Fairhaven Health FertilAid Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Fairhaven Health FertilAid is a supplement designed to help women having difficulties conceiving as well as improve reproductive health. Though it’s marketed as a fertility aid, the web copy suggests this product may be used for irregular cycles and other hormonal issues.

Fairhaven Health FertilAid is made from a selection of herbs that are known for their ability to improve reproductive health, in general — vitex, red clover and folic acid, to name a few. This product may have some potential for more than just fertility.

Femmetrinol is our reviewers’ top choice for providing the key benefits women need in order to make it through menopause as easily as possible. Users can trust this formula — made from balancing ingredients like wild yam, chasteberry and black cohosh — which work to reduce hot flashes, night sweating, irritability and pain. Click here for the inside scoop on taking Femmetrinol.

Fairhaven Health FertilAid Ingredients and Side Effects

Fairhaven Health FertilAid is a plant-based supplement made from soothing herbs and amino acids. Here’s a look at what users can expect in terms of PMS relief, as well as some added benefits:

Gingko Biloba PABA Vitex Antioxidant Blend
Red Clover Extract Siberian Ginseng Folic Acid Gingko Biloba

Vitex: A small berry the size of a peppercorn, vitex is known for its effect on all manner of ailments associated with the female reproductive system.

This ingredient is thought to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is responsible for progesterone production — thereby alleviating menopause symptoms, PMS, period pain and more with use.

Siberian Ginseng: Siberian ginseng is a widely used adaptogen, a substance that may be used to strengthen the body’s systems, as well as help improve the response to emotional and environmental stressors.

Red Clover Extract: A plant used for its estrogenic properties, red clover extract is thought to reduce menopause symptoms, treat PMS and breast pain.

Gingko Biloba: A large tree, with leaves that may be used to make medicine, gingko biloba is most often used to treat memory disorders, depression and to enhance thinking and concentration. Gingko may also have an anti-aging effect and might help with conditions like allergies, bronchitis and bacterial or fungal infections in the body.

PABA: A chemical made naturally in the body by “good” bacteria, PABA is used to improve fertility in women, as well as maintain healthy, hair, skin and internal microflora populations.

Folic Acid: Folic acid is a B-vitamin used to help women who are pregnant or may soon become pregnant prevent miscarriage or birth defects.

Antioxidant Blend: In this product, this antioxidant blend I made up of essential vitamins like Vitamin E and C, which work together to provide benefits to the immune and reproductive systems, aiding in general wellness.

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Fairhaven Health FertilAid Quality of Ingredients

Fairhaven Health FertilAid doesn’t contain any ingredients that appear to be unhealthy or unsafe. Our initial reaction is that this product contains some key nutrients – the vaguely named “antioxidant support” blend, as well as items like folic acid, gingko biloba and others.

Vitex, too, is an ingredient we often recommend to women dealing with hormonal issues like menopause symptoms, irregular periods, infertility — or anything else caused by a hormonal imbalance. Vitex doesn’t actually contain any hormones, but it does work to stimulate progesterone production.

The problem with this product, though, is that fact that we don’t actually know how much of each ingredient is used to make Fairhaven Health FertilAid.

The company that makes the product has disclosed enough information to give consumers a sense of what to expect, but for our purposes, it’s hard to tell if this product will work for menopause, or if ingredients like vitex and red clover are not available in potent enough quantities to alleviate the main symptoms associated with menopause.

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The Price and Quality of Fairhaven Health FertilAid

Fairhaven Health FertilAid can be purchased from the official website, fertilaid.com. A one-month supply of this product goes for $29.95, with further savings if consumers opt to buy two or three bottles at a time.

This company also makes a male version of FertilAid — and is sold in a value pack for couples trying to conceive.

Shoppers may also find this product through other channels such as iHerb, Walgreens and more. It is, however, strangely absent from Amazon. All third-party retailers sell the supplement at about the same price point as Fairhaven Health themselves.

