Metagenics Candibactin AR Plus Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Metagenics Candibactin AR is a supplement designed to get rid of candida in the body. This supplement works to combat symptoms associated with excess yeast—digestive problems, vaginal odor, burning and itching and more.

Additionally, Metagenics Candibactin AR is used to help promote a healthy intestinal tract, clearing out bad bacteria, so the good ones can thrive. It’s worth noting that, while this product focuses on promoting healthy digestion, it does not contain any probiotic ingredients.

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Metagenics Candibactin AR Ingredients and Side Effects

Metagenics Candibactin AR is made from essential oils thought to help cleanse the body of excess candida. Here’s a look at the plant-based ingredients used to make up this supplement:

Oregano  Thyme
Sage Lemon Balm

Oregano: Oregano has antibacterial properties which may help the body ward off incoming bacterial infections. It is thought to also have an antifungal effect—which is why you’ll see oregano oil present in a number of candida cleanse products.

Thyme: An herb most often used for cooking, thyme is part of the mint family and has a number of medicinal uses. Thyme is antiseptic and antibacterial, and it may even be used to balance hormones and keep infections from harming the body.

Sage: Sage has been used medicinally at least since the Middle Ages. It may help with respiratory issues like stuffy noses, digestive health and more. Sage has antibacterial properties and may be used to treat menstrual issues, fungal infections and skin conditions.

Lemon Balm: Lemon balm has a range of medicinal uses like treating anxiety, insomnia and depression, as well as hypertension and diabetes. It may also reduce PMS symptoms.

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Metagenics Candibactin AR Quality of Ingredients

Metagenics Candibactin AR looks like it contains a promising formula. These essential oils, derived from common pantry items, contain a number of health benefits—primarily where fungi and bacteria are concerned.

Metagenics Candibactin AR certainly hold some potential when it comes to candida cleansing, but we’ve yet to see any clinical studies backing this formulation. There’s also not much in the way of essential oil research outside of the naturopathic community.

That’s not to say it might not work, it’s just worth pointing out this product has not been subject to any formal clinical studies.

Another concern we have is, if this product truly is effective in treating candida symptoms, does it kill off the good bacteria in the body, too? There’s nothing present that works to foster an acidic environment in the vagina, nor are there any probiotics aimed at rebuilding the colonies of bacteria found in the genitals, digestive tract and more.

In simply looking at the ingredient profile—Metagenics Candibactin AR does not appear to be a good product for menopause-related vaginal infections, as all it does is kill off candida—which unless you have candida overgrowth, you shouldn’t be taking.

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The Price and Quality of Metagenics Candibactin AR

Metagenics Candibactin AR is offered direct from the manufacturer’s website, but only to authorized Metagenics Practitioners—meaning, your average customer will have to find this elsewhere.

Metagenics does list the MSRP as a point of reference—suggesting $39.95 for a bottle of 60 capsules and $71.50 for a bottle containing 120 capsules. The nutritional label suggests that users take one pill three times a day, meaning, even the larger bottle lasts only about 40 days or so.

While Metagenics only sells to an authorized group of health practitioners, that hasn’t stopped those resellers from selling on Amazon and Pure Formulas. Unfortunately, they’ve also driven the price up. Amazon offers the supplement in 120-count bottles for $120, while Pure Formulas offers the same size bottle for $82.23.

Metagenics Candibactin AR is priced on the higher end of the spectrum, as compared to other candida cleanse products. The product is made exclusively from essential oils—which may eliminate candida in the body, but there’s no probiotic element in this blend—so it may wipe out more than needed, requiring the purchase of another supplement.

It’s also not clear if users are expected to take this indefinitely, or if there’s a recommended cycle for best results.

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Business of Metagenics Candibactin

Metagenics Candibactin is made by a company also known as Metagenics. Contact details can be found below:

Phone: 800-692-9400

Metagenics Candibactin AR is made by the company, Metagenics, a vitamins and supplements company with a good reputation.

The Metagenics site feels very bare bones and clinical. There’s not much information available for consumers to read through before buying. Granted, Metagenics deosn’t sell direct to consumers, so perhaps MDs and naturopaths get some more info before recommending these products.

Our overall impression isn’t that there’s anything wrong with the site, but it’s clear is simply isn’t meant for consumers to learn more about the products. Because Metagenics products can be found through sites like Amazon or eBay, it might be worth printing some additional information on their offerings to help people out.

