DermaLife Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

DermaLife is a skin cream that is designed to flatten the skin and help erase the creases and cracks of old age.

Its advertising compares it to Botox, but without the invasiveness of the injection procedure. Their website also claims that it can help stimulate collagen production and increase general moisture levels.

Our team of beauty and wellness experts has concluded that the most effective skin care product on the market is Kremotex.

It has shown the most ability to repair the damage caused by environmental factors and encouraging healthy cellular turnover.

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DermaLife Ingredients and Side Effects

DermaLife does not provide a full ingredients list for their product and instead mostly just describes its ingredients by their effects without actually mentioning their name. They mention that their product has vitamins, minerals, and that it may increase collagen levels, however there are thousands of different products that could be described in those terms.

Throughout all of their advertising and promotional materials, DermaLife only mentions one ingredient my name:

Syn-Ake (Snake Venom Peptides)

 Syn-Ake (Snake Venom Peptides): A synthetic amino acid compound that became a fad skin care ingredient in the late 2000’s when people began claiming that it was an injectionless alternative to Botox. Like Botox, Syn-Ake is a paralyzing agent that freezes the muscles of the face, which smoothes out expression lines and wrinkles on the face.

The market for needle-free Botox alternatives appeared as more and more people started feeling the negative side effects that can come along with the invasive injection procedure. Pain, swelling, and redness are all possible, as are infections, nerve death, and the loss of users’ ability to express themselves facially.

The venom of the Malaysian Pit Viper, also called Temple Vipers or Wagler’s Viper, paralyzes the musculature of its target so that it can’t get away, then other chemicals in the toxin slowly cause the snake’s prey to die, allowing for easy consumption by the predator. Despite its potentially scary name, there is no actual snake venom in Syn-Ake.

It was created in a lab to mimic the paralytic elements of the snake’s venom while safely avoiding the deadly toxins that can be fatal to humans in its natural form. It is a nonfatal neurotoxin that blocks the signals the brain sends to the affected muscles, causing them to go limp. This, in turn, causes the skin above those muscles to flatten as well, helping reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, and other expression-based age markers.

Just because it is not a fatal poison like it’s organic counterpoint does not mean that it is totally without potential negative side effects. Since Syn-Ake just came into regular usage several years ago it has taken some time to actually see what the consequences of prolonged, regular use are, and there are a number of issues, some more significant than others, that have plagued some of the chronic Syn-Ake users.

One of the main critiques of Syn-Ake is that it needs to come in contact with the muscles in order to be effective, however it is debatable how much of the chemical actually reaches them. The skin is specifically designed to protect the musculature and other tissues from outside chemicals, and it is resilient, durable, and highly absorbent.

The problem with this is not just that it may hinder the effectiveness of the Syn-Ake, but also that the skin cells end up taking in large quantities of the paralyzer also. There is no cosmetic benefit to paralyzing the skin cells, but over time it can start taking a toll on their chemical structures.

Healthy, youthful skin is composed of tightly packed collagen cells that are fitted together in a dense, orderly pattern. As skin cells get older and more damaged the warp and mutate, loosing their consistent shape and disrupting the cell’s regular structure.

The result is that the skin expands and becomes loose and damaged. To the eye, this is what creates sagging and the duller coloration of the skin. This skin is also less reflective of the suns UV rays, which makes it even more vulnerable to future environmental attacks.

The chemicals in Syn-Ake have been shown to speed this process up, destroying cell membranes and halting healthy cellular activity. As frustrating as these effects are, given that they are basically the opposite of the skin-tightening effects that the product advertises, they are not the most worrisome aspect of the compound’s effects on the body.

Recently very concerning data has been released about users that are suffering from neurological symptoms that are generally described as “fuzzy brain.” The condition is described as a difficulty concentrating, recalling information, and a general lowering of mental function. The wiring of the brain is complicated and not to be altered for trivial reasons, yet that is precisely how Syn-Ake achieves its positive effects as well.

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DermaLife Quality of Ingredients

Our panel of health, wellness, and beauty experts believe that it is important that a skin care product make the skin look more beautiful because it is making it healthier and more functional. They do not feel that it is appropriate for a product to compromise the long-term health and wellbeing of the user or their skin for temporary aesthetic benefits.

Unfortunately, Syn-Ake is a short-term product that has no positive benefits for the body and may end up doing more harm than good in the long run. It is unwise to sacrifice neurological function for a temporary visual effect, and as such our team does not recommend any product that uses Syn-Ake or other related “Botox alternatives.”

They also do not recommend any product that will not disclose their full contents to their users. Consumers have a right to know what they are putting on to and into their bodies, and it is a significant warning sign if a company is not willing to comply with that.

