Progesta Care Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Progesta Care is a body cream used to increase levels of progesterone with regular use. Progesta Care is made from bioidentical progesterone and is offered as an over-the-counter solution to synthetic hormone replacement products.

Progesta Care is made from a blend of ingredients including evening primrose, which help users ease symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances. This product is intended for use by menopausal women, though it may help anyone with low progesterone.

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Progesta Care Ingredients and Side Effects

Progesta Care is made from exclusively herbal ingredients and it’s marketed as an alternative to HRT, which is thought to pose some risks many users simply don’t want to take on like hair loss, increased risk of cancer and more. Here’s a look at the bioidentical formula used to create Progesta Care:

Evening Primrose Oil Burdock Root
Grape Seed Extract

Evening Primrose Oil: Made from the seeds of the evening primrose, this ingredient may be used to treat a range of conditions from multiple sclerosis and cancer, to heart disease, psoriasis, nerve damage and diabetes.

Evening primrose contains omega-6 fatty acids, which may play a role in treating breast pain. People also use evening primrose to reduce instances of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.

Grape Seed Extract: Grape seeds contain a high level of antioxidants and are thought to help reduce inflammation and lower high cholesterol. Antioxidants help protect cells against damage, offering some protections against diseases and invading bacterial and viral infections.

In terms of hormonal benefits, there isn’t too much information available in regards to its efficacy, but there may some use for grape seed oil in treating PMS.

  • Side effects may include headache, itching, nausea and dizziness.

Burdock Root: Burdock is often used to protect the body against inflammation and incoming bacteria, and is thought to potentially increase sex drive and relieve gastroinstinal issues and joint pain.

  • Side effects may include allergic reaction or rash with use, and in some people, may slow blood clotting.

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Progesta Care Quality of Ingredients

It’s evident that the only active ingredient in Progesta Care is evening primrose oil, and we aren’t entirely certain as to whether or not it is potent enough to have a meaningful effect on the hormone levels inside the body.

Progesta Care could potentially be useful for people experiencing progesterone-specific imbalances, but unless users consult with their doctor prior to purchasing this item—otherwise, the problem may lie with estrogen or pregnenolone instead.

Also, many of the reviewers we came across were not using this product to address menopause symptoms, rather things like fertility issues or things like PMS. Many of the users were in their 20s-40s and had yet to go through menopause.

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The Price and Quality of Progesta Care

Progesta Care may be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $17.29 for a one-ounce bottle, and $26.09 $31.49, or $36.79 for 2, 3, and 4-ounce bottles.

This product can be found in all sizes from a range of platforms from Amazon, Jet, CVS and Walmart to Lucky Vitamin and iHerb. Walmart currently offers the 4-ounce container for $24.52 and many of the third party retailers are also offering better prices than the manufacturer, Life-Flo.

While the price point for this item seems relatively low, there’s not a whole lot to the formula, and we’re still not entirely sure how effective this is in treating menopause.

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Business of Progesta Care

Progesta Care is made by a company that also goes by the name Life-Flo. Unfortunately, they also don’t provide any contact information for shoppers, aside from a form posted on their “contact us page.”

Life-Flo has a decent website set up. It clearly showcases each of the products and the range of sizes available and makes it easy for customers to add items to their carts without any deceptive language asking for enrollment in a subscription service or failing to disclose pricing.

Unfortunately, the makers of Progesta Care offer very little in the way of details about this product, or even why it is effective. When people look toward herbal solutions, they often want some educational information, so they know what to expect. There’s no ingredient profile, nor any dosing information for the active ingredients included in the formulation.

Some mentions of this product say that it is intended to be used by women during menopause, but it’s also not especially clear, if that truly is the target audience—the website fails to tell us.

Based on the wide reach this product has across several reputable sales channels, there’s likely no major issues with this product. We just with there was a bit more as far as transparency is concerned.

Customer Opinions of Progesta Care

Progesta Care is used by a wide range of women with a variety of issues caused by hormonal imbalances. Many of the users were experiencing fertility issues or other problems, all related to hormones, but may not menopausal in nature. With that being said, here’s a brief look at some of the comments we came across during our research:

“This product doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m only 40 and have long been suffering from estrogen issues, and have been trying to balance this issue by taking progesterone.”

“I’m not entirely sold on the benefits of Progesta Care. I like that it doesn’t have a fragrance, but I wish it were easier to control dosing. I just don’t think it provides an adequate amount of hormones.”

“After using a synthetic estrogen/progesterone prescription, I’ve found this product to be a good replacement without any of the negative side effects. I’ve also found that my bone density has improved, which is a great added benefit”

“I think this product might be for menopausal women, but after using for only a month, I was able to conceive after trying for about a year. I’m really impressed with how quickly it took effect.”

After looking at the previous users’ comments about Progesta Care and its efficacy, we couldn’t get a great sense as to how well it worked for women suffering from menopause. It seems like some people found this to be effective for them, but we’re not totally convinced that it can perform consistently.

It’s also worth mentioning that we didn’t come across any mentions as to how Progesta Care handled issues like hot flashes or night sweats or changing moods — as well as some of the less common menopausal symptoms.

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Conclusion – Does Progesta Care Work?

After looking more closely at Progesta Care—the ingredients, the reviews and the website, we’re not completely sure that it is the best option available for women looking for an alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy.

We’ve come across multiple people who used this for addressing non-menopausal uses, and it’s hard to get a sense of whether it really works for menopause symptoms, as we didn’t see many reports of people who had used it for this indication.

The reviews were fairly mixed. Users experienced some success in regulating hormone levels, though again, it wasn’t especially clear whether people were able to use this to deal with hot flashes, night sweats or mood swings.

The ingredient profile of this product leaves something to be desired. Progesta Care relies almost entirely on evening primrose extract to provide the levels of progesterone needed to have an effect on users’ progesterone levels. The other active ingredients likely don’t do much to help with menopause symptoms, despite having some health benefits associated with use.

In the end, we ultimately suggest looking elsewhere for a product with more documented benefits and a clearer intended use. Those who think they may have unbalanced hormones should talk to their doctor about getting a test done to see where they need some help rather than trying this product right off the bat.

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Wende G says:

Hi Richard,

I’m a bit confused as to why a guy is writing about progesterone supplements for women. I’m pretty sure you don’t have peri/post menopausal hormone issues unless you’re Transgender. Which specific scientific papers from NIH or pubmed are available so that I can read scientific data backing up your claims that Femmentrinol works better than Progesta Care?

Anonymous says:

I have been using progestacare for 25 years and it has been the best for me, it helps with mood swings, i I am 75 years old , my bone density is perfect,my doctor can’t believe my good health, sex drive in great, my skin is smooth and very little wrinkles. I love this product

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