Derma Divine Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Derma Divine is an anti-aging serum made to repair skin by working at the cellular level. Whether it is sun damage, collagen breakdown, or any form of environmental or age related decline, this formula is made to help repair many kinds of skin related issues.

The website adds how scientists and even the media have created a buzz over its results. The creators say it’s been scientifically proven to help get rid of the signs of aging. Within the first couple of weeks results are said to be noticeable.

In reviewing anti-aging creams our review experts found Kremotex delivered the best results. It’s made up of a potent formula shown to help repair skin and protect it against further damage. Discover more about how Kremotex works by clicking the link here.

Derma Divine Ingredients and Side Effects

Instead of providing an ingredients list the website adds:

“Many other skin care crams and products are made with questionable ingredients… the makers of Derma Divine used on natural and pure ingredients”

They made a grammatical error and failed to provide any valuable information about the ingredients, other than claim that they are all natural.

While this is a good claim, without looking at the ingredients you’re unable to verify on your own whether or not what they added is made with quality. There are a lot of unanswered questions about potential side effects either.

Certain additives no matter if they’re natural can produce irritation, redness, and other skin related symptoms. Not even a dermatologist would be able to determine what to expect by simply reading the marketing claims made.

This also calls into question all the bold claims made about the effectiveness of this product. If media and scientists are buzzing about its effects, surely there would be an ingredients mention somewhere instead of just bold claims.

Follow the link here for our experts list of the best anti-wrinkle creams available.

Derma Divine Quality of Ingredients

Since you’re unable to examine the ingredients for yourself, determining the overall quality and its use is impossible. This is a major issue that makes it impossible to determine whether or not Derma Divine is worth its cost, or if it’s truly going to deliver safe results.

The official website goes on to say:

“ensures your skins safety as there are absolutely no side effects! This is risk free”

While these kinds of claims are good to hear, without an ingredients list you’re unable to fact check this. Websites can lie about their claims and some even make bold claims like the one’s mentioned on this website in order to make sales.

By being unable to verify what’s added for yourself, there’s no way to ensure it’s actually going to produce the claimed results.

There’s simply no good reason to trust that’s claimed by this website. Far too many unproven claims are made that sound good, but are not backed by any legitimate science.

Provided in this link is our experts list of the top 10 best ranked anti-wrinkle creams out.

The Price and Quality of Derma Divine

On top of there being no ingredients list, the company offers what’s claimed to be a free trial. These kinds of free trial claims are often offered by groups who look to lock people into month to month contracts.

What they do is require one to return the bottle within the trial date, and if this does not happen they lock people into reoccurring auto shipment programs which renew each month.

No information about what the total cost is beyond the free trial is offered anywhere. Instead of being upfront about the costs the company markets a free trial.

This is a major red flag as they also fail to provide any other sort of useable information. Many marketing claims are made which are not backed by legitimatize evidence. Provided in this link is a comprehensive list of the top 10 ranked anti-aging formulas.

Business of Derma Divine

When clicking on the links provided by one of their websites it redirects to a completely different product. No company information is listed anywhere. This makes it impossible to determine if this company has any complaints anywhere.

No contact information is listed anywhere either, so this makes it impossible to contact someone at the company headquarters.

Companies will sometimes offer bold claims and list very little about themselves in order to escape any liability. This removes them from possibly being sued, or from having a possibility of being taken down. Since there isn’t any reliable information listed anywhere, you’re unable to decide for yourself if what you’re buying is actually made by a legitimate company. Click this link to see a list of the top 10 best anti-wrinkle solutions on the market.

Customer Opinions of Derma Divine

There are a few reviews found online. Here’s what some users had to say:

“Made my skin look soft but it had no effect at all on my wrinkles”

“Used it for a total of 3 months and failed to see any difference”

“Tried to wear it under my makeup but the scent is too strong. Can’t wear it at night because the smell keeps me up”

“No visible different at all within the first couple of weeks. It does absorb well though”

One user was very upset as they found out that there is no refund offered on this product, and apparently it was very expensive.

Many added how it failed to produce any noticeable results at all, even with repeat daily use for a long period.

Some did like that it applied easy and left their skin smooth, but overall there were complaints about the smell, lack of results, and the fact that the product was incredibly expensive. Click the link to see a list of the best anti-wrinkle products currently available.

How Does Derma Divine Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Derma Divine
  • 32/100
Conclusion – Does Derma Divine Work?

This product has many bold claims made about its use and effectiveness. Unfortunately they fail to mention their ingredients and it’s clear that their marketing claims are false. There is no media or buzz from scientists due to this formula, in fact there’s very little knowledge of its existence anywhere. The only sites to get information are from the manufacturers and from one seller. There were a few user reviews and none of them talked about its anti-aging benefits.

