NuVitaSkin Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

NuVitaSkin is an anti-wrinkle formula made with what’s claimed to be scientifically studied all natural ingredients. Intended benefits include improved collagen production, less wrinkles, improved appearance of dark circles, and overall more youthful skin.

It is meant to firm skin with its serum of antioxidants and immune boosters. Other benefits include getting rid of debris and evening skin tone while improving dull skin. They even provide a graph to showcase the percentage of possible results. Our review experts have concluded the best anti-aging formula is Kremotex.

It has a potent all natural formula shown to help provide numerous benefits. Follow the link here to learn more about the benefits of Kremotex.

NuVitaSkin Ingredients and Side Effects

No ingredients list is provide anywhere. Instead of mentioning any of the additives, the official website says:

“contains topical immune boosters and antioxidants”

“result is a younger and more beautiful you”

This makes it impossible to predict what’s added however, as there are many kinds of additives which can be antioxidants and immune boosters. This can range from additives which are actually beneficial, to potentially dangerous or ineffective ingredients. There are simply too many possible combinations and types of additives which can be used.

Without being able to review the ingredients list, you’re unable to determine:

  • Overall effectiveness. With so many varieties of ingredients, it’s impossible to determine if it truly has anti-aging benefits without looking at what’s added.
  • Whether or not it’s truly safe. There’s a possibility for redness, swelling, itching, irritation, and other side effects for particular additives.
  • How well it will absorb. Certain mixtures of ingredients can make an entire formula actually apply with ease. There are certain additives which do not stay on the skin for long periods, as they brush off or do not blend well.

There needs to be some sort of knowledge about what’s added to determine what it will do.  This brand is questionable and potentially useless or dangerous additives without an ingredients list. Provided in this link is our experts list featuring the top 10 best anti-aging brands.

NuVitaSkin Quality of Ingredients

You’re not able to determine if the ingredients are right for you without looking at what’s added.

This is a major concern as there are potential side effects and a possibility for a lack of any positive effects.

A graph is also offered which shows the following:

  • 89% Tightens & Smoothens skin.
  • 94% Decrease in Wrinkles & Fine Lines.
  • 84% Decrease in appearance of Dark Circles.

It’s unclear exactly what they are comparing these numbers to.  It could be that they ran clinical studies to show before and after improvements, but it’s impossible to determine for certain.  No information is cited to help users learn about what they can truly expect.

Without being able to look at any of the ingredients list it’s simply impossible for one to determine for certain if this is a proper working formula. Click this link to see our experts list featuring the very best anti-wrinkle formulas on the market.

The Price and Quality of NuVitaSkin

When you try to click the official websites link to actually learn more about pricing, they redirect you to another unaffiliated website. Trial offers are often associated with what’s known as an auto renewal program. They force people to month to month contracts which can be difficult to escape from.

It’s not a good sign that this brand takes you to another unaffiliated website. This new product has another page of advertising and it’s unclear why this is so. It could be that they no longer make this brand anymore, or they are looking to push the sales of another brand.

In either case, it makes it impossible for users to actually purchase this product.

Another major issue is in trying to determine the overall quality. It’s impossible for anyone to actually make an educated decision on the use of this brand, since no ingredients list is cited anywhere. Follow the link here for our experts list of the very best anti-wrinkle formulas.

Business of NuVitaSkin

There is no company information cited anywhere. Strangely enough, there are two separate websites which market this brand, each one with the name of the product in its website. They both redirect to another unaffiliated product.

There is no mention of any sort of company contact information such as a phone number, email, or any sort of important contact details. So you’re not able to learn more about this brand, nor are you able to actually talk to someone to learn about where to actually get NuVitaSkin.

It’s all very confusing and there’s no way to actually sort out the facts. Click the link to see a comprehensive list featuring the very best anti-wrinkle creams out.

Customer Opinions of NuVitaSkin

No testimonials, before and after photos, or any sort of customer reviews are available anywhere. This makes it impossible to try and see what a general consensus is on whether or not this formula actually works.

You’re not able to see if it’s safe, actually has long lasting benefits, or what kind of use it has. This is a very concerning fact as there’s no evidence or reason to believe this is an actually effective anti-wrinkle solution.

All there is to go on are vague marketing claims that are many by similar other products. No actual facts are available to help one determine if what they’re buying is actually going to work as intended. Our review experts have created a list showcasing the top 10 best anti-wrinkle formulas out now.

