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What is it?

Cellogica is a combination day cream and night cream that is designed to help improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. Their products are said to work by increasing and mimicking specific cellular functions of the skin that generate collagen and promote skin repair. Their night cream is meant to be applied before sleep and left on throughout the evening and the day cram is for application after showers in the morning, the theory being that the combination of the two provides around-the-clock care and protection for the skin.

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Cellogica Ingredients and Side Effects

It is frustrating, however Cellogica does not choose to publish their ingredients list online. While they don’t provide a complete accounting of the ingredients of their product, they do mention that it includes some quantity of at least these four additives:

Malus Domesticus Apple Stem Cell Extracts Alpine Rose Stem Cell Extract
Hyaluronic Acid Kojic Acid

 Malus Domesticus Apple Stem Cell Extracts: One of the more effective skin care ingredients on the market today. Apple stem cells are so useful for skin care because they are able to help replace the missing stem cells that your body stops producing as you get older.

Apple stem cells are able to aid your normal stem cells with the generation of new skin tissue and the regeneration and repair of old or damaged tissues. They are not connected to any known serious side effects and are thought to be safe for long-term use.

Alpine Rose Stem Cell Extract: Another stem cell product, this time taken from a flowering plant that’s usually found in a specific part of the Swiss Alps. They are thought to help prolong skin cell life and encourage UV radiation reflection.

Alpine rose stem cells also have a chemical in them named dehydrin that is thought to help increase the water-retaining properties of the skin. There is very little clinical data about this aspect of using Alpine rose stem cells, and the actual extent of these abilities is unknown.

There have also never been and studies that have shown that Alpine rose stem cells have any negative consequences or side effects.

Hyaluronic Acid: A naturally occurring chemical found in the skin, as well as the eyes and the joint fluid. Hyaluronic acid is important for the lubrication of our movements and in the formulation of new collagen.

Hyaluronic acid is also considered safe since most bodies recognize it as a naturally occurring substance, however there are some individuals that can have allergic responses to the chemical.

Kojic Acid: A fungally-derived chemical that has been used in the past as a skin lightener. Kojic acid may also have some use as a treatment for acne or melasma, however there has yet to be any evidence found that can state this for certain.

Kojic acid used to be much more popular, however it fell out of favor when a number of studies linked it to some more negative side effects. According to those studies, it is possible that kojic acid users may experience:

  • Changes in skin color
  • Mottling
  • Decreased thyroid function
  • Organ changes

Kojic acid has also been linked in some rare cases to blue skin stemming from a negative reaction to the kojic acid. This condition is thought to be permanent.

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Cellogica Quality of Ingredients

Cellogica uses some very good ingredients, one highly questionable ingredient, and also leaves one giant question unanswered.

Malus domesticus stem cells are one of the most highly recommended ingredients for skin care products that’s currently available, and hyaluronic acid and alpine rose stem cell extracts are also thought of in good terms.

Kojic acid is a holdover product from a different era of skin care. It was used more during a time when racial attitudes in the country led people to seek out skin-lightening agents more than skin-health agents.

Yes, kojic acid may help reduce the pigmentation in the skin, helping even users’ skin tones in some cases, however it may also reduce pigment unevenly, making the skin look even blotchier and more unnatural. The blueish tint that some users get is the direct result of permanent changes in the skin’s ability to produce and regulate melanin, and the thyroid and organ function changes are an even scarier potential consequence.

Our panel of experts does not currently recommend any products that use kojic acid. They also do not recommend any product that does not publish their entire ingredients list.

Most reputable companies with quality products believe in their ingredients and dosages and want to encourage their comparison to other products because they believe that they are superior.

Not publishing your ingredients raises the question of what is it about your blend that you don’t want people to know, and it makes it impossible to ever really be sure that you’re using the safest and most effective skin care product available to you.

Frequent additives like simple alcohols are often used to make skin care products seem more effective than they are while in reality they are dehydrating your skin faster than before you applied them. Sodium hydroxide, or lye, also appears in quite a few products of this nature that tout their color correction or skin lightening abilities, and it’s a known corrosive agent that can have permanent consequences to users’ skin.

Unless you know exactly what you are putting on your face you, have no idea which chemicals you aren’t putting on your face.