In reviewing many anti-wrinkle solutions, our review experts concluded Kremotex was the best overall. It has a natural formula of shea butter, apple stem cells, and macadamia oils. These ingredients have been shown to help boost healthy collagen while protecting against environmental factors like UV rays. It works dep within the skin and provides helpful results without being oily, heavy on the skin, or potentially bothersome when added.

Users have also commented and left before and after photos showcasing how potent it is. It can help treat uneven skin tone, dark spots, crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs. This is made possible by its potent all natural formula which has a full ingredients list featured on the official website. Discover more on Kremotex by clicking the link cited here.

116 Responses to Derma Divine Review

Deborah J Davis says:

I cant find a place to return my Derma Divine and I don’t think its worth a huge amount to keep trying. Can anyone help me. The number I have 800 376 1067 says Beach Body. Suprise, no one is answering

Anonymous says:

646 517 8206
to cancel like i did

Barbara says:

Number no longer works.

Anonymous says:

try 646-517-8205

Crystal says:

I had to cancel my credit card and ask the bank for a refund. The numbers listed get you no where

Heidi says:

I had to cancel my credit card, as well!! Somehow, after the fraudulent charges ,they managed to charge another 94.94!!!!

Minorkle says:

It is a scam product and expensive too

paulette lang says:

the phone # i got was 646-517-8205 they said after the trial if you dont cancel you pay full price for your supposidly $4.99 free trial. i was charge $170.00 for the samples ….*^&(%&$ what a rip off. dont try it didnt make any difference for me.

Linda Blalock says:

I called yesterday to cancel my order after I found out the free trial wasn’t exactly what they portrayed it to be. My account was charge 89.95 and the only way to stop that payment was to cancel my credit card.

The number you need to call is 877.976.1067.

Anonymous says:

I called that number today. I spoke with a woman at a “call center”. She was difficult to understand. It was extremely loud in the background with many other people talking. I couldn’t tell if I was being spoken to or if it was someone else on another phone. The woman was very rude! I explained that I felt I was mis-charged for a “sample” & felt mislead! She tried to sell me more! I demanded to have this account cancelled! She argued with me! I asked to speak with a supervisor & she said that they “don’t take calls”. She finally told me that my account was cancelled. She put me in hold to “get a supervisor” & never returned! I called a different number later & spoke with another woman that says the best she could do was to refund me $60 of the $89.95. At least she wasn’t rude. She said that the calls were recorded & that the other phone rep ( #182) would be retrained. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the whole experience! Not impressed with this company! Even if the product works I will NOT use it!

betty says:

Ditto, ditto…How about a class action suit? I ordered the ‘trial’, charged shipping, also payed shipping for the eye serum which I didn’t order. You’re right…no getting ahold of a rep. and I agree that there’s no one there! I tried email to no avail. A day after the initial shipping charges I was charged $20 for something I’ve never heard of…Rampage-Strength training videos…really?

Heather says:

The number is 1-877-376-1067 for customer service and cancelleation



bill quinn says:

I called to cancel on the number you have at 8:48a/m and a polite lady called Halee 483 helped me and after a small effort try to get me to try it on another family member agreed to cancel the subscription, I asked and received a cancelation number. I think the secret is calling within the two week period, after that, you’ve got problems.

Laura Conley says:

The address is p.o. box 61533. Savannah Georgia 31420. That’s where I sent mine. They said 3-10 days after they receive the product they will reimburse you 45% we bickered about it. They said I’ll get 100% this Friday will be 10 days. I’ll keep ya posted

Vicky Antieri says:

I need to cancel Derma Devine. They keep taking money out of my account. I DO want this aanymore. Does anybody know how to get a hold of these people? Or how to go about cancelling? Please help.

Pamela Young says:

You should have your card canceled that is what I did so they could stop charging me and it worked.

Trisha Bohner says:

I had to request a new account number from my credit card company to stop auto-billing for another product — Skin Elements — about a year ago. Strangely enough, all the same celebrity endorsements are being used for Derma Divine — Dr. Oz, Christie Brinkley, etc. Beware!

betty says:

I’ve thought that as well and I think Dr. Oz has bitten off more than he can chew and, as far as I’m concerned, the ‘celebrities’ that endorse the same product under a different label are just as guilty.

Anonymous says:

888-960-3123, email is [email protected]
They scammed me too and only offered me a 75% refund! Live and learn, nothing is for free or almost for free.