How Does NuVitaSkin Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • NuVitaSkin
  • 31/100
Conclusion – Does NuVitaSkin Work?

It’s not possible to try and see if NuVitaSkin is actually a well performing brand. No customer reviews, ingredients list, or any sort of evidence is provided to help one make an informed decision. There are far too many unanswered questions that need to be answered before deciding on this product. There are many marketing claims made, but this is not enough to ensure what you’re buying is safe, usable, and likely to work.  Also confusing is the fact that the official website redirects to a completely different product, instead of offering their marketed brand. This could be the workings of some sort of scam, and no indication is provided that this is a reliable company or product.

In reviewing several kinds of anti-aging formulas, our review experts found that Kremotex delivered the best results. It has a studies formula of shea butter, macadamia oils, and apple stem cells which have numerous skincare benefits. They can not only protect the skin from future damage, but they also have shown the ability to regenerate skin. Common things like UV rays, environmental damage, and regular aging are all things which Kremotex can help treat.

Users have also provided their own before and after photos to help showcase how effective it is at providing anti-wrinkle support. They’ve said it applies with ease without clogging skin, being too oily, or having an overly thick or watery texture. It can help treat uneven skin tone, fine lines, crow’s feet, sagging skin, dark circles, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Discover more about Kremotex by following the link cited here.

38 Responses to NuVitaSkin Review

Rafael Garcia says:

Hello everyone.
If I don’t like your product, what do I do? Am I going to be billed? I’d like information about it please.

Janet Maiva says:

first: THEY SENT ME THE wrong “FREE” PRODUCT I got eye repair NOT Anti Ageing SKIN CREAM
then on 4/14 I got TWO huge charges on my credit card: $79.99 and $89,99 which I never ordered.
I called my credit card company on 4/30 and reported it and they IMMEDIATELY contacted the company and advised the charges were not valid! THEN I found the phone number (needed a magnifying glass to read) 888-205-0735. I called them – they verified that the CREDIT CARD
company already refused to pay the charges in my defense and they did give me a cancellation number. ANYWAY they ALSO said they would not ship the additional products – I CALLED TWO WEEKS AFTER the charges were put on my card and the hadn’t even shipped the items. I BELIEVE that is FRAUD!!!!!
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – I don’t believe their produce even works! the ingredients on the label are THE SAME as 5 OTHER “Free Samples” I received from other e-mail sites – I certainly won’t use web sites to order any more products – seems like ALL are FRAUDS!

Rshoes2 says:

Thank you for this info. I called my credit card company who told me to wait until the $89.99 charge posted & then dispute it. I did not want to wait so I called this 888 #. After being offered a 50% discount & then a 70% discount I insisted on a cancellation & got a number from them. I will now see if that happens this week as I will be checking my account daily.

Carrie says:

I tried set out to try one item now I’m seeing multiple billing on my acct if I cannot get a hold of someone about this scam I am taking this to the local news!

Carrie says:

I ordered 1 trial now I see multiple items charged to my acct if I cannot get a hold of someone soon I will be visiting the local news about this SCAM

Tricia Brown says:

I also ordered the “free trial” for shipping fee of $5.99, I am now being billed $79.99 and $89.99, my bank notified me of these charges and I reported them as FRAUD. I did not agree to purchase the full item before being able to do the “trial”. I went back to the website and it does not disclose the length of the trial or the actual cost you will ‘automatically’ be billed. I also called the company which debited my bank acct. under the name Luxuriosserrum (ph# 888-205-0735 and 888-466-3047) and they argued that they don’t have free trials and by accepting shipment you are responsible for the full cost and the trial is only 7 days, after that the product is yours and you will have to pay full price for it. They accept no responsibility for misleading advertisement or consumer fraud. The customer service rep gave me an address to return the product but a re-stocking fee will be charged yet he could not tell me what it was! Here’s the address 10960 Boatman Ave Stanton, CA 90680. Your bank will receive a debit from Luxuriosserrum but the product Nuvitaskin is distributed for Liquid Enterprises LLC which is printed on the product. I hope this helps prevent someone else from falling in to this SCAM. I should have researched the product better, I now see others have reported the same issues.

Anonymous says:

Thankyou a fraud..

Molly says:

The same thing happen to me! I pray that the company go out of business

Anonymous says:

me too big scam finally got a hold of someone in India took forever to learn how to return the products they charged me for that I did not want bad so so bad what a scam and a fraud shame shame on the show shark tank too. so so bad on so many levels got my credit card company to block them I know i returned the products they sent with traacking as they explained I know thi s is going to be a battle for the 170.00 charged to my account fraud big fraud and I used my free samples worst stuff ever does nothing.

