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What is it?

Ellura is a daily medication designed to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women. Ellura works to create a “shield” inside the urinary tract, preventing users from getting an infection.

Ellura is offered as an alternative to frequent rounds of antibiotics for women who frequently get UTIs. The formula relies on a concentrated ingredient found in cranberries to fight harmful bacteria as it enters the system.

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Ellura Ingredients and Side Effects

Ellura is made from only one active ingredient, a compound found inside cranberries used to help the body resist infection when it comes into contact with harmful bacteria. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find inside each capsule:



Proanthocyanidins (PAC): A type of polyphenol, PAC is found in several types of plants, including cranberries, which is where this product derives this ingredient from. PACs provide both flavor and the familiar astringency you’ll find in cranberries, along with a number of health benefits ranging from healthy looking skin to joint flexibility, protection from sun damage and cardiovascular benefits.

The makers of Ellura claim this product can treat and prevent UTIs, as well as help users who have some issues with incontinence. While cranberry juice has long been thought to help flush out UTIs, there’s not too much information that verifies this product’s efficacy.

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Ellura Quality of Ingredients

Ellura relies on the tried and true method of using cranberry juice to treat and prevent urinary tract infections, making it easy for consumers to take a daily tablet rather than commit to drinking all that juice.

While this could be a worthwhile solution for people with chronic UTIs, the FDA has not reviewed this product for effectiveness and there’s not much proving that this solution can consistently perform.

We’re not sure that taking this supplement will do much, aside from offering the natural benefits of taking antioxidants. And for menopausal women in particular, Ellura likely won’t provide any benefits—though some women do experience recurrent UTIs with sexual activity during this stage in life. This product only has one indication, and alleviating menopause-related symptoms is not one of them.

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The Price and Quality of Ellura

Ellura is sold through the Ellura website, and offers a one-month supply of the product for $45. The price comes down to $43 a piece if you order two or more boxes at a time or $40 per box when you sign up for a monthly auto-fill subscription. A 90-count bottle of Ellura is sold for $120, which offers a bit more savings for consumers looking to stock up.

First time buyers can take advantage of a 50% discount off their first 30-count box, if they are a verified new customer.

Alternatively, you can also buy the product on Amazon for $129.95 for the 90-count bottle, with free shipping for Prime membership holders.

Ellura seems to be a bit expensive for what is essentially encapsulated cranberry juice. We found that many of the customers who reviewed this found the price point to be far too high as compared to the ingredient profile.

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Business of Ellura

Ellura is manufactured by a company called Trophikos LLC. For your reference, we’ve listed their contact information below:

Phone: (800) 815-2333

Address: 1212 Collier Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Email: [email protected]

There’s not a huge amount of information about the company, Trophikos LLC on the web, which could be a good thing, as there haven’t been any lawsuits or major issues with their products, as far as we can tell.

Both Trophikos and Ellura have their own dedicated websites. The company website is clean and professional, offering a sort of overview of both products they sell and a bit of background on the company.

The Ellura site offers plenty of information about the benefits of taking this product versus antibiotics, as well as some detailed information about UTIs and even a page dedicated to using this product to help prevent menopause-related UTIs.

The site mentions that while things like hot flashes or night sweats go away, increased frequency of UTIs isn’t a problem that goes away once a woman emerges on the other side of menopause.

Overall, the site offers some good information and should get users up to speed on what they should do to both treat and prevent UTIs, if they are an ongoing issue.

Customer Opinions of Ellura

We looked at a number of reviews for Ellura, many of which were positive. As expected, there were several people who mentioned the price point was far too high, and others who were skeptical if this product’s claims.  Here’s a look at how this cream worked for previous customers:

“I’ve been UTI-free for a year. This product is fantastic and has helped me feel much more comfortable. It’s hard going through physical changes as we age, glad there are things that help.”

“This product has been pretty helpful for me and it does seem to do what it claims. It’s really expensive and the 90-day supply does not actually last that long if taken as directed.”

“I haven’t had a UTI for 2 months, if this continues for 6+ months, it may well be worth the price. It’s worth noting I did have a stomach ache for the first several days of use.”

