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What is it?

Fillerina is a topical skin care product that is designed to specifically target individual wrinkles. Its formula is supposed to plump, hydrate, and nourish those specific trouble spots, leading to a generally healthier, more youthful appearance.

Fillerina offers five grades of product, depending on how severe users’ need for wrinkle relief, and their precision applicator ensures exact dosage and usage, allowing customers to be more precise about the areas that need treatment the most.

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Fillerina Ingredients and Side Effects

Fillerina has just one main ingredient. It is a combination of multiple different forms of the simple chemical hyaluronic acid, and there are no other active additives in their formula.

Hyaluronic Acid

 Hyaluronic Acid: A naturally occurring chemical in the body that is an important part of a number of biological processes.

Hyaluronic acid is found in our joint tissue, where it helps cushion the impact of our movements. It is found in our eyes and helps to keep them lubricated, it reduces inflammation, and it is an important part of the collagen generation and skin reconstruction functions of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a key piece in the synthesis of the biological scaffolds that our skin cells are constructed upon. They help with granulation, cell migration, reepithelization, and remodeling – the basic steps of wound healing and new tissue creation.

Recently there has been a wave of injectable hyaluronic acid treatments that have become popular as a cosmetic filler. They can have a plumping effect on the skin, however it is also possible that the injections can lead to severed nerve vessels and granulomatous foreign body reaction,

Because of these negative reactions associated with the injecting of hyaluronic acid, Fillerina was developed as a topical alternative. There are no reports of negative side effects related to the use of non-injected hyaluronic acid, as the body tends to recognize it as a familiar chemical.

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Fillerina Quality of Ingredients

If you were forced to make a skin care product that utilizes only a single active ingredient, you could do worse than to have that single ingredient be hyaluronic acid. It is helpful to a number of basic skin health processes and it has very few negatives associated with its use.

There are no such requirements in existence, however, and hyaluronic acid is just one of many pieces in the collagen formulation, cellular maintenance, and skin health complex. Vitamins A, C, D, and E are all critical, and emollients, anti-inflammatories, and moisturizers are all helpful as well. Hyaluronic acid alone isn’t capable of performing all of the tasks that the body needs to keep skin in optimal condition, however it is the only chemical in Fillerina.

The main effect of the hyaluronic acid in Fillerina will probably be the appearance of plumping and moisturizing the skin of the applied areas. There is still a basic level of core-health care that the skin needs that hyaluronic acid on its own cannot provide. The cosmetic appearance of the skin is good, but our team is much more interested in what makes the skin actually healthy at a cellular level, not just a visual one.

One of the negatives about using Fillerina as compared to the injectable alternatives is that injecables, for all of the other complications that come with them, are still the most efficient way to get chemicals to the exact areas of the body that need them.

Fillerina’s topical formula just rests upon the skin and may or may not be absorbed as extensively as users would want. Their instructions are very specific about the manner in which Fillerina is applied, and the process takes some time.

Some users looking for a quick, rub-in topical product will be disappointed with how extensive the application procedure is. First you must prepare their specially designed precision applicator, and then after using it on trouble areas the serum has to be left on for 15 minutes without touching. Only minimal movement is allowed during this time, and users are even recommended to lie down and remain stationary.

Even after this extensive routine, our panel of experts questions how deeply the serum is actually able to penetrate. Their website does not list what their inactive ingredients are, which makes it difficult to determine the exact nature of the absorption process.

This lack of information is also frustrating because in general our team of experts recommends that you know everything that is in the products you pun on and in your body. It is impossible to say if any given user will experience any side effects, allergic reactions, or medicinal interactions with this product, or if they use any cheap fillers like simple alcohols that can ultimately be more damaging to the skin than helpful.

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The Price and Quality of Fillerina

Fillerina is amongst the most expensive skin care products on the market today. Due to international laws regarding trading chemicals of this nature, Fillerina is not available to individual customers through their website. US residents can still find it for sale through a number of different online retailers. In general, users should expect the price to be somewhere in this range:

  • 1 bottle of Grade 2 Fillerina serum: $169.99
  • 1 bottle of Grade 3 Fillerina serum: $219.99
  • 1 bottle of Grade 4 Fillerina serum: $279.99
  • 1 bottle of Grade 5 Fillerina serum: $369.99

The different grades refer to how much hyaluronic acid comes in each dosage or application of Fillerina; Users must determine on an individual basis their own level of need. Grade 1 does not seem to be on the market any longer.

