400 ridiculous!!!!

Jackie Martin says:

As everyone above, I was scammed into paying $89 twice for a sample I thought was only shipping fee. BUT what really concerns me is they had Joanna Gaines picture on add, which is only reason I trusted the order in first place.
In addition, I have two $91 charged pending my account. I am trying to cancel with my credit card company. I am so upset about this fraudulent company. Why can’t it be stopped or made to pay fines?

T. Powell says:

This product caused puffiness and redness.
So I used it one time. The company used unethical tactics to offer their trials. Then charged an additional 89.95 for their product. Initial cost was 12.00 for shipping. They are unethical! Do not fall do it!

T. Powell says:

Unethical business.
Ellen Degeneres must find out about this and stop it!
Refund all monies requested.

T. Powell says:

DO NOT try this.

It is a scam!

PIB says:

Worst product size charges customer care rude staff.
Scam run run run
You will have to fight for a month to get your money back if you paid w a credit card if you use your bank acct. Forget it they will not refund.
Cancel 2 days after order even if you do not receive your order
They will tell you that you did not cancel

Dona Phillips says:


A. Eckman says:

I too fell for this scam! I was not a happy camper. I didn’t realize it though until I did a little more research and saw all the complaints. I contacted my credit card company and they called the company while I was on the phone. We had a three way conversation and I got everything cancelled and refunded. They said that it was in the terms and conditions, and that I had 14 days to cancel the free trial. I saw nothing about terms and conditions or cancellation since I opted out of the monthly so called deal. My credit card company also stopped my current card and issued me a new number just so these BOZO’S don’t try to sneak anything else onto my account without my knowledge.

Mercedes Carretero says:

This just repeats itself i also got scammed for $200 they use the presidents wife n others to help sell the product …I also want to put a complaint they say in the fine print that they don’t have to give you a receipt for charges that they’re going to be charging your account they don’t have to send you proof of mailing or or any kind of tracking number it also shows if the post office received it before you did that is still considered receiving the item even if you did not get the product they can charge your account without telling you these people cannot be using the law like this something needs to happen its not ok BBB NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED

Angela Gonzalez says:

This product does not work, I’m very upset how this company manipulated people to steal money, Ill will do anything to get my money back, $89.97 to get Vaseline. Please do not buy this product. It is a scam.

Anonymous says:

I was wondering why my bank account was missing money, I called the bank and now am disputing it, as I did not authorized them to take any more money than that of the free trial. This has got to stop now. They are a bunch of crooks, and I will get my money back!
They will get payed in one form or the other, what a bunch of losers! SCAMERS

Jennie says:

Scam!! I fell for it too, as all above. I called them, demanded my money back of $90.00, when they refused, I threatened legal action, then they credited my credit card with $45.00. I’m a senior citizen & should have known better, but I felt better after yelling & insisting that I get some of my money returned.

Luz says:

I too was scammed, like the rest, it took about 12 days for me to receive the “so called” free trail and was charged for the face cream and the eye cream which I did not order, called company and they said trail period starts on the day the order is placed, arguing with them and threatening them only got me 45.00 reimbursement, I paid with a debit card so was out of luck, we should all get together and form a class action suit, this company needs to be shut down!

Clarinda wright says:

Something needs to be done about this fake company.they should be sued..

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