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Balanced Femme is a menopause symptom relief liquid supplement used for overall support and rejuvenation benefits. Many common menopause related issues are targeted including night sweats, loss of libido, irritability, and mood swings.

By helping to rebalance normal levels in the body, it’s meant to increase vitality, energy, focus, and overall normal functioning. Top herbalists are said to have come together to help design this brand. The results are a liquid formula which is fast acting and easily absorbed by the body, to help maximize overall benefits. A bar graph is provided to show how it can increase absorption and rate of effectiveness more so than leading competitors.

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Balanced Femme Ingredients and Side Effects

The following are added into a 1.23 ml proprietary blend:

Vitex (Chaste Berry) Dong Quai Black Cohosh
Wild Yam Maca Root Red Raspberry Leaf

Vitex (Chaste Berry): A plant found in the Mediterranean which is used to reduce libido and prevent sex drive. Within it is a mixture of essential oils and compounds used to prevent bacteria, and help support women’s reproductive cycle.

Many PMS related symptoms are intended to be reduced with this.

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Dong Quai: A plant used to prevent PMS symptom and menstrual cramps. This is used also to teat many other conditions. Web MD does note that repeated clinical studies are needed to know its:

“safety after prolonged or repeat use”

They also add how chemicals within it can be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing.

Black Cohosh: Natural potent herb which is sued to prevent many of the unwanted symptoms that can occur during PMS. This includes hot flashes, bone loss, and other related symptoms.

Web MD has stated that this is likely to be safe when used as directed.

Wild Yam: This has been used by herbalist as an away to help reduce menstrual cramps and a loss of libido in both men and women. This is often well-tolerated and used in menopause relief supplements due to its positive research.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Used as a traditional natural medicine to help prevent gingivitis, morning sickness, cold sores, diarrhea, and morning sickness. While this is widely claimed and it does have antioxidants within it, its use is yet to be determined.

The only known thing about this is that it does have nutrients and that it is likely safe according to Web MD.

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Balanced Femme Quality of Ingredients

Their formula does have some potential helpful ingredients like wild yam, chaste berry, black cohosh, and maca. The red raspberry leaf and dong quai are less studied, and dong quai does have potentially carcinogenic compounds in it.

There’s also the risk factor of not knowing if this liquid formula is any better than a real whole extract supplement. The added 1.23 ml amount which is a proprietary blend makes it impossible to know the exact amounts of each ingredient. Without this knowledge there is no way to know for certain if it can be any more useful than other brands.

Without knowing the full dosage strength of each there is no way to know if it will be safe to use either. There has to be detailed information to know for certain what is possible.

The following menopause relief supplements can help combat mood swings, fatigue, and other associated side effects of menopause.

The Price and Quality of Balanced Femme

They do offer direct sales and each container offers 48 servings. On their website they advise to take it up to 3 times a day which if followed, means each container has 16 days of use. The price for one vial is $34.

Because the dosage strength of each ingredient is not provided, there is no way to know if it would be safe and effective, or at all well-priced. By examining the dosage strength it makes it easier to know if a formula is priced fairly.

Liquid formulas can be effective but there is no information about how they found that this would be any better than other similar brands. It’s also not known if the expiration date is sooner than dried herbal extracts often used in pill supplements. There has to be more established studies so consumers know exactly what they can expect from this liquid herbal formula.

A lot of great claims are made about how this can help the body and though they link studies to individual ingredient reviews, this isn’t enough to know if this brand adds them in any meaningful amounts. Many of these ingredients are already used in so many other similar supplements that it makes it impossible to know what’s better about this brand. No unique traits or special additives of any kind are used.

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Business of Balanced Femme

Rejuvica Health LLC, are the creators of Balanced Femme and their contact details and company policies are provided:

Phone: (949) 546-779

Returns Address: 236 Fischer Ave

Costa Mesa, 92626

Email: [email protected]

They offer a full 60 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase is offered on used bottles as long as consumers pay for the shipping and handling, and send the bottles back. They claim that their return rate is only 2% of their total customers.

Little is known about the company apart from their official website. There doesn’t seem to be any pressing issues however such as recalls or serious issues with manufacturing.

