Tan Physics Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Tan Physics is a sunless tanner formulated to also treat visible signs of aging.  The product promises a natural-looking tan that won’t streak or blotch, and is supposed to be safe for use on both the body and the face.

The tanner claims it will nourish, replenish, and hydrate while enhancing your skin’s natural color and tone with color correcting tints.  It is meant to be gentle and effective for all skin types.

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Tan Physics Ingredients and Side Effects

Key ingredients in Tan Physics:

Dihydroxyacetone Argan Oil Matrixyl
Coconut Oil Hydrolyzed Collagen Aloe Vera

Dihydroxyacetone: Also known as DHA, this is the main active ingredient in most sunless tanners, and is often derived from sugar beets or sugarcane.  It is considered safe for use and approved by the FDA, but it can make skin almost twice as susceptible to free radical damage from sunlight.

Argan Oil: Used in skin care products as a natural moisturizer, this oil derived from fruit seeds of the Moroccan Argan tree is high in Vitamin E, and may provide antioxidant benefits.

Matrixyl: An anti-aging peptide that stimulates collagen production and skin healing.  The results are said to be more long term than many other anti-aging ingredients.

Coconut Oil: This natural moisturizer and humectant also contains the antioxidant power of Vitamin E, as well as disinfectant and microbial properties.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: A naturally occurring protein, collagen is most abundant in skin, bones, and connective tissue.  It provides structural support, strength, and elasticity, and it is also essential in the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells.  There is insufficient evidence, however, to prove topical use of collagen is effective, or even possible.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has been long known for its nutrient-rich source of hydration.  It soothes skin, and contains the potent antioxidant power of Vitamins A, C, and E.

Tan Physics Quality of Ingredients

Tan Physics lists its main active ingredients on the website, which is helpful for those with sensitive skin or allergies, or simply interested consumers who want to know what is being applied to their skin.  Only the active ingredients are discussed in any depth on the website.  There is no mention of the inactive ingredients, so consumers are unable to decide if the product will work for their particular needs, or if any of the ingredients will cause adverse side effects.

The known ingredients may provide benefits for the skin, but there is no clinical evidence proving their effectiveness against the signs of aging.  Aloe vera is likely to moisturize, but this does not necessarily mean it is an age-defying ingredient.

Collagen is another questionable ingredient.  While it is essential in the body for skin regeneration and other natural functions, collagen in a bottle will not fuse with collagen in the skin.  Collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through the skin, and even if they could, they would be unable to tell the difference between healthy and damaged collagen.

There is also no mention of the Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) concentration used in the formula, which is approved in concentrations between 1-15%.  DHA reacts with the amino acids in skin, and turns it brown.  The higher the DHA concentration, the darker the skin will turn.  Without the DHA concentration level, consumers are unable to gauge how much they should use for their desired tone.

Tan Physics claims it is ideal for all skin types, but not all skin types react the same way to certain ingredients.  Before using this or any skin care product, one should always check with a specialist to discuss the possible risks associated with your skin care regimen.

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The Price and Quality of Tan Physics

Tan Physics is competitively priced at $24.99 for a 1.18-oz tube, if purchased from the website. This is a fairly good value compared to many comparable products, assuming the user achieves desired results.

There are, however, no clinical trials available, and there is only limited information on the formula and how it works.  It contains several sunscreen ingredients to help prevent photodamage leading to premature aging, and a fair amount of silicone to smooth the skin, but it doesn’t have any powerful, age-reversing ingredients that might have enhanced the effects.

If Tan Physics is within your skin care budget and sounds like something you would like to try, be sure to check with a specialist, as some of the ingredients are known irritants and allergens for some skin types.

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Business of Tan Physics

The manufacturer of Tan Physics is Tan Physics, headquartered in  Connecticut.  Their contact info is:

Phone: (855) 826-7353

Address: Tan Physics

PO Box 1094

Deep River, CT 06417

Email:    [email protected]

There are few official complaints against Tan Physics, though there are many negative customer reviews claiming the product does nothing, or does not perform as advertised.  Many also say the 100-day money-guarantee was not exactly risk-free.  There is no autoship subscription service or trial required, however, so interested consumers can at least take comfort in that.

