Femmetrinol Review (UPDATED 2024): Does it Really Work?

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What is it?

Femmetrinol is a menopause treatment supplement that was ranked as the #1 Menopause Support Pill.

It provides an AM and PM formula for maximized all day support, and it boasts an all-natural formula.

This can help treat common symptoms such as night flashes, irritability, mood swings, discomfort, and any and all associated menopause issues. No added fillers or cheap additives are used, and there are only studied ingredients used in Femmetrinol.  This review will help breakdown what kinds of effects this supplement can provide.

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Femmetrinol Ingredients and Side Effects

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Black Cohosh Wild Yam Damiana Chasteberry L-Theanine Quercetin
Turmeric Magnolia Melatonin Valerian GABA Motherwort

Black Cohosh: Plant found in North America which is made to treat menopause symptoms. Long term studies have shown it is likely to be free of any side effects.

It can also be used to help treat painful menstruation and weak bones. This is because it contains small amounts of salicylic acid which is available in aspirin.

Wild Yam: Plant long used since the 18th century that contains chemicals which can mimic estrogen. It can help treat menopause symptoms such as nausea, morning sickness, menstrual cramps, and other kinds of side effects.

This is known as an antispasmodic and can be useful for promoting the health of a women’s overall reproductive health.

Damiana: Wild shrub native to parts of Latin America, it is used to help treat physical and mental issues. This includes issues like depression, headaches, constipation, and sexual complications.

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This has been shown to be safe when taken in controlled amounts. It was once used by the Aztecs and is still a popular herb. Damiana is related to the passionflower family, and it can have numerous benefits due to its natural compounds.

Chasteberry: Shrub native to the Mediterranean and Asia that can affect hormones which stimulate the reproductive cycle in women. It can also help treat severe PMS symptoms.

This can also be used to treat breast pain and infertility.  It has been shown to be well tolerated according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

L-Theanine: Amino acid that is often found in green tea, this can be used to promote a relaxing effect without drowsiness and sedation.  This can be used to help regulate nerve impulses within the brain. Examine.com has also found it can help reduce:

“stress at standard dosages”

This is an important compound in the PM formula of this supplement. It can help promote a healthier sleep and awake cycle so one feels well rested and energetic through the day.

By helping to reduce stress hormones this can also create more longevity towards brain health.

Life Extension.com has also noted that in clinical studies test subjects:

“felt like they slept longer than they actually did”

Quercetin: Known as a flavonol, this plant pigment can be found in many foods such as onions, green tea, berries, red wine and much more.

This has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This can help treat many conditions.  Examine.com has found it is:

“GRAS… no side-effects have yet been noted”

This means that it is Generally Recognized as Safe.

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Turmeric: Yellow spice which is known for its potent antioxidant effects. It can help reduce swelling and inflammation.  This has also been used as a natural treatment to headaches, menstrual complications, water retention, bloating, and much more.

When taken in controlled amounts this is likely to be safe.

Melatonin: Hormone made by the pineal gland which is used to help treat insomnia, sleep issues, dementia, and other kinds of effects.

This can be used to help regulate the night and day cycles, and it can aid overall sleep. In Femmetrinol this is part of their PM formula which is made to provide better sleep.  

Valerian: Plant used since the second century which is made to help treat sleep issues while providing mild sedative effects for relaxation.

It has been found to be GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. This provides a natural calming effect in the brain.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has found that this ingredient:

“reduces the time it takes to fall asleep… improves quality of sleep”

This is often used as an alternative to costlier and potentially more dangerous sleeping pills.

GABA: Chemical created in the brain which can block certain transmitters in the brain. It has been used successfully for treating PMS symptoms and anxiety.

This is greatly important for promoting relaxation, as it is the main way the body creates this effect.

Motherwort: Mint family plant which can help stimulate blood flow and uterine tone. It can be used to help those who miss their periods.

This has been traditionally used by midwives in order to prevent uterine infections. It can also treat cramping, stomach gas, insomnia, and other menopausal symptoms.

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Femmetrinol Quality of Ingredients

All the ingredients added have a unique purpose which can help treat all the symptoms associated with menopause.

3rd party studies have also been performed on these additives to ensure their usefulness and quality. No cheap fillers, binders, colors, preservatives, or any unwanted additives are used. There are also no stimulants or harsh ingredients which can promote damaging effects to hormones.

This formula can provide well-rounded support which can truly affect menopause with natural additives. The major reason for this is due to the combination of both an AM and PM formula, which can provide results in the day time and nighttime.

Price and Quality of Femmetrinol

Because of the high quality ingredients and the proper dosage strength to ensure maximum results, this is a high quality supplement.

This high quality is the reason why Femmetrinol was rated as the number 1 supplement of its kind. Some brands will use some of these ingredients, but this has a comprehensive blend with the dosage strength made potent enough to deliver functional results.

Because some ingredients may not work as effectively when they’re added in small amounts, or they can produce potential side effects in larger amounts, it’s very important to ensure that there are properly added dosage strengths.

Another assurance of quality is provided by the companies GMP certification, which ensures the proper dosage strength.

