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What is it?

Revoluxe is an anti-aging formula made with 24k gold for promoting healthy skin tissue. The 5 key things targeted are reduced wrinkles, laugh lines, wrinkle formation, improved skin elasticity and reduced sun damage.

They also add how clinical studies have shown that collagen-forming serums like this one are approved by 9 out of 10 dermatologists. There are added amino acids and vitamins meant to reverse the loss of collagen.

Our review experts have found the best anti-wrinkle solution is Kremotex. Their official website showcases before and after photos showing how effective it is at providing anti-aging benefits. To discover more information about Kremotex, click the link here.

Revoluxe Ingredients and Side Effects

No full ingredients list is provided, but instead there’s mention of key additives. This makes it impossible to fully determine the overall quality, or to see if there are possible side effects. Here are the key ingredients mentioned:

24k Gold Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Pearl Powder
Chamomile Extract Ginseng Root 18 Amino Acids

24k Gold: The chemical gold has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. There aren’t any unique properties to showcase this ingredients effectiveness over any other antioxidant source.

This significantly raises the price of a product.

Pearl Powder: Crushed pearls that are used to improve the overall appearance of skin. In it are amino acids and calcium. Information about its use as a topical aid is limited.

Chamomile Extract: Herb used to reduce skin irritation and provide anti-inflammatory effects.

Ginseng Root: Phytonutrient rich herb used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It can also whiten skin to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

18 Amino Acids: A mixture of several amino acids added to help nourish the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Our review experts have compiled a comprehensive list of the top ranked anti-aging brands.

Revoluxe Quality of Ingredients

Without being able to read the ingredients list it’s impossible to give a full review of the overall quality. Judging from the available ingredients there is a major emphasis on providing fad extracts.

The added pearl powder and gold isn’t actually better than similar antioxidant or amino acid sources. They raise the price unnecessarily. There are also some good ingredients such as chamomile and ginseng, but this can be sourced elsewhere.

There only unique thing about this is the added pearl and gold which as mentioned is unnecessary.

One has to be able to examine the full ingredients before using any topical aid. There are far too many potential risks in trying a brand which only mentions certain additives. This makes it impossible to predict what kind of experience one may have. Provided in this link is a comprehensive list featuring the top 10 best anti-aging creams.

The Price and Quality of Revoluxe

A 2 week trial period is offered as long as one pays shipping of $5.99. They add how normally the trial is 2 weeks and that one will be charged a total of $189.98.

This is exceptionally pricy considering they never reveal the total ingredient list of Revoluxe. This makes it impossible for one to determine beforehand if what they’re buying is actually safe and effective.

Paying such a high amount for a potentially ineffective or harmful product is a major risk.

They also add how if you do not say anything and fail to cancel, every 30 days you will be sent Revoluxe at a charge of $129.98. There’s also unclear wording about their trial offer.

They add:

“normally 2 weeks from the date you receive the trial goods”

But then they go on to say:

“nominal trial period (usually 144 days from the day your order was delivered”

It’s unclear if this means the trial is sometimes longer or shorter. This needs to be clarified in order to avoid potential unwanted charges. Provided in this link is our expert crafted list of the best anti-wrinkle creams.

Business of Revoluxe

The name of the company is Online Satış Pazarlama ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi. Their listed contact information is:

Address: 14/2 Mecidiyekoy Mah. Sisli Istanbul, Republic of Turkey

Phone Number: (647) 849-3463

Email: [email protected]

A 30 day money back return is offered for returned bottles with a restocking fee. There are 5 different websites which appear to be official, but 4 of them redirect to another unrelated product. It’s unknown why this is so, but it could be the signs of a scam.

There have also been customer complaints of this being a scam:

“noticed 3 charges on my credit card for just one product”

“had to cancel my credit card and I was still charged without first being authorized”

“returned without opening it and they said it was opened and ended up charging me”

“this is a total scam they do not allow one to cancel and continue to charge my credit card”

There were several people who complained about the company charging without authorization. Even those who tried to contact the company within the free trial, there were automatic charges.

Some were even charged for multiple products even though they had only received one bottle, and they were still within the trial period. Click the link for a list of the top 10 best anti-wrinkle solutions.

Customer Opinions of Revoluxe  

The only reviews available are from the official website, and these reviews feature stock photos which do not appear to be from real users. There is one before and after photo, but this is the only cited evidence that shows Revoluxe as an effective product.

There are only negative reviews about the company practice. Many tried to secure a refund but were unable to. Its likely people tried to get their money back because they did not like Revoluxe.