The website is busy, disorganized, and full of vague claims, but despite all the hype, there is no ingredient list.  Full ingredient disclosure, along with scientific-backed information regarding the formula, are two very important aspects of skin care research.  Tan Physics doesn’t appear to be concerned with consumers doing their research or comparing products.  The Tan Physics website just wants you to BUY NOW.

The efficacy of any skin care product depends on individual skin type, allergies, proper application, and many other contributing factors. Please keep this in mind when researching skin care products based on customer reviews and opinions.

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Customer Opinions of Tan Physics

The customer reviews of Tan Physics are mixed, and tend to be on the negative side.  Not all products perform the same for all skin, of course, and allergies, proper application, and many other contributing factors can also vary the results. So until you try it for yourself, you won’t know how it works for your individual skin type.

Fortunately, there are online reviews available, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.  Several users were pleased by its performance, but most did not experience dramatic results, or experienced negative effects:

“It works for me, I don’t understand the negative comments.  Maybe they didn’t follow directions? Whatever it is, they are missing out.  Great tanner.”

“My skin darkened well enough, but no better than my other $9 sunless tanner.  The claim that it will reduce wrinkles and such is laughable though.  I am laughing so hard I’ve created deeper wrinkles in my skin.”

“It fades very quickly if you don’t apply daily, but you have to be careful because it creates an orangey glow if you use it more than 3 days straight.  It is kind of a fussy product and you have to experiment a lot.”

“They claim satisfaction or your money back, but I went through the required process, returned according to the terms, and now I am unable to get anyone on the phone.  When I dial, it picks up and immediately clicks off.  Scam!”

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How Does Tan Physics Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Tan Physics
  • 30/100
Conclusion – Does Tan Physics Work?

Tan Physics can work for for many to create deep, even tones, according to several online reviews, and it is fairly affordable compared to many tanning products with anti-aging benefits.  There is a lack of detailed information available, however, about how the product works to fight the signs of aging, and there are no published clinical trials for safety or effectiveness.

The product may nourish and hydrate the skin with natural moisturizers and other nutrients, but the absence of proven anti-aging ingredients in meaningful amounts suggests consumers do some more research before purchasing this tanner.  The money-back guarantee may be enticing, but consumers are urged to use caution when placing an order.  Take heed from the many disappointed customers who tried and failed to get their money back for a product that did not work.

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22 Responses to Tan Physics Review

Jon says:

Is Palmitoyl oligopeptide used in Tan Physics organic or synthetic.
You should offer both, price does not matter.

Linda Schweitzer says:

I just ordered it again for the 3rd year. You have to experiement with it – I put it on my legs and sometimes wipe over with a tissue. Be careful around the feet and toes – it needs to be even and not put on real thick. I get many compliments and people ask what I use and I tell them about it. I like it better than tanning beds, of course, and I mostly put on my legs and sometimes all over. It washes off a little, but I expected that.

Di says:

REALLY…I cant even get it out of the bottle without shaking it 20 times. Why are we all so taken by these stupid scams..looks good on FB. My fault for falling for it.

Denise Hart says:

I agree I am using Tan Phsics, It’s such a big scam

Miss Trish says:

Now I’m more confused! I came across this page hoping to get some reassurance but, now I’m TOTALLY CONFUSED! Help! . Is Tan Cuticles the good one? Or is Tan Physics the good one? I’m about to give up . Somebody HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Julie says:

I have been using Tan Physics for 3 years now. Get compliments all the time about how real my tan looks. People act surprised when I tell them it is from a bottle.:)

Susan says:

I guess it works different for everyone. I have been using the product for about 4 years and love it. Primarily use it on face and neck as I’m avoiding the sun, and it looks very natural on me–great color, blends beautifully, and looks natural, not like I’ve just colored myself in with an orange crayon. I have used on arms and legs and as with all tanning lotions, you have to be careful to apply evenly to avoid streaking. I do feel that the consistency makes it easier to do that. I’ve used both the application glove (which is kind of like a fine towel, so beware, it soaks up the product a bit), and my bare hands, washing immediately after. I get many compliments on the look–a nice, natural, even soft tan–not so dark it looks like you’re trying too hard.

