Healthforce Scram Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Healthforce Scram is a product that claims to kill parasites, bacteria or other unwanted organisms inside the body. This supplement may work to clean out candida overgrowth, worms and infection.

Healthforce Scram claims to improve immune health and mood, detoxify the body and more. The product is made from herbs and digestive enzymes, which aim to help the body rid itself of parasites or infections.

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Healthforce Scram Ingredients and Side Effects

Healthforce Scram is made exclusively from plant-based ingredients, making this product suitable for vegans. The herbs listed in this blend are thought to have a cleaning, detoxifying effect on the body. Here’s a look at what each active herb can do:

Chanca Piedra Milk Thistle Cloves
Wormwood Black Walnut

Chanca Piedra: An herb used to make medicine, chanca piedra is best known for its ability to treat urinary tract infections, pain, swelling, intestinal infections and more. It may work to fight bacteria and viruses, as well as lower blood sugar.

  • It is not known whether or not this ingredient causes any side effects.

Wormwood: An herb used to treat digestive problems, fever, upset stomach and spasms, wormwood may also be an effective herb for eliminating unwanted pathogens and parasites from the body.

Wormwood contains a chemical known as thujone, which has an effect on the central nervous system, which may cause seizures or other problems.

Black Walnut: The hulls of black walnuts are used to treat parasitic worms, as well as skin wounds and possibly, even sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis. Black walnut is rich in tannins — which may act as an anti-inflammatory when ingested.

Milk Thistle: An herb related to the daisy, milk thistle is thought to have the ability to function as a natural remedy for liver problems like cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice and more. Milk thistle might also have a positive effect in people with diabetes or high cholesterol.

Cloves: An herb used for cooking, clove has healing properties — it may help treat digestive issues, hernia, gas, diarrhea, bad breath and more. Cloves may also be effective in treating

  • Side effects may include muscle tremors or spasms.

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Healthforce Scram Quality of Ingredients

Healthforce Scram is made from pretty standard herbal ingredients. It’s essentially a blend of digestive aids and plants known for their cleansing ability.

The official website is mentions this product is a vegan formula that works to eradicate unwanted organisms “lurking” in the system. The formula seems like it might do the job, but it’s not especially clear what exactly the product is used for.

Healthforce Scram doesn’t fall in line with some of the other candida-cleansing types of products. This one is designed to wipe out latent parasites or unwelcome bacteria, but doesn’t contain any ingredients that work to rebuild what is lost — i.e. the essential probiotics in the body.

While Healthforce Scram seems like a good option for those who have contracted a parasite or are traveling to parts of the world where parasites may be of great concern — it’s neither a menopause product, nor a product designed for long term vaginal support.

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The Price and Quality of Healthforce Scram

Healthforce Scram may be purchased from the official Healthforce website for 29.95 for a bottle containing 150 capsules. The normal price on this item is $37.44, but it’s not clear whether this is subject to change anytime soon.

While 150 capsules may seem like a long lasting supply of anti-parasite medication, the product label advises consumers take 10 capsules per day, throughout the bulk of the cycle.

Day one, users will take just one capsule, day two, the amount increases to three, day three, users will take six pills. Then, days four through 17, users will take 10 capsules.

Should this product be effective in eliminating parasites from the body in 17 days, it seems Healthforce Scram is reasonably priced. We have found that some users need to take more product to completely eliminate the parasite population inside their bodies.

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Business of Healthforce Scram

Here’s a bit of background on the company that makes Healthforce Scram, and how you can get in touch with someone at the company:

Phone: 800-357-2717

Address: PO Box 27740

Las Vegas, NV 89126

Healthforce Scram is made by a company known as Healthforce, who make a range of all-natural supplements for various indications.

The Healthforce website is interesting, to say the least. For example, shoppers need to scroll endlessly through a wall of text describing Healthforce Scram in colorful, vague language. Looking through this description, we do get a sense of what this product does, but there are no digestible bullet points that make things easier for consumers.

Healthforce’s line of products come in these colorful jars, and the website seems a bit older, and out of step with current standards for promoting and marketing supplements.

Currently, Healthforce is working on a new website, and mentions at the top of the current site that no new customer accounts may be created until they’ve fully switched over.

In terms of what the company stands for, it seems that Healthforce is dedicated to making all vegan, non-GMO products, which many consumers may appreciate. The site uses a  lot of language like hardcore health and healing — the company started in California, but relocated to Nevada due to the state’s laxer regulations for supplement companies.

Customer Opinions of Healthforce Scram

Healthforce Scram has mostly good reviews, primarily by people who frequent developing countries where parasites may be a major problem for tourists. A few people mentioned that this might be effective for candida symptoms. Here are some of the comments we came across during our research:

“Tried this hopes of treating a huge parasite infection. The herbs in the formula are supposed to be great, but they did nothing to kill what was living inside me. On a new regimen and expelling them daily.”

“Great parasite formula. If you follow all the Healthforce recommendations, you’ll feel less stressed and much healthier. Happy to report, no candida or parasites on my end. Love this product.”

“I take this anytime I’m heading to a developing country and no longer have stomach issues when I eat out. Now, I’m still cautious about drinking water and street food, but this has allowed me to rest a little easier.”

“Started taking these as a preventative measure before I left for Thailand. Took the ten caps per day and never experienced any infections or bugs, while some of my traveling companions became ill.”

Healthforce Scram has pretty good reviews, but it seems that the people that left comments either put a lot of stock into the Heathforce lifestyle (as you’ll see on the website) or found that these herbs were good for eliminating the parasites found in many third-world or developing countries.

This product appears to be designed almost exclusively for travelers’ concerns like parasites or bacteria picked up in an unfamiliar land — it’s not really the type of supplement that supports long term vaginal health or treats the dryness (and resulting) infections that might affect menopausal women.

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Conclusion – Does Healthforce Scram Work?

Healthforce Scram doesn’t quite fit into the realm of products suited for menopausal women looking for relief from symptoms or for long term vaginal support.

While we’re not sure we’re on board with the hard core philosophy of Healthforce, it seems like company has made a high-quality product that has worked for a lot of people.

The reason we’re not apt to recommend Healthforce Scram to our readers is this supplement is primarily intended for use as a parasite treatment, and secondarily for candida.

Though the website claims that this product can help with things like stress, moods and more — its antiparasite capabilities are the only benefits that come up consistently in the reviews.

Femmetrinol, for its gentle potency and diverse range of benefits, is the menopausal supplement our review experts most often recommend. Herbs such as black cohosh, chasteberry and wild yam give users relief from vaginal dryness, moodiness, lethargy and hot flashes, quickly and painlessly.

Femmetrinol is made in an FDA-certified facility by a team that goes above and beyond to make sure consumers receive a safe, potent and fast-acting product in every bottle. Click the link to read more about the ingredients that make Femmetrinol your best defense against menopause.

3 Responses to Healthforce Scram Review

Tammy Harris says:

I’ve had a parasite infection for over 1/2 year. I’m hoping this works throughout the central nervous system. Secondly it keeps saying to take 10, but the directions on the bottle say first day take only one and work your way up to 10?

Tammy Harris says:

I have a very serious parasite infection and I’m on my second bottle. My main problem is these parasites have completely ruined my life. I feel like I’m going to drop dead any day now. I pray that SCRAM works for me.

Kelley says:

I have used SCRAM for h.pylori and reoccurring bacterial vaginosis that wasn’t fully cleared with two rounds of antibiotics. It works in synergy with a cleanse and probiotics that need to be purchased separately. Definitely helps overall body wellness; if the gut is on check, the rest of the body follows.

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