This makes it impossible to predict what one might expect, especially since no full ingredients list is provided anywhere online. Follow the link provided to see a comprehensive review of the best anti-wrinkle solutions available.

How Does Revoluxe Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Revoluxe
  • 45/100
Conclusion – Does Revoluxe Work?

Reviewing Revoluxe is difficult due to the lack of an ingredients list. The only available information is of a few additives and major complaints from users. Many have commented on how they were unable to get their money back, and how they repeatedly tried to send emails and calls. There is also a questionable practice of auto shipment which makes it impossible to simply purchase one bottle of Revoluxe. One has to cancel within the trial period and according to users, the company will often deny refunds or continue to bill. It’s also exceptionally pricy for what’s known to be overpriced additives such as gold.

Our review experts have found that the most beneficial anti-wrinkle cream is Kremotex. It has an all-natural formula made up of studied ingredients such as shea butter, macadamia oils, apple stem cells, and much more. There’s also before and after photos on their official website from users who noticed great benefits.

Each ingredient is produced in a safe GMP certified facility to ensure routine quality control inspections.

The benefits of Kremotex is that it can treat all signs of aging including uneven skin tone, fine lines, facial expression lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin, and many other issues. Discover more information about Kremotex by following the link here.

13 Responses to Revoluxe Review

Dorothy Seiferling says:

This is a complete SCAM I did not get a receipt in the product when it was delivered , There was NO paper in the box explaining THAT WE HAVE to PAY a BIG amount ::: what so ever , IT was a FREE SAMPLE ; Never in my LIFE have I got a FREE sample that I had to pay for ‘ HOW does this work

Nayab says:

I didn’t even receive the sample. I found charges on my MasterCard and when called I was told $400 worth sample were sent and they were delivered at door, that I never received. And I was charged their price next month because I didn’t return them. After talking for about 45 minutes I got around $190 back.

Sylvia Leschyshyn says:

Scam is a mild word for the practices this company employs. I opened the Shaw internet/TV site to check my account and a customer survey popped up. I filled out the survey, which appeared legitimate, and presumed the FREE GIFTS were a promotion. I too was billed for the FREE GIFTS. What is wrong with a business that piggybacks on the site of reputable companies to push, not promote,products? EVERYTHING is wrong. The company is not accredited by the BBB. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Laxmi says:

I too was charged for free trial products, did not get my money back and even the sample products did not have and further billing details to be charged….It’s a total scam and their customer support representative are the worst….

Laxmi says:

It’s a total scam. I was even charged for free trial products and their customer support representative are the worst who won’t transfer calls to senior manger. I too did not get my money back…. No one should ever buy from this company, it’s all fraud…..

Lois Petch says:

I fell for this. ..goes way against my better judgement. Spoke with my bank and was told this is a scam and happens all the time. I just cancelled my visa and learned a lesson.

Susan says:


Jennifer Hanna says:

I too fell for this scam. I answered a survey through COSTCO for which I qualified for 2 free products. To my shock yesterday, I see three charges: !179, $189 and $129 on my VISA. I called and they told me I agreed to their terms when I gave them my credit card info (which I thought was for S&H only). They said they could cancel the re-occuring order and return my $129 but not for the other two. I told them on the phone it was scam and they seemed unphased as I’m sure they hear this over and over. So unethical. I spoke to VISA too. They eventually offered me $120 back ‘for my suffering’ and that it was a one time offer and if I didn’t accept I could take my chances but that they win 99.99% of their law suits. I took it just to get something back but I learned my lesson for sure. Never trust a ‘free sample.’

Khadija Bakali says:

I also paid £100 for the products l felt were free gift for me, the worst part is l called them and explain the situation that l lost my job at tgat point but no empathy simply said we can’t do anything in that and no refund

Susan says:

This is a total scan and ended up costing me over $300 dollars………a tough lesson.Don’t agree to being sent the trial samples, they will bill your credit card and continue to send the product. i ended up returning an unwanted shipment for a refund but i was stuck paying for the free samples. even though i had never touched any of them.

Farida says:

I was use this product and it is perfect

Mrs Enty says:

My husband fell victim to the card scam. Luckily the bank cancelled the additional charges made and he cancelled his card to prevent it from recurring. The problem is that I adore this product. I have to rely on the occasional eBay listing.

CHARLOTTE Kennedy says:

I do love this product, but I was scammed for $800 a few years ago. They just kept taking money off my credit card

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