Anonymous says:

Shame on whatever Shark is putting this product out and that it doesn’t work.

Linda Sanchez says:


Pamela Young says:

How do I send a tweet to Trump and tell him I want my money back.

Betty Boop says:

He has nothing to do with this….don’t be so stupid to believe EVERYTHING you hear!

betty says:

I didn’t realize that ‘the wife’ was behind this…is that why Michelle was so angry with Barrack…because of some sort of breach?

Minorkle says:

Not funny

Carol Smith says:

How do I cancel Derma Devine have tried calling number on box and no ring just message to try my call later. Have tried this for 10 days straight.

Ward Reimer says:

Roped me in with shipping and handling and by the time i realized it they had charged my credit card 349.00 and even with the dispute department of my credit card I am only going to get 160.00 back after sending them back the product i just received which I didnt want to begin with and I had to pay shipping and handling in order to send it back. So much for a christmas present for the wife that wont be happening again.

Rhonda E Martin says:

Complete rip off on the free trial. They say pay only shipping but you will be charged the whole price of the product once they’ve your credit card. When i did not get the trial product, I called in. The first agent saw that the shipping address was wrong (was not on my email receipt) then corrected her screen to the correct address. On the receipts in my email the shipping and billing are the same but there’s were not. I ended up paying shipping and handling to an address in Alabama then the agent cathy #224 changed Alabama to my Wa address. I was refunded eighty-something dollars for the “free trial” but am still told I have to pay shipping and handling for what I did not receive. THIS IS A SCAM!! Once they get your credit card, you will repeatedly start to get billed full price even tho you pay for free trial! They will not notify you of the full charge

Maria says:

I received the free trial which was charged 4.95 for each product(I bought 2: one face and eyes cream). it was regular size not a sample, but I thought was a gift just to know better, so it was nice. After few weeks I got surprised when was charged almost $170.00 for both products. I did not know it was supposed to be charged I did not read anything that got my attention. Conclusion: I WAS STOLEN!! I have not seen any difference in my face after few weeks and got a big headache trying to cancel it!

Anonymous says:

Sounds like same company ripping me off tho you at least got something to try.

Shawn Saylors says:

I got both products for 4.99 and 4.95 and used for 5 days my eye felt creepy and so I stopped using product and when I for my credit card statement I was charge 79.95 and 89.95 called and they said could not refund money I couldn’t send product back

Lea H. says:

Ditto! The customer service “supervisor” I spoke with was rude, wouldn’t attempt to find a solution, and wouldn’t give me any contact info for anyone above his pay grade. He said that no one above him will answer the phone. I asked him if he expects me to believe that there’s all these people that get paid “no telling how much” each year to sit in their offices and just let the phones simply ring and not answer them!!
I’m going to do everything I can think of to contact the company’s HQ.
I went through something similar a few years back but it was with Memorex. It took me two weeks and a lot of research online, a lot of phone calls, taking a lot of notes about every conversation and every person I spoke to. I finally reached a big wig and he resolved my problem. Later, I tried to reach his supervisor to give the gentleman who helped me a well deserved “At a Boy!!” (Y’know…convey my appreciation and to ensure that the gentleman would be recognized as an awesome employee and asset to the company). But in my search for the supervisor I discovered that the gentleman who had been such a help to me was actually the V.P. of the company!! LOL He never mentioned that when we spoke that day.
But, at least I know that with the will, drive, and tenacity to make it happen… there is a way to get in contact with the members of upper management​ and get a resolution!!

Cathy C says:

Same story here! I paid shipping on the two products and then found two charges on my credit card. I called them and was furious to find out that I can’t return it, so too bad for me. I try to stay away from scams like this, but nope… rip off time!

Tract says:

This is definitely a rip-off. Don’t buy-doesn’t work and will not refund all of your money back. Customer support number is 877-376-1067

betty says:

wrong # honey, unless you got through…I have half a dozen phone #s and ring, ring, ring

Amy says:

I just called it today and it worked canceled my free trial after reading all the comments about it continuing to charge your card after free trial I am so glad I found this 7/21/17

Heather says:

Today, 18 April 2017, I just called this number and got through.

Yolanda Rivera says:

I would like refund on the Trail charge it has been less than a month I see no difference all i see is irritation of my face! Calling better Business Bureau and report this scam. This and the copy of all invoices sent to them.

Shelly Long says:

It irritated my skin to the point of it becoming raw and scabbing over! I called customer service to get a return initiated and was flat out refused, even though the policy posted on their website clearly states that you can request a RMA# and return any unused portion for a REFUND. The rude customer service rep refused to provide me with a RMA#. Online policy also states returned products without an RMA# will not be processed, that essentially they just let them sit there, and I assume just toss them after a period of time.