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The Price and Quality of Cellogica

Cellogica comes with both a daytime and a nighttime formula that are usually sold together, although their advertising neglects to say what the difference is either in terms of contents or expected outcomes. Users can expect Cellogica to cost something similar to this:

  • 1, 1 oz jar of Cellogica day cream, plus 1, 1 oz jar of Cellogica night cream: $129.95

There is also a free trial of Cellogica available through their website, however that requires enrolling in their automatic payment program. There are a number of hidden fees associated with joining that program, and there are quite a few complaints online from users that thought they could try a sample of Cellogica without obligation and found themselves instead paying hundreds of dollars for a product that they found out they didn’t like.

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Business of Cellogica

Cellogica is both the name of the company and the title of the product. Users can contact Cellogica through these channels:

Phone Number: (661) 208-3477

Address: 256 South Robertson Blvd Dept. 210

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Email: [email protected]

There are no pending lawsuits against Cellogica at this time, however it should also be noted that there are quite a few formal complaints against the company lodged with sites like Ripoff Report, Consumer Complaints Board, Scambook, and Pissed Consumer.

These accounts are mostly pretty similar, and numerous users allege that the free trial was just a way to hook them in to paying a number of other fees. Consumers reported fraudulent and unauthorized charges on their credit cards, orders that never came but were billed for anyway, and rude or misleading customer service agents.

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Customer Opinions of Cellogica

The most frequent reviews of Cellogica online are not even related to the product but rather to their unethical business practices. Of those reviews that are related to the product itself, they were frequently similar to these:

“I started using Cellogica for the small bags under my eyes, but as I started applying the product they somehow got bigger. I quit about five days in when I started breaking out under my eyes too – stay away from this junk.

“Not the miracle I was told it would be. I can’t see any difference in my skin and I will not be reordering.”

“CELLOGICA IS A SCAM! I tried to return their goop which is MUCKY GARBAGE that DOES NOT WORK, and instead I got hit with a $140 charge!”

Cellogica mostly has only one- and two-star reviews on Amazon, and their 2.8 star average is the lowest of any skin cream that we’ve covered that has over 20 posted reviews.

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How Does Cellogica Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Cellogica
  • 22/100
Conclusion – Does Cellogica Work?

If our reviewers would have stopped their investigation after reading the first few ingredients in Cellogica, they may have thought that it was a quality product. Stew apple and Alpine rose stem cells are useful for skin health, as is hyaluronic acid.

Unfortunately for Cellogica, out panel of experts is much more thorough than that and they turned up quite a bit of information about the product and the company itself that they were not impressed by.

You should know all of the ingredients, and if possible the dosage amounts as well, of every beauty and wellness product that you put on and into your body, and the choice not to share that data is highly suspicious. Also, the very large quantity of reports of unethical customer service and accounting behaviors make our team unable to trust Cellogica as an organization.

There are a number of products on the market that use apple stem cells as a key ingredient, and users are encouraged to seek them out instead of this overpriced serum from an untrustworthy company.

Our experts recommend Kremotex as the top skin care product on the market today. They use apple stem cells in their blend, along with other proven safe and effective additives, all of which are clearly labeled on their website and packaging. Click here to learn more about what makes Kremotex so effective.

38 Responses to Cellogica Review

Anonymous says:

Nothing like going and finding out money is taken out of my account without knowing. .. just pay shipping it says for a free trial. I guess shame on me. But I better get my money back!

Sheila Simpson says:

Same thing happened to me! I got a free trial and 2 weeks later I got another package with the same stuff (small sizes) and they charged my credit card TWICE the full price. I called my credit card company. They put someone on the phone with me who called the company on my behalf and got me a full refund.

Nan Wells says:

Same thing happened to me.

Anonymous says:

Nothing like going and finding out money is taken out of my account without knowing. .. just pay shipping it says for a free trial. I guess shame on me. But I better get my money back!

Joan Baguley says:

I tried one of these free with shipping trials only to find out that my credit card got charged $94.95 because it was considered a full size and I had 2 weeks to try it? If I didn’t return it I was automatically charged the price as this little bottle was considered to be the full size??? I couldn’t get my money back! Hope you do.

Anonymous says:

Just takes money from you don’t do this

Judyth Babbar says:

sad news all i just made contact with this company and they will NOT REFUND and money.. its time to take business into our own hands now and SHUT THEM DOWN!

