Amore Skin Review (UPDATED 2021): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Amore Skin is a skin care product that advertises itself as a moisturizer and anti-aging treatment.

It’s designed to deliver nutrients for the skin evenly and deeply, trying to ensure that as many cells are affected as possible. They compare their product to Botox for its ability to lift and firm the skin, and they further claim that it can increase collagen production.

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Amore Skin Ingredients and Side Effects

Amore Skin does not choose to publish their ingredients anywhere on their website or in their promotional materials. They have lots of information about the effects of their product and they have vague references to “vitamins” and “antioxidants,” however those are incredibly vague terms that could literally apply to thousands of different additives.

Some of those thousands of ingredients are safe, some can have serious negative consequences, and some it depends on who you are and how you use them to determine if they are safe or effective. Unless Amore Skin becomes more specific in their product information then there is no way to tell. They only mention one ingredient specifically by name:


 QuSomes: Tiny spherical molecular structures that act as delivery agents for other chemicals. QuSomes have no nutritional or therapeutic value themselves, they only help the skin receive and absorb other chemicals.

Many chemicals are too large to be easily or evenly absorbed by the skin. QuSomes can help by helping the larger chemicals penetrate the tough dermal layer, regularly delivering their chemical loads to the cells as they go. This helps more skin cells get more effect from whatever other additives are in the product along with the QuSomes.

There are some concerns about the effect of QuSomes long-term. Some skin care specialists are worried about over-absorption of ingredients, and others have concerns about what happens to the QuSomes themselves over time.

The skin is, primarily, a protective layer that serves to keep out chemicals and environmental factors that should be kept out. QuSomes make the skin vulnerable to absorbing elements that it would otherwise never admit.

Additionally, nobody knows what happens to the tiny little bubbles after they have delivered their cargo. They are not absorbed by the skin themselves, so they just accumulate there. There has not been time for there to even be a five-year study into the effects of prolonged, regular QuSome use, so it is impossible to say how safe they are.

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Amore Skin Quality of Ingredients

It is impossible to recommend a skin care product if you do not know what is in it. The ingredients are the major factor that decides whether a product is effective or not, and which users it is safe for. Without this information it is impossible to make these assessments, however the fact alone that Amore Skin does not publish their ingredients does give us some information about the kind of product it is.

Manufacturers of high-end products with quality ingredients in them are excited for the opportunity to show this fact to their customers. They relish the chance to compare their product to others on the market because they believe that consumers, if given information and the ability to choose, will choose their product.

Manufactures of sub-standard products, on the other hand, usually do their best to hide what is in their products to avoid these unflattering comparisons. Instead, they are more likely to highlight single fad ingredients that consumers may be drawn to.

QuSomes are an example of just such an ingredient. They are very new and there is little information about any negative side effects, and so it is easy to overhype their powers. They do not actually do anything themselves, and so there is really no way to tell how effective thy could be unless you know what other chemicals it is interacting with.

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The Price and Quality of Amore Skin

There is no listed price for a single unit of Amore Skin. It is not sold in any stores and there are no third party retailers that carry it. You cannot even purchase it directly from their homepage. Amore Skin only gives potential customers one option for trying their product: sign up for their “Free Trial Offer.”

The “Free Trial Offer” is misleading to customers as it is not a free trial at all, but rather an enrollment form for an automatic renewal program. If users check the Terms link at the bottom of the page they will find in a block of legal text the information that signing up for this allows them to charge your credit card $94.40 per month.

This figure is far larger than what products of this nature are sold for on the open market. If users were aware that they were being charged this amount then there is no way that they would agree to sign up for the program.

Amore Skin does not notify users when they are charging them, and according to many accounts from ex-customers they don’t even send the product after the first time, they just continue to charge users’ cards until they realize what is happening and cancel the program – which also comes with a fee. Many former customers report having to cancel their credit cards in order to get Amore Skin to stop charging them.

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Business of Amore Skin

Amore Skin is part of a network of skin care brands that all share the same dishonest marketing model. They list multiple different parent companies including Keele Sheppard, Abella Mayfair, and Coal Cosmetic. Amore Skin lists their contact information as:

Phone Number: (866) 981-5685

Address: PO Box 50509

3364 Keele St.

Downsview, ON M3J 3LO

Email: [email protected]

The Federal Trade Commission has formally contacted Amore Skin and their affiliates multiple times about their policies, as has the Better Business Bureau. There is no evidence that Amore Skin has ever responded to these requests, however there are also no pending lawsuits against them at this time.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Amore Skin

Customers online have voiced their displeasure not only with the business practices of Amore Skin, but also with the product that they were sent itself. There were complaints about nearly every aspect of Amore Skin, with many user responses similar to these:

“I have never in my life been so offended by a skin care product. I just cannot believe they think this junk is acceptable to sell to people.”

“I don’t know if Amore works for other people, but for me it just kept making me break out. I tried for a couple weeks, then I just threw it out.

“I should have known from the rancid smell that this stuff wouldn’t work. I tried it anyway, and oh boy was that a mistake – my face got inflamed like crazy.”

Customers critiqued the texture, smell, and appearance of the cream, the way that it burned on contact with their skin, and they listed multiple different types of side effects including redness, acne, dryness, flaking, and small non-acne growths.

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How Does Amore Skin Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Amore Skin
  • 33/100
Conclusion – Does Amore Skin Work?

In order for our team of experts to be able to feel comfortable recommending a product they have to know what is in it, what effects it will reasonably have on a user, and whether or not it is being offered at a fair price. Amore Skin does not meet any of these criteria.

It is unreasonable to expect a person to use a personal care product whose contents you are unwilling to disclose. Our team strongly encourages our readers to always read the ingredients label of any personal care product that they use in order to ensure that it is safe, effective, and applicable for your specific needs.

Different skins require different ingredients. Even if a user is not allergic to certain ingredients, they will undoubtedly tolerate some better than others, and they will have their specific skin care needs met more thoroughly and efficiently by some additives.

It is also critical to know that a company is not using any harmful ingredients in their products or additives that can have unpleasant side effects. If the do not tell you everything that is in a product than you have no knowledge of what is not in a product.

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