If you or anyone else reading this hears/has information on a class action lawsuit against this company, please share it! I would like my $170 back, and to be fair I will even give them back their awful skin burning products! I still have them, just in case it I finally get that RMA#.

Pamela Young says:



I ordered the free sample, was charged 4.95 or something like that. When I ordered I NEVER saw terms and agreement any where on the site. After I ordered it I read reviews about how everyone was being enrolled in an auto ship. I panicked. I called888-712-5721, and got an agent who insisted that I had agreed to terms. I wasn’t going to continue to argue with her, but I was able to cancel because I had just received it in the mail.she said I would receive confirmation in an email soon, but if I don’t get it SOON I’m going to cancel my card number. These people are very sneaky. Even so she continued to offer me a discount price if I stayed enrolled. They don’t ask you to return the sample. We’ll see. . .

cindy says:

I just canceled I think I might call everyday to cancel to make sure everything is right. This whole thing is so scary.. I used the # 646-517-8205 I got through I thought it was funny that they were offering me discounts All I could say please cancel it. She said she had to ask me about discounts. I’m going to do a charge back on my account. I hope I can get some money back.

Shelly Long says:

My bank started the charge back process months ago, right after my horrible experience with Derma Divine customer service. I just received notification today, 06/02/17, that the charge back will NOT be issued. I hope you have better luck with your bank/card company than I did.

Janet Leman says:

Just got my un-requested refills. Never saw the link stating that I had 14days to respond or I would be charged FULL PRICE which is $$154.00 for my FREE TRIAL SAMPLE. No risks guaranteed. Could an email asking for feedback or even a price list been sent to let me know the charges or my opinion of the product? Nope. Then the next months box shows up and after a long wait I’m told I’m still going to have to pay shipping to send it back. So total is $$154.00 for a “free trial sample” plus $$187.00 for the unrequested new samples and a hassle plus $ to send the product back. Shame shame on these scammers. Don’t fall for the “free trial sample risk free” bs like I did. Oh, the product is not nearly as good as Olay and smells funny. And shame on the actress who promotes this scam marketing. You don’t need the money and your integrity is now sullied. Please use an honest approach when selling your products. It does come back to you in the end. J Leman

betty says:


Anonymous says:

This was absolutely the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. When I tried to cancel, the girl spoke over me, continued to offer me things after I said I didn’t want anything and the proceeded to argue with me. Despicable

Anonymous says:

I had basically the same experience. The guy actually yelled at me that I had to listen to him . I called my bank and requested a new card. Paid 4.95 twice and 20$ . Got the “free” samples. And two weeks later I saw I’d been charged another 89.95. This is a bait and switch.

Jacqueline A compton says:

I was taken in by this company. Called my credit card to challenge there sending me one product and charging my card for two products. I hadn’t ordered anything and saw nothing in the small print to inform me l was signing up for four expensive products a month. I found out from the credit card companies. that they had already charged two more creams to my accoun. l hope to get refunds but I’m not sure what will happen. This is really criminal

Karen says:

They did the same to me.

Karen says:

Was charge 79.95 and 4.95. Rip off. Do they have customer service??,

Carlos E Fresnillo says:

I will call Business Bureau and report my case, they are charging me 79.95 and 89.95.

Lynn Durk says:

Scam, scam, scam! I got back my money after being on the phone with them and my credit card company… It was a three-way call… I had to threaten doing a class action lawsuit against them and also calling the Better Business Bureau… After 45 minutes on the phone, I was reimbursed 100%

betty says:

With no luck using one of the “customer support” phone numbers I tried email…couldn’t be sent because that’s how it’s designed to rip you off… Charged for another product which I neither ordered or received. I say class action suit.

Mary says:

I ordered the so called free trial in Dec. and paid the 4.99 and 4.95 for the 2 items. I also did not see any fine print that said I had to cancel or pay full price within 14 days. I called and got the same rant the rest of you got. They have now shipped and charged me again, only giving me credit for the last shipment. The girl actually said I am done and hung up on me. HER so-called name was Katie with a code #. I think we should do a class-action lawsuit. I cannot even find an official website for them, They are very dishonest.

Annette says:

Derma Divine is a DIVINE SCAM, they are a fraudulent company and treat their “customers” terribly.

I ordered the “risk free trial”, paid $4.99 for the serum AND eye cream.
After 14 days I realized I was charged twice in the amounts of $79.95 and $89.95.
When I called the company to figure out why my card was charged, they told me their website clearly states it is my responsibility to call and cancel within the 14 day trial period.
Needless to say they refused to fully refund my account.

