Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum is an anti-aging serum made with natural collagen cells for repairing skin. Intended users are those who have struggled with dry skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Apart from healing skin it is also made to firm and protect the skin from future damage. It even claims it can help one become completely wrinkle free. These benefits are said to come from its clinically studied ingredients. Our review experts have found that the most effective anti-wrinkle cream is Kremotex. It’s made up of natural ingredients shown to improve overall skin health. Users have also left glowing reviews to showcase its potent effects for all around skincare. For more on Kremotex, click the link provided here.

Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

No comprehensive ingredients list is provided, but here are some select additives mentioned. Here are a few of the mentioned ingredients:

Trylagen PCB Gatuline Vitamin E Vitamin D Dermis Protein
Collagen Cell

 Trylagen PCB: A blend of peptides and protein used to boost collagen, protect collagen, and help form a healthy combination of collagen.

This is a patented ingredient that has been around for some years.

Follow this link to see our experts list of the top 10 best anti-wrinkle solutions.

Gatuline: Patented ingredient made from the flowers of Acmella. It is made to help reduce sagging skin and wrinkles.

This additive helps firm and tighten skin and is free of any preservatives while being heat resistant.

Vitamin E: This vitamin when added to skin helps to stop free radicals from causing wrinkles and skin damage. It’s an important antioxidant source.

This can come in 8 different sources, each one which has their own use. Only tocopherol has been shown to produce the results needed for healthy human skin.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of vitamin E is added to this formula. There’s also no mention as to the full amount added.

Vitamin D: This important vitamin is used by the body to absorb calcium for proper bone formation. It can be used to treat skin conditions and improve metabolism. This includes things like vitiligo, psoriasis, lupus vulgaris, and many other symptoms.

Sun exposure is one way to receive this vitamin.  When taken as a supplement it can be potentially harmful in large amounts. As a topical aid it’s difficult to determine how much is added.

No information is provided by the creators of what amounts are added.

Dermis Protein: This is another way of saying collagen and elastin fibers which are found in the close layers of the skin. This is a broad term however, and it’s unclear exactly what it truly is.

Collagen Cell: The main kind of protein that is a connective tissue that gives skin their suppleness, firmness, and also helps renew skin cells. Follow the link provided to see our review experts list of the top 10 best anti-wrinkle creams.

Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum Quality of Ingredients

No full ingredients list is featured on their official website. Without this important piece of information you’re unable to determine what else is added to this mixture. It’s clear that something else has to be included, as there’s only a few ingredients mentioned, some of which are interchangeable.

Judging from the listed ingredients there are some good additives, but there needs to be more added to make it more of a comprehensive formula for all to use.

Without being able to look at all the ingredients you’re unable to decide if it’s truly a worthwhile formula. Provided in this link is a comprehensive list of the top 10 ranked anti-wrinkle creams.

The Price and Quality of Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum

There is no mention of the total price anywhere. In looking at their website they claim you have access to a trial. This practice can sometimes be a scam which looks to lock people into auto shipment programs.

When you actually click to learn more about their claimed trial, they redirect you to a completely different brand. This may be due to a lack of product, some sort of company change, or a potential scam. Either way, this is a very strange occurrence that does not speak well of the company.

You’re unable to decide what the quality is without being able to examine the ingredients and overall price.  Our review experts have crafted a top 10 list of the very best anti-wrinkle formulas.

Business of Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum

There is no company information at all. No contact information, money back return, or any sort of useful information.

A strange thing that happens when researching this company is that there are multiple websites for this brand. Each one uses the name of the brand but ends in .com, .org, or with a slightly different title.

They all happen to redirect to another skincare brand. This is a major issue as there’s no explanation as to why this is so. You also have no way of actually buying the actual product.

This is a questionable practice as it uses a full website to market a particular brand, but then another completely different product is offered.

Customer Opinions of Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum

There are only reviews provided by one website marketing this brand. It’s unclear if these are actually real or fabricated by the company.