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Yet another great benefit is their AM and PM formula which provided well-rounded effects all day. Because menopause can make it harder to sleep, the PM formula can aid restful and easier to achieve relaxation. The AM part of this brand can make it easier to live life normally when action is needed.

Business of Femmetrinol

The makers of this supplement ensure a quality product and have not had any issues with their business practices.

Because of their GMP certification this ensures that it is made in a FDA approved facility, and that the manufacturing is watched over by an unbiased 3rd party. This helps to ensure that the dosage strength is accurate, there is accountability for safety standards, and that the facilities are clean and reliable.

Customer Opinions of Femmetrinol

There have been no consumer complaints and instead there’s only positive experiences shared by users.

Women often praised this for being a functional and side effect free formula. Many experienced fast acting results, improved mood, and a reduction of menopause related symptoms.

It created a more reinvigorated sense of normalcy for women, and it prevented any of the sluggishness or mental issues which can occur when one is experiencing mood swings and irritability.

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Conclusion – Does Femmetrinol Work?

Femmetrinol was rated as the Best Menopause Treatment Supplement of the Year for many reasons. Not only did it help relive difficult to deal with symptoms associated with menopause, but it gave women the ability to experience life with more normalcy.

There are no unwanted cheap additives included, and instead each ingredient has studies to help back up their intended purpose. Well-rounded effects can be experienced as well, so one can continue experiencing life as it was intended.

In the quest for a solution to treat menopause symptoms it’s highly important to avoid low dosages, unwanted chemicals, harsh stimulants, or additives which only serve to provide mild effects. Both the AM and PM formula provided in this supplement can help to maximize health for a full day.

The properly dosed ingredient strength of each additive ensures that one will benefit fully from this blend.

Femmetrinol features a comprehensive formula that users have said is the best menopause supplement of the year.

47 Responses to Femmetrinol Review

Amanda says:

I love it! its working for me my hot flashes got better ❤

Ansley Colby says:

This stuff is wonderful. It really helped me control my mood swings, which were becoming an issue. Femmetrinol helps me stay happy and positive – it’s got my strongest recommendation!

Susan says:

I just turned 33 and I’d started having these crazy hot flashes and really intense night sweats. I can’t go see a doctor until I get my insurance straightened out, so these were huge for me. They started working almost immediately, and within a few weeks my hot flashes were totally gone. I still get sweaty at night sometimes, but it’s better now and may just be related to my heavy comforter.

JW says:

If your only symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats and being hot at night this could be due to a completely different medical problem such as an infection or cancer. If you are having perfectly normal periods, please do not assume you’re in early menopause or perimenopause! Please put your health first and seek professional medical care


My PMS had been getting worse and worse over the last few years, with the cramps getting so bad some days that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. My friend recommended to try this menopausal relief supplement before I pursue any prescription options, and I’m so thankful that she did. This stuff totally turned my day around and really helps to keep away the worst of my symptoms.

Anonymous says:

Arrived on time and in good shape, which was nice. Only been taking it for about ten days, so I know that this is pretty early, but it has already made a huge difference with the headaches that I’d been getting every night and I’m starting to feel like the fog I’d been in was lifting. I’m also less irritable and angry, which my family appreciates. I was worried that I’d been taking things out on them and it was starting to impact my marriage.

I’ll wait until I’ve taken it longer before I say anything more about it.

So it’s been a little over two weeks now and I’ve been noticing that I’m getting an actual full night’s sleep again. I can shut my brain down at night and actually get some rest. I didn’t tell my family that I’d started to use Femmetrinol because I wanted to see if they’d be able to tell the difference, but my husband is definitely starting to wonder what’s up. I’m more relaxed in situations that would ordinarily stress me out, and generally feel more easy going and happy. There might be something to this stuff!

Courtney C says:

What time of the day do you it?

Jacqui O says:

I’ve used a lot of different supplements and health products in the past for my hot flashes, including progesterone creams, Estroven, and all kinds of other over the counter stuff. My flashes aren’t as severe as some women’s are, but I was still getting frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t control them. A friend that had been going through similar stuff recommended Femmetrinol to me, and even though I was pretty skeptical I tried it. That was about three months ago, and it’s actually been about two months since I had my last hot flash – and I can also admit that I’m getting less stressed and being a little less dramatic. I’ve gotten rid of everything else that I was taking, which is a relief. This stuff has been a godsend for me, and I can’t recommend it to other ladies highly enough.

Kathryn O'Sullivan says:

I am interested in buying this product. Can I buy it in Canada?

Aaron J says:

You can only purchase this direct from the creators online.
The company is shipping packages to Canada.

MC 424 says:

Does this help with acne as a result of my hormones being out of control??? At 47 I’m breaking out around my chin as if I were a teenager all over again.

Aaron J says:

Femmetrinol has the potential to improve all aspects of women’s health.
Results are individual and may vary. They can not guarantee the same experience for every consumer.

D. Byrd says:

This sounds like it’s just what I need! I just have to ask…Why are women meds always so expensive? I know you give this 1 time discount, but what happens when we run out? Some of us have limited budgets. Do you have coupons also? I just hate finally finding something that can help and then not being able to continue using it. I am not trying to be negative I am just tired. I would love to be able to sleep without using dangerous drugs.