Anonymous says:

Thank you this answers a lot of questions for me

Annette says:

Thank you for sharing all of this information. I was trying to find all of this info and also couldn’t find it anyplace on their sites or the site that I ordered the free trial. So I greatly appreciate you sharing it on here. I am one that does my do diligence usually before hitting the final confirm order button but this site gave me some issues.
I tried to say no thank you to the moisturizer but it wouldn’t let me.
I called them when I saw the phone number on here, which was approximately 30 mins after I placed my order. I told them everything that happened. They ended up extending my free trial and gave me a major discount on both products. It’s well worth the time to call and talk to them nicely if you want to try the products. And if you don’t want to try it just call and they’ll cancel your order. They were going to do that for me if I wanted to.
They did apologize numerous times for it being so difficult to find all the information I should need to get hold of them besides the service agreement. They thought it was at the bottom of the page. I told them “NO it’s not”.
I called the number 1-888-205-0735 and I can now cancel any time I want to.

Richard Waddell says:

My experience is similar to Tricia’s I was told by the customer service person the trial was 7 days from the time of the order. However as I’ve listed below the stated trial offer is 14 days on their website. The published terms and conditions say you must cancel “before the end of 14 days” or you will be charged for the trial product. They also claim that if you cancel within that 14 days you can keep the trial product.
I had my credit card charged at about 3:00am on the morning of the 14th day. i called the toll free number on the packing slip at 9:50am that morning to cancel. i was told once it was billed it was to late and was only offered a refund with a restocking fee of $10 per product. That was $20 in my case. Even though my 14 days was not up until midnight that night, they refused to honor their written agreement.
If I had not been within the limits of the agreement I would accept the responsibility of paying the cost, even thought that wasn’t stated at the time. Now I’ll have to see if they’ll honor the refund they offered.

Auto Shipments and billing section of Nuvitaskin “terms and conditions”;
2.1 Your order will be shipped within 24 hours and arrive within 2-4 business days. You are ordering a 14 day trial period (10 days trial + 4 days shipping) of NuVita Skin. You only pay $5.95 in shipping today. If you like the product, do nothing and 14 days (10 days trial + 4 days shipping) from the original purchase day, you will be charged $89.99. You understand you will also be enrolled in our auto-shipment program. Every 30 days from your original purchase date, you will recieve and new 30 day supply of NuVita Skin. If you do not cancel before the end of the 14 days (10 days trial + 4 days shipping), you will be charged $89.99 for the trial product in hand, and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent a new bottle of product and be charged $89.99 plus $5.95 shipping and handling until you cancel. You may cancel at any time with no further obligation by calling our customer service number (888) 511-1912. If you wish to cancel during your trial, simply call the customer service number and ask them to cancel. You will not be charged anything else and the trial product is yours to keep. All you will be charged is $5.95 for shipping and handling, which is not refundable. Customer Serivce: (888) 511-1912 Monday through Friday between the hours of 24 hours a day.

Chantal says:

Same thing happened to me. It is not a 14 days trial it is deceptive advertising.
It is saddening to see that people can get away with these kind of scams.
Hopefully more victims will post their story to prevent others to get caught in their spiderweb!

D Schmidt says:

Cindy Crawford does the same thing – it’s all auto renew. Worked a out as well as this apparently does and just as difficult to get out of it

JD says:

SCAM! Watch out for the auto renew they don’t tell you about.
A pop-up ad for skin cream came up on Facebook along with a “commercial” about it. It offered a free lotion (only 2 left!) and to claim it click. I read everything over, it didn’t say anything about getting more product, or “auto renew.” I don’t buy products that have an auto-renew feature and I specifically looked for anything like that. There was nothing. So I placed the order. Then, for only $5.95 shipping, I was able to order their eye cream to try, which I elected to do. So far, they have debited my account for (2) different charges of $89.99 each and one charge of $79.99. I got the phone number of the company from the bank where I am reporting, blocking and disputing this as I didn’t authorize it. I called this scam company. They insisted that by accepting the offer and not returning it, I owned it and agreed to auto renew. I told them there was nothing on the pop-up ad about that, no way to contact them on that ad, nothing on the packing slip that came with their samples, not even their contact info.
She (Christie) said another order had just shipped, they don’t give refunds but on the one that just shipped on 3/24…note, I called them on 3/23) that when it arrived, I should call them and they would give a return number to send that back. And they agreed they would not send anything or charge anything else. Christie agreed to send me an email confirming that conversation, and of course, they did not. After this I did a search on this company (going by the 3 names and phone number I was provided) there are numerous complaints of the same type of issue, depending on how the product was ordered. And I am likely going to have to send them a restocking fee from the complaints I’m seeing on the internet, to get them to take back the stuff I didn’t order, or the payments I did not authorize.