Based on the ingredient profile, Fairhaven Health FertilAid is priced at a reasonable cost to potential consumers. This supplement provides some nutritional support, along with the promise of hormone balance. We’re not sure how well it works, as we don’t know the quantities available for the active ingredients listed.

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Business of Fairhaven Health FertilAid

Fairhaven Health FertilAid was created by a company known as Fairhaven Health:

Phone: 360-543-7888

Address: 1410 11th St
Bellingham, WA 98225-7309

Fairhaven Health’s FertilAid line is a brand that was founded by fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum. Dr. Grunebaum, according to the website is a leading authority on fertility and was the founding director for WebMD’s Fertility Center.

The line of FertilAid products are all aimed at helping couples conceive, and made from proprietary blends of herbs and vitamins and other nutrients there to create the optimal environment for getting pregnant.

The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau — though there are no reviews documented. There are a few complaints about the product, but nothing too damning. In general, it seems like public opinion on this product is relatively positive.

Customer Opinions of Fairhaven Health FertilAid

Fairhaven Health FertilAid is not sold on Amazon, meaning we simply don’t get to see a large volume of reviews. But, many reviewers reported getting pregnant after using this product, so it may hold some promise.:

“Took this for about a month, and saw some fast results. I have PCOS and have been trying to conceive for a few years. I’m now pregnant and so excited. Cannot believe how well this worked.”

“It’s been difficult for me to get pregnant, but this product has helped me get pregnant within a month or two. Amazing! I have a two-year-old now, and am looking to start the process again for a second baby.”

“So, I just started taking this supplement, and so far I’ve noticed less body hair — a symptom of PCOS. So far so good, I’m hoping to see a pregnancy soon!”

“After trying to get pregnant for over a decade, I found that this product helped me get pregnant within a few months. My daughter is almost two now, and I still can’t believe she’s here. Fantastic stuff.”

Fairhaven Health FertilAid looks like it could be a really useful tool in helping women with PCOS or other hormonal inconsistencies conceive.

The reviews, though small in scope primarily have a positive lean to them—even those who had yet to become pregnant mentioned that this product was effective in helping them regulate their menstrual cycles, improve mood and reduce some of the common PCOS symptoms like excess body hair.

Take care of your hormones — learn more here about the difference between estrogen and progesterone dominance.

Conclusion – Does Fairhaven Health FertilAid Work?

Fairhaven Health FertilAid is not a product we’d recommend to our menopausal readers. Sure, it likely won’t cause any harm, and there stands the potential to see some benefits, but this product is a fertility product and we simply don’t have any evidence of its use in helping menopausal women.

That said, it’s clear that this product is high quality, and seems to have played a role in helping women become pregnant.

The reviews, though limited were largely positive, and aside from fertility benefits, there were several accounts of users with PCOS that saw a reduction in their symptoms relatively soon after adding Fairhaven Health FertilAid to their regimen.

While red clover and vitex, or chasteberry, are ingredients known for their ability to help ease menopause symptoms, we don’t know how much of these are present in the formula.

For all these reasons, we believe there are better options available for menopausal women, options that have been proven through science, as well as recommended by a large consumer base.

Femmetrinol is the best product out there for treating menopause symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. These pills feature a solid lineup of female-focused herbs like chasteberry, black cohosh and others, which work to reduce hot flashes, night sweats and improve mood and energy levels with use.

Femmetrinol was designed with potency and safety at its core. This product is frequently tested, ensuring users get the most potent menopause relief for their buck. Click here check out just what, exactly, makes Femmetrinol so effective.

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Khyati Ashara says:

Have heard reviews that it causes midcycle spotting with headache
I had taken vitex and it lead to bleeding after 20-25 days, so had to stop taking it
I wish to buy fertil aid women but a bit skeptical
Can u please guide

kathy backerman says:

FertileMD is the only thing that really works, tried everything and now have to kids!

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