Customer Opinions of Metagenics Candibactin AR

Metagenics Candibactin AR has a range of experiences associated with its use. This product is really well-liked by many past users, but there was a large enough pool of past users who mentioned that this wasn’t exactly the solution they were looking for. Here are some of the reactions we came across in our research:

“This is a great product. My naturopath recommended this product to me after many visits prompted by chronic yeast problems. Allergies have been greatly reduced, as have my omnipresent yeast infections.”

“Took this along with the Candibactin BR, with great results. The product is pretty expensive, but it made  huge difference in my candida symptoms. Would definitely recommend to other users.”

“Candibactin AR made my heart race like crazy. I really don’t know why, as it’s made with things you’d find in the spice aisle at the market. No nausea or any other symptoms, but it freaked me out quite a bit.”

“Was prescribed this supplement along with the BR version.  I still feel that I’m having symptoms after a two-week course, but it may just be the candida die-off. Careful, it really affects day-to-day life.”

Metagenics Candibactin AR does seem to have primarily positive reviews, but it is worth pointing out, many users also used this product in conjunction with the Candibactin BR supplement—a complimentary candida cleanse with a different set of antiseptic essential oils.

This product does not seem to provide any benefits outside of killing excess candida. This is great for those who have been diagnosed with candida, but anyone with vaginal or digestive issues that are not candida might be killing off good bacteria or yeasts, causing problems down the road.

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Conclusion – Does Metagenics Candibactin AR Work?

Metagenics Candibactin AR by most accounts seems like a pretty good product. It is, however a bit expensive and many consumers, especially those who are also taking the companion supplement may be incurring some hefty sums.

It’s not clear, based on the website, if this is a prescription product available with a prescription, or something private health practices can sell to patients in more of a wholesale capacity.

We’re inclined to believe the latter option is more likely, as Metagenics Candibactin AR is available for sale through Amazon, Pure Formulas and more—places that likely wouldn’t offer prescription drugs to the public.

This supplement has a very specific indication, and for that reason we wouldn’t recommend that our readers try this unless they definitely have candida. Menopausal women with vaginal concerns should think about balancing hormones rather than assuming they have candida because they now get BV or yeast infections more often.

Femmetrinol is the best product out there for treating menopause symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. Ingredients like black cohosh, chasteberry, wild yam are at the heart of the blend, working to balance the estrogen-progesterone ratio—which helps create an acidic vaginal environment, warding off infections, dryness and more.

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6 Responses to Metagenics Candibactin AR Plus Review

Lee says:

Thanks so much for reviewing this product. I am starting to take this supplement today and I greatly appreciate it!

Dawn says:

I took candibactin BR and it upset my stomach. After my DR re-suggesting I take it and start off slowly and with a digestive enzyme on an empty stomach—I made huge progress. I slowly worked my way up to taking more and my severe food allergies, skin rashes, bloating, body aching and other ailments began to go away. The digestive enzymes I guess helps break down the mucosa layer in your stomach that can have unwanted bacteria stuck, which I think was the case for me. The AR formula makes me sick when I take it w sharp shooting stomach pains and oregano tasting burps. But I would say, just like the BR, it’s because it’s working. I am starting out slowly w the AR now in hopes for additional gut repair and riding unwanted bacteria, yeast or bugs.

Natalie says:

Wondering if you are still doing well. Did you take these on an empty stomach for the duration of treatment? I just started and my stomach seems more bloated and constipated than before.


Tls says:

I have found significant success with candibactin AR and BR. i would recommend to anyone with a yeast infection or absorption issues. It is pricey, but not any more expensive than going to a doctor to treat it. ….and if it works, well, my health is most important.

Paulette says:

Hi, I just started taking the candibactin-AR and I am so dizzy I can hardly stand up. Is this a side effect of this? I also have MS(they tell me) and maybe adding this is making my MS symtoms worse?

James says:

I took it to get rid of some sibo issues and it did seem to work. the Oregano oil is pretty strong and seems to burn my stomach. Best to take at the beginning of the meal but it will stay in the gut longer than the food. seems like if you want it to be absorbed down in the lower small intestine you would take it with higer fodmap food so it gets dragged through the intestine where some sibo bacteria hangs out

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