Femanol Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Femanol is a daily supplement designed to eliminate feminine odor and balance the body’s yeast population. Femanol also offers digestive benefits and immune support with its probiotic formula.

Femanol is made from a blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and probiotic ingredients, which work together to treat and prevent the itching, odor and more caused by BV. The maker of this product promises this product will permanently get rid of BV symptoms.

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Femanol Ingredients and Side Effects

Femanol contains quite a few ingredients, most of which are B vitamins and minerals aimed at offering the user some nutritional support. We’ve opted to look at only the more active ingredients, like the probiotics and herbs thought to eliminate BV or vaginal odor and discharge. We’ll look at the active ingredients found in Femanol below:

Garlic Extract Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Lactospore B. Coagulans Neem Leaf Extract

Garlic Extract: An herb primarily used to flavor food, garlic is thought to have a number of health benefits and is used to control blood pressure, prevent heart disease and lower the risk of heart attack.

Garlic is thought to treat vaginal yeast infections and treating and preventing both fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Garlic may cause bad breath, heartburn, upset stomach, diarrhea and body odor.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus: A strain of bacteria that is found naturally inside the body, this strain is a “good” bacteria that can be used to treat stomach issues, as well as vaginal yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome and may potentially be effective for colds, acne, lyme disease and urinary tract infections.

  • In some cases, side effects may include gas or bloating.

Lactospore B. Coagulans: A type of bacteria used to treat a variety of stomach issues like IBS, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, and diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics. This strain is thought to increase immune function and prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the body.

Neem Leaf Extract: A tree used to make medicine, neem leaf extract contains chemicals thought to have an effect on blood sugar levels, heal digestive ulcers, and kill certain bacteria.

  • Side effects may include vomiting, diarrhea, liver or kidney damage, seizures and more.

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Femanol Quality of Ingredients

Femanol is designed primarily to reduce vaginal odor, as well as a few other things like restore pH balance and more. This product does not contain any ingredients that are known for their effects on menopausal symptoms.

In looking at the ingredients listed above, the probiotic elements make Femanol seem like a promising supplement for vaginal health in general, helping maintain healthy yeast growth and thereby keep vaginal odors at bay. The presence of the probiotics may also add some other benefits into the mix, like immune system and digestive support.

Femanol may also help with concerns like bad breath or lactose intolerance, which may be seen as added benefits associated with using this supplement.

Unfortunately, this product does not have great reviews. Most of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals and there aren’t many supportive ingredients that might help bolster the power of the probiotics.

A probiotic may be more potent than this sort of hybrid product—which most reviewers have said, helps with odor, but not much else.

It’s also interesting that Femanol contains “whole food blend” listed just like that on the label, and fails to disclose which whole food items are included in the formulation. While it’s likely some sort of antioxidant blend or something like DIM, which can be found in cruciferous vegetables, it’s nice to know what you’re actually taking, rather than receiving some vague description.

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The Price and Quality of Femanol

Femanol is listed on the official website at $77 for a one-month supply—though it is currently on sale for $67. The website is offering discounts should users buy several bottles at time, dropping the price as low as $31.17 if users buy 6 at a time.

Femanol is also sold on Amazon for $60 a bottle containing a one-month supply with free shipping for Prime members.

Femanol is priced at a higher price point than a number of probiotic products, many of which have a better rating on Amazon, as well as other platforms that offer space for consumer reviews.

We’re not sure what about this product warrants the hefty price tag, but we’re inclined to believe there are better products on the market—both for those looking for vaginal support or a general probiotic.

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Business of Femanol

Femanol is made by a company that goes by the name, MedcoSouth. They can be contacted using the details listed below:

Phone: 877.633.2671

Address: 5348 Vegas Drive #1305
Las Vegas, NV 89108

This product is made by a company known as MedcoSouth. They make Femanol, as well as some other supplements like one directed at people with high blood pressure.

In looking at the Femanol website, it’s clear that the site was not well thought out. It’s got a big wall of text on the home page and features a lot of vague information about the ingredients used to make the product, as well as why someone might want to use it.

The makers of this product claim that Femanol is certified organic, but fail to the the certification — something most organic-focused manufacturers proudly display on their website and products.

Additionally, this company does not detail any information regarding the ingredients (aside from the probiotics) used in the formula. There’s no scientific data, no ingredient profiles — just a ton of paragraph-long testimonials we don’t know are real or not.

Customer Opinions of Femanol

Femanol has some positive reviews, but overall, does not have a good average rating. Many people describe feeling no change at all with use, while others took issue with the price. Here are some of the reviews we found:

“I can’t believe I spent almost $80 on this product. I’m desperate to get rid of my chronic BV and have been dealing with a fishy odor for several years. Tried this for a couple weeks and nothing.”

“I’m really disappointed in this product. It’s done nothing to help my vaginal discharge and chronic yeast infection and it was a total waste of money. These people are scam artists.”

“Well… I bought 3 bottles of this stuff before giving up. This product did nothing to change my condition and I found that it left a bad aftertaste — maybe due to the garlic? I won’t order this again.”

“Such a high price tag for something that really doesn’t work. Was hoping this would help with ongoing vaginal issues, but no changes  whatsoever. I suppose I’ll move on to the next product.”

Femanol does not have very good reviews, the positive ones are extremely vague, saying things like “I love this product,” and the negative ones are very similar.

Many users felt as though they’ve been ripped off—the product is regularly sold at almost $80 a bottle and does not seem to yield many positive changes.

We also saw zero reports of women using this to combat the vaginal dryness and resulting infections that sometimes emerge during menopause. This, combined with the large amount of negative reviews has led us to the conclusion that this product may not be very useful — no matter where users are in the reproductive cycle.

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Conclusion – Does Femanol Work?

After reading more about Femanol, we have found that this product is unreliable and not suited for women in menopause. Based on the information we’ve found; we would not recommend this product to anyone.

Femanol had very few positive reviews, and the ones we found were not especially descriptive. Most of the users mentioned they were using this product to deal with chronic yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, but that this product did not effectively address those concerns.

After evaluating a wide range of women’s health products aimed at a menopausal group of users, we believe Femmetrinol’s blend of herbal ingredients is the most effective solution for regulating hormones that have fallen out of balance.

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Kimberly Grant says:

I have used Femanol off and on for several years and must say it has worked wonders for me.  It has actually changed my life for the better. I understand that everyone my not have the same results as me but I highly recommend it based on the great results I have had every time I used Femanol.

Anonymous says:

I used this and it fixed all the order issues I was having.

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