L says:

Same here, got a pop up ad on facebook. The type is so small on product, I could not even read the directions or ingredients. I got charged 1 =89.99 1= 79.00 then I got another cream and got charged another 89.99. I called the number and talked to Irish, sounded asian.
She said that since I did not call within the 14 days I was responsible for the full amount. When I said I wanted to send back the auto renew item she sai there would be a 10. restocking fee and another 11. for shipping the item back. but if I kept the item I would get a 50.00 Credit on my credit card. I will call credit card company Total money scamed for 259.97. if I don’t get the 50.00 back.

Loni says:

It’s a scam and false advertising. I thought I was just sending for a free sample, Shipping fee, $5.95. Later on I was billed $89.99. WhenI was asked why I wanted to cancel, I told her the product was too expensive and I did not care to do business with their company and I felt it was false advertising. She immediately offered me a 50 percent off my next order, needless to say, I canceled entirely. I am hoping the order was canceled entirely and I will not be billed again

Anonymous says:

ThankYou Everyone I Was Going To Try Free Trail Reading Your Stories No Way People Are Being Mislead & Biling Without Our Consent

Anonymous says:

My wife ordered this free trial and wound up being billed close to $400 for 2 products. These people are scam artists. When you call the ” Company” you get to talk to someone perhaps in the Philppines who reads you the script. If you scream you get a manager who you can actually understand.
The bottom line is that my wife may be stuck for the first $89 and $79 but we have returned the latest shipment and blocked her credit card and trying to reverse all of the charges. After more yelling I was told that the company is Nu Vita based in St Petersburg FL. Will see what happens.

I suggest that you all go on Yelp and blast this operation

Jeanette says:

Do not by this product under any circumstance!! There are many products that are legitimate on the market…….this company is a scam!!!

Arlene Harris says:

I cannot believe that Eleanor Oprah will let these products go through as a scam under their names I am ashamed and appalled for them allowing TV order audience allow them to be scanned they do nothing but show us on TV to be careful of skins and now they are allowing under their name for these scams to be going through so disappointed

Chantal says:

Same thing happened to me! Their advertising of 14 days trial is a scam, they should say 13 days trial. It is unbelievable that they get away with this. This is a scam!

Kevin Mott says:

I just had the same thing happen to me. Same free-trial, if I paid the shipping, then I got charged for an auto-ship that I did not know about. I called their number and got the typical run-around with a promise of cancellation. I am still responsible for both charges. One for $79.99 and another for $89.99. NOT a free trial. A SCAM. Please do not order anything from these people. I thought I was ordering the product that was featured on Shark Tank. I got bit and earned some more wrinkles for my trouble.

Anonymous says:

Buyer Beware This is a scam. You will be charged $175 in 14 days with no contact info provided to cancel. You will be charged another $175 in 14 more days. The product doesn’t even work. Avoid this scam!

Carol says:

this is a scam and a very expensive scam for the victims. I’m out $175!. The product doesn’t even work.
Do not give them your credit card!!!

Esther says:

Got the same run around, they told me they would reimburse my money if I returned the 2 bottles before the 30 days. But I will have to put a tracking # on it. Dont know if that is what I should do or not!! Will see!! Leave these people alone…..stay away from them!!! Scammers!!

Pauline Dixon says:

Only wanted the trial size, bill me for moisturizer that wasn’t even listed on the page I saw, nothing about an agreement, I even ask the customer service rep, she had tall attitude
Ask to speak with manager it’s be over three weeks no call back, bank is investigating fraud case on them.

Jane Doe says:

This is a Total Scam. On the terms at the bottom of the page it says nothing about additional charges. I think it is only after buy the products that it might say something about 14 days. Never buy!!!!!!!!

Mary says:

Do NOT buy this product or from this company! It is a SCAM!!! They charged me over $429 before I put a stop to it. I called the company and spent over 30 minutes talking to a person who wanted to give me a discount on the next shipping when I was trying to cancel. My bank is going to investigate the charges as they have cancelled my charge card. I did not authorize for these charges and shipments. I only wanted the trial moisturizer. Don’t fall for this SCAM!!

