Nooky Lube Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Nooky Lube is a water-based sexual lubricant made from natural ingredients. The makers of Nooky Lube claim this product is used to prevent chafing, provide moisture and tearing and is easy to clean up.

Nooky Lube is glycerin-free and does not contain ingredients like petrochemicals or parabens. Nooky Lube is designed to be used alone with toys, or with a partner and does not leave behind a sticky residue.

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Nooky Lube Ingredients and Side Effects

Nooky Lube is a personal lubricant without any medicinal properties. According to the makers of this product, the lube is scent-free and safe for sensitive skin and provides a sexual experience that’s less sticky than some competing products on the market.

This water-based personal lubricant is free from petroleum products, silicone, parabens and glycerin.

Based on the reviews we read, as well as the description on the website, it’s unlikely that this product produces any serious side effects.

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Nooky Lube Quality of Ingredients

Nooky Lube can be more easily defined by what it does not contain than what can be found in the formulation. Paraben-free, glycerin-free and petrochemical-free, users with concerns about putting certain chemicals in their body will likely appreciate this company’s commitment to making a safe lubrication product.

Our menopausal users may appreciate Nooky Lube for its ability to improve sexual intercourse by providing moisture where needed. While vaginal dryness is best addressed by tackling hormone concerns, a good lube can also be nice to have on hand as a supplemental product.

This demographic may also like that Nooky Lube does not contain glycerin, which may cause additional dryness, which can lead to yeast infections and general discomfort.

It is worth noting, though, water-based lubes do dry out faster than their oil-based counterparts and likely won’t provide any lasting moisture. Those looking for additional vaginal care may want to try a moisturizing suppository or a cream, rather than a lube designed for sexual pleasure.

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The Price and Quality of Nooky Lube

Nooky Lube is a bit more expensive than most of the personal lubricant products you’ll find at your local grocery store. Amazon sells this product in two different sizes, a 16-ounce and a 32-ounce bottle. They cost $30 and $50, respectively, though they’re currently on sale.

Nooky Lube is exclusively sold by Amazon and is not sold by the official maker of this product. For US customers, this may actually be a good thing, as this lube is made by an Australian company and international shipping can get expensive.

The price seems a little steep, and it’s hard not to wonder if you’re paying extra for style (it comes in a sleek, minimalist bottle) or if this product is really that much better than the generic, lower cost options you’ll find in any supermarket.

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Business of Nooky Lube

Nooky Lube is manufactured by a company that also goes by the name Nooky Lube. Here’s a bit of information about the Australian company behind this all-natural personal lube:

Phone: 61 3 9555 1318

Email: [email protected]

Address: 286 Chesterville Rd,

Moorabbin Victoria Australia 3189

The Nooky Lube website looks surprisingly nice given the sort of obvious sexual name of the product. With a sleek black and white design, this site primarily serves as a way for potential users to take a look at the company’s offerings, which include the lube, as well as some sensual massage oils.

We like that the Nooky company has declared they use safe ingredients—no parabens or glycerins and have placed an emphasis on design—where customers usually receive something that looks a bit tacky or embarrassing.

Nooky Lube is exclusively sold through Amazon, so the official website serves more as a place for potential users to get a bit of information, though there’s not a ton of info listed on the site.

While we wish we could get a little more info about the product, the makers of Nooky Lube have opted to keep things simple. It’s not a medicinal product in any way, so we’re mostly happy with the fact that they’ve listed the ingredients, contact information and avoided the walls of text you’ll see on other websites.

Customer Opinions of Nooky Lube

Nooky Lube received mostly positive reviews. People liked the non-drying aspects of the formula, and the fact that it seems to be less messy than other lubes out there. Most reviewers seemed to be on the same page, mentioning they liked the texture, the scent-free formula and lack of irritation  for sensitive skin. Here’s what people are saying:

“It’s water-based, so it does dry out pretty fast, and needs to be reapplied pretty often. But, I will say I liked that it’s not sticky and doesn’t seem to dry out your skin after using. Pretty good product!”

“My wife and I both love this product. My favorite thing about it is there’s no stickiness, which can be kind of a problem when you’re using lubes. Though it’s kind of a lot for a lube, we’ll sure buy this again.”

“I’m really pleased with this one! My skin is horribly sensitive and I get infections at the drop of a hat. No irritation with Nooky Lube, so for me, it’s worth the price. It does dry out fast, but that’s to be expected.”

“This stuff is pretty good. It’s super absorbent and smooth, and there’s no smell or uncomfortable stickiness that you’ll often find with other lubes. Be warned, this product may not be packaged well.”

Nooky Lube was well-reviewed by most people that left comments. A significant portion of these folks mentioned that while this product is essentially a basic lube, it doesn’t irritate skin or leave a dried out, sticky residue behind after use.

The product is unscented and most people appreciated the bottle and its convenient pump. Unfortunately, this product really is simply a lube. Meaning, there aren’t any key benefits you’ll get from using this—like lasting moisture or healing cracked skin cells.

Based on the reviews we found, we believe that Nooky Lube is a good product, and we like that it avoids using parabens or glycerin like many competing products. But, we have yet to see anyone make a strong case for the rather high price point.

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Conclusion – Does Nooky Lube Work?

Nooky Lube definitely won’t offer users any actual health benefits, but the whole point of this product is to enhance users’ sexual experiences, not necessarily provide healing benefits to individuals experiencing vaginal dryness or other issues. The website never claims to give users anything beyond irritant-free lubrication, and it clearly makes good on those promises.

Reviewers of this product cited things like soft skin, less mess and more. They also acknowledged what the makers of this product have included on the website, that it is good for sensitive skin.

However, this product could be a good lube for our menopausal readers. Here’s why: during menopause, many women experience vaginal dryness that makes sex uncomfortable or even painful. Most mainstream lubes contain glycerin, which may cause more drying after an intimate session.

Nooky Lube does not contain glycerin, making this a viable option for women suffering from dryness who would rather not worsen their condition.

While this brand of lube doesn’t necessarily offer any relief from menopause—it doesn’t contain any medicinal properties, nor is it marketed as a moisturizer, it may be a good product to have on hand, should the opportunity for sexual intercourse come up.

To fully address vaginal dryness, however, users may want to find something that addresses the hormonal imbalance at the root of this symptom, as well as things like hot flashes, night sweats and more.

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Gary Lewis says:

Best lube we have ever used. When used and do oral sex, there is no taste. Great for penetration and comfort for my wife.

James says:


Rohb says:

I’m not sure why people are looking for medicinal qualities from a lubricant??? That makes no sense. I’ve tried several products in this category and this one, Nooky Lube is far and away the best of them all. Hands down, no question.

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