They do provide a graph which shows how much more usable and effective this is than other brands, but it’s impossible to know if they compared it to a highly ranked supplement, or brands which weren’t very good to begin with. They also suggest how much more bioavailable it is so the body can absorb it better, but no proof is cited to show how they came up with the claimed percentages offered.

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Customer Opinions of Balanced Femme

Not many consumer reviews are available online. Here’s a few of the available reviews:

“used it for about a week and so far so good. Night sweats aren’t as intense and they last a shorter time”

“So far only been using it for a short time but it appears good”

There has to be more reviews other than these 2 in order to get a good sense for what is possible. Judging from these 2 reviews there weren’t major benefits, but users said it was satisfactory enough.

More information is needed to know for certain whether results are long lasting, and whether or not it can be relied upon. No testimonials are offered on the official website either.

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Conclusion – Does Balanced Femme Work?

The good thing about this brand is that it uses some potentially effective ingredients which can relieve menopause symptoms. The bad about it is the lacking consumer reviews, unknown studies which are claimed, and the use of additives like dong quai which can be carcinogenic. They suggest that the percentages offered show a great improvement over other similar liquid formulas. While this may be true, they have decided not to show how they compared it, and what kind of research went into determining the statistics. Without more data there is no way to know for certain if they are being truthful and accurate in their statements. This is also pricy and though some potentially helpful additives are used, there are still doubts on whether or not this can be relied on.

The best supplement reviewed this far for the relief of menopause relates symptoms are the all-natural Femmetrinol. It has a blend of natural ingredients which are backed by studies showing how they can relieve many of the unwanted symptoms, while also boosting overall wellness in women. This works with the body to help regulate normal function and it can improve mood, physique, and overall physical function.

The company also ensures that it is reliable produced by making it in a GMP approved facility. Many consumers also left great reviews claiming that the supplement was able to improve their lives and that it made them returns back to normal again. To read a full review on Femmetrinol and to see what’s inside of it, how it works, and to read testimonials, click on this link.

5 Responses to Balanced Femme Review

lisa modica says:

I’m post menopausel. I recently have been using Replens which helped as far as moisture went. My problem is, not due to the Replens, it seems to burn on the insides of my lips. Will this help with?

D.Douglas says:

I’m on my second day of taking the liquid Balanced Femme. Each time I ingested this product, I got an immediate negative reaction; light-headedness and nauseous stomach. I called the company and they indicated my body system was not compatible to the product and was rejecting it. The customer service person suggested sending the product back for a refund.

Saedihunt says:

I have tried a lot of different products for my intense hot flushes, and so far this product has given me the most relief. Actually, my flashes are gone. It takes about 3 weeks for my hot flashes to subside. I took 2 servings three times a day until it goes away which was about 3 weeks then I reduce it to twice daily for maintenance. This is my third bottle and so far the benefits definitely worth the costs. My hot flashes only bother me when I miss a day of taking it, I will definitely continue to take it, no more breaking out with paper fans or embarrassing beads of sweat popping up wherever…

Mama J says:

Balanced Femme is awesome. For years I have taken Now Chaste Berry with Dong Quai as well as Maca by Pure Mountain Botanicals initially and more recently, Red Maca by The Organique Co. After I turned 45, my hot flashes stepped up several notches and I carried a portable fan around. I already take so many pills for an autoimmune disease so I really didn’t want any more, even though I realized I really needed 5 Maca pills a day. Theye were just too big. So, I found this and was happy it wasn’t another pill. I added it on to the other stuff and by day 2, felt much better and within a few days, hot flashes went poof. Love the taste too. Just bought 3 more for $86 and they sent me 4. On their website, there’s a reorder deal which I was trying to pull up when I found this page. Stop hating. Appreciate. This is an excellent product. ❤️

Donna Jaslow says:

Its working for me very well. In fact trying not to believe it didn’t work after the bottle was finished I decided not to buy. After a week of not having the product, I noticed a dramatic difference in mood and more hot flashes returned. I repurchased the product and feel great. Dont want to ever stop buying!

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