Margaret says:

Do not believe anything they tell you. Now they have your cc # and will continue to bill you. The only way to stop this fraud is to CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU SEE THE FALSE BILLING! My card company will report the fraudulent use of my card and hopefully these scammers will be caught. My lesson has been never to order a free sample (except for handling and mailing which in my case was supposed to be 4.99 but I was charged 5.99.. BUYER BEWARE! There are thieves out there!!!

Carol says:

Throw your sample away immediately. No one knows the ingredients and although it may be useless junk it may also be harmful. What do they care?? They are crooks!

Carol says:

Forgot to add: Cancel your credit card immediately!!

Angela Helgeland says:

I think this site is trying to say don’t trust them not the actual NuVitaSkin company..I’ve seen a few people saying ths/that happened can u fix it which was strange!!! Just wanted to say thank you for your post!!! I won ths NuVitaSkin aftr answering amazon questions/ for being an amazon buyer which I hope amazon isnt affiliated with or agreed to have their name added to ths…it said free trial $4.95 and was going to try but wanted to know how long I had till I had to cancel and it was really only going to be $4.95 not one of those yeah $4.95 now but u promise to atleast buy 1 at some crazy amount of money so I hit contact us at bottom and the same pg I was just on popd up again but smaller so went to bottom hit contact us and again a 3rd pg even smaller popd up again the same thng I was on from the beginning!!! WTF (excuse my language) that’s crazy!!! So God for bid I just said ok f it I’ll just call tom to cancel I WOULDN’T OF BEEN ABLE TO GET A CONTACT # TO DO THAT!!!! I wouldn’t the NuVitaSkin EVER!!! Never seen anythng like that over YEEEEARS of buying online!!! Pretty scary

Don L says:

This is a huge scam. They never tell you what the ingredients are in it and they never tell you how long your trial period is. When I signed on it just said that all for five people on shark Tank went for it which is so not true. This is a big scam. I just called them and canceled any recurring products from this company and nothing should be charged against my credit card. When talking to the customer support service they told me they never use shark tank as a commercial advertising gimmick which is totally untrue because that is the only reason I bought it. They never offered a discount but I’m going on my credit card now and I’m going to report a problem. Anyway I hope never ordered this product because it is not but it is supposed to be

Anonymous says:

Same thing happened to me.SCAM!!! Free trial is all I wanted and was charged 89.99 plus 5.99 shipping for each product.I canceled my card.Will not make this mistake again.Bunch of low life’s.

leslie rakiec says:

bad so bad fraud big fraud beware of the free sample scam you get the samples but container is different from what they show on advertisement so not sure what I really got. bottom line it does not work and than got another shipment I was not aware of the fact when you get the free samples they automatically enroll you in a 30 day every 30 days endless charge of 170.00 dollars for this useless stuff. it took forever to get through to customer service and when I did it was a person in India who I could not understand imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so so mad I returned the stuff with tracking unopened and called the credit card company to block them and I know I just know the 170.00 charge is going to be a hassle to get rid of shame on this company and I will never watch the show shark tank again they promoted this product and there in my book just as big of crooks here. never never do this or any business with this company as bad as they are I am also afraid down the road we will find out our skin is going to rot off or something for using this that is what scares me the most I really hope this stuff is as harmless as it is useless.

leslie rakiec says:

such fraud there going to make millions on cheating people than run run run close up shop and never be heard from again I bet I am so afraid of health issues later on from using this garbage and the trouble to get out of being billed and billed remember all of you scammers involved in this karma is coming for you I just hope I am so worried that somehow putting this product near my eyes somehow is going to effect my eyes in a bad way and who knows what else like someone else put on here throw this stuff away I feel the chances of it being dangerous are good also.

I have been scammed! !! says:

I also went for the free sample. It said nothing about auto shipping or 14 day trial made the mistake of usi g my debit card for shipping. This product made my cheeks turn reddish purple. I was also billed $89.99. When I called and told them I did not authorize Auto shipment they said it was a free trial and I didn’t call and cancel in 14 days it said free sample not trial I told them I wanted a refund and they refusedI now have to dispute the charge with my bank so free samplers beware nuvitaskin is a scam I was on hold for over 30 minutes they told me there was no record of me calling them so therefore I was not entitled to a refund of $89.99 they did say they would cancel any further shipments I had to have my bank cancel my debit card to avoid them charging me anymore

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