Judyth Babbar says:

please contact me to help end this crap… they hung up on me

Nancy Roberts says:

I’m going thru the same thing! I’ve been charged close to 200 dollars! I’d like to know what action I can take. The scam is this…..they say it’s a 14 day free trial (4 bucks and some change for the shipping, but mostly a way to get your credit card info). When I told the company i received the product 4 days before I was again billed 130.00, they said, it’s 14 days from when they mail it!! So if it takes 7-10 days to receive it, you think you have 2 weeks. You don’t. You have 4 days. How can you tell if anything works in 4 days!. You can’t. This company needs to be reported to the BBB. And I plan to do just that. Thanks for listening. I hope I have saved others from making this mistake. Good luck if you do. Nancy Roberts.

Judyth Babbar says:

Update: I contacted customer service a second time… I argued with the lady and got results… I was first granted a 30% refund… then she offered 50% and then a full refund of 100%… I did threaten a major lawsuit with the company and involving as many from this website as possible. I have received a confirmation number from them and an email giving details of full refund… Do not give up and stand up for whats rightly yours…

Cheryl Brown says:

OMG girl, i did the same thing. thank you for sharing this , first 30% then 50% then 100% …..i got a 100% refund! and canceled my so called subcribtion. They never mention the price, of the products, and never ever did it say 14 day trial, it only said free trial. shipping only 3.95. shame on me.. never again will i ever do business on line with anyone. thanks again.

Patricia Mackay says:

Did you ever receive your full refund back as promised by this scam company? Because they did the same thing to me and now I called again for the second time and now they said they’re going to refund me 7 to 10 days I was wondering if they will keep their promise and refund my card

anonymous says:

Do not buy from these people. firstly they advertise buy the eye cream for $4.95, which i did then a couple of days later i get another $2 charge on my account. a week later i get a $129 charge i call to inquire, be careful how you present the facts they twist your words around, will not give you your money back, will not take the product back, you don’t get a invoice for the $129 charge or the extra $2 charge which they only do to test if there funds in your account and test the card before you get smacked with a $129 fee for product you don’t even order. this is a scam and to top it the product DOES NOT work.when i contact my bank to lay a claim they con the bank with misinformation which then leaves you back to square one even with proof of not ordering product. do not buy from this company!!!!! unless you like throwing money away.

Tonia B. says:

I wish I had read this before ordering their product. This is a scam! I read all of the fine and never saw it saying it was a 14 day trial. It’s not doing any better than the Neutrogena I was already using and now they charged me $129. I called and canceled the enrollment they put me in. He was trying to keep me in by offering me 25% and 50% discounts. NO cancel! I am calling my bank and seeing if I can get this charge disputed. I am so angry to have the wool pulled over my eyes that I may even reach further like BBB.

Joan Kelley says:

I agree I got ripped off by them too they did the same thing to me. Somebody need to stop these people.

julie lejeune says:

This is crap. I thought i was buying trial bottles not trying the product. They withdrew $230 from my bank account and i was not prepared for that. They would not work with me. This alone aged me 10 more years!!

Anonymous says:

How is there no one to talk to directly from this company, it keeps leading me to the costumer care which is a third party and they are saying that they can’t do anything about the charging. When I go to look at the terms and conditions it brings me to a completely different product- simply flawless. I NEVER remember clicking on anything that said I would be charged, I would have never done it. Plus it was on the website connected to MADE PURE with the sisters from shark tank. If anyone has a number or advice I could have to get the $130 back I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

Anonymous says:

Horrible! Do not purchase. This company charged my account $300.00 for what I thought was a one time charge of $3.95 and when speaking to “customer service” they were not only rude, but also unrelenting in stealing from unknowing consumers. This is false advertising and unethical business practices at its worse!

Patricia Pol says:

Is this Not A “Shark Tank” backed Product ?

Jennifer Boyce says:

horrible products and worse customer service DO NOT GIVE CC INFO YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!!

Jaimee says:

The best way to try these type of things is to buy s prepaid Visa card for $20. That way they can send you a trial and not charge you again in the future. If it doesn’t work you aren’t out too much money.

Anonymous says:

The number provided on the box doesn’t even work so how are you supposed to call and I got no invoice in the box.. I think I’m going to cancel my credit card

Bridget Boddie says:

This company stole my money out of my bank account $77.77 and charge me $4.95

Bridget Boddie says:

Do not do business with this company

Desiree says:

THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM…..DO NOT DO THE FREE TRIAL….THERE IS NOTHING FREE ABOUT IT. After seeing charges of 129.95 on my credit card, I learned that the trial is only 14 days and on day 15 they slap this huge charge on your credit card.
Their customer service team is just a call center of young males who do not know a thing about cosmetics. They try to convince you to keep the product by offering escalated discounts from a scripted menu.

