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What is it?

M2 Tone is a supplement designed to stop excessive menstrual bleeding and regulate cycles. This product may also help improve fertility.

M2 Tone is made entirely from Ayurvedic herbal ingredients, which the maker of this product claim have an effect on the body’s estrogen supply. In addition to the above benefits, this product might also be useful in calming the digestive system and lessening menstrual pain, bloating and more.

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M2 Tone Ingredients and Side Effects

M2 Tone is a blend of herbs from Ayurveda, which, according to the official website, help reduce blood loss and alleviate pain and discomfort during menstruation. Here’s a look inside the formula:

Kamal Shunthi Nagkesara
Usheer Jeeraka Lavang

Kamal: Also known as sacred lotus, kamal is a symbol of femininity, birth, fertility and growth. In Ayurveda, the leaves and flowers are used to treat bleeding disorders and help with conception. The root may help with internal heat and infertility.

Shunthi: Shunthi, better known as ginger is used to promote digestion and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body—helping reduce pain and swelling throughout the systems.

Usheer: An herb that promotes cooling in the body, usheer is used to treat burning sensations, excessive sweating, fever, skin disorders and more.

Jeeraka: Jeeraka is the Sanskrit word for cumin seeds, which are thought to have an effect on digestive conditions, bloating, parasitic worms, fever and more.

Nagkesara: A plant used to treat vaginal monaliasis, nagkesara may have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Lavang: Lavang, another word for cloves, is an herb used to treat a number of conditions, from bad breath to diarrhea. Lavang may also be used to treat acne and warts, as well as promote good circulation, metabolism and digestion.

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M2 Tone Quality of Ingredients

We don’t know much about the ingredients used in the M2 Tone formula. The makers of this product have failed to list the ingredients used in this formulation, as well as the full extent of how the product works, and what the range of indications are.

M2 Tone, according to one of the many Amazon sellers offering this product is made from a variety of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients, which may work to regulate hormones and help user with various symptoms associated with menstruation.

But, it gets confusing, as the uses for this product differ between the official website and the Amazon listing. The website mentions (in extremely vague terms) that the product works to help get hormones into balance and may help with fertility.

The Amazon page (which appears to be operated by Charak, the maker of this product), claims this product works to reduce the range of menstrual concerns from distended abdomen to mood swings and irregular bleeding. They also mention this product is made with a “pro-estrogenic agent,”which may be why some women might consider this even during and after menopause.

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The Price and Quality of M2 Tone

M2 Tone is sold directly from the manufacturer, but they’re based in India, so ordering from the site might get a bit expensive. US consumers can find this product for sale through Amazon, from several different sellers.

If purchasing from India, the product costs about $2.14 for a pack of 30, less shipping and handling charges, which are calculated by distance.

One seller offers a box of 90 tablets for $16.99, while one offers a 30-count box for $8.50, and another offers the 30-count package for $6.99.

M2 Tone is relatively affordable, but we have limited information about the product. With a small amount of reviews to draw from and confusing information about what, exactly, this pill stands to do, we don’t if this product is safe or if it works consistently for consumers.

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Business of M2 Tone

M2 Tone is made by a company known as Charak, which makes a range of health and personal care products using components of Ayurvedic medicine.

Address Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd
501/A, Poonam Chambers,
Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai – 400 018

Email:  [email protected]

The Charak website looks nice, overall, but it’s lacking in clear information for prospective consumers who may be interested in purchasing M2 Tone, or other products.

The product page for M2 Tone offers only an image of the product, along with an explanation about how menstrual periods are dictated by hormones. They never explain what the product actually does to regulate menstrual cycles, what ingredients are present in the formula, or anything else considered key information by most consumers.

While the product page is not helpful at all, there’s a blog entry posted on the topic of infertility, menstruation and how M2 Tone might help users experiencing hormonal imbalances—but again never says how.

The entry uses a lot of fluff language—describing how motherhood is the most important part of a woman’s life, and so on—but again, we don’t ever get a good look at the details.

Customer Opinions of M2 Tone

M2 Tone, fortunately, is on Amazon, so we do get a look at some of the feedback people had regarding the use of this product.

Keep in mind, this product is designed to balance hormones in menstruating women, so we didn’t get a good sense of how well this product worked for women in menopause or perimenopause. Here are some of the comments:

“I’ve always had a hard time with my periods. From passing out to having unbearably painful cramps, each month, menstruating was a nightmare. Took one pill with each meal, and my period stopped early and was much lighter.”

“Pretty good! I usually have very heavy bleeding and as a result am severely anemic. M2 Tone has allowed me to quit taking my high dose hormones, which were starting to cause some pretty nasty side effects.”

“I’ve been taking M2 Tone for a couple months now to correct my heavy, inconsistent periods. I have PCOS and was hoping this might be a good alternative to natural hormones, but I’ve yet to see any changes.”

“Bought this product after missing some periods, but I’m 47, so it did occur to me that I might be entering menopause. They seemed to have helped regulate my periods, but my doctor doesn’t really know why.”

Based on the reviews we found, this product seems to work for some indications, particularly heavy periods, in which women were losing a lot of blood. It’s unclear what about this product works to stop the bleeding, or at least make it a bit more manageable, but this did have several positive reviews.

M2 Tone, according to the official website claims to help women deal with infertility, but we didn’t run into any users who mentioned whether or not it helped them conceive.

Because this product is primarily meant for women who are still menstruating or are trying to become pregnant, we wouldn’t recommend this for our purposes.

It does seem like it may be useful for a number of women, but we don’t have enough information available to determine whether or not M2 Tone is safe, effective, or consistent.

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Conclusion – Does M2 Tone Work?

M2 Tone is not exactly designed with our audience in mind. This product does set out to balance hormone levels in the body, but it seems the primary use is to help stop excessive bleeding during menstruation.

M2 Tone is made by a company based out of India, so it’s hard to know how widespread the use of this product is. We were able to find the pills for sale on Amazon—but there were only a few reviews available, and they represented a range of experiences.

What’s more is, the website is not all that helpful. It’s written in English and it is easy to read, there’s just not enough information available for someone looking to learn more about a product they’ve never tried before.

We were able to find the ingredients on the Amazon listing, but the makers of this product have made no effort to educate consumers about what the product does and how exactly it aims to regulate menstrual periods and help people become more fertile.

Femmetrinol our experts’ number one pick for menopause support. Why? This product features a potent lineup of herbal ingredients; black cohosh, damiana, chasteberry and wild yam—working together to replace lost hormones and fight a long list of symptoms from night sweats and fatigue to hot flashes and mood swings.

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5 Responses to M2 Tone Review

mary sebuava says:

can i combine vitamin e, folic acid, cod liver oil, m2 tone and clomid at the same time?
i am 43 and desperately need a child. have been trying to get pregnant after 2 years of marriage and i have undergone fibroid operation 2 years ago. im sure 3 cycles of m2 tone can help.

phylelma says:

if your tubes are damaged can M2 tone be useful for conceiving.

Krawa says:

M2tone is very effective when you are trying for a baby..I personally used it and got pregnant within a month..good luck

Chinchu says:

Hello I am a person who had used and have been using m2 tone.It really works for women with hormonal imbalances.I have PCOS and extremely irregular periods.But when ever I take these pills /tonic I get my periods regular and I conceived my first baby after 3 months of usage of these pills.I think it really works on proper ovulation.I have not experienced any side effects so far .


Please, can this work to restore seized mensuration

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