Aaron J says:

For regular customers, they always have discounts and special offers.

slpioneer says:

I’ve been in perimenopause for over a year now. My side effect is vertigo when I ovulate and sometimes when my period is due. My doctor wants to put me on HRT, but I’m very afraid of the side effects so I’ve just ordered the product today.
I’ll keep you apprised of my progress. I’m very hopeful that this will help.
Take care all.

Dawna Wellhauser says:

I am wondering if this product helps with vaginal atrophy? I am 50 and have been dealing with menopausal symptoms since my early 40’s. While it would be nice to not have to deal with hot flashes and night sweats, I would gladly deal with them as long as I could have pain free sex. I tried Estrace cream and it worked well, but I don’t like the idea of potential side effects and do not want to take it long term. Additionally, I had a severe eczematic reaction to it on my legs. What I really need is help with the atrophy and lubrication. Is there anyone out there that is well into menopause and has a recommendation/review of this product working for this issue?

Louise says:

I am in my 70s and I only have one problem – vaginal dryness. Will Femmetrinol help in this regard?

Aaron J says:

Not sure! You need to try a female libido enhancer.
Check out these quality supplements for improving feminine sexual health

Frances Clarke says:

Hi, do you ship to southern Ireland?

Aaron J says:

Process and ship all international orders only from their official eBay store.

Catherine says:

I’m wanting to know is this estrogen free I have to be careful my sister had breast cancer

Aaron J says:

Yes, Femmetrinol is an all-natural estrogen free supplement.


I m interested in buying the product but as I see in the official website does nt come to Greece….

Aaron J says:

Process and ship all international orders only from their official eBay store.

Kandi L Fullerton says:

I am a breast cancer survivor. 1 year. My cancer was hormone positive. I am now taking a preventative pill once a day for 5 years. The side effects are horrible. Night sweats, weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, depression. I have been taken Ambien and its helped a little. Will this produce be a better fit? They all are very expensive and I’m on a fixed income.

Aaron J says:

You can try and compare the results yourself.

Sandra Malone says:

I am 71 and i am still experiencing hot flashes and sometimes night sweats. I am also experiencing mild memory loss. Will this help me?

Aaron J says:

Yes! Femmetrinol works to combat hot flashes & night sweats via a natural blend of ingredients which are highly regarded in 3rd party reviews.

Annabel Nalwooga says:

I have been experiencing a lot of the menopausal symptoms especially the hot flushes and night sweating – very annoying and irritating. I am from Uganda- east Africa. Is it possible to ship them to me and what is the cost…. I really need them.

Aaron J says:

Unfortunately they do not ship to Uganda.

gail DeLucia says:

I am REALLY HOPING you will answer this question.
WILL IT HELP WITH VAGINAL ATROPHY SYMPTOMS…PAINFUL SEX, DRYNESS, AND CHAFING FROM DRYNESS. You compare yourself to NeuEve on this page which seems to work for many and while it’s true that we don’t know the ingredients, it does seem to work for the symptoms I mentioned. My question is WILL IT WORK FOR VAGINAL ATROPHY???? PLEASE ANSWER I AM DESPERATE! Thank you.

Joyce Francis says:

Can this product be purchased in South Africa? If so, where?

Aaron J says:

You can only purchase this direct from the creators online.
The company is shipping packages to South Africa.

Maria says:

How long does it take for Femmetrinol to work? I have severe hot flashes and cannot find anything that helps.

Aaron J says:

Most of their customers reported results after 7-10 days of use.

dana l paynter says:

Will it help with menopausal weight gain?

Aaron J says:

Yes! Femmetrinol promotes weight loss.

Julie says:

Will your product help me to sleep due to menopause?

Aaron J says:

Yes! Femmetrinol prevents the inability to sleep comfortably.

Pam says:

Can you use this if you are taking blood pressure tablets??

Aaron J says:

They always recomend to consult your doctor before purchasing any supplement.

Danbi says:

Will this product femmetrinol be used with black seed oil and other herbal products I take daily?

Does it interfere with any meds?

Aaron J says:

It doesn’t clash with any medication that you possibly might be taking.

Donna Smith says:

I still get a few hot flashes a day. Will this take them completely away? An I would like to know how long do you have to take. Also why do some woman have no hot flashes, or night sweats?

Aaron J says:

Once you run a certain course with our products (3-5 months at least) you should fully get rid of them. You can also boost results by increasing the dose. Start taking 2 pills a day for 2-3 weeks only then switch back to 1 pill a day. This way your body will adapt to the product faster and give you a faster kick in. Hot flashes occur when decreased estrogen levels cause your body’s thermostat (hypothalamus) to become more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature. When the hypothalamus thinks your body is too warm, it starts a chain of events — a hot flash — to cool you down.

Michelle says:

I’m on HRT and I want to try this. Should I go off first or overlap and wean? I have been on it only for 4-5 months but my periods are all messed up on it. Also- does this product help with bladder lining? I have interstitial cystitis from low estrogen supposedly that’s why I’m on HRT.

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