Estrogel Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Estrogel is an estrogen therapy treatment for women going through menopause. Estrogel is to be used topically and can help relieve symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats and more.

Estrogel is made plant-based formula, rather than animal-derived ingredients, relying on an ingredient known as estradiol. Estradiol acts similar to estrogen in the body, and can be applied as a convenient, no-mess gel.

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Estrogel Ingredients and Side Effects

Estrogel only contains one active ingredient, a plant-based hormone known as estradiol. Here’s a little more about this ingredient, and what you can expect in terms of relief and potential side effects:


Estradiol: Estradiol is an estrogen hormone that can be taken both as a topical gel or cream, or orally. In its gel form, as Estrogel, this ingredient is used to treat certain symptoms associated with going through menopause—aiming to replace lost estrogen where the body is no longer producing enough by itself.

Users should be aware that estradiol gel should be applied to the upper thigh area or the upper arms. The gel works best when applied after a shower or bath and should be applied when skin has completely dried. Users should wait until solution is dry before dressing and wash hands thoroughly after application.

  • Estradiol may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots or high blood pressure.
  • Common side effects may include breast pain, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, cramps, headaches, fluid retention or yeast infection.

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Estrogel Quality of Ingredients

Estrogel has been approved by the FDA for safe treatment of menopausal symptoms, though it’s not without its side effects. Like other hormone solutions, Estrogel may case a number of uncomfortable effects such as headaches, bloating or breast pain, as well as nausea or vomiting. Some effects like the potential for hair loss could put a number of users off of using this product.

Reviews for this product were mixed, suggesting that this plant-based hormone treatment may not be right for everyone. Potential users should talk to their doctor about all the risks involved with taking hormone therapy though every medication has its risks and benefits.

A number of users mentioned that they like this product was made from plants, rather than other products derived from animal urine—which makes sense, though this product does present some of the same risks as the animal or synthetic hormone treatment options currently on the market.

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The Price and Quality of Estrogel

Estrogel is a prescription medication, and many potential uses of this product will find that their insurance covers at least some of the cost. For those who don’t have coverage, this product costs an average of $149.95 for a bottle containing about one month’s supply.

The Estrogel website does offer vouchers for consumers, they currently have one for $35 off, which may help make this product slightly more affordable for people with minimal coverage.

Unfortunately, many users may find that the cost of this product is simply way too high, and may want to look elsewhere for an alternative to Estrogel.

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Business of Estrogel

Estrogel is made by a company known as Ascend Therapeutics and they can be reached by using the information below:

Phone: 877-204-1023

Email: [email protected]

Address: 607 Herndon Parkway
Suite 110
Herndon, VA 20170

Ascend Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that focuses exclusively on women’s health care products, though it looks like Estrogel is the only product currently on the market at this point in time. Ascend appears to be rather small, and is a subsidiary of a larger company known as Besins Healthcare.

In addition to the broader company website, Estrogel has its own site, which explains to doctors and their patients how this product works and what kind of results they can expect to see with regular use.

The site looks nice, and is very informative. There’s a step-by-step guide outlining how to use this product, as well as information about the side effects and who should avoid taking this product.

The product is sold as a convenient delivery method for low-dose estrogen therapy, but we’re not sure how suing a product that needs to be applied each day, then fully dry is  a better alternative to consumers than simply taking a pill each day.

Customer Opinions of Estrogel

The reviews for Estrogel featured a number of opinions, without any clear indication of whether this product is effective or not. While some people seemed rather pleased with the results they received, there were many others who gave Estrogel some pretty low ratings. Here’s a look at what some users had to say about their experiences:

“I’ve found this product is really weak. The suggested dose is 1-2 pumps a day, but in the UK, it’s 2-4. It’s also really expensive for offering minimal benefits, and I can feel it wearing off at the end of the day.”

“Estrogel has been effective in helping me reduce hot flashes and improve my mood. My only complaint is, my upper arm is incredibly itchy after application, but it usually goes away within a couple hours.”

“This product worked to resolve my more uncomfortable menopausal symptoms, but unfortunately, I now have a deep vein blood clot in my leg. It works, but there may be a price.”

“I have pretty mild symptoms, so I only use about a half of a dose. I have seen some improvements, my vaginal dryness is going away, as are hot flashes.”

Estrogel doesn’t have as many reviews as some of the other prescription hormone solutions on the market, but even with this smaller pool of reviewers, we’ve found some strikingly different experiences after using this product.

The fact that this product may be linked to the blood clot mentioned above suggests that deciding to take this product is a decision that should not be taken lightly. While blood clots are likely rare, those considering this product should talk to their doctor to determine if they are otherwise healthy enough to be taking Estrogel.

Other users mentioned the price was something of a deterrent, which is understandable, as it costs nearly $150 each month, if used as directed.

Beyond the issues of cost or the side effects, this product is clearly not designed for women experiencing severe menopause symptoms. The website mentions this, as do some of the reviewers we ran into. Which makes us wonder why users are taking a risk by trying a hormonal product for less severe symptoms.

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Conclusion – Does Estrogel Work?

Based on the information we found regarding Estrogel, we feel that there are better solutions out there that don’t require the daily application of a gel that needs to dry before getting dressed.

Many of the reviews we came across made it clear that this product is to be used for women with mild to moderate symptoms—in which case, it seems like it would be a better option to try an herbal solution for less money with less risk of side effects.

Aside from any side effects associated with using Estrogel this product is rather expensive, especially if insurance doesn’t cover the bulk of the cost—and many users felt that it simply didn’t work for them.

After taking this all into account, we recommend looking toward something other Estrogel for reducing hot flashes, vaginal dryness or any of the other common effects of menopause. An herbal formula may be a good place to start, while more potent hormone therapy treatments may provide quicker and more effective relief than this product. Overall, it’s really a matter of wheter the risk of side effects like blood clots or hair loss are really worth the minimal benefits.

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3 Responses to Estrogel Review

Sylvia Dennis says:

I am 67 and had to come off my regular HRT due to company stopped making it. I suffered for 3 years trying all kinds of remedies and pills to stop my hot flushes which were hot sweats at least every 1 to 2 hours. In desperation I went back to doctor and was put on Oestrogel with a progesterone tablet. This is my third month of having one pump of the gel, and I can honestly say I’ve nearly got my life back. I never went out to shops or family gatherings because of my flushes but am now a lot better. At the moment the only down side is having to wait for the gel to dry before getting dressed. The doctor wants me to have 2 pumps of the gel starting next month but I don’t think I will need to. Some days I don’t get any flushes and other days only 1-2.

Gabrielle Rohde says:

I’ve been using Estrogel since I entered perimenopause. At first, my female OB (who also uses Estrogel) prescribed 1-1/2 pumps. I am now 69 and have been using 1 pump each night. I apply it to my left inner lower arm and then rub right and left together. This way it spreads it thinner, dries almost immediately and I don’t get it on my hands so no need to wash. By the time I’m done brushing teeth I can finish getting ready for bed. No problem!! I have no intention of going off it. My skin is almost wrinkle free. My bone density is excellent and all other tests are normal. I’m angry that more trials have not been done in the US and that doctors are still advised to end HRT in women over 65 based on a 20 year old bad study. I’m also angry that American drug companies won’t include it in their formularies. The good news is that I can buy it on vacation in PV, Mexico at Costco for $35 for 80 gr. which lasts about 75 days vs $90 for 50 gr. in the States. You can also buy it from Canadian pharmacies for an excellent price.

Laurie says:

I had very bad side effects to Estrogel that led to MS like symptoms. It seriously interacted with some eye drops I had and I think I was allergic to something in it.

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