Estrovive Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Estrovive is an all-natural menopause supplement designed to address a number of symptoms. The makers of Estrovive say this product provides less severe hot flashes, improved mood, heightened libido and more.

Estrovive uses a wide range of herbal ingredients known to help with menopause symptoms or other hormone-linked conditions. Black cohosh, soy isoflavones, red clover and more round out this blend, providing relief without the addition of any synthetic hormones.

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Estrovive Ingredients and Side Effects


Estrovive has listed a number of herbal ingredients on their official product label. Here’s a look at some of the key components used to make Estrovive:

Soy Isoflavones Black Cohosh Vitex Berry Red Clover Extract
Wild Yam False Unicorn Dong Quai Squawvine

Black Cohosh: Native Americans have been using black cohosh for centuries to ease menopausal symptoms in women. This ingredient is thought to alleviate mental symptoms like anxiety and depression, as well as night sweats and hot flashes. It may also be effective in treating conditions like PMS or other conditions that have to do with hormone levels in the body.

Black cohosh contains compounds known as phytoestrogens, which behave much in the way human estrogen does in the body.

Soy Isoflavones: Thought to behave much like the naturally produced estrogen in the body, soy isoflavones are used to help women balance hormone levels and reduce the severity of many menopausal symptoms.

Red Clover: A medicinal plant found all over the world, red clover has been used for centuries to treat menopause and PMS symptoms in women, and is thought to be especially effective in treating hot flashes due to its high isoflavone content.

Squawvine: A plant long used by Native Americans for a variety of remedies, squawvine is thought to improve the condition of people suffering from sleeping problems, anxiety and diarrhea. It may also help with menstrual conditions and cancer prevention.

Dong Quai: A Chinese herb used to treat menstrual cramps, PMS, joint pain and more, dong quai is thought to have an effect on the way estrogen behaves inside the body, which could help alleviate menopause symptoms.

  • Dong quai may increase sensitivity to the sun with use, particularly for those with lighter skin.

Vitex: Also known as chaste berry, vitex is often taken for irregular menstruation, PMS inflammation, swelling and a variety of other ailments.

False Unicorn: False unicorn is a Native American remedy for a range of feminine health issues from fertility to ovarian cysts.

Wild Yam: A root vegetable used medicinally due to the presence of an ingredient known as diosgenin, wild yam is used to make steroidal hormones like DHEA and estrogen and may help treat PMS, vaginal dryness and more, as well as function as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

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Estrovive Quality of Ingredients

Estrovive contains quite a few ingredients, most of which have some use in treating the myriad menstruation and menopause conditions and symptoms.

We like that there’s a range of herbs, including black cohosh and wild yam—ingredients we consider useful in easing the symptoms of menopause. Unfortunately, the website makes a lot of claims, but doesn’t back them up with any scientific data or go into detail about whether this product has been clinically tested.

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The Price and Quality of Estrovive

Estrovive is sold on the official product website, as well as on Amazon and a few other digital platforms.

The Estrovive site offers a discount to first-time customers, on the condition that they are then allowed to send you marketing materials via email, which may be a deterrent for some consumers with privacy concerns.

The regular price for one bottle of this product is $38.99, which is equal to a one-month supply. Users can receive further discounts by buying 2 or 3-month supplies at a time.

Amazon offers this product at a slightly higher rate–$44.89 for a 30-day supply. Even at the regular price, this item feels a little overpriced—though it does contain a lot of ingredients.

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Business of Estrovive

Estrovive is made by a company known as CRI Naturals, which is a division of the Cellular Research Institute. Here is their contact information for reference:

Phone: 855-240-8889

Email: [email protected]

Address: Venice, CA

The Estrovive website kind of older looking, and contains a lot of text, without any mention of scientific studies that have been performed on this product. Though they offer ingredient profiles on each of the key ingredients in the formulation of this product, we don’t know how effective the formula is as a whole entity.

While we like a lot of these ingredients and believe many have some great benefits for menopausal women, the site does little to explain how Estrovive stands to make good on its promises.

CRI Naturals, as a company, doesn’t seem to have any major issues with any of their products. The company has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the only complaints refer to delivery issues, rather than negative side effects or unsavory marketing tactics.

Based on our evaluation, we’re not sure whether Estrovive is the best product of its kind, but there’s not much suggesting that consumers need to have any concerns about ordering from CRI.

Customer Opinions of Estrovive

Estrovive did have several positive reviews, but glowing praise wasn’t uniform across the board—many people felt this wasn’t an effective product, and others complained about what they thought was an unfair price point. Here’s a look at some of the feedback we came across during our look at Estrovive:

“It took about a week to see any meaningful results, but I did experience a decrease in night sweats, which is a pretty big deal. I’m still getting flashes here and there, but it’s helped t some extent.”

“My symptoms aren’t really severe, but this product does help me not feel quite so hot when night time rolls around.”

“Initially, this was pretty good at getting rid of my hot flashes, but I developed an immunity. I do feel less anxious, so it’s worth it to continue use, but my hot flashes gave come back.”

“This product made my hot flashes twice as bad when I followed the recommended dosing instructions listed on the bottle. When I switched from two pills to one each morning, I did find some symptoms improved.”

Estrovive had several mentions from past users who found they developed a tolerance over time, and we’re not really sure why. It’s clear that the dosing recommendation isn’t right for everyone, which makes sense, as menopause varies so much from person to person.

Based on the reviews we looked at, it’s hard to tell if this product is effective. It seems many people were pleased with the results, yet, there were enough bad, or mediocre reviews that suggested that it’s not the best solution out there.

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Conclusion – Does Estrovive Work?

Estrovive appears to be safe for most consumers, based on our evaluation of the ingredients, and the fact that we did not see any mentions of users becoming ill after using this product.

There was that reviewer that mentioned she experienced worsened hot flashes with use, but no other adverse effects. The main thing we didn’t like about this product was the fact that there were quite a few users who stated that this product had stopped working for them—most people are looking for long-term relief, not something that works for 2, 3 months only to have hot flashes and more return in full force.

Additionally, the makers of Estrovive fail to provide much information as to how this product works. There are no clinical trials documented, and they’ve only listed 5-star reviews of this product, as opposed to the full range of experiences.

If you’re looking to ease the symptoms of menopause, we recommend trying Femmetrinol. This product best takes on the full scope of issues women deal with during this transition; hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, depression and more by balancing hormone levels in the body through the use of a unique blend of herbs.

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2 Responses to Estrovive Review

Melissa says:

I found out recently that I’m in the perimenopause stage. I started taking Estrovive about a month ago, and I immediately noticed that it curbed my appetite…. YAY !! It also helped with my night sweats I do only take one a day though, just because I wasn’t sure how’d I react to it. Overall I like it and will continue using it . I would also suggest it to anyone going through Menopause.

Janet says:

I did not get any benefits from Estrovive. I contacted the company, mailed the bottles back for a refund. And never received a refund. I waited over a month, and in that time I somehow lost my USPS receipt with the tracking number. Of course, the company found no record of my package with the returned bottles. USPS was not able to provide a new receipt. So, out of my investment plus the $21.00 to ship the bottles back.
I talked with many Estrovive customer service reps including a supervisor. Spent 3 hours trying to track down a new receipt from USPS.
Buyer beware. This is not the first on-line company that did not give me a refund until I gave them a tracking number. It seems companies no longer issue refunds until you call to inquire about one.

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