The manager I spoke to, only refunded 75% of each charge. Which is better than nothing.
BUT I am disgusted with the way they handled this order and the way I was treated.

I will concur that I did not authorize them to charge my card for any future purchases, and their website did not clearly state anything about being fully billed for the products if you do not call and cancel.

I would hate to see anyone else treated this way.

DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. I can’t say it worked and will never use it again.

Lea H. says:

What phone number did you call?
So far I’ve been unable to get any of the $89.95 that they changed me because I called and cancelled my account two days after the charge hit my bank account.

Julie says:

I experienced the same scan. They at first refused to refund my money, but once I threatened to send this into my state’s Atty Gen., they provided a full refund. I told them this is not a standard business practice, and I did not agree to their huge charge if I did not return product. I have never had to pay for shipping twice to trial a product. I would have paid $10 for a small sample. It is fraud for sure.

Kelly Richardville says:

How do I cancel? The trial I saw supposed to be Anjoles (Brad Pitt wife ad) ugh it figures. Do I really have to cancel my bank card?

Anonymous says:

Bank said they could keep charging! I just cancelled mine!

Mad as hell says:

I got charged for fitness magazine too!

betty says:

So did I…not sure exactly what it is that I was charged for, monthly magazine, dvd, cd…whatever, haven’t seen it. I’m 63 years old, disabled and could hardly do ‘strength training’. I’m still working on that one.

Ticked off says:

Very surprised at a charge I didn’t make on my credit card…called the number to find out who, what and why. When I couldn’t get through I looked on line and found all your comments. Going to continue trying to get a hold of someone but already cancelled my credit card so they couldn’t charge me again. How are they still in business??? Someone needs to shut them down!!!!

Laura says:

This is a company that has no regard for customer service. Stay far away from this company and by the way the products don’t work. Total scam.

Jennifer says:

Don’t do the free trial! There isn’t shit free about it. You pay shipping and handling for it, get the product for 18 days then have to send it back in after canceling it or you get charged $90 to $170 for average lotion that softens your skin just as dollar general lotion does.

Janet says:

This company is a scam. I had to close out my credit card that I have had for 20 years because of this company. I plan to sue them for scamming people. It isn’t about the money now. It is the principle of false advertisement.

betty says:

I keep saying ‘class action’ and you’re right…it’s not about the money but principle as you say. I grew up with principle in my blood and it’s what I live by today!

Jacqueline Easley says:

I just got scammed by Derma Divine! Not long after I used my debit card to pay the shipping and handling for the free trial, I was contacted by my bank saying that there was suspicious activity on my account. They were adding other products to my account and shipping them to who knows where. So, I had to change my debit card and dispute the charges and all of that good stuff. But, I do have a number for those of you who need to get in touch with them; 877-376-1067. GRRR! I am so angry right now!

Terry Koehler says:

I too have been scammed by Derma Divine! I initially had two charges for shipping on my debit card. $4.99 and $4.95 on February 26. Saturday, March 18, I was revieweing my bank statement and found a charge for $89.95. I called the number and have never been treated with such rudeness and disrespect by a “customer service rep” in my life. I told the young lady I could not understand her and she said she had been on the phone for 6 minutes with me and did I not speak English. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was cut off. I called back and got an equally rude “gentleman,” who informed me I could go to my bank; but once they found out that I had “agreed” to shipping the product back in 14 days (fine print), they would take my money again. He hung up on me. I received two emails sayon Saturday saying my account was canceled. Checked my bank statement again this morning and there is another charge for $79.95. I went to the credit union and signed some documents and had my debit card canceled. The customer service representative could not guarantee I would get my money back. She was so sorry! SO BEWARE!!!! I am livid!

Terry Koehler says:

The phone numbers I reached them on are: 866-5470-7130 and 888-712–5721. They are from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Shelly Long says:

Do you have an address for them? I can’t find anything after several online searches. No phone, or fax numbers come up, and trying to find an actual address is proving to be impossible!

chere says:

This is a scam. I ordered trial then i get two more products a month later charging me just under $200. You have to do work to try to figure out how to cancel I looked on my credit card statement and found this number 888-712-8936 was on hold for quite some time then when some one came on phone he offered me a 50% discount to keep the products…..really

Anne Motil says:

This is a big scam. I ordered the free trial and in 12 days got charged 89.99. I know I never saw anything stating I had 14 days to send the product back. I was even looking for it and I never read it. I call them and of course they stated that it was clearly stated in there. They refused to refund me. I also got signed up for some fitness ebook which I never authorized. They had taken it out twice before I realized it. I call and they cancelled but initially they refused to refund my money until I told them I was reporting them to attorney general and the said they would refund my money. We will see if it actually happens. The call center is all run by foreign speaking people you can barely understand. DO NOT Get scammed by this company.