Julie Bless says:

Tan physics turn my skin orange.


I have had a couple of bottles left that are at least a least 3 years old. Expired?

Liz says:

I have Just started to use tan physics and I am very impressed so far . I just remember to go lightly around knees and elbows . I wear gloves as to not have the hassle of getting it off my hands. Good product for me.

Barb L says:

I broke out in a rash after using it and going out in the sun. It itches severely and I have a red rash with large bumps all over and my skin feels like leather, not soft anymore. How do I get rid of the rash:???

Julia Fox says:

I’ve been using this product for several years and love it. Don’t understand the negative reviews and get suspicious it’s competition. There is NO chemical smell to this product AT ALL! Very pleasant coconut oil aroma. No streaks and goes on easily. Dries fast.

Renee LaFave says:

Since I have had some skin cancer, I have been prohibited from tanning. Have used self-tanners in the past, and hated how they looked..streaky, smelly, and of course, orangy. So I was ready to try Tan Physics, with all their claims of a natural, non- streaky, no orange product. I should have known better. While it’s true is smells okay during application, within an hour you smell just as bad with this product as with all the others. It in fact HIGHLIGHTS all skin defects: wrinkles, moles, etc. If used for more than 2 days in a row, you look orange. But you have to apply nearly every day, so for the price of one bottle, it is NOT cost effective. It also comes off on clothes, especially white ones. I also noticed some skin irritation. The only nice thing I can say is that is doesn’t streak.

Darlene Boll says:

I purchased two bottles, at first it seemed to work, just a light tan which is nice for me, I have a bit of vitiligo, so it helped with the light skin that I have.

However I did have to stop using it by the second bottom, I started to itch really back after using it. So I will not purchase again, I am not sure what is causing the itching, but it is awful.

Lynn Brearley says:

Its a great product, the best.

Ruby Miller says:

I have been using Tan Physics for a couple of years.Its one of my favorite tanning lotion.I have bought several kinds, over the years.Tan Physics is my favorite.And just to mention i ordered one time an didnt get my order, i made a call to the company an received my order right away. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy.

Diane Harris says:

This year was the first time I tried Tan Physics, and because I’m older and use a very good moisturizer on my face, the tanner does turn my face the darkest and must Not leave on longer than an hour, or it will get dark tan to orange. But it’s easy to use a facial cleaner and clean off. Applying a translucent powder can correct any dis coloring.
As far as on the body, if you exfoliate and use a deep moisturizer for several days before applying the tanner, it absorbs much better and gives you a nice base tan. Applying another application gets you darker, but for me I like a little tan, nothing that makes me look like I’m Latino or a candidate for cancer.
I believe it is a decent tanner, and far superior to the other faux tanners I’ve used in the past.
If you get orange results, you have good moisturized skin and the tanner will immediately tan, so less than an hour for getting a tan than rinse it off.

Melinda says:

I purchased the kit, and I use it as instructed, I must say I’ve used a variety of sunless tanners . This one by far stand up to its word. No Orange looking skin, I love the hydration moisturizer this alone I dont need the tankless formula as much. Give give it a 10. Safe on your face. Small amount goes along way.. no stains on clothes. You can speed up the drying time with your blow dryer or fan if your in a hurry.

virginia brogdon says:

this is a lie it strecks and turns your body orange don’t waste your money like I did I wish I had my money back.

Judy Curry says:

Hi my name is Judy Curry and I ordered Tan Physics and upset it took 29.95 3 times off my debit card on April 3 and not received it and thought it would be her and not just refund my money back to my card for I feel it is a scam get my money and nothing..just put my money pack..Judy Currty

Suzanne says:

Horrible! I’m blotchy and streeked!! Yuck!!

Alicia Barron says:

I was very excited to try Tan Physics but after using the exfoliator and then the self Tanner after a couple of hours I found that my arms were very blotchy and across my face and neck. I am very disappointed. I was expecting something much better but found it not to be really any better than what you can buy over the counter. Customer service was very helpful and refunded my money immediately. So all in all I had a good and bad experience. I’m not going to say that I would suggest you not buy it but I would suggest that you investigate the product before you do.

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