Vagisil Cream Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Vagisil Cream is a vaginal anti-itch cream. Vagisil Cream alleviates vaginal itching caused by a change in pH, antibiotics or even stress.

Vagisil Cream works to create a barrier over delicate vaginal skin, protecting irritated skin from further discomfort. This product also soothes with calming vitamin E and blocks odor with a patented formula.

We’ve reviewed at several types of menopause supplements, hormone replacement products and even devices. Femmetrinol more effectively helps women deal with the symptoms that emerge during menopause than any competing product on the market.

Ingredients like black cohosh and wild yam help women overcome hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness without the risk of developing health problems down the road. Click the link here to read more about the potent herbal blend used to make Femmetrinol.

Vagisil Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Vagisil Cream is a cream, so there’s little risk of becoming sick after using this product. This product does rely on a couple key ingredients to deliver the advertised benefits — here’s what you need to know before trying Vagisil Cream:

Resorcinol Benzocaine

Resorcinol: An anti-itch ingredient used in a number of products, resorcinol may help treat acne, warts, psoriasis, and dry scaly skin and is usually applied as a cream.

  • Side effects may include skin irritation or redness or peeling of skin.

Benzocaine: Benzocaine is a common local anesthetic, used to numb a painful area. This ingredient is used to relieve itching or pain by desensitizing the nerve endings in the skin

  • Side effects may include rash and swollen, itching or burning skin.
  • In some cases, if too much benzocaine is absorbed into the skin, side effects may include headache, dizziness, weakness or an increased heart rate.

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Vagisil Cream Quality of Ingredients

Vagisil Cream is a popular anti-itch cream, well-known to provide relief to women dealing with a range of uncomfortable vaginal issues — like yeast infections, discharge, dryness and more.

While it is fairly well-reviewed for its ability to stop itching, Vagisil Cream does not work to treat any underlying conditions. It’s not a cure for yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted diseases. It’s also not a moisturizer that can help with the dryness that comes along with menopause or cancer treatment, or anything else that might reduce moisture.

In general, Vagisil Cream is designed to provide comfort from other issues, as you recover from whatever the problem may be — if it’s a yeast infection, antibiotics or even probiotics might be your best bet. Menopause-related dryness? Users should consider taking something that helps regulate the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body.

That being said, it’s clear that Vagisil Cream has some benefits and if it makes you feel comfortable, it’s not a bad idea to add this product into the mix — it’s just not a substitute for proper treatment.

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The Price and Quality of Vagisil Cream

Vagisil Cream is sold through numerous channels from Amazon to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Rite Aid. Potential users can expect to find this product in most grocery or drug stores.

Vagisil Cream is sold through numerous channels from Amazon to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Rite Aid. Potential users can expect to find this product in most grocery or drug stores.

Users can expect to find this product for under $8.00 for a 1-ounce tube, though the price varies by seller. Target and Jet offer this size for $3.49, while Walgreens has it listed at $6.49.

This product very affordable, but it’s important to keep in mind, if you’re using this product, you may need some other type of supplement to go along with its use.

Persistent vaginal itching or infection may be associated with an underlying condition that requires the care of a physician. Menopausal women might find some use for Vagisil Cream, but because it doesn’t treat hormone imbalances that cause hot flashes, night sweats or anything else.

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Business of Vagisil Cream

Vagisil Cream is part of the Combe Incorporated family of products — which includes more widely sold products like Just for Men hair dye. Here’s the company contact info below, as well as a bit of background:

Phone: 800-431-2610

Address: Combe Incorporated,

1101 Westchester Ave.

White Plains, NY 10604

Combe Incorporated has its own website, which feels a bit like a landing page with some contact information, as well as a mention of all the brands that fall under this company’s umbrella.

Vagisil has its own website dedicated to the brand, which doesn’t provide any platform for sales, but there is some good information about vaginal care, what Vagisil Cream (and wash and wipes) are used for.

The site has a full section dedicated to vaginal health videos, which some users might fund helpful. Overall, this brand does a decent job of explaining the function of their products, as well as when it might be a good idea to seek help from a doctor.

Customer Opinions of Vagisil Cream

Vagisil Cream is not as widely reviewed as one might expect for such a common product, but we did see some comments people left on channels like Amazon and Walgreens. Here are some of responses users shared after trying this product:

“Perfect for yeast rashes, Vagisil Cream is great for that painful burning skin that comes along with yeast infections. Definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for relief.”

“Vagisil does work; it stops the itch fairly quickly, but doesn’t do much else. Great if you get a slight itch from time to time or need to supplement your yeast infection treatment.”

“I get a severe itch from time to time, and this product really only helps for a mild to moderate level of itching. It’s kind of gooey and not very discreet—I don’t think I’d use this again in the future.”