Washington State says:

I got ripped off the same way as many of the comments above, including two other “hidden offers” that appeared on my credit card. Now the problem is how to get them cancelled. The first one I called said they couldn’t find my account. They obviously had no problem finding an account when they charged my credit card.

T.B. says:

Call 1-888-684-1340. Do NOT give in and make them give you a refund AND cancel any future orders and charges.

Erika says:

I just called them and threatened to contact the attorney general, 7 on your side, the better business bureau and post on social media. They refunded all my money. She gave me a really hard time and told me I was being difficult. She had to supposedly speak to a supervisor twice. The first time she was only going to give me 50% back and I said I wanted it all back. The second time she came back faster and said that was refunding everything. This company is a total scam. Keep fighting for your money back. I really am going to contact 7 on your side and the Better Business Bureau. Companies like this have to be stopped.i only ordered this because it was a Shark Tank product so I thought the company would be trustworthy. What a joke.

T.B. says:

How much did they refund you? I’m curious to see. They would only refund me PART of the amount I was charged. I was on the phone with them for over an hour and a half. I plan to contact the BBB as well and write a review at every place available on the internet to make sure no one will ever buy their products.

Salvatore piazza says:

Two charges totaling $170 were just posted to my bank account from this company. I called to question why and they told me that after 14 days I would be charged retail for the sample products I received. I said that I was never told that and they said it’s posted on the website. I told them that I didn’t order it from the website but by phone . I was then told that their representatives went by a strict script and that I agreed to the terms. I was never informed of the terms and asked if they had a recording showing that I agreed. They said no. From all of the complaints I’m reading there should be a class action suit filed against this company.

anonymous says:

I ordered the “trial” for $9.95. Found I had been charged 89.95 & 79.95 on my credit card. I went back on their website and there is nothing on it to indicate you would be charged with anything other than the “trial” cost. I am in the process of dispute with my credit card company but based on what I’ve read above I guess I’ll have to cancel the card. Yes, I’m in agreement that this company needs sued as their practice appears to be very misleading (and I’m being conservative with that description) to the consumer.

susan says:

I have two phone numbers to try, just got my money back in checking’

Anonymous says:

What is the best solution? Do I just cancel my card?

LA says:


J. Foster says:

When I ordered the trial eye cream the website said it would be 4.95 for the cream and 1.99 shipping. There was nothing on the website stating I would be charged for anything else. When the eye cream arrived, there was also a face cream in the box. I assumed it was some kind of free trial. Then I found charges on my account for 19.93 and then 89.95. I was unable to reach anyone by phone, so I emailed customer service. They said I had signed a contract by ordering the sample and was signed up for eye and face creams totaling 89.95 per month and that since it had been longer than 18 days they would not take any returns and would not give any refunds. They canceled future shipments only. There was nothing on their website stating any of this. It only said I would get the 4.95 eye cream. This company is very deceptive.

LINDA says:


Lo says:

I ordered Derma Divine cream and Eye serum free trial for 4.99$ But they charged on my Card 9.99 each last year but I end up not using it because it doesn’t work at all

robo says:

“FREE TRIAL ” WTF tried for a week then saw a charge on my card for $79 eye cream (I did not order -$89 some stem cell cream. Called to cancel and requested money back was advised by snarky customer DIS service rep, Kwaiffie#043 that 14 day trial started from time of order soooo if it takes a week to get to you ,you have a week to try and cancel your 14 day trial or loose your money ALSO I was enrolled in some gift card and news letter which I could care less about and charged me another $20 of which $9 was returned thank God IF YOU SEe the name DERMA DEVINE run as fast as you can

T.B. says:

This company is a SCAM and a total RIP OFF!!! After MONTHS of researching and trying to find information about this company to not only cancel this unwanted subscription but also get a refund, I finally got a number that works. I was NOT at all satisfied with the results, but at least I did talk to someone. I signed up for the trial of the skin care product and paid $4.99 for shipping. NOWHERE did it say that it was only a 14 day trial and that if you don’t return it you will automatically be billed the full cost of the products. To my surprise, not only was I sent the trial of the skin care, but also the eye care. And starting in December, I was billed $94.94 for the skin care and $84.90 for the eye care. From December through April. Every number that I was able to find didn’t work. They “couldn’t find my account” or simply didn’t answer. The number that worked for me is: 888-684-1340. I was able to talk to a person and then a floor supervisor. They refunded me (or at least it is still pending) for 3 of the eye care charges, but refused to refund anything else. Period. And I had to fight tooth and nail just to get that amount refunded. They kept wanting me to say “yes” that I was okay with whatever they kept saying. And I finally told him that I will not ever agree to anything unless it was a full refund for all of the money they stole from me. I never opened the products. They are still in the shipping box unopened. Hopefully this will help someone to STOP the continued shipments and charging and maybe a little bit of money back as well. My plan forward is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and write a review of the product and the company in every location on the internet I can find. Please join me in doing the same. Maybe we can put this SCAM of a company out of business. Worst Customer Service experience EVER!!

Cathy C says:

I found that out the hard way, too!

Sucker says:

They got me! 150.00. Called my CC company to dispute. I was told they were samples! Paid for those plus shipping…then BAM 14 days later more charges on my card totaling 150.00! WHAT A JOKE! The product was returned and I am currently waiting for a credit!

RA Thompson says:

Husband was sucker!
My husband thought that he was getting me “free” samples for the cost of postage. He did not read through all of the terms and conditions (very small light print says nothing about 14 day trial, being enrolled as member, or receiving more products automatically but refers you to click on more terms and conditions.) He did not check out the extra pages of terms and conditions so was billed full price plus more products were going to be shipped. He stopped the shipment but still had to pay. I got involved and spoke with two agents on the phone who said that the company did nothing wrong, and the 14-day trial period was explained. Legally they are correct, but ethically they are wrong. I suggested that the trial period should be stated clearly where the client sends for the product. Of course that will not be done, and more people will lose money. Neither agent was happy with me.

Cathy C says:

Correct, the company is legally correct and ethically wrong, period! Obviously, they have done their homework, and if they throw enough reading material at you, knowing that the majority of people won’t read, and read again, the terms, then the dollars will come their way. A legitimately operated company would be selling and giving customer service properly, and let the “fantastic” (far from fantastic) products continue to produce sales. I was not happy with the products, at all, so I stopped using them, even before the 14 day trial period ended, that I knew nothing about. I’ve lived and I’ve learned, and from now on I won’t fall for gimmicks like this, but stay with companies who sell products with confidence enough to look me in the face and listen if I am unhappy with their products.

LATOYA says:


Kathy Scott says:

I too have been scammed by this disreputable company. I have been billed for $89.95 and $79.95 on my last two credit card bills. My bank rep said the bank would go after my money for me…I hope the bank has better luck than most of us have had!

Anonymous says:




Shelly Long says:

Product caused my skin to blister and scab. When I reported this to the company, requesting a RMA# so I could return it and get a refund, I was basically told NO, I would not be given a RMA# so I could return the products. Rather than a refund, I was told I could receive a discount in price. I explained that I couldn’t even use the products (serum & moisturizer), as they caused the skin on my face to become irritated to the point of developing scabs, but it didn’t matter. I was and still am stuck with their horrible product, as well as on the hook for $169.90! I will gladly pay these prices for good quality skin care products. Products that do not cause my skin to blister/become so raw and irritated that it scabs. Run away from this company, and all of it’s products before you too regret ever hearing of them.

AJ says:

NOT WORTH THE $$$$$. JSUT ANOTHER INTERNET RIP OFF COMPANY !!!! Your “14 day Free trial” begins the day you order it. So if it takes a week to get it you have 4 days to try the product before they charge you. AND they charged my cc @ 12:03 am on the 14th day !!!!! When I called to cancel I was told my cc had already been charged & they “DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS” for any reason. Dr. OZ NEVER recommended this product. I go that straight from the horse mouth, all of those claims are false.

Anonymous says:

I ordered and thought the 5 dollars was for a sample. Never read about the 14 days. The product comes with no information about any of this.Tthis is a b.s. product…………………………can not believe that companys are allowed to get away with this stuff.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAROL says:


Darrell & Sandra Reeder says:

January 2017, my wife ordered from Derma Devine the free cream for $5.00 shipping and recieved 2- orders $5.00 each. She could not use the product, but with no shipping information, phone #’s, address, or way to get in touch to stop shipments. My wife had used my buysness creadit card so I missed follow up so the next 10 shipments were not otherized and It wasn’t untill June before I went to my bank and they supplied the information needed to send product back. After sending ALL shippments back (unused and unopened) amounting to $886.26 of product I recieved creadit for $169.99. We are now taking action with credit card fraud and unotherized use of credit card. Not Just A SCAM, But a double SCAM !!!!!!