The reason why the reviews might be forged is because there are no reviews anywhere else. Information about this brand is very limited. Typically, brands that lack any much of a presence wouldn’t have so many reviews available just from one source. They would be spread out instead of in one location. It’s particularly strange because it’s all on one website which isn’t very popular.

For our experts list of the top ranked anti-aging formulas, click this link.

How Does Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum
  • 26/100
Conclusion – Does Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum Work?

There is a complete lack of quality information that describing this serum is nearly impossible. Only a few ingredients are mentioned and there is no company information available. You’re unable to make an accurate judgement on whether or not this would be a good product. There is a claimed trial offered, but when clicking this link, you’re redirected to a completely different brand. You’re unable to actually learn about Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum without just looking at their advertising claims.

Our review experts have concluded the most effective anti-aging wrinkle solution is Kremotex. It has a natural blend of extracts including apple stem cells, shea butter, and macadamia oils. This is a healthy formula which can help prevent skin damage while repairing broken down collagen. These extracts have been shown in studies to have numerous benefits.

Users have provided both testimonials and before and after photos to showcase their results. It can help get rid of fine lines, uneven skin tone, crow’s feet, sagging skin, dark sports, and wrinkles. This is why our review experts have decided this was the best overall, its customer approved, made with quality ingredients, and shown to help promote healthier skin. Follow the link here to learn more about the top rated anti-wrinkle solution Kremotex.

36 Responses to Luxia No. 7 Collagen Serum Review

Monica defelice says:

They rip you off I purchased a free trial and was not told I would be billed 100 dollars for each serum and they won’t refund my money and they are rude and hang up on you when you call this is illegal I never agreed to pay for this but they took my money and won’t give it back it is a total scam I will be taking this further

Deborah W. says:

They did that to me as well, and never sent the product. Not only are the rep phone reps rude, but they tried to scare me into not using my bank to obtain the $200 refund that was stolen from my account. I reported them to my bank and had a refund within 2 days, and still have yet to see the product that they said had already shipped. That was November 2016, it is now March 2017.
My husband and I did some investigating and found that they’re address is in AZ, which is a virtual site and Luxia is illegally subleting space to other companies, which is against they’re rental agreement. So, we alerted they’re property managers.

Sandra Gonzalez says:

I had the same result,niw I do not dare to use the cream thinking that maybe the contents if it are not what they said.

Kathleen Rogers says:

I told I was going receive the product free pay shipping and handling. The next month they charged my visa card $176.00 and called them to get charges reversed and was told I would receive 30% refund in up to 30,days I requested supervisor and operator hung up on me called again and same thing I was hung up on I had to cancel my card and get my refund from visa ..crooks.

Kathleen Rogers says:

Crooks……do not give them your credit card number for shipping and handling for your free products because next month they will charge you $176.00 and when you call to get refund they hang up on you I turned over to visa to get my refund
By the way products dried my skin out after first week ,product doesn’t even work .next move is to report to better business bureau everyone should do the same ..put them out of business… Crooks..

Linda Anderson says:

Total scam. Don’t buy. They add charges not explained and refuse to refund purchase price. Offered 30% refund if I did not report them. Not sure what else to do except post on this site. Buyer beware

Pamela Cole says:

SCAM…do not purchase. Product is poor quality cream. Not at all special. Leaves skin feeling dry. Missed the two week trial cancellation because I wasn’t aware of this deadline. They charged my credit card twice, one for cream and one for serum, for $97.41 and $98.41. Called to dispute charges and was told too late, nothing you can do because you missed the two week deadline. Already filed a charge dispute with my credit card company and as soon as I find Luxia’s street address I will file a dispute with the BBB.

Carolyn Quick says:

This is a scam I ordered this free trial didn’t see where it is automatically sent every month my bank called me about the charges I called there number to cancel they said it was to late even though I found their terms said you had 18 days from order date to cancel it had been 14 days they refused to give my money back right at $200 they were rude and hung up on me

Anonymous says:

Scam!!!! Charged my cc after I’d only had product for 1 week. I’m filing a dispute w my bank but I have to wait for $ to clear first. The people I spoke to were rude and hung up on me.

