Femarelle Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Femarelle is an over-the-counter product aimed at treating the common effects of menopause. Femarelle is meant to reduce hot flashes and night sweats, as well as prevent bone density loss and promote healthy aging.

Femarelle is made with what’s known as a plant-based selective estrogen receptor, which targets estrogen production in certain areas, while avoiding others. As a result, this product is thought to balance hormones enough to reduce menopausal discomfort and mood swings, without promoting growth of breast or uterine tissue.

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Femarelle Ingredients and Side Effects

There are a few different blends (Recharge, Unstoppable and Rejuvenate) of Femarelle, all containing a powdered soy ingredient as the main active agent in the product, but with different supportive vitamins. Here’s a look at the soy powder at the heart of all three blends:

Dried Soy Powder Derivative

Dried Soy Powder Derivative: Soy is often used in treating symptoms of menopause due to the presence of substances known as isoflavones, which are thought to behave much like human estrogen when ingested.

Soy is believed by many to reduce symptoms associated with menopause by balancing out hormone levels, providing relief from hot flashes and mood swings, as well as night sweats and vaginal dryness.

  • Side effects may include risk of allergic reaction, such as rash, constipation, bloating or gas.
  • People with conditions exacerbated by hormone supplements like breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers should avoid taking soy.

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Femarelle Quality of Ingredients

Femarelle contains soy, which is a known source of phytoestrogen, meaning, we could see this product being an effective solution for many women going through menopause. But, aside from the soy, the remainder of the ingredients are things like flaxseed, B vitamins and calcium, which are great as nutrients, but we’re not sure how they work to make this supplement an effective way to address menopausal symptoms in the way they claim on the official webpage.

Things like B vitamins can be taken in any multivitamin and we wish there was more to this formula than a patented form of soy.

That being said, many users have been pleased with Femarelle though many others were disappointed with the results. Based on the information we do have available; we can’t say one way or another as to whether or not this product is one of the better menopause products out there. In our opinion, we’d suggest looking at products with a greater variety of ingredients that address menopause, rather than just the one active component that Femarelle depends on to deliver results.

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The Price and Quality of Femarelle

The suggested retail price for Femarelle is $34.99, according to the official website, though it’s currently being offered there for $30.10 for a box of 56 capsules. Though it offers an MSRP, it appears you cannot order directly from the official website—the “buy now” button directs users to a list of countries where the product can be found.

Amazon currently offers this product at a lower price point–$27 for the same amount, and $25 if users opt into the “subscribe and save option.”

This product can also be purchased from iHerb and a handful of lesser-known supplement retailers online.

In comparing this product to similar items on the market, the regular price seems a bit steep for what amounts to a serving of soy with flaxseed or B vitamins added to the mix.

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Business of Femarelle

Femarelle is made by an Israeli company that goes by the name, Se-Cure Pharmaceuticals and aside from a form that users can fill out from the webpage, they have not offered up any way for users to get in touch with someone from the company.

We were unable to find much information about Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, though they don’t appear to be the subject of any investigations or even negative reviews, which is a good sign for consumer confidence.

The Femarelle website contains a lot of text detailing the use of soy and vitamins as a way to treat menopausal symptoms. They do cite numerous studies regarding the use of soy as a hormone replacement alternative and provide some information about menopause that some women may find helpful as they enter this phase in life.

Customer Opinions of Femarelle

The reviews detailing the past users’ experiences with Femarelle varied quite a bit, but there was a large percentage of users who seemed underwhelmed with how this product performed after using for an extended period of time. See below for a look at some of the reviews we came across online:

“Femarelle did work to lessen some of the hot flashes I was experiencing, but I’m still getting night sweats most nights. I’m still having mood swings, which I’m really getting sick of. I think I’ll try something else.”

“I’ve been taking this product for a few weeks now and have yet to see any positive effects. I’m still having headaches, hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. I’ll use the whole pack, but won’t buy again.”

“I used to have really bad hot flashes every single day, but since starting Femarelle, they’ve gotten less severe. I still get them, but the duration and the severity have both decreased substantially.”

“Pretty good — I’ve been sleeping through the night and am happier than I’ve been in a while. I’m in perimenopause, and symptoms like irregular bleeding, pain and mood swings are greatly reduced.”

Femarelle seems to be effective for some users, but it doesn’t seem to produce the consistent results that many people are looking for, particularly in women who are searching for something to counteract the severe symptoms of menopause.

While it looks as though some users saw some reductions in hot flashes, there were few mentions that this product did anything for the mood irregularities that are a common symptom of menopause — and a key reason many people turn toward supplements in the first place.

Based on the reviews, it’s hard to say whether this product is useful or not, but some users are bound to be disappointed. It’s clear that the use of soy just may not be enough to ease the full spectrum of symptoms users are expecting from a hormone support product.

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Conclusion – Does Femarelle Work?

Overall, it seems that Femarelle has received some mixed results, which isn’t surprising as it only relies on one active ingredient to deliver the benefits users are looking for. It’s clear that this product is rather popular, due to the widespread concerns that HRT causes some negative side effects like a heightened risk of breast cancer, hair loss and more.

Regarding soy. It may very well be a safer product for women who for whatever reason, would rather avoid HRT, but there is still a risk for women with conditions exacerbated by taking hormones — plant-based or otherwise.

While some women really did think this product helped them, it seems like there are better options out there. There were enough negative reviews or feedback from people who felt underwhelmed by this product’s performance to give us the confidence needed to recommend Femarelle wholeheartedly.

After taking all of the information into account, we’ve come to the conclusion that Femarelle, is not the best solution for women currently suffering from night sweats, hot flashes and more. Instead, potential users should ask their doctor which treatment options make most sense for them, as well as look into trying a supplement with more ingredients that have been known to help increase estrogen production in the body.

We’ve researched hundreds of menopause products and have found that Femmetrinol works best to provide relief from physical symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats that keep users up all night, as well as the emotional highs and lows that come from changing hormones.  Made from wild yam, black cohosh and chasteberry, this product tackles all the symptoms of menopause, rather than just a few—all without any negative side effects.

Femmetrinol is manufactured according to good manufacturing practices, and has been subject to a number of quality control evaluations by third party inspectors to ensure consumers receive the best possible product. Learn more about what makes Femmetrinol so effective – click here for a closer look.

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Mary Sweeney says:

Made my flushes and night sweat worse!! Wouldn’t recommend.

Cecilia Lukss says:

It works amazingly for me, I barely have any hot flashes at night. Highly remommended

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