Trish says:

DO NOT buy this product.It is a total scam. They debit your account for $169 and unless you call to cancel your order they will continue to charge your account. Read the extremely fine print which I don’t ever remember even seeing before giving this company your bank info, I learned the hard way!!!

Jane says:

Thank you all for telling me. I received my trial order with no information included. Since I went online I hope to cancel before my 14 days. Wish me luck.

Rosie says:

Total scam!!!!! When I called the company requesting a refund I was told no. The guy on the phone told me ” it’s not a rip off it’s just business”. This was a supervisor.

Hugh Simpson says:

I’m a former CBS News consumer reporter who just purchased Dermadevine which is how they spelled it on the website. I’m already running a YouTube video series at Dermadevine by Jo Gaines that you will be able to follow.

I already have emailed them about their misleading information as to the UPSELL of the Face-cream which I did NOT want! They do not evidently realize that the way they advertised the UPSELL they violated an FTC regulation on Internet Marketing which I pointed out in the last email to a link for the YouTube video.

I wonder if Jo Gaines and Chip know about these complaints I am seeing which I will be referring to in video 3!

Nona G says:

I ordered Dermadevine and was told that I would receive a refund if returned. Because it was opened, they only sent 50% refund.
This is a ripoff…. How are you going to try something without opening it…

Con says:

Does not fulfill claims &!promises ! Real laboratory testing will prove HOWLING AT THE MOON IS AS EFFECTIVE AS USING DERMA DEVINE !!
This is a ripoff ! Unreasonable customer service! RIPOFFS LIKE THIS MUST BE STOPPED!
Many hate to confess they have been duped & ripped off !!
Consumers BEWARE !!!!

Anonymous says:

I got scammed by them too. I got a ‘sample’ of face and eye cream for $10, they make you pay to shipping fees even though they came in the SAME BOX!! So I call to try to get my money back only for them to tell me that I would have to sent it back and pay for shipping and insurance and I would get my refund in 3 weeks. But she offered me a 35% refund, which is the value of my trial. I took the 35% refund and learned my lesson! Nothing is free and look up product before I buy! If only I would read these comments 15 days ago

Mavi Jones says:

If asked what’s better than DermaDevine -anything this is a total ripoff. I ordered the $4.95 sample (allegedly product was free )and I don’t remember seeing anything about the continuation of receiving the product. I have tried to get an address or phone number to no avail. If someone can help so that I can at least stop future mailings

Rick D says:

Try 877 376-1067 There return shipping address is P.O. Box 61533, Savahanna, Georgia 31420. Called them today 11/20/17 and returning to above. However, got billed after the 4.97 another 84 dollars they wont credit back. I also cancelled credit card. Derma Divine is the company name. They should give you an RMA number. Be sure to keep all records of transactions. Name of customer rep and their number, date of call and hour. They WILL try to upsell you or give you discount on what you had received.
They said two to three weeks refund for me. We’ll see how that goes. They still are making money with this type of practice. Rick D

Rick D says:

P.S. I read word for word and there were no continuance stated or other cancel if not wanting. I wouldn’t have done this one if there were.

Rick D says:

No need to post same. I am cancelling my card. The only way to shut down these people is hire attorneys ( 3 ) and have nationwide customers who are having same issues with these people join in on a lawsuit. Publish via internet nationwide poor business practices and pertinent information about the company. Even if they do partial refund which is BS considering the amount of people they screwed over, quantity of people X refund loss is making them millions. And I too, not totally sure, got this site from Shark Tank ( need to research unless others have also – repost if you have ) Let’s make all those accountable and that’s starting with the company itself.

Rene O'S says:

lie one of the other people remaring i only asked for a free sample received them PRONTO THEN when i received my credit card bill they were on cit for $89. plus both items
what can i do I am over 80 on SS and cannot afford them how do i get in touch to return, and where is their phone numbers. thanks!

JoeyK says:

Everyone please note that this is one of the products that Joanna Gaines is CEO of this company, remember see was on fixer upper, now is has changed the name to Nouveau Restor revitalizing Moisturrizor and Nouveau Restor Ageless Eye Revitalizer, I was also scammed!!!!

Barb says:

I got my credit card company involved and they called the company got the product cancelled and a refund. I am however watching my acct carefully to make sure they do not bill in the future.

Vicky Gonzalez says:

This is just a rip off…. and now i can’t get anyway to cancel its taking the money out of my account and there’s no number to call and cancel.. is a big scammed… this people should be in Jail.

Patsy says:

Same here. I just called and got mine cancelled. And a partial refund. Just realize if its too good to be true, it usually is.

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