Lori Best says:

Do not buy this!!! It is a scam. It’s is NOT a free trial. They will charge your card (debit or credit) $200 within 14 days of your first order. Not if when you receive your”trial” as they call it. The whole thing is a fraud. First of all, no where on the site does it say that I’m joining a monthly skin cream club. Second of all, Christie Brinkley had her name attached to what I bought. They should be in trouble for that, too. I’m so angry about this theft and scam of my paltry little checking account. They even overdrew my balance causing an additional$36 charge to my account

Anonymous says:

Same as above! Scam. Never saw 14 days return or cancel. Paperwork they sent me says 30 day returns so I called to find out where to send back and they said they don’t accept open product for return!!! Filed disputed with CC company.

Nancy says:

No where to it say that you have 14 days too cancel. Almost $200 added to credit card. Each product at different number. Both numbers they hung up on me. Refused to return money. The biggest joke was they offered 80% off on all future orders.

Shari says:

Same here….
100 dollars gone and this junk doesn’t work.
Life Lesson

Anonymous says:

I was just scammed out of $196.82. It is a scam!!!!!!!! There was never a 14 days return or cancel offered.

Pamela M Metz says:

Scam alert!!!! I got 2 charges on my cc from them totaling almost $200. I called and they hung up on me after I told them I was going to dispute the charges, and call the BBB. They actually called me back and said they would refund 50 percent of each charge. I never had time to see if the cream even worked. Even if it does work I don’t do business with thieves. If someone finds out their address please post it so I can put it in my report.



Bibe318 says:

Info on bottle says Distributed by:

Crazy Margo,LLC, Phoenix,AZ85004

phone 877-721-3344

Phone prefix is commonly associated with telephone scams, unable to locate owner of this one.

Debbi says:

This is an illegal company…very poor ethics.Their cream is no better than any others.It is impossible to even find out anything about the company.They aoso charged my credit card and would not even let me return the unooened package.They hang up on you when you call to complain.

Shawn says:

Wish I would have read these comments before I ordered my “free” trial! I just received my products am not even going to open them. I just emailed the company at 2 separate emails I could find requesting a return merchandise authorization to send them back and requested all future shipments be canceled. I had no idea I was signing up for an auto ship until I read these comments! My order date was only 7 days ago. I’ll let you all know what transpires!

Christina Elias says:

BEWARE!!!!! IF you don’t read the fine print you will be charged the full amount of your “free trial” 2 weeks after you order which will give you only under a week to actually try it!!! I was one of the ones that didn’t read the fine print and when I tried to cancel they said they wouldn’t return my money because I opened the product!!!! Really?!??? How I am supposed to try it then? It’s a scam!!!! I cancelled my subscription and they still tried to take money out of my bank 5 other times in the last 3 months!!!!! Make sure you check your accounts if you decide to cancel… This has been nothing but a nightmare for something that doesn’t even work!!!

Anonymous says:


Sabrina says:

Same as the above total scam! Luxia needs to be put out of business for misleading and ripping people off! I returned the serum to the Luxia Co. and there has not been a return to my CC. They asked me for the tracking number of the pkg and made it sound like it was my problem now. Out $$$. Not pleased with their product at all!!! Reporting to BBB.

Nancy Cantatore says:

DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY! I called a month later to cancel subscription. Whoever I spoke to gave me a cancellation number but did not cancel. I had to call again a month later. The man I talked to said there was no record of my call and they would not refund any money. They charged 97.41 four times but I only received product 3 times. I’m cancelling my credit card to make sure they don’t charge again.

christine says:

i had my credit card company put a block on the VENDORS – they are tricky and charge you under 2 vendors (my skin…. something something and my lux) for the instant lift ad miracle eyes and hydrofirm cream and collagen serum respectively

I’ve called 3 times and they will NOT stop charging and sending!!!

