Harmony Menopause Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Harmony Menopause an herbal supplement that relies on six key ingredients to deliver relief from common menopause symptoms. Harmony Menopause aims to help women suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, mood swings and more.

Harmony Menopause is a blend of vitamins and both Western and Chinese herbal medicine, all working together to bring balance to women during menopause. That being said, this product is not designed for people with severe symptoms and the company that has created this supplement has made another formula for that group.

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Harmony Menopause Ingredients and Side Effects

Harmony Menopause is made exclusively from herbal supplements designed to help balance hormone levels and reduce symptoms like hot flashes and more. Here’s a look at the key ingredients used to make Harmony Menopause:

Chasteberry Dong Quai Rehmannia Glutinosa 
Bupleurum Falcatum Peony

Chasteberry: A very small berry shaped like a peppercorn, chasteberry is used for a number of concerns related to women’s reproductive health. This ingredient is used to activate the pituitary gland, stimulating the production of progesterone.

The effect on progesterone production may help the body achieve balance between estrogen and progesterone and may help reduce menopause symptoms, as well as help users suffering from other hormone-sensitive conditions.

Dong Quai: A medicinal plant used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, dong quai root is used for painful menstruation, infertility, PMS and more. It may also help users treat menopause-related symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue and mood swings, due to its estrogenic effects.

  • In some cases, this ingredient may increase sensitivity to the sun, and users should take extra precautions when outdoors, particularly if they have lighter skin.

Peony: A common flower, peony is thought to have an effect on the chemicals responsible for muscle pain and cramping inside the body. As a result, peony is thought to help with pain caused by menstruation, PCOS, PMS and more.

  • In some cases, users with sensitive skin may experience a rash with use.

Rehmannia Glutinosa: Not much is known about the use of rehmannia glutinosa, in general, but this root plant is thought to have an effect on allergies, bone health and inflammation and immune system health.

Bupleurum Falcatum: A medicinal root with a range of applications, bupleurum falcatum is used primarily to reduce joint or menstrual pain, as well as muscle cramps and more. It may also be used to treat colds and respiratory issues, the flu, epilepsy diarrhea and more.

In some cases, users may take bupleurum as a way to treat symptoms associated with PMS.

Bupleurum additionally may help stimulate immune system cells, though more research needs to be conducted on this particular use.

  • There isn’t enough information available to know whether or not this ingredient is safe or effective.
  • It may cause diarrhea, gas or drowsiness, and in some cases, potentially cause severe breathing issues.

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Harmony Menopause Quality of Ingredients

Harmony Menopause brings some different ingredients into the mix, rehmannia glutinosa and bupleurum, for example, along with chasteberry and dong quai.

Harmony Menopause could have some potential to treat certain aspects of menopause, particularly if there’s a progesterone deficiency, but we don’t know too much about all of the ingredients in the formulation, so it’s hard to say.

We wish there were some more powerful estrogenic herbs in Harmony Menopause, as that may better round out the formulation.

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The Price and Quality of Harmony Menopause

Harmony Menopause has been created by an Australian company, and as a result, it’s a bit difficult to locate the supplement in the United States.

Potential users may be able to find this product online, though it’s not available for sale through the larger e-commerce channels like Amazon, Jet, Walmart or iHerb.

For the Australian audience, this product is relatively easy to find. Harmony has been in business for years and is featured in many of the larger chain pharmacies in the country.

Bad news for users looking to buy directly from Harmony, it appears that they only sell to third-party retailers. On average, Harmony Menopause is sold for $25 in Australian dollars, for a 60-count bottle and and $40 the larger, 120-count version.

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Business of Harmony Menopause

Harmony Menopause created by an Australia-based company that goes by the name, Harmony. Their contact information is listed below for your reference:

Phone: +61 3 9427 7422

Address: 7 Rocklea Drive,

Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207

The official website is clean and bright, with a real feminine appeal, that rings true given the woman-only focus of their products. Site visitors can learn more about the products through a series of short videos that provide an overview of the ingredients used to make these products.