“Vagisil Cream is great for itching and is working for me. Love the smell and how quickly it provides relief. Wish it had more of an anti-bacterial effect, but it’s made to enhance comfort rather than cure anything.”

Vagisil Cream seems to deliver many of the benefits it advertises. Many users reported a positive change when they tried using this to address hot flashes and mood swings, but there are a few drawbacks.

With a cream, users are stuck waiting for the product to dry and need to take extra precautions to ensure it doesn’t get on clothing others might handle or more absorbent parts of the body.

Additionally, a few people mentioned that this product is to be used daily for three weeks, followed by a week off —though the website defers dosing details to your healthcare practitioner. Those taking the week off, claimed that their symptoms returned in full force during that time.

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Conclusion – Does Vagisil Cream Work?

Vagisil Cream has been around for a long time, and is seemingly effective for a number of women suffering from vaginal discomfort stemming from a variety of issues.

The key thing to remember about Vagisil Cream is, this product is aimed at providing users with a sense of comfort as they deal with underlying conditions — whether that means restoring the body’s bacterial flora population or taking antibiotics for an infection. Basically, users may need additional care, as Vagisil Cream doesn’t necessarily treat any condition.

In terms of its use as a support product for menopausal women, Vagisil Cream probably isn’t the right cream for those experiencing dryness. While dryness can lead to things like BV or yeast infection—it might be a better idea to treat the hormonal imbalances that contribute vaginal issues, and if needed add some form of lubrication into the mix.

In the end, it’s clear there are better options for dealing with the consequences of post-menopausal vaginal dryness. Addressing the hormone imbalance at the root of the problem is a good way to start, and probiotics are a good way to keep vaginal health in check.

After reviewing all types of products aimed at helping menopausal women, we’ve found that Femmetrinol brings users the exact relief they are looking for. A blend of herbal ingredients like black cohosh, wild yam, chaseberry and damiana each bring their own set of benefits to the table — collectively reducing hot flashes and night sweats, regulating mood and improving energy and sexual function.

Femmetrinol is manufactured in an FDA certified facility and frequently undergoes quality testing in an effort to ensure consumers get a product that they can trust. Click the link here to read about the many ways in which Femmetrinol can help you treat menopause.

11 Responses to Vagisil Cream Review

Anonymous says:

Horrific!Never use this cream I have been severely burnt ,blistered and in so much pain to even wee I have been to doctors and hospital with this and over a week later my private parts are in a mess and seeing is sooooooo painful I cry .Should be banned !

Diane says:

I had same reaction from this product because its scented and I missed that on the label when purchased, just one application gave the same results as above, have posted complaint on another site but cant find it

Wanda says:

I got hives down there after using Vagisil, I used it years ago and it has never done this to me!! I will never buy this product again!!

Anonymous says:

This cream has the worse f***** side effects I’ve ever encountered. It made me weak, body ache everywhere, and made me get a fever/headache. Try a different cream because this is awful asf.

Anon says:

First of all, why don’t you grow up and use words that adults use instead of your trailer trash mouth. With that being said, secondly, if you would have read the information on the product it clearly states that you shouldn’t use it and seek medical attention. The product itself did not produce your symptoms, your medical condition did.

Anonymous says:

I used it to treat minor vulval itching. It only gave immediate relief; it did not solving the problem and it was making it worse. Minor vulval itching evolved to abnormal swelling and redness; hives and itching on my whole body. I stopped using it and the vulval itching, swelling and redness disappeared. However, more than two months later, I am still dealing with hive-free itching and burning on my whole body. NERVE DAMAGE CAUSED BY THIS AWFUL PRODUCT. IT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE MARKET IMMEDIATELY.

Nish says:

after how many hour one can apply the vagisil cream again

Anonymous. says:

I have been trying to call the Combe telephone number. The message says their reps. are in a training session. Other times when I call the phone rings for a long time. I had issues with this product and company last year.I noticed a strong odor coming from the tube.I was able to get in touch with someone and they sent me a mailer to return the tubes. Now I am noticing an odor coming from a tube I just opened. Vagisil is not supposed to have a scent.Last year when I used some of the tainted Vagisil I had a bad rash and pain. Am wondering what is going on with product..

Maggie Morgan says:

I use it for pain in the vulvar region. It is a lifesaver! Sometimes I add a little vaseline to the mix
and it works even better.

Vickey Brown says:

This cream has worked for me, and I’ve had the same tube for a few years and it’s still working. We have to know how sensitive our bodies are and to what. Also, irritation may occur if there is something else going on.

Lisa says:

I’ve always used vagisil cream it does the trick its amazing for me I’ve used other treatments and they not worked as well or as good or as long then vagisil. I always have it on hand in my bag. I never had any problems with it it’s been great for me. Highly recommended

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