Our panel would also recommend that users use a daily skin care product in addition to Fillerina that contains more ingredients that are useful for providing overall care for the skin, however this may be cost prohibitive for many users given the already high price of the serum.

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Business of Fillerina

Fillerina is a product of Swiss pharmaceuticals manufacturers Labo International SRL. Labo lists their contact information as:

Phone Number: +39 049 8078172

Address: P.zza Zanellato, 5

35131 Padova

Email: Labo does not list an email address publically, however they do have a customer comment form on their website that can be used for electronic communication purposes.

There is no evidence that suggests Labor International has faced any legal consequences for their actions at this time.

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Customer Opinions of Fillerina

Strangely, none of the Fillerina products on Amazon or any of the other third-party retailers have any user reviews available for them. Generally, this is due to companies that are afraid of negative reviews disabling the review function on their products pages, however it may also be that no one that has purchased their product through those sites has ever had anything to say about it, either positively or negatively.

With some research, we were able to find some reviews on independent beauty and wellness blogs. Their reports on Fillerina were similar to these:

“I was severely disappointed in Fillerina. It costs more than my injections used to, but I don’t see any of the results.”

“One of the more expensive products on the market, and yet it doesn’t come anywhere near living up to its price tag.”

Most of the third party reviews criticized the price of Fillerina in relationship to its effectiveness, and there were also complaints about the hassle of applying it.

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How Does Fillerina Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Fillerina
  • 23/100
Conclusion – Does Fillerina Work?

Given all of the information that we have about hyaluronic acid, Fillerina’s results in clinical trials, and the reports of several independent users, it seems likely that Fillerina will be somewhat effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

These effects will likely be temporary and are mostly cosmetic in nature as they do very little to alter the cellular structure of the skin itself or the collagen manufacturing process on the whole.

While users looking only for temporary wrinkle reduction may be satisfied with Fillerina, most customers looking for more complete skin care will want to supplement it with a secondary option that contains some of the nutrients that Fillerina is missing. Unfortunately, the high price of Fillerina may make that hard for many users financially.

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10 Responses to Fillerina Review

bassima says:

i have been injected with this fellerina product from a fool doctor in Tripoli / Beirut . i had a huge infection in my face. stayed at hospital for a week. with taking huge amount of antibiotics and cortezone. i left hospital feeling a bit better. then i started swelling again i went to another doctor he suggested to do infiltration injections. i tried this way also i started swelling again after few days. i don’t know what to do . how to fix my problem im dying from deep inside my face looks very bad with hard and warm spots.
please help

Anonymous says:

@Bassima – I cannot believe you posted that! And more, you ask for help on a review site?

Catherine says:

What are you talking about! Why can’t she ask for help on a review site? That’s her review! The product sucks and she NEEDS HELP as a result of using it. I can’t believe YOU posted what you did…you don’t even make sense!

anonymous says:

how it can be consider a constructive review if she used the product in a wrong way??

Petra Schuetz says:

You should sue your doctor in Beirut. This is not a a product to be injected!!!!!! IWhat kind of doctors do you consult? Incredible stuff.

Anonymous says:

Dear Bassima,

I guess you are mistaken by the brand, FILLERINA is not an injection form, it is an applicator to put on the skin, as same as a gel/ cream.
on the top of the skin, it is an in home filler not to be injected. so never a risk of swallowing

Anonymous says:

I think she should ask for help on a bad product anywhere. I was considering trying.
Now thank god with her review, Not happening!

Rose says:

It clearly says that the product is not to be injected. How was it injected into your face? It is a TOPICAL GEL, to be applied ON THE FACE just like any other cream or gel.

Sara says:

@Bassima, the product was used wrongly as is not to be injected. Do you have proves against that doctor? Then you should do something about that!
You had an allergic reaction. It is important to understand how to use the products correctly. Now what I suggest is to try to get better by not using anything for a while, to give your immune system a rest.
If a service of plastic surgery or cosmetics seems too cheap or slightly affordable… be very careful as usually is terrible disastrous or they don’t produce any results at all!
We need to be more aware of this industries selling us miracles! Be wise and don’t waste your money or more importantly your health!

Martine LaMora says:

Haven’t used it? But I would allow direct contact with this client- who obviously made a very bad mistake. “Fillerina”- is TOPICAL? Yet, primarily created with Hyaluronic Acid… which is a basic component of our bodies.
For the Creators of Fillerina?
Walk this woman through an ERROR. She is panicked? And your support will help any outcome.

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