The site features an attractive blog, with articles discussing the transitions that take place during menopause and perimenopause, as well as things like fertility and menstrual balance. Overall, it seems like a decent resource for women looking for some basic health information.

Our major complaint here is, Harmony hasn’t exactly provided visitors with a whole lot of information detailing the science behind this product. For example, much information about the science of the products featured on their website. There’s nothing that suggests there are any issues with the product, but users who want more details before they commit to buying this item may want to do a bit more research beforehand.

Customer Opinions of Harmony Menopause

Due to the fact that this product seems to be contained inside the Australian borders, there are not that many reviews of Harmony Menopause available for our review. Regardless, here are some thoughts people shared on various supplement-focused forums:

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Harmony Menopause. I’m just entering perimenopause, but it’s starting to affect my life. Just started taking this a few weeks ago and am waiting to see what happens.”

“Tried this product per a friend’s recommendation.  Harmony Menopause has so far started to help. I’m experiencing less frequent hot flashes, mood swings and even feeling a little more energy.”

“In perimenopause, but thought I’d give this a try to help with hot flashes and all that stuff. I’ve heard good things about chasteberry and wanted to see if it might help. So far, feeling a bit better, but it’s early.”

Unfortunately, the reviews we came across for Harmony Menopause did not provide much clarity for those looking for either a recommendation or a realistic rundown on whether this product works, comes with any adverse effects, etc.

It’s hard to want to recommend something with such a small sample size of past consumers. On the one hand, this brand appears to have a decent reputation, it’s just that it’s sold in a lot of brick and mortar stores or those who don’t provide much of a review platform.

On the other hand, just because this product is widely available and has a nice-looking webpage, doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

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Conclusion – Does Harmony Menopause Work?

Harmony Menopause seems like it might be useful in helping some symptoms of menopause. Unfortunately, it seems it’s difficult to find outside of Australia and there aren’t many reviews that vouch for its efficacy—or many reviews at all, for that matter.

Harmony Menopause appears to be made by a company that cares about transparency and providing good information to its customers. But, we feel they could have taken things a step further and provided more scientific insight into why this product is so effective.

Sure, ingredients like dong quai and chasteberry are known to help women deal with menopause, as well as other hormone-related conditions. The other ingredients like peony and bupleurum falcatum are a little less common in menopause supplements, but could have an effect on soothing symptoms of menopause and providing a better sleep to users.

In the end, we wouldn’t recommend this product, as there’s not enough information available to determine if this works with any consistency. US users are better off finding a supplement they can easily find online or in stores. Plus, there are plenty of options that have a large pool of positive reviews adding a greater layer of credibility.

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8 Responses to Harmony Menopause Review

Pamela McInnarney says:

I have found Harmony menopause invaluable. I do think your review is biased.
Everyone is different and responses will vary. For me, it took about two weeks for it to fully kick in but I also did begin to feel better early on. I don’t like taking drugs from pharma, I prefer a more synergistic aproach

Renee says:

I am experiencing great results with this product. However, since beginning this supplement, i have been experiencing a lot of bloating and gas. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

Maria Kowlessar says:

So far so good

Catherine says:

It worked for me. Took about 4 weeks to fully kick in but there’s no turning back. I have no hot flushes, lots of energy, happier and feel like my old self again!!!

Fran Craigie says:

I have taken 2 twice daily to get on top of symptoms for a month. Stopped now. No relief at all. Really only wanted some reprieve from the hot flashes. I was so desperate so back to the drawing board.

Crystal says:

I have used harmony menopause for 4 years and it works well for me I can’t live with out it

Beverley Singleton says:

Hi I have been taking harmony menapause for 3 weeks I now have diarrhea..could the supplement have caused that .i don’t normally get diarrhea.

Pia says:

I have been taking it for about 2 years. One in the morning one at night and when I forget for a few days I have hot flashes again. Very great full for this product.

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