Julia N. says:

I had a similar situation with Cellogica. They claimed they delivered the product(s) January 14, 2018 & January 15, 2018 my credit card was charged once for $125.95 & then $99.95. When I complained I had not received the product they said it didn’t matter since the 14 days start when the order is placed. However, I only read about the 14 days after they scammed me, the original website doesn’t disclose a time it just states they would automatically charge you after 32 days unless you cancel. I recall calling prior to the 14 days asking about the ETA of the eye serum & since they couldn’t tell me anything & I didnt have the product I asked that they cancel it all together but they asked that I wait a couple of days as I should receive it soon & that’s when I got all these charges that I wasn’t prepared for. I called my bank but they told me it was out of their hands & I had to get the money directly from Cellogica. 3rd time trying for a refund but now its not even “no, we won’t refund any money!”… it’s, “We are done talking to you & Have a nice day!” & they disconnect the call! I’m at a complete loss & now feel I will never be reimbursed. Anyone out there that can talk to them for me? Or guide me on how to get my full refund?

Anonymous says:

Your credit card has a 90day dispute. When this kind of stuff happens i call my credit card and have them deal with them. I got my money back everytime.

Victoria says:


Sadly I did not come across this review site at the time of my purchase. I agree with everyone else on having a gun to your head about the AUTOMATIC SUBSCRIPTION once you avail of the free trial. The website also lists just the major ingredients but it does not state every single ingredient – some of which are known allergens to me in particular. Unfortunately for me I was overseas for 3 months so I was receiving them even though I no longer wanted them. And when I appealed to them for me to be able to return ALL 3 months, they simply pointed me back to their Terms & Conditions; meanwhile also claiming in their website that they can barely keep up with demand.

So WHY on earth wouldn’t they try to make 2 people happy? Myself, who doesn’t want their products; and another customer who can’t otherwise be serviced because they can’t supply enough product to meet the demand.

Brenda Bright says:

Scam, false advertising and taking money from accounts not given permission to. Ad mentioned free sample, Shark Tank, and Judge Judy. False, false, false! Please stay away from this company. If I had read this first and not thought Shark Tank supported this product, I wouldn’t have fallen for this scam. I only authorized the shipping fees ONLY! I will shipp back immediately and hoping no other money will be wrongfully from my account.

Anonymous says:

This is a scam to get you card. They charged me 94 dollars and the 14 days hadn’t even passed . I did not see anywhere in there small print you will automatically get charged. I never got what I paid for and never got a refund. I had to argue to even quit getting there product . Never seen any good results as they advertised. Do not get this product.

Paul Evans says:

We all need to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and INJUNCTIONS against this shit-bag company for robbing people through the mails. Post the name of this company on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and ALL social media outlets until we can sue the hell out of them and have them locked up for MAIL FRAUD!!!

June says:

Ripp off,took money out my acct

2 tiny bottles of cream.for 130
00 nuts!!! I still.want my money back.

Me says:

This stuff is worthless my skin looks horrible if u touch my bank account u’ll suffer severe consequences I’m also getting the better business Bureau involved

Lillian Simmons says:

Cellogica is ripping people off. I fell for the pay for shipping and handling. Gave them my credit card. I was billed several times for shipping and handling. Then i found charge for 99 dollars from a company Polish Fever a company i have never heard . The company sent information to my credit card company stating they bill me because i didn’t cancel the subscription nor did i return the product. I never recieved ant product, nor did i agree t anything with this company i have never heard of. So that us how the rip people off. People be extremely careful giving people your credit card information. They clearly gave my information to this company who is now ripping me of with some lies about s ok me agreement i never made with them.

Donna says:

They are a scam!!!! My account was hit for 129.95!!!!! Called and told them I wanted to cancel. They sent me emails showing canceled that no money would be deducted from my account. A week later they deducted 129.95 from my account! I called you speak with representative who then hung up on me

Anonymous says:

You son of a bitches. You tried to charge my card for fraudulent charges in January. The card has been cancelled. Screw you.

Rose Moore says:

They are misleading. I tried to get a refund or return products. They do not refund. They took $229.95 out of my bank act. I will never fall for try a free bottle ad again. Plus you still pay shipping. They are a big rip off.

Andrea Kowalski says:

They lock you into a life time membership just from trying a free sample. When I cancelled my order, I had to call 3 different numbers. While the staff was not rude, they really don’t take no for an answer!! The next charge would’ve cost $200!

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