“I have fairly frequent UTIs, though it’s hard to tell if this works as I don’t know if I would have otherwise gotten an infection in this time frame. I will say this, it’s good to have on hand for travelling.”

Ellura does have several positive reviews, mostly from people who experience UTIs on a regular basis. It does seem that this could be a good solution for this select group.

Though menopausal women may be more prone to infection, we’re not sure this seems like this is a product that addresses all the factor that contribute to this problem. A supplement targeting the full spectrum of menopause symptoms by balancing out the hormones may be a better choice.

Women who aren’t going through menopause and are looking to avoid the risks that go along with taking antibiotics frequently could do well with this product, if they are willing to pay the high prices.

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Conclusion – Does Ellura Work?

Ellura seems like it has a lot of potential for preventing UTIs in women who get the infections on a regular basis. While we’re not entirely sure of the science behind this product—cranberry juice has long been thought to be useful in preventing UTIs—it seems a lot of women have been pleased with the results.

One of the main drawbacks to using Ellura is the high price point. It’s not a prescription drug and is therefore not evaluated by the FDA, which unfortunately, means that insurance providers will not cover this under any type of plan. The site offers some modest discounts, $3 here, or $5 there, if customers opt to buy in bulk or enroll in the monthly automatic payment program. More than anything, customers cited the price point as their main source of dissatisfaction.

While looking at the formula, it’s easy to write off the fact that this product is just an antioxidant pill. PAC does have some key benefits, but it makes us wonder how effective Ellura actually is. The site does explain the benefits of the product, but this minimal formula doesn’t seem to justify such a hefty price tag.

In the context of menopause and finding relief for the long list of symptoms, this product could be useful in women who experience frequent UTIs as a result, but they really should address underlying hormonal imbalances, which are likely the root of the problem for most post-menopausal UTI sufferers. We understand women are looking for some immediate relief and in those cases, Ellura could fit in nicely.

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10 Responses to Ellura Review

mercy joseph says:

how do i get Ellura in Nigeria? its urgent pls

Linda Danielson says:

This product was recommended by my Urologist. It takes about 2 months for it to become effective and with continued use, so far, I have not had a UTI for 8 months.

Laura Gibson says:

I have never heard about a connection between Ellera and menopause. Many, if not most users are much younger than typical menopause age. I consider this pill a miracle pill. I have multiple sclerosis, which is well-known for UTI’s (Uriinary. I was hospitalized with a septic UTI more than once a month n 1915. My urologist recommended Ellura. Since taking Ellura daily (April 1, 2016 – present) I have not had a single UTI! The price seems a little steep, but it is a LOT cheaper than even one hospitalization. This has also been the experience of most people; in fact, this is thne first time I have seen a negative review about Ellura.

Lee R Audlin says:

I have had an ongoing UTI for a long period of time. This is the only thing that has stopped my UTI’s cold! I never miss a dose. Yes, the price is high, but the price of an ongoing infection is way higher! The fact that I don’t have to be on long term antibiotics any longer is also a plus!
I just bite the bullet, and order 6 months at a time. For me, it is well worth it to know I am infection free!

Helen says:

First time user, suffering from stomach cramps etc. not my remedy

philip redding says:

my wife’s doctor recommended Ellura for her bladder infections. Before we buy it is important that we know if Ellura has any effect on kidneys. She has stage 4 kidney failure and is on dialysis 3 days a week. I would appreciate your input.

Juliette Aurora says:

I have been using Ellura for about a year. I am prone to UTI’s . I had one UTI last December. They just raised the price and frankly It is just getting too expensive. I will probably not reorder when my supply runs out and with what I have in my house – will take one piil every other day and see how that works out.

Pepper Davis says:

It’s way to expensive. I bought a 90 day supply and after taking it for a month I had a UTI. Snake oil I say

Muriel Almeida says:

Ellura has been a life saver for me. I agree the price is too high since I take 2 pills a day and have for several years. During the pandemic I tried just taking 1 pill and that lasted 5 days, I developed a UTI!! I am back to 2 pills a day and it is working for me. I also take Methenamine Hipp 1 gm twice a day which is a prescription. Would love to find something cheaper but have to stick with this combination for now.

CV says:

Has the formula changed? 2 weeks after starting a new bottle in the new packaging I got a UTI.

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