Bella Gold Serum Review (UPDATED 2021): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Bella Gold Serum is a lightweight facial care product designed for deep penetration and fast absorption.

Their advertising claims that Bella Gold Serum can improve collagen levels and reduce wrinkle depth, leading to a younger, healthier appearance. They also say that it smoothes skin and relaxes muscles starting within minutes of application.

Our panel of beauty and wellness experts believes that the most effective skin care product is Kremotex.

It has been formulated for daily use and is a proven moisturizer, wrinkle reducer, and pore tightener. Click here for the full ingredients list of Kremotex.

Bella Gold Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Bella Gold Serum does not list their ingredients anywhere online. They do not post it on their website, they are not sold through any independent retailers that might post their ingredients, and no customers have posted anything about the contents of Bella Gold Serum.

The only indications that we have about what goes into Bella Gold Serum’s proprietary blend are whet they briefly mention in their advertising. The only products that they allude to are:

QuSomes Botox Alternatives

 QuSomes: A form of spherical molecules that act as a delivery system for other ingredients. QuSomes have no nutritional or health value of their own, but they can aid in the depth and distribution of the absorption of other products.

QuSomes are very recently synthesized and the only study that we have about their safety and effects comes from their manufacturer. They claim that the way that QuSomes work is that they bond chemically with the other elements in the skin cream and then their spheroidal structure allows them to penetrate deep into the dermis, regularly distributing the rest of the blend as they go.

There have been some concerns about the safety of QuSomes raised by third-party consumer advocacy groups. They are worried both about the accumulation of QuSomes over time and about the dangers of over-absorption.

Some of the skin care products that are most frequently used with QuSomes are so-called “injectionless Botox” additives such as argireline and other topical muscle relaxants. When these are absorbed into the dermis over time they can potentially have some serious health consequences for the skin.

Scientists are also unsure about what happens to the QuSome structures over time. They are not fully absorbed by the skin and so there is concern that the accumulation could have some kind of impact, however the product is so new that we have never seen what even five years of regular QuSome use does.

Botox Alternatives: Bella Gold Serum is one of the products that uses QuSomes to deliver doses of a form of muscle relaxing chemicals that bill themselves as injectionless alternatives to the popular facial treatment Botox.

They are not specific about what this chemical may be, however there are several products on the market right now that describe themselves like this, including argireline and gatuline, the two most popular varieties. While each of these Botox alternatives is slightly different, they all tend to function in the same way.

Topical Botox alternatives tend to be neuro-inhibitors that cause the facial muscles to relax, which in turn smoothes out the skin. This is the same effect that Botox has, however the injections that it comes in can wreak havoc on the skin in terms of swelling, clotting, “cottage cheese” deposits, and nerve death.

These alternatives claim that they can get the effects without the delivery system, however they tend to underestimate the fact that there is a reason such an invasive procedure is required. If the chemicals are not delivered directly to the muscle, they stay in the skin, where they can have some serious and counter-indicative consequences.

When skin cells absorb the paralytic chemicals, it slows and stops their metabolic processes. Cells can die and become deformed. This disrupts the regular healthy structure that the skin cells are arrayed in and leads to sagging, dull, damaged skin.

Some studies have also traced cases of nerve death back to overuse of topical Botox alternatives, permanently altering the users’ ability to express themselves facially. There are also cancer worries about argireline specifically, as well as concerns about organ toxicity, however it is difficult to even say what in particular users should watch for when we do not know what is in a given product.

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Bella Gold Serum Quality of Ingredients

Our team of health and wellness experts do not recommend any of the products that are currently billing themselves as “injectionless Botox” due to both concerns about how effective they are and how safe they are long term

The dermis is tough and highly absorbent – its job is to protect the muscles and internal organs from absorbing external; chemicals, even the ones that we are applying on purpose. It is debatable how much of a topical Botox alternative even makes it to the muscle tissue it needs to reach in order to be effective, however it is not debatable that in that process the majority of the chemical is absorbed into the skin.

The information about the long-term effects on the skin – actually speeding up aging effects instead of slowing down – and on the nervous system – not something to ever trifle with – were too great to be ignored.

That aside, our team cannot recommend any product that will not publish their full ingredients list. Too many companies use unsafe and ineffective additives to just trust that they have a reason for not telling their customers what they are putting onto their bodies.

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The Price and Quality of Bella Gold Serum

Bella Gold Serum does not have a price that they retail for per unit. Instead, users are only offered one option, which is to sign up for a “Free Trial Offer.”

This is actually a misleading title, because the offer rarely ends up being free for most users. Signing up for it actually enrolls customers in an automatic billing program that charges them $89.69 per month.

Many customers had no idea that this was the case, often ending up paying hundreds of dollars for products that they did not want. There are also a number of other fees related to the program ensuring that almost every user will have to pay something.

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Business of Bella Gold Serum

Bella Gold Serum is part of a network of skin care products that are notorious in the industry for their low quality skin creams and manipulative business model. The operate under a number of different names, such as Skin Noir, Skin Technologies, and Dos Hermanos, LLC, but Bella Gold Serum lists their parent company as Coal Cosmetics and their contact info as:

Phone Number: (800) 958-5410

Address: 5404 Whitsett Ave #128

Valley Village, California, 91607

Email: [email protected]

Former customers have filed hundreds of complaints against Bella Gold Serum and Coal Cosmetics with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission; however there is no evidence that formal actions against them have been taken.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Bella Gold Serum

There are hundreds of people that are furious with Bella Gold Serum for using what they perceive to be an unfair and manipulative business model. There are also quite a few people that are upset with them because they feel like the products themselves were sub-standard. Those complaints were similar to these:

“After Bella Gold dried on my face it felt like I’d walked through a series of spiderwebs, each one grittier than the next. And then the breakouts began.

“I should have known from the rancid smell that I shouldn’t have put the stuff on, but I did anyway and I regret it. I started growing little nodes – not pimples, like hard little balls – underneath my skin.”

“This stuff is gross and does not work. Save your skin and use something else.”

The reviews highlighted a number of issues with the product, from its smell and texture to general ineffectiveness and a wide variety of different side effects.

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How Does Bella Gold Serum Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Bella Gold Serum
  • 39/100
Conclusion – Does Bella Gold Serum Work?

Our team takes its responsibility to identify quality products from trustworthy companies seriously. We look for reliable ingredients, fair pricing, and customer satisfaction, as well as a commitment to health and wellness in their clients.

By every one of these metrics Bella Gold Serum is inadequate. They do not disclose most of the ingredients in their product, and the ones that they do mention are not ingredients that our team recommends.

They also keep the actual costs of their product secret and try instead to trick customers into giving them money. They use a business model and have a history of customer relations that are inappropriate and substandard at best. Our team encourages all of our readers to avoid Bella Gold Serum and all affiliated companies.

They do recommend that our readers looking for a daily facial care product try Kremotex. Their blend of apple stem cells, shea butter, and other proven effective additives works to help stimulate the skin’s natural defense functions.

Many brands focus on appearance only, but they focus on the entire dermal system. Cellular health, collagen generation, and moisture retention are far more important than fillers and optical illusions. Click here to see before and after pictures of Kremotex users.

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