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The Price and Quality of DermaLife

DermaLife has chosen a marketing strategy that does not involve selling their product on a unit-by-unit basis. The only way to get access to DermaLife is to sign up for their “Free Trial Offer.” It should be noted for our readers that this offer is not actually free.

When potential customers sign up for the “Free Trial Offer” they are actually enrolling in an automatic payments program. Every month DermaLife bills these individuals $89.69 without any authorization or notification. There are also fees for cancellation and restocking of returned products.

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Business of DermaLife

DermaLife lists their parent company as Coal Cosmetic, an organization that is known for producing multiple brands of skin care products that all use this specific marketing model. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (800) 958-5410

Address: 5404 Whitsett Ave #128

Valley Village, CA 91607

Email: [email protected]

Coal Cosmetics and their affiliated partners have received numerous letters and warnings from the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau, as well as multiple threats of litigation from former customers. Despite this, there seem to be no ongoing court cases against them at this time.

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Customer Opinions of DermaLife

Not only are customers unhappy with the marketing practices of DermaLife, but also they were also particularly negative about the quality of the skin cream itself. Many responses were similar to these:

“I have never smelled, touched, or tested a worse skin cream.”

“Well thanks a lot DermaLife, now my face hates me.

Complaints touched on a wide variety of issues, with other topics that were brought up including side effects, ineffectiveness, and unpleasant aroma and texture.

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How Does DermaLife Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • DermaLife
  • 44/100
Conclusion – Does DermaLife Work?

Our panel of experts knows that having healthy, beautiful skin is important to people. They take seriously their responsibility to help our readers find skin care products that will work for their skin type and needs.

This is why they cannot encourage anyone to sign up for the free trial of DermaLife. Not only will you be applying to be taken advantage of financially, but you will also be ordering one of the lowest-quality products that our review teams have ever encountered.

Our panel recommends that readers try Kremotex as their daily moisturizer and skin conditioner. It works to help improve collagen levels, elastin production, and the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

The skin care industry has started to recognize their success. Many professionals have begun recommending it to their clients, and skin care critics have been noticing. Click here to learn more about Kremotex’s successful rise.

9 Responses to DermaLife Review

Kristen says:

This is the worst scam you could ever imagine. You sign up for a free trial, never receive the product. They give you a fake routing number to track the delivery and if you don’t return the product you never received within 14 days they charge your credit card $90. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!!! When I called customer service I was hung up on and never got a refund. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Melonie Findley says:

Beware, you will be charged $89 and change, every month, and worse…receive no product! I finally had to cancel my card and have a new one issued.

Anonymous says:

They charged $89 for god knows what cause I never received nothing!! Think twice before you get your “free trial”

Alice Acosta says:

What a scam was charged $120 a month for 6 months without even being aware of charge. Messaged that since I’m a valued QVC customer I was getting product free. So stupid on my part. Disappointed QVC sold my info.

Iris J. Hendrex says:

I signed up, for the free trial. Just pay the postage. I only ordered (free trial) the
Derma Life Ageless Serum. But I was also sent the eye cream! I was then charged
$89.00, twice!! Took almost a month to get the creams, and I was charged immediately.
This IS a scam, for sure!! No way will I ever get my $172 returned! I have allergies to some cosmetics, so thought this ‘offer’ would be a way to try, before buy’. I did not read anywhere that I would be charged the full price!!

Kimberly Dodd says:

I ordered the free trial, 4.95 shipping i recieved the product but i was charged 89 and some change lucky for me my bank didnt let them take out the funds red flags. I had my card cancelled and recieved a new one. I did not like the serum at all if anything it made my face break out and my under eye bags worse.

Grace M says:

Do not buy this product~!!!!!!!!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They will charge you $89.95 a month, per product when you sign up for the $4.95 FREE trial!!!!!!!!!!!! It does not disclose that it is a 14 day trial and charges will be due day 15!!!!! The product is very cheaply packaged as well. SCAM!

Anonymous says:

I was also scammed by them. DO NOT sign up for a trial. I will cost you $89 and a lot of phone time to cancel

Michelle Morris says:

I responded to some survey, which allowed me to pick from several products for FREE just pay postage. using credit card information for this charge. Nowhere on the advertisement did it say I would continue to recieve this product on a monthly bases. Checking my statement I noticed this charge for 89.00. I called the company, they told me they could not issue a full refund but would prorate it for 67.46. They did send me cancellation notice saying my refund would be credited to my banking acct. in 5-20 days it now been 26 days with no refund. I called the number on the email only to find out the number was no longer in service.

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