Rita Arnold says:

If it is too good to be true…..then it is. I did this once with another product and after arguing with them they gave me a small partial refund when I said I would re-order when I needed it because I liked it so far. SO I LIED. But it gave me time to cancel my Debit Card so they couldn’t chg me again. After they couldn’t get any $$$$ from a canceled card…..guess who was calling me? I yelled at them as they had done me …oh yeah, HUNG UP on them too. Can’t believe the SHARK TANK invested in this and is letting it happen ( if they know abt it ). They must know! SHAME ON EVERYONE INVOLVED! Always Google & investigate. Who are they? Where are they? Google the address. Check the BBB listing. And more! Be careful ladies, we work toooooo hard for the money! I think that is a SONG!

Lecia says:

I was also a victim of this scam. I am trying to backpeddle and find the original info I had when I placed my order, which was FREE + shipping charges. I know that when this ad showed up, Joanna Gaines’s name was attached to it…I am a big fan of hers and that was what pulled me in! When I tracked back to her site, this isn’t even the product she is promoting! One hell of a scam they’ve got going here! BBB to be contacted for sure! I just hope that anyone else thinking of trying this product will be smarter than I and Google it, and will be able to read all of our comments and not get suckered in to this scam!

Anonymous says:

Do not send for the free sample, you will be charged $98.41 each month. I called and the gal and she hung up on me. This is a scam. BEWARE

Nancy says:

I have requested they stop sending me these products. They say they will and then I receive more. This does not stop immediately and a refund issued I will file a complaint with the BBB and use every on line source to let people know this is a scam.

anonymous says:


Lori says:

They stole my money too!! They billed me 300.00 and never received product!!

Roberta L. WAIN-BECKER says:

I was charged $98 and 97 and had no idea I was obligated to that when I check ed the box:
You have won, pick a prize. This is such a rip off, I will report you to the BBB and do all I can to get my money refunded. you must not cheat the public like that.I had the subscription i didn’t know I signed up for, cancelled. I want a full refund and I agree with the person that we should not even try the product since we can’t trust what is in it,. They are cheaters, and deceive you!

Carole says:

I was also scammed. They have my charge number and now I have to pay Discover almost two hundred dollars because I did not call them in 14 days. It was a free trial but you had to pay shipping and handling. The free trial (1oz each) is almost $100 each if you don’t call within the 14 days. No manager to talk to and he even said the CEO would tell me the same thing! Big, big scam….so if you want to throw away $200 buy this product.

Anonymous says:

Carol S. I too was sucked into believing there are still honest people in this world.
I feel sorry for the people who work for this company. I am 83 years old and still believe
there are still some good, honest, people left in this world. I have been charged 98.41
on my CC and have nothing to show for it. Don’t know how they sleep at night.
the address on the trial bottle is Crazy Margo, LLC, Phoenix ,AZ. phone 877-721-3344

D. Adwar says:

I really got ripped off this time. I never heard of a free trial that starts at time of shipment. How can you test a product while it is still in that mail. Shame on you DhRk Tank for endorsing this company! Anyone fine a way to contact company? Customer service was no help.

Crystal says:

Scam They got me good for a couple hundred dollars off the damn samples and then I’ll call their customer service and they hung up on me I would never buy anything from this product I think there are missed represented.

SMC says:

My mom ordered this on a “free trial” basis. Sons of B’s nearly REFUSED to accept her request to cancel when she called. I was ready to yank the phone from her because when she told them her opinion of their “scam”, the rep. started to offer her lower cost on product. She continued to say, “no”, and he continued to “barter”. Someone needs to do something about these idiots. I hate to admit this… I mean REALLY hate to admit it, but I tried it and liked it! I would NEVER to business with an unethical company such as this and would rather have leather skin than purchase from them. I’m having my mom call the cc company to report them and I hope you all do the same. Better Business Bureau might be another way to go…………Also, certain states have laws that protect the consumers. I believe Maine is one of them and I totally forget what the law is called.

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